Exposing the Jezebel Spirit p. 1f

And Yah probably would have mercy upon that household because the man did what he was supposed to do and corrected the wife. Do you see? HalleluYah. So for the sake of your household ahkeem, you must keep order. For the sake of your households ahkotees, you mush stay in line. You must stay in order.

See we are not putting sisters to the side. We can’t do this without you. Yah said it is not good for us to be alone. So every man who is trying to do this alone is coming against the Word of Yah. You are calling Yah a liar. ‘Oh I don’t need no woman’. ‘I’m a man, I don’t need a woman’. You a sissy. You ain’t no man. Because only a man can provide and take care of a woman. That’s it. The only men are the men of Yah and the women are the women of Yah. They are perfect for one another. Perfection. Little boys can’t do nothing for a woman of Yah. Go play with your toys, boy. Leave that woman alone. Stop harassing that woman. Can’t no little girl take care of a man of Yah. A man of Yah wasn’t built for a little girl. A man of Yah was built for a woman of Yah and a woman of Yah was built for a man of Yah. It’s only when those two come together that perfection is manifested. HalleluYah.

Let’s go to 1 Peter chapter 3. Jezebel is an evil one, a wicked one. We must put her down. When we do part 2 of this we will go into some heavier issues of what she does and how she operates. We are just laying foundation here. So you know from the foundation just what you are up against. This demon is cold-blooded, no mercy. It will eat you alive and leave the bones. And it will come back and eat those later.

1 Kepha 3:7 Do you see that? Giving respect to the wife and living understanding. You have to understand the issues she’s going through. She has to understand the issues that you are going through. She can’t trip when you are going through something and you can’t trip when she’s going through something. You understand one another. Man, she’s under demonic attack over there. She doesn’t mean what she just said to me. I don’t mean what I just said to her. Respect your woman. She’s worthy of it. Respect your man, he’s worthy of it. See, we don’t just loosely label Jezebel. We label Jezebel…Jezebel. When Jezebel is seen, Jezebel is called out.

So sisters you must not have fear. The night we were at the camp the sisters felt protected. The men were there protecting them. Whenever the sisters are in our midst, they don’t feel as though we are mistreating them or abusing them. They feel loved and protected. We love our sisters. We don’t disrespect them. We respect them. They are worthy of respect. If we disrespect them, then we are disrespecting Yah because Yah created them for us. So you are not a servant of Yah if you disrespect women. You’re a weak man if you disrespect women. You’re a coward if you disrespect women. The only way a man would disrespect a woman is because he has no authority over that woman. Because the woman sees through him. She sees his weakness. She sees that he’s a sissy. Because truly that man wants to be that woman. That’s why he hates her, he wants to be her. He goes folding his arms and pouting in the corner. ‘Why does she have breasts and I don’t? ‘Why does she have big hips and I don’t’? You sissy. You coward. You punk. You fag.

Let’s go to 1 Corinthians. Women being the weaker vessel, you have to understand that. And sisters because you are the weaker vessel, don’t think that you can get away with murder here. Because if you are dealing with as strong ahk he will put you in your place quick. Otherwise, you will have a problem. So don’t think that because a brother is humble and that because he has submitted himself to Yah that you can just do anything to him. Okay, you keep doing that, you  watch what the servant does.

You must have the same respect for this servant as he has for Yahoshua. Who in here wants to disrespect a servant of Yah? Nobody but Jezebel. Nobody but demons. Jezebel is disrespectful of Yah’s servants. She will speak anything to Yah’s servants. She will speak anything AGAINST Yah’s servants. In fact, let me show you what I’m talking about here. She has no respect. Let’s go to 1 Kings chapter 19. She always tries to intimidate folks. As if she is the only one capable of doing a certain thing that is what Jezebel does. 1 Kings chapter 19 then we will go over to Corinthians. Jezebel has no respect for Yah’s servants. She is disrespectful to the servants of Yah.

1 Kings 19:1-2 So she is giving Yah’s servant a threat that she’s going to kill him like he killed the false prophets, those prophets of baal. She’s SWEARING to the gods that by this time tomorrow, she will kill one of Yah’s servants! NO respect. She disrespected him. She’s a woman and she’s coming up against a man like that. Sisters it’s not your place to argue against a man. Especially a man of Yah. You can give a man of Yah advice of course. You can have a disagreement with a man of Yah of course but to come up and try to argue and especially about an issue of scripture. You coming to the elders and you argue against the elders! And scripture tells us not to even rebuke an elder! And you will get in his face and argue points about scripture! JEZEBEL, JEZEBEL, JEZEBEL. Yah rebuke you, Isabel! And all that you stand for . HalelluYah.

But yes this has happened. And then when we mention Jezebel’s name, it is such an offense to you. We know why. It has been revealed who you are. So if you want to know where Jezebel reigns, just rebuke her in her name. Do it. It that woman comes speaking all that illness to you (say) Yah rebuke you Jezebel and watch that demon go crazy! Oh sister-girl is going to come out. The finger-pointing and neck (roll), the cussing. Yeah, Jezebel is a cuss-er. You make her angry enough, she’s going to cuss you out. Profanity.

She tries to pretend as though she’s sweet and humble. Now this is the most dangerous of the Jezebels because she does the most damage. The quiet Jezebel. She isn’t as vocal as the other one that is out there. Oh she does her dirt behind the scenes and she does more dirt than the vocal one. Because nobody expects her to be a Jezebel. She’s in the background and smiling beautifully saying HalleluYah. Oh she’s such a sweet sou. No she ain’t. Because when the people saw Ahab, remember when Jezebel sent the letter? She wrote in Ahab’s name and everyone thought it was Ahab doing that but it was Jezebel behind the scenes. She was silently pulling the strings on that puppet. So that’s the most dangerous Jezebel because you don’t even know where it’s coming from. All you see are these puppet men doing this and that and it’s like whoa, who’s controlling them? Who just said that to him to make him say that to me? Man ahk that doesn’t sound like a thing a man would say to another man. I feel this feminine spirit behind that. That’s very feminine what you are talking about. Things like that don’t concern men. I’m not going to pay attention to it because you shouldn’t be talking about this.

So you must discern that spirit. There’s a feminine spirit and a masculine spirit. You know what men should talk about, you know what men sound like and you know what women sound like. Right, you are not dumb. You know these things. So when a man comes to you and he has a feminine spirit on him…and it’s like whoa wait a minute. That sounds like we are in the midst of the beauty shop and they are gossiping. That don’t sound like man talk to me ahk. You have revealed who you are. I know who your employer is now. I know who you are working for. Yah rebuke you, Jezebel and all that you stand for. HalleluYah, HalleluYah.

1 Corinthians 11. But before we go there, I want all my ahkotees, servants of Yah, my fellow servants of Yah give me a one on the screen if you feel good about Yah putting you in His righteous order. If you feel good about Yah giving you a first line of defense. HalleluYah. HalleluYah. For Yah giving you order and shalom, For Yah showing you the way. HalleluYah HalleluYah.

Because we all need it family. We all need order. Without order we would be a messed up group just like we use to be. Right? If Yah were to show us a picture of ourselves before we came into this walk…many of us have forgotten who we were because its been so long since we were that person. We were some terrible people. Disobedient. Hard-headed. Stiff-necks. But Yah has brought us forward. So why rebel now? What’s the purpose of rebelling now? What would you gain from rebelling right now?

Is satan going to give you a million dollars? Is satan going to give you a new car or house? Is satan going to give you a pretty girlfriend? A handsome boyfriend? What would you gain from rebelling against Yah? You’ve come this far in your walk, what would you gain family? There’s nothing to gain. Nothing but death. Your absolutely right nothing but death. You can not rebel now. So do you know what? If you’re not going to rebel, do you know what that means? That you must fight against this demon. Don’t let it over take you. It is a powerful one but Yah is more powerful.

We prayed for Michayah (Michael) to come in our midst today, do you think he’s not here? We made a special request to Yah. Do you think he’s not here? He’s here. He has the battle troops ready. Jezebel won’t dare show her head in here today. Because if she does it will get sliced off. Yah harkens to our voices. HalleluYah. We are just flesh and blood men but He loves us. We are dust in His sight but He loves us. We owe Him our very souls. They belong to Him. And if your soul belongs to Yah don’t you know He’s going to give you everything to keep your soul in line. Do you think He will let your soul dangle out there and be bait for satan? When satan comes upon you, get ready to fight!

Yahoshua fasted 40 days but He still put a fight before satan when satan came to attack him. Forty days and He still fought. What’s your excuse for not fighting? You love Jezebel more than you love Yah? Or is it the woman Yah gave to you, oh it’s her fault. Right? Yah, I know I made this covenant with this woman but You gave her to me so ah she made me do this. Yah isn’t listening to that. He didn’t listen to Adam so what makes you think He will listen to you? So you better love Yah more.

1 Corinthians 11, Shaul was giving this beautiful lesson. He was giving this understanding because of the Jezebel spirit that was ripping the congregation in Corinth APART! The assembly in Corinth was being fully controlled by the Jezebel spirit. The men were turning into fags and the women were turning into butch dykes. The women were taking authority in the assembly and the men were growing their hair long looking like women. Shaul had to give them the authority and the order of Yah. ‘Butch dyke’, I mean women were taking the authority of men…classic Jezebel.

1 Corinthians 11:1-17, v. 1 Now can y’all imagine what Jezebel will rev-up those wild ‘brews to do and say if I were to come to the mic and tell y’all to be imitators of me, like I imitate Messiyah. Do you know what would be out there the next day?! We would officially be listed on the official cult list…by the government! (Reporter voice) ‘In the news today, the government discovered a new cult that has been in operation for the past 3 years’. We would be on the list officially. But Shaul said it. (Talks to someone) Kayn, they worshipping Obadiyah. But Shaul said this. I didn’t say this. So if you have a problem with Shaul, if you have a problem with what he’s about to say right here then you will have a problem with everything else he says. You can’t point and pick ‘well Shaul said that women are to remain silent because he hated women’. Naw. Shaul didn’t hate women, he loved women just like we do because he was a servant of Yah just like we are. But he said be imitators of me as I am of Messiyah. Obadiyah didn’t say this. Shaul said this. So (you) have a problem with him.

v. 2 He said remember me in every way. Can you imagine Obadiyah coming to the mic and telling y’all to remember me in every way?! and to be an imitator of me?! And to keep all the traditions like I gave them to y’all? Man, the false prophets are waiting on that moment, boy!! ‘Did he say it yet’?!

v. 3 This is the order right here. This goes back to the garden. When Yah said woman, man shall rule over you. This is the order right here. v. 4 Now, who is the head of the man? When he brings shame to his head, who is he bringing shame to? We just read it right? If the man has his head covered…and we will see what the covering of the man’s head is. That’s right he brings shame to the Messiyah, Yahoshua. Because he’s going around saying I’m a servant of Yahoshua but he has his head covered. What does it mean? Does it mean that we can’t wear a koffi? Does it mean we can’t wear turbans? Naw. That’s goofy talk. What it means is just like it said, the head of the woman is the man and the head of the man is Messiyah.

So is the woman is over the man, this Jezebel spirit then the man brings shame to the Messiyah because it is out of the order of Yah. That’s what he’s saying. So if a man is in his household praying and prophesying …who prays and prophesies? Prophets, servants of Yah. So a man calling himself a servant of Yah but he has a woman ruling over him, he’s sitting in a congregation where the woman is the teacher! And all the men are sitting under her knee. That’s a shameful congregation and you bring shame to Yahoshua our Messiyah. That’s what he’s talking about. No women teachers because she has not been given the authority. Women can evangelize. If she see’s an ahk out in the street, she can hand him a flyer and say I have some brothers that can teach you more about this. She doesn’t stand up in the midst of the assembly at the head of the congregation and teach. That’s out of order.

You have men here that are capable of teaching so that’s out of order. But Jezebel wants to teach. Jezebel wants that authority. Jezebel wants everybody to listen to her. Jezebel wants to be in the authority of a man.

v. 5 Look at this family. Every woman praying or prophesying with her head uncovered…you have people running around here saying that a sister has to have a scarf or rag on her head when she prays. That ain’t what that’s saying. Shaul told us in verse 3 the order. Everything we have been saying so far is talking about the order. Because we are talking about this Jezebel spirit. So what is he talking about when saying a woman praying or prophesying with her head uncovered? A woman that’s praying or prophesying…you know how Juanita Bynum calls herself a prophetess but they have no man over them and they are running the congregation and there is no man over them. They are bringing shame.

And Shaul said it is if she is shaven. Do you know what that means? In the ancient days when we would go to war with a nation and if we would take the women captive. If we liked a particular woman of that nation and wanted to marry her, then we would shave her head. So you are like a woman in captivity, that has been conquered by the Israelites. That is what he is saying. So if you have a woman out there, if she has no head then she has no discipline. She does whatever she wants to do. Who’s over Juanita Bynum’s congregation? She can have a five thousand dollar pen to write that million dollar check. She don’t have a man over her. A righteous man of Yah will sit that woman down and put her in her place. And do you know what? Wild Juanita  just might like it. It ain’t never been tried before I bet. She just might enjoy it.

But that’s what it’s talking about. So if you have sisters out here leading congregations and there is no man over them, that’s out of order because Yah has already put in the garden…He said that man shall rule over the woman. So everything dealing with the authority of the Word of Yah has been placed in the hands of man.

Now there were prophetess but these women were not like a prophet. They spoke the things…Yah will deliver a message through the mouth of a woman when that message needs to be delivered. Yes He will. But that still doesn’t give a woman the authority over the Word in an organized setting. She is to help the man. Not take the authority of a man.

I’m capable of giving this lesson today. I need Amaziyah to help me get things together. I don’t need her to come up to the mic to give the lesson. I’m capable of doing that. And if she was to come up to the mic to do it, she would be out of order. This room would be out of order. Our assembly would be out of order. Then I would go join another organization that is not out of order and leave Israelite Heritage behind. Y’all take your funky out of order organization.

But we are not doing that. We don’t do that. That’s what it’s talking about brothers and sisters when it says praying and prophesying with her head uncovered. These are undisciplined women.

v. 6 So women, Juanita Bynum if you don’t want to cut off your long flowing locks, hair then get covered. If you don’t want to take your weave out or your wig off and show your bald head then you need to get covered. Because it’s a shame for a woman to be out there pretending to have authority over the Word of Yah. That don’t go sisters. That authority wasn’t placed in your hand. This is what Shaul is talking about you can’t make him a woman-hater here and then say that he’s cool everywhere else. If you are going to throw away any of his writings, then throw it all away. But you can’t do that. And because you don’t agree with it, you can’t make all of his writings wrong. You can’t do that. That’s what the Christians do and the Christians are false. And if you are doing it, you are false just like them. So you either accept or you reject. That’s it. There’s no pick and choose.

Because if he was a servant of Yah in one part of his writings, he remains a servant of Yah in the rest. So if you can’t deal with what he’s talking about right here, don’t deal with none of what he’s talking about. Don’t deal with what Yahoshua was talking about because that’s where Shaul learned from. If you can deal with what Yahoshua said, then don’t deal with what the prophets said. If you can’t deal with what the prophets say then don’t deal with what Yah says. Just close the book and go on about your business. HalleluYah.

See they were dealing with this Jezebel spirit family. This is why Shaul is saying this. He’s giving the order.

v.7 Because the man is the woman’s covering and the Messiyah and Yah is the man’s covering. So with the Messiyah being over the man and Yah being over the Messiyah, Yah is over us all. ‘Man ought not have his head covered since he is the image and reflection of Yah’. Yah gave him authority down on earth. He is the representation of Yah on earth. This is why Yah, when He created us gave us dominion over all the earth. The woman is the esteem of man because she came from man. Man is made in the image of Yah and woman is made in the image of man. She is a servant of Yah too. HalleluYah.

So this is just the order family. It’s just the order here.

v. 8-9 We read this in Genesis. Right? Yah looked out and said it’s not good for him to be alone, I need to make him a helper. So from the man’s genetics, Yah created the woman to be with the man.

v. 10 What angels is he talking about? He’s talking about the horn dogs!! You know like Thor. all these women boy, when Thor comes back and those type characters just like in those movies those women will bow down and say please take me as your wife. They fixed up the Gentile man and had him all built, ripped with blond hair to his back and blond beard. His nicely trimmed blond beard. Blue eyes. Oh boy.

So this is why woman is to have this symbol of authority over her head. Shaul is talking about this in this chapter ‘symbol of authority’. the man is your symbol of authority. He is your head. Jezebel brings another authority. ‘Hey woman you don’t need a man you can do bad all by yourself’. ‘You can do this on your own’. ‘All you need a man for is sex and after you get sex, you send him home’. So in other words you just fornicate with a man and then you send him home. Do you see how out of order all that is? This is what they promote, teach and this is what people believe in. So women you should have a symbol of authority over your head because of the angels. That authority they won’t be able to mess with. But Jezebel is going to try to get you out of that authority so you are the free reign for whatever…both angels and wild men once you move out of that authority. See this is what Jezebel does.

v. 11 Do you see that? We are not independent of you woman. Woman you’re not independent of us. v. 12 Read. v. 13 Is it proper family? This woman has no husband and isn’t even under the authority of a teacher. Do you see that? Juanita Bynum isn’t under the authority of a teacher nor preacher. They are wild and they do (inaudible). Is that proper? If a woman is out here trying to teach the first thing they want to know is who are you associated with? What camp or group do you belong to? Whose the teacher over there?

In the assembly of men having women teach…


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