Yahoshua the Israylite MessiYah p. 1

(Talk before the lesson begun) The new Superman movie is awesome. I’ll talk more about that next week. I know some of y’all still have not seen it yet. The time of the gods is almost here and the head god…the man of sin is on his way they were saying in the movie. The movie showed the planet Krypton being destroyed.

Yah does not change. His authority does not change. Yah will allow a nation time to repent. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, Nineveh and even Mystery Babylon. Mystery Babylon’s sins are climbing to His nostrils now.

The fallen are on this planets like Krypton. Yah brings their (the fallen angels) sins to destruction too. He destroyed Krypton in the movie. These movies are not entertainment. Satan does not entertain us. We go to the movies to see what they are doing.

I have been under attack all week. A thousand demons speaking to you all day long. Rebuke it and another starts to speak. Do y’all know there are legions of demons? We are under constant attack. Why? We need to train to fight! We learn to fight as the enemy is before us. Practice. Yah allows it so we learn. Now I can choke about 200 demons and stand on the heads of some of them and rip their heads off. That’s good training. We will win in the end. All servants of Yah are extraordinary. Do you know that? Samson used the jawbone of a donkey as a weapon. I’m starting to feel the Power of Yah everyday and I have less fear everyday. We fear nothing. Our prayers avail much like the ahk said in his testimony. He said he had a heart attack and the doctors could not find why he had it. (A heart attack at the age of 35 and said he played football and was in the military).

Each one of us fought to get here. We searched for Yah. It is written, you will not fail…a remnant shall return.

I found this document last night: The Israelites use to fellowship here in Chicago all together. I was at a gathering a few years ago. I told them I wanted to go to the U.N. and declare that we are the Children of Ysrayl but the Israelites rejected the letter that I wrote. But I held on to it. When I go to Sanford Yah says I will declare it in Sanford. The media will be there that day.

We are a people of love and Love choose us. We accept Jews here if they want to repent. The Children of Ysrayl are the only nation who do not accept who they are. They shall know who we are. Now is the time for us to present this information. If they know who we are, then salvation is alive on the earth because the Children of Ysrayl are awake. TEXT: We are the people of the Book.

We tell our history. Pharaoh has to know who we are before he starts his war against us. Did y’all know whenever a new country is formed Russia is the first to accept them? Russia was the first to recognize Native Americans. Russians say, an enemy of my enemy is my friend. TEXT: Putin gone be like…we been knowing who y’all are.

Trayvon Martin Trial: Yah brings about things for His own purpose. We are going to Sanford.

I wasn’t going to do this lesson today. Demon attacks. But on FB the non-messianic maniacs were on the attack. We defend Yahoshua. TEXT: lay down your life. We must lay it down for our brother Yahoshua.

What is the difference between Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and non-messianic? There is no difference. They don’t believe in Yahoshua as MessiYah. If you don’t have Yahoshua, you don’t have Yah. You have labored in vain all your righteous works if you don’t have Yahoshua.

We are leading into the lawless society…the gods are coming back. Watch the man of steel movie. I sit Zuri down to watch these movies so he understands more than I did as a child. He has watched the old and new superhero movies. In the man of steel they compared Superman to Jesus. Superman’s name is Kael or ka the son of el. The symbol on his chest represents the gods. He is 33 years old, superman. They are already deceiving the world. TEXT: the man of steel=the man of sin.

I’m glad you picked that up, the man of steel is the man of sin. They wore battle armor in the movie like the gods. TEXT: The movie reviewers said this is the darkest ‘superman’ yet.

Yeah, General Zod is a fallen angel in this movie too and he is a beast! He’s not like the old General Zod.

Lesson: Why did I title this lesson the way I did? There are many messiahs out here but the Messiyah was an Israylite. We are special. Yah called us. Messiyah intercedes on our behalf. Why did Yah choose you? Yahoshua intercedes on your behalf. He remembers what it was like to walk. He knows our struggles. We struggle together against lust, stealing, fornication problems. He speaks to Yah on our behalf. Have you ever interceded for someone? And then that person was given mercy because of you. (Gives example of a sibling about to get a whipping until you step in on their behalf).

We will talk about His life, pre-existence, every aspect of Him. Did you cry when you were told about Yahoshua and not Jesus? Tell the truth.

MessiYah…let’s define this. Yah’s name is in this word Messiyah. It means anointed of Yah. It comes from the Hebrew word MaschiachYah. The Catholic Encyclopedia has this information in it.  You can read that for yourself. What does ‘anointed of Yah’ mean? It means this anointed person has been placed with a special duty and authority. There were many deliverer or messiahs in scripture. Abraham, David, Gideon and so on were deliverers. Satan was even a messiyah did y’all know that?

Yahzeqyl 28:12-14 Satan wore a breast-plate like a high priest of Ysrayl. He was anointed by Yah, a messiyah. But he fell. Now Yahoshua is the MessiYah and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess to Him.

Non-messianic say, why does Yah need a savior? ARROGANT! You can’t give yourself a surgery if you are shot. You are too defiled to save yourself from the curses. Someone else through Yah has to save you. Every man Yah sends to deliver the children of Ysrayl is given power by Yah. A deliverer is not equal to Yah.

Yesiyah 19:20 Yah sends a savior to deliver. The savior is like a god just like Yah made Moses like a god. v. 21 What saviors came out of Egypt? Yoseph, Moses and Yahoshua. TEXT: out of Egypt I call  my son. v. 22 Yah heals. Yah loved these Egyptians because they let Ysrayl live there. Even though they put us in slavery.

Joshua Ben Nun was a deliverer or savior. His name was Hosea but Moses changed his name to Yahoshua. Yahoshua Ben Nun led us into the land the first time and Yahoshua Ben Yah will lead us into the land the second time.

Talks about the movie called Zeitgeist…Leviticus 22. TEXT: German Gentiles wrote it and said there are 16 saviors before Yahoshua.

Abraham, David, Gideon, Joshua…that’s were that comes from but only Yah let’s them save. This is not talking about Horus etc, they are not saviors. Yahoshua was not born on December 25. We just know he was born. Yah did not tell us when He was born. There are no holidays for his birth.

Moses, David, Abraham and them delivered us from the physical and Yahoshua Ben Yah delivered us spiritually.

Acts 2:29, 34 David had no power over death. They thought David was the MessiYah back then but Shaul and them had to correct them about that. Two thousand years later, they still say David is the MessiYah. Many false messiyahs will deceive.

The MessiYah delivered us from the death sentence when He rose. Adam caused us to die. Non-messianic reject the Living Torah or Yahoshua yet they read the Torah…they have no understanding. The second death will  happen to you if you believe them.

Genesis 2:15-17 Moses, Isaiah, Daniel all spoke of Yahoshua…prophesy.

Non-messianic say they are deliverers yet you are called a nigger by others. Shouldn’t there be on cleaner than us all? We need one that will teach us all. Yahoshua is already in white. We are still in mourning and wearing sack cloth. We are in mourning…Discrimination, crime… our leaders now don’t help us. We listen to Al Sharpton and them and not Yah’s servants. If you think Al Sharpton is deep then you will think the man of sin is deep too.

Has anybody ever made anything for you? You cherish those things don’t you. Yahoshua was made for you. He has our genetics. ‘He shall come through His people’. He should be special to us.

The Bible is not a Greek book. It is not the ‘white man’s book’. The new testament connects with the old testament. It is not disconnected. In 1865 The Suez Canal was built to separate Israel from Egypt. This is the same year that slavery was abolished. This is the same year we started waking up. They separate to hide the truth. They told us the Bible was the white man’s book to cover up the truth from you.

You can’t keep a good man down…nice guy’s finish last. But he still get up and he still finishes.

Genesis 2:16-17 This is a conversation between Yah and Adam. Yah told Adam what death was. He defined death to Adam.

Genesis 3:1-5 This is why we need a Messiyah. v. 1-2 He questioned the word of Yah to create doubt. Doubt=doorway for the devil. Doubt=loss of faith in Yah. Do you really think you should do that? Satan inspired people will ask you question. Cut that snakes tongue off So he can’t talk to you! v. 4 Lies told to the woman. v. 5 Read. v. 6 The fruit was physical being good to the eyes and to make one wise. They teach knowledge to be a god. Batman, Superman put on armor to be like a god. Man has wanted to be a god since the garden.

(Talks to assembly) Pacific Rim, a movie coming out next month is about transhumanism. Power rangers were gay. Transformers, inspector gadget are transhumanism too. Heman was gay in a pink top! Heman was keeping secrets from his father. Yeah I bet he was. His father probably would have bust him up side the head…secrets from his father. Oh, Masters of the universe was deep. Teen Titans.

Genesis 3:12-17 He blamed his wife. If it were only that easy. To be able to sin and blame your wife. v. 15 This is the promise of Yahoshua here! The woman= Yahoshua came through a woman. The sin of one man brought the need for a savior.

(Talks to the assembly) There will be another ‘300’ movie! Crazy…’300′ part 2 Leonitis will be a spirit in the movie! Wild jackals!! Where is the Hannibal movie?! Where is the Hebrew Israylite move?! They only show Greek and Roman movies. They don’t tell about the homosexuals…Spartans or the orgies they had.

Hold on to Yahoshua. They are prepping this god worship. Don’t lose salvation. Don’t lose Yahoshua. Yahoshua is your life. Disrespect your boss=you are fired.  Disrespect of Yahoshua=the lake.

Your ‘dawgs’ back in the day…now we have brothers. You didn’t turn your back on your dawg. Brothers put their life on the line for you. Don’t lose that. Yahoshua is our greatest brother. Soul brothers. David said to Jonathan, I love you with my soul. I love my brother as myself with my own soul. ‘what’s up blood’ as they say. Under the Ghana castles there are buried fists bawled up made of (stone?)…they found this. All this is encoded in our DNA. The deeper we dig the blacker it gets, an archeologist in Israel said this.

Don’t throw away Yahoshua. The lest you do to my brothers, you have done to me! Whew! Like you use to say in the streets! Flaming eyes when He returns. Mad! A river of blood Yah says. Vengeance is Yah’s. This is not a movie. You can’t shoot Yah. You are arrogant! You are not sneaking away on an alien ship. You can’t run from Yah.

We all are going through it. Some stiff-neck is always bothering you. It’s to empower us. Yah has plans for us. Satan tries to make your road different. There are no monsters on the road it’s only your imagination. Will Smith quote, fear is a choice. No fear with Yah and Yahoshua.

1 Corinthians 15:19 Yahoshua conquered death with righteousness. You can’t get in the kingdom by yourself you need Yahoshua. v. 20 He is the first fruit of the dead. A new creation. The first to rise and live with Yah forever. Abraham, David, Adam are still asleep in the earth. Yahoshua is the only one dead and now living. v. 21 Adam=death through a man. Resurrection is through a man, death defeated through a man named Yahoshua. v. 22 We are made alive in Messiyah. Greater things you shall do He said. We read and believe the Bible. They saw the miracles and were great. But we read and believe and will be greater.

skips down to verse 54-58. v. 54 Talking about spiritual bodies here. v. 55-56 Read. v. 57 Death and the grace will be in the lake. They will no longer be needed among the living. Yahoshua conquered it. Adam didn’t protect us. Yahoshua did. He protected us, loves us. Adam allowed the devil in. Yahoshua grabbed the devil by the neck…chump.

John 8:47 Non-messianic do not hear Him because they are not of Yah. This is why we don’t debate them. v. 48 They thought Yahoshua had a demon! v. 49 They don’t value Yahoshua, Yah. v. 51-55 Guard His word to never see death…the second death. Yahoshua protects the house, the family. Who is My family? Yahoshua said this. Yah protects us because of this.

We use to be wild! The Gentiles in the assembly here today use to be wild too. Yahoshua spoke for us to Yah to give us time. Our intercessor. Sisters, listen to your husband! If you can’t listen to him, you don’t listen to Yah. Children listen too. TEXT: no rolling of the eyes.

Stay in order. Yah is watching. Your man is to protect the house. Don’t help the devil destroy your man! Children obey your parents for this pleases Yah. Yah provides for them like they do you. Brothers, Yahoshua speaks to you but you ignore Him. He tells you what to do. But you don’t do it then you expect your wife, kids to listen to  you. Then there is no protection on the house. Don’t blame Yah or the woman like Adam. Get your house back in order! You can’t reach Yahoshua without order.

Yahoshua keeps death from you, He protects us…the second death.

John 17: 5 No pre-existence here. This is Yah’s Word. Yah is spirit. Yahoshua esteemed. v. 6 I revealed Your name. We know the name because Yahoshua has give us to Yah. Yahoshua did not call upon elohim! He did not use titles. He said YAH. Don’t debate the name, they don’t understand. HalleluYah, KumbaYah, YesiYah, YeremiYah, Yahcanan, MattithYah. His name has to be revealed to you. v. 8 Do you believe Yah sent Yahoshua? v. 9-11 Read. Guard them in the name, protecting us. v. 14 We are not of the world we don’t do as they do. v. 20 We believe in Yahoshua because of the words of the apostles. He’s praying for us also here. That we may know His name is Yah. You believe in the writings of Mattithyah and Shaul etc. This is why we understand. Yah heard His prayer. Yahoshua thought about us here. He fights, protects you! v. 21 Why would Yah send…Moses was sent with the laws in the old testament. Yah did not send somebody who nailed the laws to the cross in the new testament. Yahoshua was sent to fulfill the law. v. 23-26 This last verse is powerful!! Yah’s name is made known to them He said and He shall make it known to them. Yah’s name was made known to the apostles and still from heaven today, Yahoshua is making Yah’s name known to us. They are loved by Yah those who know His name. Without knowledge His name you will not know. Psalm 68:4 tells us His name. It’s not Yahuwah etc that’s not in the Bible.

Let’s look at the MessiYah’s name, Yahoshua. There are different accents we know. We need Yahoshua to bring us back to Yah. Don’t let satan fool you. There is slick doctrine out there! They say the new testament was written in Greek and they say Paul spoke Greek and said Ieosus. I will not debate them. I just present scriptures. The Israel of God (Chicago) teach in Jesus’ name saying it’s Greek. Did the Hebrews speak Greek or Hebrew?

Mattithyah 1:18-21, v. 19 I’m glad Maury (TV show) wasn’t around at this time. v. 21 Yahoshua will be His name for He shall save His people of their sins. Miriam spoke Hebrew. This angel came and told Miriam to name Him Yahoshua. He shall save them from their sins, what is sin? 1 John 3:4. Yahoshua came to save His people from sin to be delivered from death….the second death.

Yahoshua=salvation of Yah. Jesus has NO meaning in Hebrew. There is no letter J in Latin, Greek nor Hebrew. The name Jesus appeared 200 years after the 1611 Bible. Two thousand years ago there was no Jesus in this language.

An angel came to Yoseph about Miriam being pregnant. The angel spoke Hebrew to him. Yah speaks to us in the language we are born in. We don’t need to learn Hebrew today.

John 5:2 They called it a Hebrew name because they spoke Hebrew.

Yahcanan 19:17 Goltha is Hebrew. v. 19-20 It was written in Hebrew and the Hebrews read it. Also it was written in Greek and Latin (Romans spoke Latin). We spoke Hebrew…Yahoshua’s name was given by the angel of Yah (Gabriyah).

Acts 21:36 Shaul is talking to stiff-neck Israylites here. v. 37 Do you know Greek? v. 39 I am an Israylite. v. 40 Shaul spoke Hebrew to them. He was bilingual but he spoke to the Hebrews in Hebrew.

Acts 22:1-2 He spoke Hebrew. The new testament was written in Hebrew not Greek. They were talking to Hebrews. They said Yahoshua a Hebrew name. TEXT: It was translated into Greek (from the Hebrew).

Acts 26:12-15 He heard a Hebrew voice, Yahoshua’s voice. Not a Greek equivalent! Shaul was persecuting the Israylites for teaching in the name of Yahoshua so he knew Yahoshua’s name. They did not know the name Jesus 2,ooo years ago.

Acts 4:12 Only ONE name of salvation given. Yah only grants salvation through Yahoshua. It is done. No other name. He came as Messiyah, it is done He said. He did want satan could not do. TEXT: There are no multiple names.

Yahoshua is the ONLY name that means Yah’s salvation! Because of him I exist! Because of him you exist! If he fell, we would not be here. David, Abraham, Moses…had faults. Yahoshua endured to the end!

The great falling away is coming soon y’all! Get rooted! Pray you are found worthy to withstand the deception of the devil! You use to talk to satan…the prince and power of the air with drugs and alcohol. He was your buddy. Now you rebuke him sharply. Stay away from drug sorcery.

Luke 19:1-9, v. 7 Let’s stop here. Facebook people say crazy things to me. We pass judgment on who is a sinner. We may be delivering the Word of Yah to people of the world. They need to hear this Word. The sinner needs the healing, the sick. Well people don’t need healing. We will run into murderers, thieves, prisoners. Yahoshua saw this short guy up in this tree. TEXT: are they not worthy of salavation?

We went to Jennifer Hudson yet she sacrificed her family. We gave Lil’ Wayne a copy of the curses. His mind hasn’t been the same since. Will Smith has some understanding. We contact these celebrities. Chingy heard somebody talking about Yah. Antoine Dodson too. You heard someone speaking about Yah too.

v. 8 This man gave money FOUR TIMES as much. Yet the Pharisees probably didn’t give anything. v. 9 Salvation is a ‘he’ from Yah…Yahoshua is he. Believe Yahoahua is salvation with all your mind and spirit!!

I don’t listen to non-messianic nor Christians…boooo. Non-messianic will light up Facebook tomorrow about what I said here today.

Yah saves…One Savior. He sent Yahoshua. Non-messianic base their belief on Christianity. There is power in holding on to Yahoshua. Please don’t lose it. TEXT: guard his word and Yahoshua will guard you.

1712-2012 Willie Lynch is destroyed. Now we will tell the nations we are Ysrayl.

(Talks about music) Those with music ministries…these are songs of the movement, the movement back to Yah. Like Marvin Gaye and them did for the civil rights movement.

You can’t get this understanding in the churches. It’s up to Yah’s servants to give it to you.

The end of the lesson.

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