Yahoshua the Israylite MessiYah p. 2a

Hey Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters. How are you doing? This is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl of Israelite Heritage. I’m bringing you another Yah blessed, Yah willing Shabbat lesson pre-recorded. Today is June 22, 2013. We are entering into the first full day of summer as the Gentiles call it. But we are here to talk about our Messiyah. We are here to get more information about Yahoshua the one who has been sent as our redeemer, as our savior and our deliverer by the hand of Yah. HalleluYah.

So we are continuing this week with part 2 of Yahoshua the Israylite Messiyah. Last week we went over some good information, you know giving that basic foundation that each and every believer in the Messiyah must have. Because right now that spirit of anti-messiyah is heavily in the earth. And I’m starting to see daily a lot of Israylites are starting to question their belief in Messiyah. So the ones that don’t believe in Messiyah say ‘yeah that’s a good thing. That’s showing Yahoshua ain’t real’. No that’s not. This has been prophesied to happen, that there will come a great falling away from the messianic belief. And as we start to move toward prophesies as the prophesies are starting to be fulfilled we are seeing that we are coming close to the time of the man of sin being revealed. but before he is revealed, those who believe in the Messiyah must drop from the faith.

So right now there is a lot of non-sense going on. That’s right I call it small matters. For the duration of my walk, I’ve been hearing this non-messianic garbage. And it’s very weak. The only way that a person who wants to understand Messiyah can understand Messiyah is by the hand of Yah. Now when I say they want to understand the Messiyah because this is there thing ‘oh man, I want to know but I just don’t see it’. So if you don’t see it, it’s because Yah is not showing it (to you). And if he is not showing it because Yah has found you not worthy to receive it. So this is why we don’t debate the issue of a Messiyah. You either believe in Him or you don’t. You either see Him or you won’t. Do you understand?

So when we look at the things about Yahoshua, His life and in His teachings. One of the things that those who do not believe in Him, one of the things that they like to throw at us is that we are worshipping Yahoshua as a god. And that we are worshipping Him instead of Yah. Now when they say this I’m blown away by this because first of all I can take you to the book of Exodus 7:1 where Yah Himself called Moses a god. Yah called Moses’ brother Aharon his prophet.

Then I can take you to the book of Psalms chapter 82 where Yah said He sits in the midst of the gods. Yah said I have called them gods. The ‘them’ that He’s talking about are the fallen angels. He’s called satan and all the fallen angels (this). Yah has referenced them as gods. But you get the misunderstanding of what the Christians teach about Jesus versus what we say about Yahoshua, what we know about Yahoshua and what we have learned in the book about Yahoshua. Because non-messianic if you go back to the book itself and read it, it lines up with the prophesies. Yah has always sent His people a deliverer, a savior. He has never left us without but He has sent saviors, deliverers and had to do it time and time again because Ysrayl is constantly getting in trouble where they need deliverance.

So Yah being in His infinite wisdom, power and understanding said okay instead of me raising up a man to save them every single time that they call out to Me for saving, how about I have one permanent savior. That saves them from the death, that saves them from this, that saves from the curses, that saves them from their sins. So Yahoshua has been placed into that and now we have a permanent savior who is saying the children of men by the hand of Yah.

Moses was a savior sent by Yah. Joshua was a savior sent by Yah. David was a savior sent by Yah. Every time we needed deliverance. Gideon was a savior sent by Yah to deliver Ysrayl from their sins or whatever situation we were going through. But now we have a permanent one. Why do you throw that away Ysrayl, why do you fight against that? A permanent one. If you can go back into the book and look at Moses as a savior, why don’t you look at Yahoshua as the same? Because if you look at Moses as a savior that is sent by Yah that means that Yah sends saviors. If you look at Joshua as a savior sent by Yah that means that Yah sends saviors. Yah sends messiyahs.

So why is it so hard for you to understand Yahoshua? Do you know why? And I said this in a previous lesson because you have allowed your hatred of the Gentile to blind you. Because now you look at this situation and say ‘well Christianity uses the new testament’. No they don’t use the new testament or what’s called the new testament. The so-called new testament because there’s nothing new or old about the work. Never forget that children of Ysrayl. These are just so-called and we only use (these terms) for purposes of clarity.

But looking at what they call the new testament, looking at what it is and looking at what’s contained in their brothers and sisters…because the Christians mention it. They don’t understand it and neither do they follow it. So because they mention it in their doctrine that does not taint the book because they also mention the old testament. Does that taint the old testament? They say they believe in Moses and Moses delivering the children of Ysrayl, the Christians say this. They say they believe that they are from the children of Abraham through faith. They say all of these things. So do you say ‘well the old testament is no good because Christians believe in it’. So it doesn’t add up and it doesn’t make any sense to what you are saying. See we have to understand that all truth come from Yah. All truth comes from Yah. Because Yah is the truth. See I don’t get into arguments with those brothers and sisters that say there is no messiyah for this simple reason.

Let’s kick this off by going to the book of John. The Book of Yahcanan chapter 14. So if they can’t see Yahoshua. If they can’t hear Yahoshua then they can’t accept Him. And if they can’t accept Him because He has not been made known to them and it has not been made known to them because Yah has not found them worthy to deliver His truth to them. So here you come a new babe and here you have Israelites that have been walking in this truth for 20 years that still can’t see Yahoshua as Messiyah.

Oh they speak the big and bad Hebrew. They can pronounce the words perfectly. They can give you the grammar and how its said. And they can write it yet they can’t see Yahoshua in this book as Messiyah. So what is all your gaining of all your knowledge forever learning but never coming to the understanding of the truth. You can get all the knowledge you want and knowledge corrupts your mind if it’s not properly received. And if it’s not properly given. Satan can give you knowledge. But if the knowledge isn’t coming from Yah and if Yah’s Ruach is not on you to understand it once He gives it to you. Oh you will be corrupt. That’s all  you will have is what you know in a book. ‘Man if you get this book and read page 345, he says there ain’t no Messiyah’. ‘See right there, it says no Messiyah’.

So we don’t worry about that you say our thing is to strengthen our brothers and sisters as the great falling away starts to happen. So look at this John 14.

John 14:20-21 So this is mind-blowing brothers and sisters. Let’s read verse 21 again. So you can not have the love of Yah separate from His commandments. This is why the Christians do not understand the love of Yah. Because they do not keep His commandments.

So if we go over to the book of Exodus chapter 20 and we see, when we read v. 6 that Yah talks about the thousands of them that love Him and keep His commandments. Then here in John chapter 14 in v. 15 it says if you love Me keep My commandments. So you can not separate the love of Yah from His commandments. If you love Him show the action by keeping His commandments. So v. 21, in order to love the Messiyah you first have to be keeping the commandments of Yah. Whoa. Why do I say whoa? Because these non-messianic believers who do not believe in Yahoshua as the Messiyah call themselves Torah only Israelites. Do you know what Torah means? The law. The Torah is the first five books of the Bible. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. and they say that they keep the law. But they say that they do not read the new testament and they do not believe in the Messiyah. They are LiARS. There is no light in them because scripture says he who possesses My commandments and guard them it is he who love Me. Remember Yahoshua is speaking the words of Yah. So when He says ‘My commandments’, He’s talking about Yah commandments. He spoke with the authority of Yah. He came in His Father’s name. He came in His Father’s authority. It says and He who loves Me shall be loved by My Father.

So Yah will love those who keep His commandments. This is why He love you brothers and sisters. This is why He’s there every time you call upon Him. It says ‘I shall love him and manifest Myself to him’. Do you see that? Yahoshua is in your heart. Yahoshua has been manifested to you because you are keeping the commandments of Yah. You love Yah and Yah loves you and Yahoshua loves you too. This is why you have this messianic understanding and they do not yet they want to say we keep the law. What law do you keep? If you kept the law then you would understand Yahoshua and you would be here to embrace Him as your brother, as your deliverer. You would not be speaking against Him. You wouldn’t be talking against Him. You wouldn’t be bringing all that foolishness.

So when we look at how they view what’s called the new testament because they listen to what pastor has to say about the new testament and pastor has no understanding of none of the book. Pastor can’t even understand Matthew 12:40. Three days and three nights He shall be in the heart of the earth. How in the world do you three days and three nights from Friday to early Sunday morning you say? He can’t even understand that basic foundation so how is Yahoshua going to be manifested to him? He can’t even understand that basic so how will he understand to keep the law? Because he has already told you that the law is nailed to the cross. So if he is saying that the law is nailed to the cross…pastor that means that he doesn’t even understand the law. The law is instruction of how man is to live upon the earth. How man is to interact with one another and how we are to be here. Pastor does not understand that. So how can you base your comprehension of Messiyah off what this man is saying? That’s so foolish brothers and sisters.

So as we look at this and we were comparing what the Christian says about Jesus in last week’s lesson to what scripture says about Yahoshua. We want to continue with that. Because you know that as the non-messianic go out and teach this madness, we need to understand was Yahoshua against Yah? Or was He for Yah? Was He with the Father or did He stand against Him? That’s what we  want to know. This is what we are about to look into is what we are about to look into right now. Let’s go to John chapter 10.

See, I’m laying this foundational work because when we get into the heavier lessons concerning the prophesies of the Messiyah and whether the Messiyah pre-existed and other lesson concerning Yahoshua. So we must have this understanding so that we can even build from this point here. Lay down the foundation then build up and you can build your strong house.

Because I was so shocked when those who proclaim to be messianic and so what little they know about the Messiyah. And that’s dangerous because if you don’t know Yahoshua, if you are having that same Christian mind-set that Yahoshua is just Jesus with a different name and in darker skin, then you can get taken away from Yah. How many of y’all think that…I’m not even going to ask the question. Because you don’t need to think, you need to know. Do you see how Yah in Numbers chapter 12 came against Moses’ brother and sister, Miriam and Aharon when they spoke out against Moses? Yah hit Miriam with leprosy. She instantly became white as snow scripture says. Yah said this is my prophet Moses. He’s unlike any of My other prophets. This is my great prophet here. Moses spoke wisdom and He spoke the truth when He said in Deuteronomy 16:16 I think where it said Yah shall raise a prophet like me unto you from one of your brethren.

So if you look at that when you see how Yah defended His prophet Moses. Scripture says he was the meekest man in the world. Moses didn’t even put up a fight against them. He just let them say what they had to say to him. I can’t say that he wasn’t hurt by it because you know that he probably was because this is his brother and sister rising up against him. So if you see how Yah felt about how they treated Moses, don’t you know that his love for Yahoshua and the way that Yahoshua was treated is like the same manner but even greater.

So these brothers that are running around speaking ill about the Messiyah and even lying on him and saying that He’s something that He is not. Don’t you know that Yah is going to come against them hardcore? Miriam was blessed because the only thing that Yah did was strike her with leprosy and send her outside the camp seven days until she healed. Yah could have ripped Miriam’s tongue out where she stood and turned her to ash right there. But He had mercy because she was His prophetess.

So let’s go to John chapter 10. What we are going to look at right now are the teachings. Did Yahoshua teach against Yah? Because when I hear the doctrine that is attributed to Jesus because really there’s no written doctrine about what Jesus really teaches because you can’t go to the Bible and attribute that to Jesus because he did not say those things. That was Yahoshua talking. So when we hear what they say concerning what Jesus supposedly has taught or done…

John 10:29-30, ‘I and My Father are one’. Is Yahoshua saying that they are the same person? No. He’s saying that they are on one accord. The same oneness that scripture tells us that a husband and wife have. They are on one accord. They have the same purpose, character and goal. Everything that Yah wants, Yahoshua wants the exact same thing. So if Yah wants Ysrayl to come and be righteous, Yahoshua wants Ysrayl to come and be righteous. If Yah only wants good for His people, the children of Ysrayl, Yahoshua only wants good for His people, the children of Ysrayl. He does not do anything without Yah. He understands that the power behind Him is Yah and only Yah.

(Reads v. 29 again). ‘My Father who has given them to Me is greater than ALL’. Christians say Jesus is god. Yahoshua says Yah is greater than all. He’s underneath Yah’s authority.

John 10:38 He is saying if you do not believe who I tell you who I am, the Son of Yah…if you don’t believe this. Right? Because He said believe in the works that I do because I am doing this in the name of Yah. And great works are being done, so if I am doing this in the name of Yah…you see Yah is in Me and I am in Him. I’m not teaching you anything that was not taught in Torah. I’m not teaching you anything that was not taught by the prophets. I’m not teaching you anything that can not be found in the Book of Psalms. This is what He is telling them. We should have respect for all the soldier-servants of Yah that are out there slaving in the garden, day and night to raise up good fruit and to plant good seed. We should have good thumbs up for all of them. But when you have your own purpose and agendas you are going to put thumbs down like the Pharisees did here. They didn’t want to hear what He had to say. They didn’t want to deal with that. Not at all. So they came against it.

Yahoshua said, Yah and I are one. Yah sent Me to teach you this word. I’m not going to teach you anything different from what Yah has already sent the prophets. We are going to do a lesson talking about that, about Moses speaking of Yahoshua. Let’s go to John 14. Yahoshua was not against Yah. You can’t even get to Yah without coming through Yahoshua.

John 14:6 No one comes to Yah except through Me. So Yahoshua is standing at the gate guarding it. And if you can not hear His word, how will you hear Yah’s word? Because He’s speaking Yah’s word. Just like I tell you sisters, if you can’t fall under the authority of your husband who is your covering. How are you going to fall under Yah and Yahoshua’s authority? So how are you just going to skip everything and go straight to Yah’s throne? Bringing your dirt and faith with you. Haven’t been cleansed and have not tried to cleanse yet you want to go straight to Yah. You don’t want to go through Yahoshua, you just want to go straight to Yah. Move the angels out of the way and say I’m going straight to Yah. As if you have some type of authority to do so. This ain’t the wild Gentile world where you can go marching into your bosses office and tell him to take his job and shove it, you ain’t working here no more.

Naw. It doesn’t work like that with Yah. It never has. You ain’t boldly going where no man has gone before. And knock, knock, knock on heaven’s door. Who answers it and when they answer it and what they have to give you when they do answer it…you ain’t gone want it. It will be the last time you ever knocked on anything. Because Yahoshua is going to knock on your head.

This is the urgent message to the brothers and sisters that are going out here bashing their Messiyah, to the brothers and sisters that will be part of the great falling away. You better watch your steps. Guard them. Yahoshua said He is the truth. What is truth? If He is the truth, then the question is what is truth? If we can define what is truth from the book then we know what Yahoshua is.

Let’s go to Psalm 119. I don’t care how many times you hear this, you never get tired of it. Because I have heard ‘brews ask me a question, Obadiyah what does this or that mean? As soon as I start to explain what those things mean, before I can even finish the answer they have cut me off and gone on to something else. It’s like okay I’m  trying to give you the understanding of the question you just asked ahk or ahkotee. Yet you cut me off and have gone on to something else. Focus on what you just asked and do you understand? Don’t just think that you understand. Know what you understand. Know what you believe in.

Christians say just believe in Jesus. Okay your belief in Jesus is based on what? ‘Oh that he is god’. Okay where can that be found written? So you have to know. You must study to show YOURSELF approved. Because you will stand for your judgment on your day of judgment. Psalm 119. Yahoshua said He is the truth.

Psalm 119:142 The Torah of Yah is truth. (You) Torah-0nly Israelites, Yahoshua said He is the truth. He is the laws and commandments sent by Yah to redeem you. Because if He came to save His people from their sins, the only way He can do that is because sin is the transgression of the law…is that if He can give you the law and be the law. He gave you examples of what to follow. Let’s go to verse 151.

Psalm 119:151 Yah’s laws and commandments are truth. If you do away with Yah’s laws and commandments guess what? You have no truth. There is no truth in Christianity. There is no love there either because when you do away with the law, you do away with truth and love. So you see that’s why when we talk about the love of Yah, it’s such a different love. It’s different from anything that we have ever experienced because we did not experience it in the church. ‘Obadiyah, I had people looking out for me’. What does that mean? Would you rather people looking out for you or would you rather have Yah looking out for you? ‘Cause man can go wrong. Man can make errors. Man makes mistakes. We have track records of men making mistakes after mistake but Yah has never made one. Not even when He created man and man has gone astray but you were not a mistake. He never made one.

So knowing that Yahoshua is Yah’s laws and commandments and knowing that the word of Yah and knowing that Yah’s word is His laws and His commandments…so what does it mean when it says that Yahoshua is the Man of Yah? You see, all of these things that are telling us about Yahoshua is that He proceeded from Yah. He comes from that descent. That’s where He comes from. He descended from Yah because He is the Word of Yah. He is the laws and commandments in the flesh.

Let’s go to John chapter 1. ‘Brews love to go around and say ‘well you know ah-ah Yahoshua it said that He was helping Yah to create’. So we are going to talk about this in this lesson and we will talk about it in the pre-existing lesson. We need to make sure that we have a full understanding before we even move forward.

What does it mean to be the Word of Yah? We just read that Yahoshua said He is the truth. We just read what the truth is…Yah’s laws and commandments. John chapter 1. We are laying this foundation, you see I do not want to move along in this series, I really didn’t want to move along getting to many lessons done until we get the basic understanding of Yahoshua. So many of us get caught up with this Jesus versus Yahoshua thing and we are not even understanding the difference between the two.

We break down there’s no letter ‘J’ and all this but it goes deeper than that. The other deeper things, are you comprehending those deeper understandings of who Yahoshua is and who Jesus is and even why Yah had to bring a deliverer to save Ysrayl and in turn save all of mankind. See, these are the things that we want to talk about. These are the things that we want to show and prove. We have to show without a doubt who He is.

Now we are starting here in what’s called the new testament. But as we get into the other lessons you will see. We are going into the book. We will see the prophets and what they had to say about Him and His coming. Because He’s always been in the plan of Yah as Redeemer. You need to be redeemed. ‘But Obadiyah what did I do’? ‘The white man is always doing stuff to me, he did this to me, white man, white man, white man’. ‘Why do I have to pay for a sin’? I have heard this. They say we have done nothing, everything has been done to us. So therefore they don’t have any sins. So they don’t need anybody to get an understanding of what all that means.

‘You know Obadiyah Yah said that the son takes on the sins of the father’. We are going to go into that. My question to you is why did King David’s son die? When David was the one that committed the transgression with Bathsheba. And she did the transgression with him. But why did their son die? Huh? ‘Wait a minute Obadiyah, give me a minute’. Tick-tock. Let’s go to John 1.

John 1:1-3 ‘See Yahoshua is the Word and He was with Yah’. Humphf. v. Read. v. 3 Read. Let’s read again. v. 1 We will read further in this chapter that Yahoshua became the Word of Yah. But when Yah was in the beginning…let’s go to Genesis to get an account of the beginning so let’s go to Genesis 1 and see what was in the beginning with Yah. Was there somebody else there helping to create? Or did Yah create it Himself? Because all that existed was Him and His literal voice.

Genesis 1:1,3, v. 1 Read. v. 3 See that’s His word right there. His word said let light come to be and light came to be. v. 6 Yah said. He’s speaking and His word is beginning with Him and nothing else but Him and His word. And His word is so powerful that when He speaks it, things exist. Humphf. It’s just like being a big CEO or a big-time military general when they speak, things happen. Move 10,000 troops over here. BAM. The 10,000 troops have moved over there where you told them to move. So when Yah speaks because He has sole authority over everything that exists, when He speaks things happen. He speaks and whatever He says comes to be. Let’s go down to verse 9.

v. 9 It came to be so because He SPOKE it, this is what existed. His literal word existed in creation. Nothing else because there was no need for nothing else unless He created it to be there. If He created something, then it was there. We will go over this again in the pre-existence lesson because it’s like okay where does Yahoshua fit in, in all of this? You say He is pre-existing but Yah is speaking everything into creation. When we get into the pre-existence lesson yes we will get into Genesis 1:26, man in our image. But right now you have to understand who Yahoshua is, the Word of Yah that has been made manifested. That’s who He is.

Let’s go back to John chapter 1. We know that he was in the beginning with Yah. Yah’s word was in the beginning with Him. Just like His word is spoken of in the masculine because Yah is spoken of in the masculine. He and His. My voice is a masculine voice. You know that a male is speaking. So my voice would be spoken of in the masculine…He is. So that’s what it is, Yah’s voice is what He is. So if I’m up here, Obadiyah and I’m a man and if I’m speaking with a woman’s voice then something is wrong.

So that’s not the case. Yah is not speaking with a feminine voice. This is why it says that ‘he’ was in the beginning with Yah. ‘He’ is Yah’s literal word because Yah’s literal word is spirit. Before we go back to John 1, let’s go to John chapter 6 then we will go back to John chapter 1 so you can understand this greater. Look at what Yahoshua says.

John 6:63 He spoke the words of Yah and Yah’s words are spirit. And the spirit is spoken of in the masculine. He was in the beginning with Yah.

Let’s go back to John chapter 1. These words that Yahoshua spoke were spirit because Yah’s words are spirit. It’s spiritual. HalleluYah.

John 1:14 He was full (complete) in favor (grace) and truth. What is truth? Yah’s laws and commandments. Yahoshua said He is what? Yah’s laws and commandments. Wrapped up in human form. This is what it means by the word became flesh. Do you see that? Yah’s Word became flesh through Yahoshua. Yah’s Word become flesh when it dwells on you. If you are exhibiting and living the Word of Yah then that word is flesh because you are flesh. It lives through your flesh. The Word became flesh because the Word is Spirit. So when that Spirit or Ruach of Yah comes down upon us and here you are flesh and the spirit wins against the flesh. So His Word is Spirit but it becomes flesh when it dwells in you. The spirit of Yah is in you. Because He loves you because you are keeping His commandments and that’s why you understand His Messiyah. And the Messiyah dwells in you. So the Word became flesh and pitched His tent (dwelt among us). He is talking about Yahoshua. He is a representation of Yah’s Word, the Living Torah, the living laws and commandments. Teach us how to keep them to perfection.

Let’s go to Hebrew chapter 1. All this madness and god stuff that they are throwing out there and saying that we are worshipping Yahoshua and not worshipping Yah, are you kidding me?! We can’t even get to Yah without getting to the righteousness of Yahoshua because He deserves to be in that position. Yah has given His laws and commandments to all of mankind and out of all the sons of Adam this man said I’m going to keep it (Torah) to the fullest. I love you so much Yah that I would never transgress against you I would never hurt you. I would never break your laws. You never hurt the one’s you love.

So Christianity can’t TEACH you about Jesus, they TELL you about Jesus. See, we can TEACH you about Yahoshua because Yahoshua’s life is right here in this book. We don’t have to make up things about Him. We can  read all about Him. He ain’t Jesus. He ain’t Thor. He ain’t Superman. Do you understand this? They can compare Superman to Jesus. But who will you compare Yahoshua to because Yahoshua is greater than Superman and Jesus. Pick up Thor’s hammer and hammer Thor. Ain’t that right ahk? What is Thor going to do about that? ‘Father, father He has taken my hammer’. That’s all you can do is go run tell your daddy, Thor. Gods, goddesses and all that stuff, Yahoshua ain’t that. He’s beyond that in fact, He’s going to judge all that and send it to its proper place. He’s going to give it all its reward and they already know who He is. ‘Have you come to destroy us before it’s time Son of David, Son of Yah’? (Mattithyah 8:29).

Hebrews 1:3-5 The angels are called the sons of Yah but that’s an identifying title. Many didn’t call them angels or messengers in the ancient times. They called them the sons of the gods or the sons of Yah. We called them malakim or messengers. But other nations called them the sons of the gods or sons of Yah. Yah wasn’t only known to the children of Ysrayl. He was known throughout the ancient because He delivered us from Egypt and everybody knew about that. Jonah had to go tell those people they were sinning and to repent. He didn’t have to explain the name of Yah. When they heard that Yah was getting ready to come against them, they repented. So they already knew who He was. They already knew.

So Yahoshua being the Word of Yah is the exact representation (image) of His substance (person) (from v. 3). He came and was the exact representation of righteousness when He came as the living Torah. So how are you brothers running around here saying that you are Torah-only and you are rejecting the Living Torah! It doesn’t make sense! And when something doesn’t make sense, it’s coming directly from the mouth of satan! Yo’ daddy. Boy. That’s who you serve. That’s who you worship. Tell (amak ?) we have to tell these boys to get out the way of men. Because men understand Yahoshua. Men understand the truth. Because men know how to love Yah. Men know how to keep Yah’s commandments. Therefore Messiyah is manifested to the hearts of righteous men.

So Yahoshua is the exact representation of Yah’s substance. Ain’t that heavy. He came in His Father’s name. He came to do the will of Yah. He did not go around portraying Himself as Yah. He said Yah and I are one. They were together. Just like Moses and Yah were one. They were together because Moses did what Yah told Him to do. That was one of the most important times of our history. The next most important time was when Yahoshua came. But when Moses was there to give us the law, to give us the instructions on how we are to live and how we are to serve the Father…that was critical!

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