Exposing the Jezebel Spirit p. 1d

So sisters if you ever keep whispering in your husbands ears or in any man’s ear how you can not like a particular servant. This servant has done nothing to you and you haven’t done nothing to them but you keep spreading this seed of discord ‘Obadiyah just said that word wrong.’ ‘Did you hear that’? ‘He just pronounced three words wrong ‘Obadiyah is stupid, ain’t he stupid’? ‘You know you right Obadiyah pronounced four words wrong, he’s stupid’. That’s how it starts. And then the next thing you know, ‘Obadiyah you are a false prophet, you spoke 5 words wrong’. ‘Me and my Isha were listening, boy’. ‘You stupid’. Then they go on Facebook, Obadiyah is stupid he pronounced 7 words wrong. ‘Everybody over at Israelite Heritage is stupid’. ‘And my Isha agreed too’.  That’s how it goes. She is the master at inception. She’s the master at implanting thoughts into your conscience because you have put your guards down and you trust her. And you listen to her and she takes advantage of that.

Let’s look at the operation of this spirit but before we do that let’s look at how Jezebel was able to do everything she did…let’s go to 1 Kings chapter 21. Jezebel was able to do everything she did…she ran the throne of Ysrayl because she was working with that weak man because Ahab allowed it. All her wickedness…the building of the houses of baal and worshipping baal in Ysrayl, all this happened because the weak man did not stand against it.

1 Kings 21:25 Read twice. He sold out to that demon! Isabel stirred him up! she inspired him to be wicked! Isabel will inspire you brother to come against another brother for NO reason. She will stir you up and lead you away from Yah and you have sold out to the will of this wicked demon! You sold your soul. She stirred him up. She was behind him. all of his wicked thoughts, she was behind him. Do you see that’s how that demon works. She inspired him to be evil. She inspired him to speak against the servants of Yah. She inspired him to have the servants of Yah killed. she did that.

So brothers check your thoughts. Where did that thought come from? Check your thoughts. Where are those feelings coming from? Check your feelings. Where is it coming from? You know the origin of it. What has that demon been whispering in your ear? You know what it’s been saying. Have you used your Yah-given authority to tell your wife to be quiet and not speak such things in your ear, in your presence? Or have you given ear to her and let that demon break both of you down? Because if you can’t rebuke that demon off of her, now that demon is affecting the ENTIRE household. You included because you didn’t properly rebuke it. You didn’t stand up as a man. You were weak. Now your house is weak. A weak house shall not stand. Right? Yah is a hurricane and your house is straw. And the eye of the hurricane has lined up with your house and it’s on the way. Yah punishes Jezebel and all that she does. Get it together. Remove Ahab. You better shape-shift. Turn from Ahab to David or Moses or Yahoshua, Shimson (Samson) or any of the righteous men of Yah. You better shape-shift into them. You better look at their examples. You better leave Ahab alone. That is not a good example for you to follow. That’s the wrong one.

Let’s go back to 1 Kings chapter 21. We will look at the weakness of Ahab here.

1 Kings 21:1-15, v. 1-4 Look at this. This weakling. He goes and tries to buy this vineyard from this man but he couldn’t buy the vineyard so now he’s depressed. He went home, laid down and is not eating. ‘That man told me I can’t have the vineyard’ (boo-hoo voice). You are the king, weakling. You are the King of Ysrayl and as far as your eye can see, it was for you to rule in righteousness. But you can’t even get a simple vineyard. So now you go home depressed. You can’t even eat.

v. 5 Nigga what’s wrong with you?! Why don’t you eat? That’s how she said it. Nigga get up and eat some food! v. 6 (uses Ahab crying to Jezebel voice here). v. 7 ‘Nigga don’t you rule over Ysrayl’?! ‘Nigga get up and eat some food’! ‘Let your heart be glad nigga’. ‘Let me get you that vineyard, watch what I do’. ‘Man, you are weak’. That’s what Jezebel said. v. 8 That weakling did nothing! She wrote letters in his name. She took his authority. v. 9 Look at this. She’s taking his authority. She’s writing letters in his name, saying he said this. When that weakling can’t even eat food because he was too weak!

He is the king with authority so she goes and writes herself his authority. She didn’t write it in the name of Jezebel because she has to use that man’s authority to put it out before her. So everybody thinks it is the king causing this fast. But it’s Jezebel that’s doing it. And she’s doing it for her own purpose. Do you see? So she hides behind the man and have the man as her mouth piece. Whatever she has a problem with she puts on that man and makes him speak that foolishness. And have him rising up against Yah’s servants, have him rising up against Yah’s prophets.

Let’s finish reading. This is a very interesting story here. It’s like man, ‘I wrote this piece and stamped your name on it nigga’. ‘Now what you gone do about it’? ‘I’m running this show’. That’s the spirit of Jezebel. She don’t have the right to go to the elders and proclaim nothing! That’s not her position. She’s not supposed to go to the elders and proclaim a fast for nothing. The man is supposed to do that. So she’s way out of order. But she is going to get that vineyard. Right? (inaudible) Watch this.

v. 10 Uh-oh! Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. Do  you see that? Jezebel always wants to kill the servants of Yah. And now she’s a LIAR! She’s a liar now and she’s bearing false witness against her neighbor. She’s breaking the commandments and committing murder. They blasphemed Yah. ‘They are over there saying Yah is His name’. ‘They are over there saying Ysra-YL’. Where is all that coming from? It’s coming from Jezebel’s throne. If you want to identify and expose this demon…look at how she operates. She’s a liar!! And she’s quick to drop a lie! She has no conscience of it. She said stone this man. If this spirit inspired Jezebel to lie on this man to get him stoned to say he blasphemed Yah….what spirit do you think had Stephenos killed? What spirit do you think had Yahoshua killed? What spirit do you think had the apostles killed? Didn’t they say the same thing? ‘Oh they are blaspheming Yah’? ‘Oh they are speaking against the law’. What spirit do you think will have you killed? It has already started. ‘That y’all are speaking against the Word of Yah’. ‘Y’all are saying we can’t keep feast days’. It’s the same spirit family. I told you this Jezebel brings a lot of different entities with it. She’s a liar. Let’s continue.

v. 11-14 Read. v. 15 ‘Get up nigga take possession of that vineyard nigga which he refused to give you for money’. ‘I killed that nigger’. That’s right that’s the spirit of Jezebel right there. She’s hardcore. She’s tough. She has the authority of a man! She even has men killed on her lies. She has you put to death on her lies. She has flunky, weak men that will speak her mind for her so she can hide.

Do y’all see how she operates family? That’s what she does, she takes the authority of men so she can use these weaklings and she uses them against Yah’s servants. That man (Naboth) did nothing. But she had him killed. ‘Now go take the vineyard’. If she had him killed to go take a vineyard…oh wee! What do you think she will do to you? Don’t you know that Jezebel is going to get on the phone. ‘Obadiyah them have guns, FBI, CIA, DEA, HIJKLMNOP’. ‘Go get them niggas they said they are going to blow up the world with 10 firecrackers’. Jezebel is going to do it. She’s a liar. This is what she is doing in scripture, she’s a liar. She’s a unrepenting liar. She will have men put to death for a vineyard! What do you think about men who will fight her to the death? If this man didn’t give up his vineyard, a problem to her…what about fighters? What about warriors of Yah that are fleshly men? That are fighting with the Power of Yah on their side?

Give me a 1 on the screen if you understand this lesson. If you understand how this demon is operating give me a one. If you see this demon and how it operates in our midst and has been operating in our midst give me a two. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah. So family, we have to stand against it. It is against the servants of Yah. It is not a friend of Yah’s servants. It hates Yah’s servants. Everything that the servants of Yah stands for…truth, righteousness, justice, shalom. It’s against all that. It wants to take that man away. It wants to make him a limp wrist. You run around with your wrist limp and smacking, sucking your teeth. And looking at men with admiration. ‘Hey ahk, why are you looking at me like that’? ‘Hey ahk, you are making me uncomfortable’. ‘What’s that look in your eye’? ‘Do I have to come over there and put those eyes out’? ‘What’s your problem ahk’? ‘Oh you so crazy boy’. I’m telling you, you better watch it! Because you will be limp wrist before you know it and you will be echoing all that foolish talk of Jezebel.

Jezebel is a very foolish talker. And you will be echoing all that. But when she speaks this is what you have to focus in on. You have to focus in on what she’s actually saying. Brothers listen. Sometimes it’s best for you to hear the voice of your wife and sometimes it’s best for you to rebuke the voice of your wife. We are about to see that right now. We are about to see those two examples right now. But when your wife comes to you make sure that whatever she speaks to you is logical. If she is coming to you speaking things that are not logical, you rebuke her!!

And sister, I pray that, that spirit jumps off you so you can see your mistake and you rebuke that spirit too. If she is coming to you and telling you things that make sense in Yah, you listen ahk. But if she is coming to you spreading strife, contention and things that just don’t make sense, she’s complaining and I’m talking about complaining about or against Yah. ‘Why do we always have to do this like this’? That’s Jezebel.

Sisters, if your husband is coming to you or if there is a male coming to you in your life sister and he’s trying to remove you from the understanding of Yah, that is a weak man who has the Ahab spirit. Yes, we fall down but we get up. We fall down again but we get back up. This is a walk of endurance. Sometimes we do things because we do get inspired by demons. But we must shake off that possession. We must fight against it. David got possessed. Kepha got possessed. Yahudah got possessed. Satan is constantly coming! So don’t hold your head down if you find yourself getting possessed. Rebuke that spirit. Don’t give in. You must fight against it. Brothers you must keep your house in order. If you have a disorderly house, you can not come here and hang out with us. I’m being real with you ahks. You don’t have time to hang out with us because your house is out of order and you should be there working on getting it in order. That’s your first priority. Because if you have a weak house and the hurricane is coming, your house is going to blow away and you with it.

You have to build strength and foundation at home first. Then you can come out. But if your house is weak on the inside and you haven’t rebuked and checked that demon that’s freely roaming through your house and for the sake of shalom you let it do as it wills. Been there ahkeem. Been there. We have to fight against that. Not for the sake of shalom because Yahoshua already said ‘I did not come to bring shalom to your house’! He said ‘I came to bring a sword’!

So if Jezebel is in your house, a sword should be welding at that demon everyday, all day…UNTIL IT’S GONE! Ain’t no shalom there! NONE. The moment you find yourself with that Jezebel spirit in your house, the moment you find yourself with shalom…you have given up. You have surrendered to her. I hear ahks saying it all the time. One minute an ahk says he’s fighting this or that. Then the next moment, hey Obadiyah my house is at shalom. ‘I think y’all were wrong for every thing y’all ever said’. Ahk you have given in. You surrendered. Your hands are up. You show Jezebel that you have no weapon. You ain’t fighting her anymore. That shalom that you think you  have is a FALSE shalom. It’s an egg-shell shalom and it will break at any minute. Because she hates you and have let her weaken you.

You have a weak heart now. Weak minded. You can’t be trusted. You are double-minded. The malakim don’t even trust you. The malakim say ‘Don’t bring him over here with us’. We don’t want him fighting with us’. ‘He can’t make up his mind on who he wants to serve’. If the malakim feel that way, we feel just the same. You stay over there, fight your own battle over there. We can’t trust you. You are a danger to everybody here. You are a suicide bomber. Because you will blow yourself up and everything surrounding you.

Because you have not made your mind up about who you want to serve. You haven’t fixed the kink in your armor. We offered to help you fix your kink and you rejected the help that we gave. So now your kink in your armor is a whole in your armor. Every time you call yourself being on the battlefield that whole gets bigger. Now the adversary is about to stab you in the heart and kill you. You will die a dishonorable death. Because you were taken out by this demon, Jezebel.

It’s not easy. It’s a fight. A fight that we will fight until the Messiyah returns. That’s why when he returns it will be such a joyous event. Now it’s our turn. HalleluYah. So let’s look at the operation of this spirit family, way back in the garden. Let’s look at way back in the garden and let’s look at what happens when this spirit overtakes a man. We already seen what happened with Ahab. It ruined the kingdom. It ruined Ahab’s rulership. He was more wicked than all the other kings that stood before him. It was a wicked rulership. Just wicked. Let’s go back to the garden and see the same thing happening there. What spirit do you think that was?

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 2. And don’t so loosely akeem try to label your woman a Jezebel. Listen to what she has to say. If it makes sense and it lines up with the Word of Yah, HalleluYah. But if it makes no sense, rebuke it. Don’t even play around with it if it makes no sense, rebuke it. That is the first doorway to Jezebel. Let me tell you something sisters, let me share a secret with you sisters. As you all know, what I’m about to say is not too much of a secret. But you all know when you come around your menstrual time, you get a little cranky. You call it PMS, pre-menstrual syndrome. Because you are releasing off a certain amount of energy. Blood, life is in the blood. and you are constantly flowing that blood out of you for a 7 day period. That’s energy. And guess who comes around that energy? It’s attracting the demons. That’s why you become so irritated. The smallest of small things irritate you. And that’s a door for that demon that we know as Jezebel to come in and operate on you. That’s why sometimes ahkeem, you know it’s right and true…you can’t even be around your woman when she’s on the cycle. For issues of uncleanness but even to have a conversation across the counter because she’s so irritated.

Sisters, you must have self-control now then any other point of the month at that (cycle) time. Because if you just let yourself go and you give in to those feelings of anger and frustration…boy you will have a demon party on your heart. They will be playing disco music and dancing the night away on your heart. You must check that. Any type of emotional distress is a doorway.

Whenever you are emotionally distressed or troubled, that is a doorway. Why do you think people commit suicide when they are at their high emotional point? They have the spirit of depression on them and then they go commit suicide. They feel gloomy and that the world is against them. They feel dark. Because there is a demon party on their heart. And those demons convince them to kill themselves.

Even after a woman has a child, during pregnancy and even afterward, those demons of depression (affect her). Because when you are carrying life, there is a lot of energy. Your energy is double-time now. There is a lot of energy circling you. Those demons are trying to battle their way in. Why do you think a lot of women give birth and kill their babies? As soon as they give birth they go throw their babies in a trash bag as if it’s garbage. Why do you think so many women go get abortions? They kill a baby. These babies have formed, have heads, arms, legs and they go have these babies killed. Because you are under heavy emotional distress during that time.

Remember this was a punishment for you to give childbirth. This was a punishment for you. That’s why it’s so painful. And you have so much energy going on during that time. These entities are attracted to that. They are fighting against you. Some of you sisters when you are pregnant, you don’t want to get up out of the bed. A lot of women kill themselves after they give birth.


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