Exposing the Jezebel Spirit p. 1c

v. 28 That’s wicked! He made TWO golden calves. The children of Ysrayl made one in the wilderness but he made two. And he told them these are the gods that brought you out of Egypt…this is your elohim. Do you see this is that spirit on Jeroboam that was on Ahab even more so? Ahab did worse than this. Do you see this is what that Jezebel spirit has to operate under.

v. 29 Bethel…Bethyl. v. 30-32 So do you see what Jeroboam did? He created his own feast of tabernacles (booths). The feast of tabernacles is the 15th day of the 7th month and he made it the 8th month. He created his own Levite priests. He gave men these titles. ‘Hey you are priest such and such’. When they can’t trace back to the Levitical priesthood. Do y’all see what’s happening here? These are the type of men that Jezebel works under. She has to work with men that have these types of hearts. That’s what Ahab was. Ahab was even worse than this. He made his own feast days. He made his own golden calves. This is Yah, this is who brought you out of the land of Egypt . Saying y’all don’t have to go to Jerusalem. Stay here. Keep your feast right here. You don’t have to go to Jerusalem. It can be done here. That’s what he said.

But it said it was not a trivial matter for Ahab to walk in this man’s footsteps. Ahab did even worse! This is the type of spirit that Jezebel works with when she is coming for that weakling, sissy Ahab. You see this man doing all this stuff on his own agenda…fear. ‘Oh they will leave me’. ‘They will go back to their Master’. ‘If I don’t give them false doctrine, they will leave’. That’s the type of man she works with. That’s the type of man she breeds.

If you aren’t that man right now and that Jezebel spell works on you, you will be that man. She’s going to fashion you into Ahab. She’s going to fashion you into Jeroboam. Sinful. so that’s what she’s seeking to do. This is why she comes through the weaker vessel, women. Because if she’s in that woman, the man is too weak to rebuke that spirit off of the woman. This has to be fought together. Two swords have to be swinging on this demon at the same time. Yah said the two shall become one. Man and woman become one. Both of y’all swing your swords together. Chase that demon off her. Or at least out of your household. But do y’all see  how this is coming about? We see the type of man who Ahab was. He was worse than even Yeroboam and we saw what Yeroboam’s sins were. Pay attention to that, it’s very important.

Jezebel can only work with weak men. She speaks through these weaklings. These weak men come up and she gets these weak men to speak out against brothers. She gets these weak men to speak out against sisters. Because she’s always against the work of Yah! The way she will be against the work is to come against the prophets or servants of Yah. So she will always have problems with Yah’s servants. She’s going to always have problems with Yah’s truth. She will always have problems with Yah’s work. She will always have problems with Yah’s order. There’s nothing good for her. Everything is a problem for her. That’s how that demon operates. She comes (with strife) just like Jezebel.

Jezebel could not humble her heart after Eliyah showed that Yah is Yah and showed that her prophets were false. She still couldn’t humble her heart. She still had a problem. She still came after the servant of Yah, Eliyah. You can’t please this spirit. You can’t reason with it. It wants full control of you. It is a controlling spirit. It has to be in total control that is why it always comes to take that authority of a man. Because as long as there are strong men that are battling against this spirit, she can’t get that authority. She can’t get the control that she seeks. She can only get it through weak men. Men that have not fully submitted themselves to Yah. And that’s what a weak man is. So if a man has not fully submitted himself to Yah, he’s still game for Jezebel. He’s still on the road to Ahab. Because if a man has fully learned of Yah, what’s stopping him from fully submitting himself? Only you are. Because your belief is not based on truth. Your belief is fake, phony. You are prime dinner for Jezebel. She-will-eat-you-up! Just like those dogs ate the woman Jezebel, this demon will eat you the same.

So brothers, if you have not submitted yourself to Yah, man you better get on your knees and go ‘head. You better get your heart right. Because that demon is here. It ain’t coming. It’s here. It’s been here. You probably are fighting right now against this spirit. And you are even contemplating surrendering to it. ‘Man if I only just do what she believes’. She is a false prophetess. She’s always bringing false doctrine.

So if you are in your household fighting against your wife on a doctrine…watch that. And if you know that this doctrine is fake brothers you better fight that to the death! You better not give in to her. She’s telling you one thing but you are reading what the Word of Yah says. You better not give in. Because if you do, I haven’t seen a brother come back from that yet. If you know, thus saith Yah and He said it , you better be strong enough to stand on that until your death. Yahoshua did.

And I know that demon is heating up right now. Yeah, she uses her sex appeal. She uses what’s feminine to her. Oh sex can control a weak man. Why do you think Beyoncé is a multi-millionaire right now? All she has to do is prance around the stage naked and men’s mouth’s drop open (panting sound). One thing that use to confuse me and just drove me crazy when I was in the world: I had friends with beautiful girlfriends and wives but they still would go out to strip clubs and give money to busted down strippers! I never could understand that. And now I understand that it was a spirit behind that. They have women that are physically more beautiful, that would wait on them hand and foot, that if those men wanted those women to strip like at the strip club…those women would do it. But these men still find fit to go take their money to a strip club. There’s a spirit behind that. And many of them are still doing it to this day. There’s a spirit behind that.

See, sex controls and this is why Jezebel uses the weaker vessel or the woman. Many of you Israelite men right now saying you are rooted in Yah but if what you considered a physically fine, beautiful woman came to you and said she wanted to have sex with you…some of you would fall. ‘Oh nobody will see it’. ‘We can get this done’. ‘I won’t tell if you won’t’. Because you aren’t there yet. And if you aren’t there yet guess what? Looks like you will be dinner on Jezebel’s table. You have to strengthen yourself up. It’s funny, do y’all see these television shows? How many shows have strong men in them? The strongest ‘African-American’, Hebrew character, the strongest man who that has ever been on TV is James Evans. He was the strongest. He was a real father. The only thing that he was lacking was the knowledge of Yah. He had his house in control. He was raising a family in Cabrini Green (housing projects).

See those of you all that are not from Chicago, you don’t know about Cabrini Green. They just tore the last building down last month. That place was off the chain! But he was raising two teenaged sons who were not gang members. He was raising a teenaged daughter who was not pregnant. His wife was in submission to him. What James said goes. Show me another character like that on all of TV. Show me another like James Evans. James Evans took off that belt and when his sons needed to be disciplined, he disciplined them no matter how old they became. That long-legged goofy Jay-Jay even got whippings. James had authority in his household. You don’t see that on TV anymore. George Jefferson was a bit of a clown. James had authority. He took care of business. He had his wife in order. His wife was his help-mate, Florida.

But y’all look down upon that because they were living in the projects. Because they weren’t doctors and lawyers. So y’all say ‘listen I don’t like Good Times’. ‘They lived in the projects’. But now the doctors and lawyers…and they are nothing but goofy. They replaced James Evans with Urkel. That’s what they give you now Urkel. And you love you some Family Matters. Urkel was so funny. That’s what you like. You like Tyler Perry. Right? Tyler Perry movies, there so profound. Dead man walking, if Tyler Perry don’t come out of those dresses and repent of his homosexuality…dead man walking. But you find laughter in that, Right? Martin Lawerence…dead man walking. Homosexuals…men don’t wear dresses that’s not masculine. It’s not of a man. I don’t care how much money they put before your face, men don’t put dresses on. Men don’t do that. (Talks to someone) Philip Banks (from the Fresh Prince of Belair) hey he was no James Evans.

But I’m just showing you that’s what they give you now. This is your physical representation of what manhood is because it’s all been compromised by Jezebel. Look at Marlon and Damon Wayans and all these shows, their weak! Look at the men on these shows their weak! There’s no sign of strength. Even in these police movies, there’s still a flaming homosexual spirit on even the police! The police are supposed to be the tough guys but they still seem like flamers. Limp wrist you know going to check out the crime scene ‘girl, another one done got killed girl’. With their hair slicked back, that spirit is here family and it’s of the Jezebel nature. She takes away that man’s authority making him weak. He can’t serve Yah. He’s too weak to stand on his feet so he’s on his knees bowing to satan.

But you saw the sin of Jeroboam. You saw Ahab. Do you see how the two relates? So we have these men running around that have been weakened by this spirit Jezebel will tell you that it’s okay for you to be homosexual. She will tell you that. ‘You know what baby what will turn me on is to see you with another man. Jezebel does that and it happens just like that. I don’t need to call any Israelites to the mic to give testimony. But yeah, that happened just like that. That’s the spirit.

As I was saying, another main attribute of Jezebel is being a prophet killer She hates servant’s of Yah. If you’re serving Yah and you are a strong man, she hates you. If you are serving Yah and you are a strong woman, she hates you. I know many of you sisters are battling against this spirit but y’all aren’t giving in to it. Y’all know these feelings that Jezebel puts on your hearts. It makes you want to go mouth-off at a man for no reason and make you hate men for no reason.

Even if you have been abused by a man in the past, you shouldn’t bring that abuse, baggage into your new life in Yah. Because if you get yourself a true man of Yah it is a totally different experience, my sisters. You sisters have already experienced that and you can be a witness to that. That the boy that you dealt with that was serving satan…the Ahab vs. David, the Ahab vs. Moses, the Ahab vs. Yahoshua, the Ahab vs. Samson. It’s night and day.

So Jezebel, she wants to get you sisters to come against the servants of Yah. She wants to get you angry at the servants of Yah. She wants you to stand up before a man and sit that man down while you teach. See that’s why we talk about this. This is why women should not be teaching. Because Yah has given the authority of the Word to the man. That’s the man’s  job. You were created to help the man. The man was already working. Yah saw him working alone and said ‘it is not good for him to do this by himself’. ‘Everything in creation has a mate, let Me give him somebody to help him’. ‘He shouldn’t be doing this work by himself’. That’s coming out of Yah’s mouth. And He created you. So everything the man was and was supposed to do was already in motion before you were created sisters. When you were created you were to step in your rule to perfection. Side-by-side helping him to till the garden and to keep the earth at shalom. That’s your job.

But when you want to hit the man over the head with a shovel instead of handing him the shovel, instead of put your back against his back against his back so when the days when he is weary from working so hard in the garden that you still can keep him on his feet. You can help to prop him up for that moment that he needs. Or you can watch his back while he takes a quick nap. Yeah sisters, that’s what you are there for.

If a man removes you from that position, that man is out of order. If you try to come up and remove that man from his position, then you are out of order and Jezebel is right in the midst of both of y’all. She’s a strong demon, boy. That’s right Isabel.

Oh do y’all think it’s any coincidence for those of you watching ‘the event’ that the woman who was Thomas’ wife or his woman, her name was Isabel? You saw how she was taking control and whispering in his ear and he was doing everything she told him. ‘Go against your mother’. ‘Go against this’. ‘Oh you should be the leader’. That’s another aspect of her. She pumps the man’s heart and mind up with folly! She tries to get him to escape Yah’s order. Yah has something planned for each and every servant but Jezebel tries to get that man to act on his whatever before time. ‘Oh you should be the leader’. ‘Oh why all them leading and you aren’t’? ‘Your a servant too aren’t you’?

Another thing that she uses is that she challenges your manhood!! This is one of the major ways that she tries to take your manhood is by putting a challenge to it. Just like satan tried to challenge Yahoshua’s Messiyah-ship. She tries to challenge your manhood. Do you know what she does? She will come and tell you that she doesn’t like the way you are doing a certain thing and she will come and tell you that another ahk does it better. ‘Oh why you saying that like that’? ‘I betcha Obadiyah don’t say it like that’.

Don’t even stand for that ahks! Sister, don’t ever come up against your man and challenge his manhood. You better rebuke that spirit sharply and quickly. Because that’s Jezebel. See your man has a job to do. And he’s going to do it according to how Yah sees fit for him to do it. And if Yah has not come and told him he does not like the way he’s doing it. Shut your mouth. Find out the spirit that you are operating in. You come and tell him he should do something another way when it’s perfect the way he’s doing it. You see Yah brings brothers and sisters together. Because where another brother may be weak at one point, that is another brother’s strong point. One brother may not be able to tell another brother that he needs to do something else but another brother can. As brothers, as one complete unit, we are tight like that. Right?

Sisters, same thing. So don’t come up to your man and say ‘well, this or that’ to challenge his manhood. ‘Well you know Obadiyah them get to do this or that’. That’s Jezebel talking. We are all doing the same work man. We are all restoring the forgotten heritage, to the forgotten people. We have 3 teachers that teach Shabbat Class. So everybody else does that mean that you are not apart of this work? No. You are doing your job the way Yah has you to do it. We all  have different duties but it’s the same job. But when that spirit gets upon that woman, she wants to emasculate the man and take his masculinity away. She wants to weaken him. So now he’s thinking that now he’s weak. ‘Oh man, she’s right I don’t do this thing the way Obadiyah and them do it’. ‘I don’t say that word the way Moshe says it’. ‘I don’t present it the way Yahcanan did it’. ‘She’s right’.

Now you think little of yourself and here you are a servant of Yah. One of the greatest of all creations, a servant of Yah. A child of Ysrayl and now she has convinced you to think little of yourself. To think you are smaller than what Yah has made you. Yah has already told you, I’m going to give you fame all over the world. I’m going to make you rulers,  kings and priests.

Yah has already told you that but you let this entity come in and dampen your spirit. Now you are doubting Yah. Yah has already told you everything you will be. Now you are doubting that. Uh-oh! Now we have a problem here and I don’t think Houston can solve it. Do you see?

So sisters if you find yourself challenging your man, you better step back and rebuke that spirit. Brothers, if your wife, sister, or whoever comes to you challenging your manhood telling you that you should do things another way other than what Yah has told you to do, you rebuke that spirit. You call it by name. ‘Yah rebukes you Jezebel’! And watch it flee. You have to stand strong brothers. Who do you love more? Women or Yah? Who do you love more satan or Yah? Sisters who do you love more? Men or Yah. Satan or Yah? And I know some of you sisters in here are strong! And if you find a weakness in some of these ahks, I believe you would put him on blast to his face. Not challenging his manhood but giving him encouragement ‘brother you need to strengthen up a little bit’. ‘I’m sensing a little extra estrogen’. ‘There’s something extra in you today’. ‘Maybe you need a little extra testosterone to strengthen up a little bit’.

Let’s go to 1 Kings chapter 18. Do y’all know who’s going to make the kingdom? Guess who’s going to make the kingdom? Real men and real women of Yah. Men and women that have defeated Jezebel and satan and have overcome. They will make the kingdom, servants of Yah. But in order to overcome these things, you have to remove those secrets that are on your heart. I don’t know your secrets but Yah does. Husbands, your wife may not know your secrets but Yah does. Wives, your husband may not know your secrets but Yah does. Whatever your secret is and if that secret is causing a problem in your life and if that secret is weakening your walk. And if that secret is making you  a weaker servant. Your concern right now is to remove that secret.

If you have hatred on your heart secretly, you have to remove that. If you have lust on your heart, if you are a thief or murderer secretly on your heart, remove that. You don’t want to be Jezebel food where she comes to eat you up. And everybody scratches their head ‘man that was such a strong ahk what happened to him’? ‘That was such a strong sister what happened to her’?

One day you believe Yahoshua is Messiyah whom Yah sent, the next day you’re not to sure. and the third day, no way He can be Messiyah. The fourth day, the old testament has some inconsistencies. By the fifth day, you don’t believe in the Bible anymore. By the seventh day, your serving all the gods of Egypt. The eighth day, you go to Christianity. And by the ninth day of your rebellion, now you’re a Muslim. All because you weren’t strong enough. This truth ain’t for everybody. Right? This word ain’t for everybody, only the strong survive.

1 Kings chapter 18, Jezebel hates the servants of Yah. She’s a killer of prophets, servants.

1 Kings 18:4-14, v. 4 Good job Obadiyah. v. 5-14 So Obadiyah was afraid that he was going to be killed. He said if I go tell him that you are here and he has searched all over for you, then Yah comes and beams you up and takes you somewhere else and you are not here then Ahab will kill me. But did you see that she killed the prophets. She slew them. This brother here, Obadiyah hid 100 of them. She was killing the prophets of Yah. That is what she does. She wants the prophets of Yah to be on the move to run and hide from her presence. See, she can’t stand to be in the midst of Yah’s servants. It’s like smoke in her nostrils. She can’t stand it yet she will tolerate if for the purpose of deception and to keep according to her plan of corruption, of divisiveness, of strife, of contention. That demon is wild. Yet she kills servants. This is what Isabel does. She kills the servants of Yah. She emasculates the man. She makes him weak. She breaks him down.

Let’s go to v. 19. Let’s see who she surrounds herself with.

1 Kings 18:19 So the false prophets of baal eat at Isabel’s table. She surrounds herself with false prophets. She’s in the midst of false prophets. That’s who she has shalom with, false prophets. They eat and break bread together, Isabel and the false prophets.

But with the prophets of Yah she hates. She kills. She murders. But the prophets of baal, she’s at the dinner table with them. She invites them to the royal meal.


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