Marriage Sex Divorce and Remarriage p. a

Shalom-Shalom brothers and sisters welcome to another lesson in the Israelite Heritage lesson series. I am bringing to you the entitled lesson Marriage, sex, divorce and remarriage…This is a very important topic brothers and sisters. Because many of us don’t understand what a scriptural marriage constitutes. Many of us don’t know if we can get divorced. Many of us don’t know if we can get remarried because Christianity has twisted Yah’s understanding. They have tried to twist it but actually what they do is twist their own understanding because Yah’s word stands. It is stationary. It does not move to the left or to the right. It stays where it is. So in order for them to bring a different understanding of Yah’s truth, they have to twist your mindset to get you to believe something else.

Now over the years, I was taught that marriage is when you are married to anybody you have sexual intercourse with. So if you have sexual intercourse with a woman, then this is your wife. This is what I was taught when I first began my walk as an Israylite. This is what I was taught that marriage is. I remember, what I would do is, I use to write letters to Christians and I would state to them…I would say hey your married to whomever you have sex with because there was this Christian woman who had a radio show and she was stating the high rate of children born out-of-wedlock to quote-unquote black mothers. And so when I was listening to this show, I said she doesn’t even know what marriage is so I  hand wrote her a letter because I didn’t have a computer at that time. I sent it to her and was like marriage is whoever you have sex with so how can there be children born out-of-wedlock. That was just where my understanding was at that time.

But as we grow in Yah, we mature. He leads and guides us to understanding of his truth. So when I found out marriage is not any person you have sex with but marriage is a vow or covenant taken between a man and a woman. This man and woman come together and agree to be married in the sight of Yah. So that’s what marriage is. Marriage is a universal operation. Marriage covers all. Hey, if a man and woman get married under Jesus…they are married. Because marriage is from Yah and marriage is universal. So I will try to explain all these things.

Then when we look at divorce and re-marriage, you know we were told that we can’t get a divorce. We were told that we can’t be re-married because they mistake something Yahoshua stated because Yah has laid it down in Torah…because if you believe as the Christians explain it to you that Yahoshua is saying the only way you can get a divorce is if the person is fornicating, if they are whoring and if it is for any other reason other than that, then if that person gets re-married then they are committing adultery.

See they don’t understand because what Yahoshua is stating has to match up with what Yah has already stated in the Torah. So when we look at divorce and re-marriage, Yah already stated that divorce can happen. We are going to give you the greater understanding so you can have this understanding of just what this is. Because if we don’t understand what marriage is and we are married to Yah, how can we understand our relationship to the Father? If we don’t understand marriage in these unions that we have and if we don’t have the full understanding of what it is and what is should be then hey (laughs). We must have this understanding.

This is basic knowledge here. I know a lot of Hebrews are coming into the truth. A lot of sisters are looking for that righteous man and a lot of brothers are looking for that righteous woman. So we  have a lot of people getting together, hooking up. They are meeting and talking and they want to join together as one in marriage. So we have a lot of that happening so brothers and sisters must have an understanding of what marriage is.

Now, marriage is for only this time we are in right here. Because when the kingdom is set up, there won’t be any marriage in the kingdom. Marriage is just for the physical, now. The physical world we live in, the physical world or physical existence, marriage is only for now. So if you are going to get married you have to do it now in this physical existence. Because when the kingdom is set up, no need for marriage there. Or no need for the marriage that we know, the human understanding of what marriage is.

Let’s start. How can we talk about marriage without going to the first marriage? The first marriage among humans which is the story of Adam and Eve, our father and mother. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 2 so we can breakdown what marriage actually is. This is the first marriage and the first couple. Yah created us to be companions that’s why we are compatible with one another. This is why the man is compatible with the woman and the woman is compatible with the man. This is what Yah created us to be. He did not create man to be with another man. That is an abomination. That goes against the natural. It’s not natural for a man to lay with another man. It’s not natural for a woman to lay with another woman. That’s why those unions can not procreate. They can not procreate and are an abomination to the Father.

Genesis chapter 2, this is what Yah said. Because Yah looked out and saw the man was alone and Yah said it is not good for the man to be alone. Yah said all the animals have a companion or mate. But My man right here, My greatest creation, he is by himself. He needs a helper, a counterpart.

Genesis 2:18 Do you see that? It is not good for the man to be alone. Yah said I’m going to make a helper for him, his counterpart.

Let’s skip down to verse 20. Single brothers out there know (laughs). Man it’s not good to be alone. You need that counterpart, you need that helper. Especially if you are a brother out here toiling, laboring in the field trying to get the Word of Yah out there. You need that counterpart, helper but understand Ysrayl that you don’t need just ANY helper, you need a RIGHTEOUS Hebrew woman on your side brothers. You must have that righteous Hebrew woman by your side if you are out here trying to deliver this Word of Yah. Don’t become unequally yoked. How can two walk together unless they agree. Don’t just go get her ‘oh she’s real pretty’. ‘Oh I like her body; She’s so fine’. And this woman is serving Jesus to the core. Don’t overlook that.

Don’t make the same mistake your father Solomon made. Remember his heart was turned away from Yah by his wives in his old age. See, those wives were not on one accord with Solomon. Solomon was a lover of Yah and they were lovers of their false gods. See this is the type of relationship that Yah does not want us to get involved in. People try to make it a racial or nationality thing but that has nothing to do with it.

Yah would prefer for a Hebrew man to get with a righteous Gentile woman who is seeking to serve Him than to get with a stiff-neck Hebrew woman who is not serving Him. Let me repeat that again. Yah would prefer for a righteous Hebrew man to get himself a righteous Gentile woman who is serving Yah then for that righteous Hebrew man to go get him an unrighteous Hebrew woman. This is what Yah is building with Ysrayl…righteousness y’all.

So the man can not operate or function properly when he has that woman going against the Word of Yah. For me personally, It’s hard for me to be around people who don’t want to serve Yah. Listen, we can speak for five minutes hey the whether, sports. Other than that what else we have to talk about? You know the conversation drops. So it’s hard for me personally to be around a person who is not trying to serve Yah. And if you  have a marriage like that, that marriage will create a lot of problems.

So if you have the opportunity brothers and sisters to find your righteous mate, that’s what you do. Don’t become unequally yoked. And if you have a mate but hey they may not be there yet just give them time. Especially if they have not just trampled on the Word of Yah. If they are still open to learning hey give them time. Be patient with them as Yah was patient with you. But if you have one that is just out here (being) a stiff-neck and just refuses, humphf, hey.

Before we go to v. 20, I just also want to talk about multiple wives. Because see a lot of sisters get up and arms about that. They get mad and blah, blah, blah. See  sisters you have to understand that Yah did not speak against that. Our nation was born from four different women. Jacob had two wives and two concubines. And we will talk about what a concubine is in this lesson. You have to go to Yah with that. Now I’m going to tell you sisters this and this is real. When a man choose his second wife, he did not have to come get your permission. That’s between him and Yah. Because when he chooses that wife he has to take that covenant, vow between him, that woman and Yah.

But I would say brothers and sisters that are contemplating doing this in this day, that y’all talk it over. Sit down and talk it over. Because the sisters of our ancient ancestors, the sisters were raised from birth… the young women were taught how to properly take care of a man. As many young women are still taught that in Africa, Asia, even South America. They are taught that from a young age. They are taught  how to sexually take care of a man, how to mentally take care of a man, how to spiritually take care of a man. So in many cultures when a young woman becomes of child-bearing age which could be 12 or 13, most of the time she was sent off into marriage. Not was but is because this practice is still relevant in many cultures today and this is how it was with the Hebrews.

How do you think we got such a large population in Egypt? Do you think that we were waiting for the young women to turn 21 before they got married? Or 35 before they got married? No. Those women were being married at young ages, 12 and 13. And the thing about this is many of you may turn your nose up and say married at 12 and 13! Well, today your daughters are out here having sex at 11 years old and giving birth at 12. The only difference is that they don’t have a husband. The only difference is that they don’t know how to take care of a man because they don’t know how to take care of themselves let alone take care of a baby.

That’s why we  have such an extended family. You know we have grandmothers now that are 30 years old. Thirty year old grandmothers and house is filled with kids. Her own kids, kids that had kids. This is why the family structure among the Hebrews is fractured. Because we have let the western mindset, the Gentile mindset teach us what marriage is. We are living according to their understanding and we look down upon what Yah has given us and the understanding he has blessed us with and the way that we should treat a marriage. We look down upon that. We even attack it out of our ignorance.

We have sisters out here saying what they won’t do. That is arrogance in itself because you don’t know what Yah has planned for you. We have sisters out here saying that they won’t share their man. Listen, you don’t know what Yah has planned for you or your man. So be careful with that sisters. I’m just giving it to you real. So advice from me, if a brother is thinking about taking on a second wife, speak it over with the first so there won’t be any confusion.

Now in scripture and even today there are some sisters going out and looking for second wives for their husbands because they understand the benefit of it. It’s extending the family. It’s not sharing. It’s not like you are sharing a piece of pie (laughs). It’s extending the family where her children are her children. And y’all help each other. See, it’s like this. If the second wife comes in and there are children already in the relationship with the man and his first wife, that second wife is going to take care of those children and love those children like they are her own. It’s an extension of the family. That’s what it has always been. An extension of the family. Y’all are a family unit.

As I stated, we have extended families today, we have grandma taking care of all the grand kids because the mom has had children to young and she doesn’t know how to take care of her child. So it’s on the parent. Then we have some where the mom has just lost her mind, strung out on drugs and doing this and that. So those children have come on the grandparent.

We already have the whole thing of extended families. So why are we so against it? Because of the Gentile mindset. It’s the Gentile mindset that we are working with. We have to get back to the eastern mindset. Why do you think that this country, the United States has the highest rate of divorce in the world? More than half of the people who get married are divorced in this land. Whereas you see the practice of multiple wives taking place around the world, they have little to no divorce. There is little to no stress on the family. The children are brought up in a healthy environment. So I’m just giving it to you real, Ysrayl. This is not a personal opinion. This is just what it is. I’m not endorsing it. I’m not speaking against it.

I’m not going to speaking against it because Yah did not speak against it. So who am I to say something ill about it if Yah did not. Because remember Solomon’s sin was not that he had a thousand women. But Solomon’s sin was that he allowed those women to turn his heart away from Yah. So I’m just putting this out here Ysrayl. So we can come to a greater understanding because there will be a time and day as scripture says in Isaiah chapter 4, seven women are going to take hold of one man. They will say hey you don’t have to provide for us. We have our own money. We just need to be called by your name. We just need to be married.

It’s a shame. Then we look now and they say 70% of Hebrew women of so-called black women will not be married. Seventy percent are not married and I think that percentage is that they will never be married. So we have all these sisters out here. Now let me break this down a little more. For a sister that’s coming to Yah, she’s coming into the Messianic walk. The men of her choosing that are in the Messianic walk is very slim. Because she has to weed through…not everybody who says Yah and Yahoshua is out for Yah and Yahoshua. She’s got to weed through. She has to see through the ones that are stiff-necked from the ones that are striving to come to Yah. So her picking is slim.

So whenever you sisters have a husband that is of the Messiyah, that is of the truth, you thank Yah everyday for him. You get into that relationship where you fit in. You do as you are supposed to do as a wife. You humble yourself in that situation, you understand that he is your head. Stop talking back as these Gentile women have taught you. That women’s liberation movement which is nothing but a bunch of lesbians talking about that they should be men now. So you have to watch that sister. You don’t do all those wild things that you did in past relationships. This is a man of Yah. You respect him as though you are respecting Yah because that’s what it is. You submit to your husband sister just like you submit to Yah. So you have a whole new deal going on here, do you understand?

Some of you don’t know how to react because the man of Yah is so different from the man you have dealt with in previous relationships. Because the man of Yah is a real man. Some of you have been so down trodden sisters that you feel that you don’t deserve to have a man take care of you because you have been taking care of things by yourself for so long. You feel that you don’t deserve a man to come and provide for you and your children. You feel that you don’t deserve a man who’s going to come and run your household in righteousness because you have been down-trodden so long and this land has taught you otherwise. That you are an independent woman and you don’t need a man to do all this and all that. Do you understand?

But this is a new day sisters. Humble yourself. Learn what it takes. Don’t be forever learning how to get into that right relationship with your husband. It shouldn’t take you that long. Because if it takes you that long then you are still battling against yourself. All you have to do is remove all that past ignorance out of your system. It’s easy to do. Instead of what you use to do, arguing with your boyfriend or your baby’s daddy. Don’t do that with a man of Yah. You can discuss some things with him but you don’t have to raise your voice as though you are a man. When he speaks you just let him speak and then you speak after he has spoken.

See some of you sisters have a hard time with that because now you feel down in the relationship…I here you sisters, y’all be whispering in brother Obadiyah’s ear and I try to help you out in some situations as Yah gives me the knowledge or ability to give you some advice. I’m just saying sisters, you have to humble yourself. Brothers, you can not abuse these sisters in these relationships. Yah hates that because marriage is ordained by Him so it’s special. Everything that Yah ordains is of Yah and it’s like Yah. So if Yah has ordained marriage and Yah is love that means that marriage should be love. If Yah has ordained marriage and Yah is justice, that means that marriage should be justice. Do you understand?

Everything that Yah is should be present in your marriage, if you have a Yah-fearing marriage. So there’s no room for abuse. You don’t have a slave brother, you have a companion, a helper. You treat this woman with all respect. You help her when she needs to be helped because she’s going to help you. You don’t put all the work on her. You don’t put all the pressure on her. Because this is only going to cause stress. But if you have a woman that doesn’t want to hear, if you have a man who doesn’t want to hear, that’s another story y’all.

But let’s go to Genesis chapter 2. Verse 18 told us that Yah said it’s not good for the man to be alone. I’m going to make a help for him as  his counterpart.

Genesis 2:20-24, v. 20 So right here once again the man does not have a help as his counterpart or companion. So Yah, beautiful that Yah created us…because can you imagine a world with just men on it? I don’t want to imagine that world (laughs). I don’t want to imagine a world with just men, are you kidding me? And not have these soft, delicate, beautiful sisters with us. Are you kidding me? So Yah knew what He was doing. He looked down and said everybody has a companion but My man right here, My man whom I have created, he does not have one.

v. 21 So when Yah caused a deep sleep, Yah did him like when we go to surgery. You know how when you go to surgery and they put you to sleep and then cut you open and do what they want to do. Yah put the man in a deep sleep. And the rib is symbolism for genetics. The atheists who don’t believe in a Creator, they say ‘well this story has to be false, man doesn’t have one extra rib more than a woman’. Who said anything about a man having one extra rib? It said that He took the rib of the man. It represents his genetics. Why did He say the rib? Where are the ribs located on the body? The ribs are on the side right? So it’s symbolism that when Yah created the woman, He created her to be on the side of the man. To be his companion, to be his helper, to help him. The two become one as we are about to read.

So the rib is symbolism for genetics meaning that Yah took the Genetics of man and he created woman. That’s why we are compatible. That’s why a man can go into a woman, lay seed, the seed fertilizes her egg…we have creation. At birth we have life. Yah created us to be compatible with one another. So what’s what the rib symbolizes. It symbolizes the genetics of man. Man and woman are one. It doesn’t matter what color or nationality. A Hebrew man can lay seed in a Chinese woman and bring forth life. A Hebrew man can lay seed in a Gentile woman and bring forth life because all of mankind were created from one seed. We are all together. We are one. That’s of mankind.

But there are some who look like mankind but are not human. I’m not going to get into that right now. Understand that’s real. I’m talking about true men and women. They have real men and women bickering and fighting against on another when we have the higher-ups who are not even human looking down upon us as if we are pons in a game. So that is why all that racial stuff doesn’t make sense. But we understand Ysrayl that we are under the curses and this is how it is supposed to be. But all that other side issue stuff you know how they have us playing against one another. Hey so v. 22.

v. 22 So the genetics that Yah took out of the man, He created woman with it. We are about to read v. 23 Now what is marriage? We are about to see what is marriage. Here is the first marriage right here. Notice in verse 22 that she is called a woman. Notice some things that will happen in v. 23-25.

v. 23 So she’s called woman. That is actually womb-man because she’s of man but she has a womb. That’s what separates her from man, she has a womb and man does not. Because her womb is what nurtures life. As the man plants his seed into the woman then that womb is where life is nurtured for a nine month period and brought forth into the world. So she is called the womb-man or woman as we know her today because she was taken out of man and because her genetics is taken from man. So she is compatible with man.

v. 24 This is marriage right here. Adam just married Eve or Hawah. The man just married his wife. Let me show you. v. 25 his what? His wife. Now notice in v. 22 she is called the woman and even in v. 23 she is called the woman but after bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh and after that a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. This is a vow, covenant that Adam is taking with this woman. Now she is his wife. Now we see from t his point on whenever you read about Hawah, she’s known as Adam’s wife. Because Adam just took a covenant, vow with her. Remember she is called his wife right here in Genesis chapter 2. This is before the act of intercourse has taken place.

Because what we are going to deal with here first is the doctrine that the brother’s teach when they say you are married to anybody that you have sex with. This is what they say or promote. This is what they teach. So we are looking at that right now is that true. Are you married to whomever you have sex with? Or is marriage consistent with a vow, covenant? Now that’s what makes the marriage. That’s what makes you married to that person. But what marriage actually is, is what Adam said right here. Let’s read v. 24, this is what marriage actually is.

(Reads v. 24 again) So marriage is the two becoming one. That’s what marriage is. Now marriage consists of a vow or covenant because you have to make this vow. But I’m talking about the actual marriage, what makes the marriage work is the two becoming one. The actual definition of marriage is tow people getting together and becoming one. How do you become one with another? How do you become one?


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