Shabbat Notes

These are notes I took before the lesson.

The birth of Kanye West’s daughter: She was named North as in North West. Her nickname is Nori. Why North? Why a direction? Yeah on his Yeezus album there is a song called slave. The north kingdom is the kingdom of the devil. Kanye’s allegiance is to the devil’s kingdom. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 14.

Yesiyah 14:12-14 This is the god of the north. The congregation of the north in v. 13. The northern lights scientists can’t explain what they are. The northern lights are where satan entered the atomosphere…the north. Those lights are the remnant of where he entered. The congregation in v. 13 are satan’s angels. Kanye West gives his daughter to them. Kanye is still in the mix with them. His album is not giving truth (Yeezus, slave). See, satan copies Yah like Yoseph was made to name Him, Yahoshua. They are made to name her North.

Satan dwells in Washington. The fallen angels are on every planet. Satan fell like lightning. Yahoshua was talking about satan’s authority gone quickly. That war destroyed planets. It was hardcore. Satan took 1/3 of some powerful angels! A powerful war! TEXT: star wars.

Mars was destroyed too. It was once like earth. Mars is the Roman god of war. Rayhab was destroyed too.

Man of Steel movie: Powerful movie. It tells about times we are about to enter. The gods are given birth to at the beginning. The man of steel is the man of sin. Superman is compared to Jesus. Hollywood Studios sent out sermons for churches comparing the man of steel to Jesus. Superman’s mother is giving birth in this movie. This was the first time they show the destruction of the planet Krypton. This was the first time birth was shown of Krypton. They were genetically growing beings like the gray aliens before Superman was born. See, Yah created angels but they saw us procreating. Yah blew up Krypton. Sodom’s sin reached heaven=time for destruction. Nineveh also. Babylon’s sins will reach  Yah in the future. Krypton’s sins reached Yah and they were destroyed by Yah. Yah still destroys fallen angels on planets.

If angels are spiritual, how are they connected to UFOs? I get this question all the time. Superman’s powers were limited on earth. General Zod had to use a plane. In the Matrix, Neo asked about dodging bullets and Morpheus said when you need to know you will. See, on earth they have power but on their planets they need ships…UFOs. Man was created to have dominion over the earth not them. We dropped the ball, big time.

In the movie, Superman went to the church and Jesus’ picture was there. The gods will appear before the man of sin appears. In the movie they say Superman is an alien. This is the first time they have said this. TEXT: Jesus was kneeling to Superman.

Superman is 33 years old in the movie. TEXT: He was on ‘the cross’ when he was in the water after the oil rig blew up. TEXT: He was on ‘the cross’ when he broke outta Zod’s ship as well.

There is also goddesses in the movie. She was ROUGH in the movie. Zod started getting powers like Superman. TEXT: Superman is not always 33 in all movies or comics.

In the movie they were after the codex or this skull with the breath of life in it which belonged to the people of Krypton. Zod was trying to get it. Those angels want this breath y’all so they can destroy mankind. Kal-el is his name, Kal the son of el. The ‘S’ is the symbol of hope from the house of el or god. Jo-el is father like Yoel. The angels came down here with el in their names. Enoch chapter 8, the gods have el in their names. The gods were scientist doing genetic altering and splicing in the movie. Zod said ‘you are not alone to the world’ at the same time. The man of sin will stand up like this. Anna on ‘the V’ did the same thing. The message was on cell phones, tablets, TV, computers at the same time.

This is a movie of the gods! Thor is about the same too. But this movie, man of steel shows what will happen shortly. Superman, Thor fell in love with human women. Superman was bearded like Jesus. An outcast in the movie. Thor is a bearded god too. TEXT: bearded like Bible characters.

They want women to see them and talk about their handsome-ness. The fallen angels will come back beautiful. TEXT: seductive look of the gods.

Man loves beauty and not what’s in the heart…50 most beautiful of People’s Magazine referenced.

Thirty-three, the age of Superman=1/3 fallen angels that fell with satan and 33 degree masons.

TEXT: same characters in immortals played in the man of steel.

General Zod is a beast in this movie!! The other General Zod in the other Superman movies is homo compared to this one! Zod said I was born to protect my people. Zod said I fell yet there is hope for my people. This one wanted Krypton reborn, kill humans and bring Krypton to earth. The old General Zod in the other Superman movies just wanted power. Superman didn’t want to kill Zod at the end. TEXT: cracked his neck.

Don’t go to the movies to be entertained! The fallen angels will entertain you too. Understand the point so you are not fooled or deceived!

Movie: The Purge: This movie is off the chain! Many of us don’t murder, steal etc because of the law. If the law was removed many of us would murder, steal. TEXT: completely wild…SMH.

They suspended the law for 12 hours once a year in this movie. It was called the purge saying to purge evil out of the heart once a year. TEXT: ‘brew saved the day.

He was still like a slave, the ‘brew that saved them. They made him walk home at the end. They found a ‘brew to sacrifice in the movie. They had knives and chanting going on. TEXT: always a ‘brew (to be sacrificed)…SMH!

This is how it will happen when the man of sin is ruling. ‘Brews will be sacrificed left and right. TEXT: Yah willing we will be in the wilderness before this kicks off. TEXT: Speaking of dry run…NYC beware of the subway terror drills this July.


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