Moses Spoke of Me The Prophesies of Yahoshua’s Coming

The prophets identified everything about Him. Everything about Him is prophesy. Did you know the witness of Yahoshua is identified also?

News and Commentary: We are half way done with this year! Time is moving fast. More prophesies are being fulfilled now. We are waking up all around the world! Nigeria, China…all are over people are talking about Yah and Yahoshua. You were meant to be born now with the mind of Yah. The prophets spoke of you, this generation. Yahoshua said blessed are those who believe and have not seen. We were told He rose on the 3rd day and we believe. Praises be to Yah for allowing us to see. You will be leaders and do great things.

Egypt has ousted its president. the U.S. wants riots over here too especially with the Trayvon Martin case, if he is set free. We are civil citizens here in America. The 13th amendment section 12 states no Africans are citizens here.

Snowden: They thought that would incite riots but we already knew they read email and listen to calls. See finances are what will definitely incite riots by the Gentiles. Look out for that. Seventeen million people protested in Egypt!! The new president in Egypt is Jewish. Ashkenazi=Jews that are Nazis. That is where the word Nazi comes from. Hitler said several times the Bible is a nigger book. He knew we are the Hebrews.

Christians of Israel group: They think Jews are the Children of Ysrayl. They take up money for them thinking they will be blessed by Yah (Genesis 12:3). It’s all prosperity teaching. Blasphemy. They are not the Children of Ysrayl.

Space: They caught two more comets streaking across the earth. The malakim are showing themselves. I don’t know if they were righteous or wicked malakim. Immortals: gods descend as fireballs.

There will be a black panther movie released by Marvel Comics in 2015. Who will play the black panther? Vin Diesel? Michael Jai White? Michael Jai White was in the movie called Spawn.

Documentary: Dark girls. It’ foolish for our people to be dark-skinned vs. light-skinned. But our people love that. The documentary is by Bill Duke, a Hebrew.

John Paul II is to be made a saint but Yah said the Children of Ysrayl are His saints. J.P. was a devil! He did much work for the illuminati. He is responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall. Catholic saints are gods. They are men that are made into gods. It’s false.

Jim Kelly died of cancer. He played in three the hard way and enter the dragon with Bruce Lee. Black exploitation had real men in those movies. They fought the drug dealers and pimps in the those movies. There weren’t men dressing as women in those movies. Name three black actors today that don’t wear a dress? Some named: Omar Epps, Taye Diggs James Earl Jones.

Dwayne Wade, Lebron James are homosexuals. Iverson not playing anymore. He got his money seized. Dwayne dressed like Gabrielle Union. What woman wants her man to dress like her? Homosexuals are everywhere now. Soldier boy and Bow Wow were hugging with no shirts on, ewww. Man put a shirt on before you hug me. Back in the day, boys lied about girls they slept with. These boys now are rapping about oral sex with other boys! They would beat you up back then but now it’s acceptable. Girls use to kiss and call each other girlfriend. Girls use to fix each others bras. Men don’t do that! We don’t touch each other!! Homosexuals love football now because of the contact. The NBA is even up on each other now. Back in the day they would have called it a foul. These sports use to be for men now the homosexuals make the touch downs.

Talks about the strict anti-gay laws of Africa. Punishable by death.

Lesson: Let’s talk about our MessiYah. Remember Mario’s hammer (video game)? Yahoshua will hammer everything in sight. We don’t want to be in His way when He comes through.

In Christianity, you never got the understanding of prophesy because they didn’t go to the old testament. So I guarantee you were taught about the wrong messiah. ‘Who do men think I am’? He was hesitant to say He was MessiYah because there were many that called themselves MessiYah even then. There’s only one ‘Ha Machiyach; the Messiyah’. Yahoshua is that MessiYah.

Yahoshua was a prophet do you know that? He is Messiyah and prophet also.

Revelation 1:1 Yah, Yahoshua, malakim, John then to man. Yahoshua is a prophet here.

Yahoshua stayed 40 days on earth after he rose, after the 3rd day. What was He doing? Teaching the brothers the prophesies. To show them He is MessiYah. No man on earth can say they did all He did. He is the descendant of David and born of a Israylite woman. Yet we can’t trace our genealogy today. Ben Ammi can’t trace his lineage. We don’t know our tribes today. Yahoshua knew His tribe. He was born in Bethlehem. Do you believe Yahoshua is the MessiYah? Have you seen His wounds? We read and believe. We have the witness of Yahoshua. What is it?

Revelation 12:17 This is why satan will  make war against you and not against anyone else. The Messianic house of Ysrayl are the only ones on the planet with the witness or testimony of Yahoshua.

Revelation 19:10 Angels have witness of Yahoshua too. It is the spirit of prophesy! We understand the prophesy through this spirit, the testimony of Yahoshua. this is how we understand. The spirit of prophesy is no on those worshipping Ben Ammi or Christians. They don’t have the spirit of prophesy or the witness of Yahoshua. It’s easy for us to comprehend it. HalleluYah we have been found blessed. This spirit has always been on us. Even when you was in church. What the church said made no sense to you. You continued your search because you wanted the truth. We threw that stuff up, the lies of the church. We searched and the spirit led us.

The spirit of error is believing 3 days and 3 nights is Friday until early Sunday morning. References Mattithyah 12:40. Some of you are so rooted in here that you hate to hear backwards stuff like Yahoshua is Yah.

Yahoshua was one with the book. You can’t throw away half of the book. There was no new testament in existence when He taught. You follow Yeezus, Jesus etc. Yahoshua was mocked and executed by His own people. Christians don’t know that. He was sent to His own people. Let’s go to John.

Yahcanan 5:39-47 This whole book is filled with prophesies of His coming. v. 39 We search scriptures and testify on behalf of Him v. 40 They refuse to go to him, non-messiancs. They talk as though He is not in here (the Bible). TEXT: Like Oprah said there are  many paths to the Most High. v. 41 Man’s esteem= nothing. Yah’s esteem=everything. You want men to esteem you saying you are deep. v. 42 They don’t have love of Yah because they don’t do Yah’s commandments. You have no choice when He comes back. If you don’t ride with Him when He comes back…ride or die. Where do you thing that phrase comes from? Ride or die. v. 43 He comes with Yah’s authority or name. Some Israylites teach Yah’s name is Jesus. Yahoshua cast out demons in Yah’s authority. You will receive the man of sin who will come in his own name. Yet Yahoshua comes in Yah’s authority and Him you will not accept.

v. 44 Seek the esteem of Yah. They say oh brother you are esteemed then say behind your back mean things. Some want to be the deep brother, chief Morey…that’s it. v. 45 Moses accuser? Moses is dead. The laws of Moses are left behind and they are your accuser. Sin is breaking the law. Moses is equivalent to Mosheh which is Hebrew. Moses is and Egyptian name for ‘the offspring’. Example Tut-moses, Amen-moses. Moses was named by the pharaoh’s daughter. v. 46 Moses wrote about Yahoshua. Do you see how Torah-only people lie? v. 47 Yahoshua and Moses were on accord. They both believed Yah. They said the same thing. They believed Moses yet don’t believe Yahoshua. Yah gave one teaching. All the servants of Yah sound the same. Moses named Hosea…Joshua or Yahoshua. Moses knew a greater deliverer was coming (Yahoshua Ben Yah). All prophets knew He was coming. The whole world was waiting on MessiYah. The world knows this concept of MessiYah.

Deuteronomy 18:18 A prophet like Moses. An Israylite from among the Israylites. Yahoshua was a prophet, savior and deliverer.

Do what kind of prophet was Moses?

Numbers 12:6-8 I speak to him face to face and not in riddles, plainly. So Yahoshua will be a great servant like Moses in Ysrayl. Moses was great in Ysrayl. Yah had to hide Moses’ grave so the Children of Ysrayl would not worship at his grave. TEXT: tickets to Moses’ shrine…Mosesland.

Both were servants of Yah and Yah was pleased with Moses and Yahoshua.

Mattithyah 3:16-17 Yah was pleased with Yahoshua too. Just like Moses in Numbers 12. Yahoshua was higher though. Moses was a Levite Priest. The dove was the qodesh spirit of Yah. Do you understand that? Yahoshua is the high priest. So Yahoshua is higher than Moses. Both were law teachers. Both spoke truth of Yah.

John 14:10 He spoke words of Yah that dwells in Him. Yah said to Moses, this prophet will speak My words. John 6:63 referenced.

Both sent into Egypt for protection as babies. Herrod, pharaoh tried to kill them. The Children of Ysrayl were looking for MessiYah. They thought Yahcanan the immerse was Messiyah.

John 1:18-21, v. 20 I am not Messiyah. Are you Eliyah? From the book of Malachiyah, they knew Eliyah had to come before that day. Are you that prophet? They were still looking for Him at that time.

Acts 3:19-20, 22-24, v. 20 No pre-existence here. Messiyah was going to be sent from the foundation of the world. Yah was going to do this. v. 22-24 They announced days of His coming even in the days of ShemuYah (Samuel). Yahoshua said the prophets spoke of Him.

Luke 24:25-27 He explained to them that from Moses and all the prophets spoke of Him. v. 44 He is written of in the law of Moses, Prophets and Psalms… the old testament.  The prophesies found in the old testament when He walked there was no new testament. The new testament is four books, the acts of the emissaries and the letters make up the new testament.

Moses was a great prophet in the face of Yah and the Children of Ysrayl and Moses wrote about Him. If you deny Yahoshua you deny the Living Torah, Him, the Living Torah. Christians do away with Moses. The non-messianic do away with Yahoshua. The Messianic House of Ysryal believe both Moses and Yahoshua. We are on our way to becoming perfect. Enoch, David, Solomon etc. believed. Praise Yah you were found fit. We use to be unfit. Yah cleaned us up.

v. 45 This is powerful. Yahoshua opened their minds to understand scriptures! They spoke Hebrew but still had no understanding. He taught them for 40 days after His resurrection. Yah’s Ruach has to open up your mind. He said He would send the comforter or spirit of truth. He taught from the books of law, prophets and psalms. He showed them what He went through. After He taught 40 days, it changed their lives. They did not mess up anymore. Yahoshua changed your life. You aren’t going back to Jesus. TEXT: Prisoners of Messiyah.

They had the spirit of prophesy on them, like you. Don’t run that spirit away from you. Don’t believe these non-messianic. You know He is Ha Maschiyach. Fight, hold on to this.

Genesis 3:14-15 This is the first prophesy of Yahoshua coming.

The song of Moses=the song of freedom when the saints go marching in, singing and clapping, praising Yah. Yahoshua is there to welcome us. Abraham will be there.

Christians put Jesus and god in our spirituals…wade in the water, swing low sweet chariot coming for to take us home. Those are the clouds of Yahoshua. They knew this wasn’t our home. They knew KumbaYah. We will cheer but the world will cry because of who Yahoshua is. It doesn’t matter His color they say now. Well, we will see. This war that will take place will be real. You aren’t going to some other planet to escape it.

The serpent was humanoid. Yah punished it by putting it in the dust. v. 14 Serpents eat dust every time its tongue goes out. They use to have human-like form. v. 15 This is Yahoshua, the seed of the woman. He shall crush your head. I can step on its head, it can bite me on the heel. The serpent had authority over Eve to deceive but through her seed, Yahoshua will have authority over all the earth. Her descendants will repay her enemies. Satan is called the serpent of old…evil and sneaky.

Galatians 4:4 Yahoshua was born of a woman without aid of a man and born in law. Miriam His mother. Immaculate conception=mary born without aid of a  man, this goddess. The real queen of heaven is wisdom. Satan is a copy-cat. The sacred dark feminine and Isis are also the queen of heaven. We don’t worship wisdom. She was created first. We need wisdom to know what is good versus what is evil. The law is our wisdom.

Prince of peace=He fought no wars when He was here.

Yesiyah 9:6-7, v. 6 These are attributes of Yahoshua. He is like Yah. ‘Us’=The Children of Ysrayl. He has to separate us from them on return to give us peace. He is prince of peace, Yah is the King of peace.

Luke 1:31-32 He will be great. Yah will give him the throne of David. Son the Most High, Son of David, they called Him these. He is also called EmanuYah or EmanuYL, the power is with us, the strong Power. Yahoshua the strong keeper, the door. Yah is higher than Yahoshua.

Luke 1:33 No end to His reign. He is already risen.

Psalm 45:6-7 Yah’s throne is forever.

Hebrews 1:8-10 They quoted scripture here. Psalm 45:6-7. This is Yahoshua here.

Where would MessiYah be born?

Micah 5:2 Bethlehem, one of the little clans of Judah. The House of Bread=Bethlehem. Old, ancient days=this is an old prophesy of Yahoshua coming. We read in Genesis an old prophesy coming from Yah.

Luke 2:4-7 Yahoshua was born in Bethlehem to rule in Ysrayl. This is prophesy. Wise men knew when he was born by the stars. Jesus is not from Bethlehem. Jesus is Greek.

Yesiyah 7:13-14 EmanuYl or EmanuYah are the same. A virgin shall conceive a son. This was a sign.

Luke 1:26-28,30-31 A son is in your womb and you will call him Yahoshua. The son of Yah, throne of David. Yoseph was about to put her away but the angel explained to him.

Hosea 11:1 Out of Egypt He was called.

Matthew 2:13-15 They took Yahoshua to Egypt until the death of Herrod. Yahoshua is the 2nd born, He got the inheritance. Jacob and Isaac were second born also.

I agree with non-messianic that Jesus is not the name. Jesus is not in prophesies. TEXT: Yeezus. Who fulfills this? We don’t give ear to Jesus. It’s not a mis-translation. You can’t say it’s not Yahoshua. Yahoshua fulfilled these things. Non-messianic can’t show Him not doing the prophesies. We can show He did fulfill prophesy.

Yesiyah 40:3-4 Voice of one crying in the wilderness prepares the way for Yah.

Luke 3:2-5 Yahcanan the immerse made the path for Yahoshua.

Immersings were already being done before Yahoshua. Yahoshua showed us by example to get immersed. It symbolized cleaning your mind, garments, cleaning away your sins. Paving the way for Yah is the same as paving the way for Yahoshua. They were on one accord. The voice in the wilderness=stiff-necks will not hear. They will pay $20 to hear black nationalists but will not hear this free word. The voice in the wilderness=they will not listen, it’s as though he is talking to himself in the wilderness.

Yahcanan the immerser and Yahoshua were only 6 months apart. They thought He was Messiyah. Yahoshua said Yahcanan is the greatest of all prophets. He did the same as Yahoshua but Yahoshua did it greater.

Malachiyah 3:1 Yah sends a messenger before Him.

Luke 7:24-25 Yahcanan the immerser was a powerful servant. We are still doing immersings today. Yah had some powerful ahks! Yahoshua, the 12 emassaries, Yahcanan. Yah sent this messenger, Yahcanan to clear the way for Yahoshua, for Yah to come through. Yahcanan cleaned everybody up (with immersings) before the Master Yahoshua came. So he prepared the way.

Psalm 78:1-2 This is speaking about Yahoshua.

Mattithyah 13:34-35 David spoke of Yahoshua speaking in parables.

Before man disobeyed Yah, there was no need for a MessiYah. He did not pre-exist.

Psalm 8:1-2 Out of the mouths of babes.

Matthew 21:15-16 Out of babes comes perfect praise. That’s perfect. It’s pure, innocent and real. The children cried out in the temple.

We will do a part 2 to this lesson.

John 20:29-31 You are blessed because you believe and did not see. Everlasting life in His name. Tomas had to put his finger into His wound to believe. We believe without seeing a sign or proof.

Those who do not believe in His name are condemned already. He was beat, died for you. We are the Messianic Ysrayl the prophets said we would do great things and see Him come back. Don’t fall away. Pray you survive what’s about to come. Yah’s salvation, Yahoshua, was a Hebrew with wooly hair and dark skin. He is not Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad. All the nations must follow Yahoshua Ha Maschiyach! End of the lesson.


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