Don’t lose Heart Galatians 6:9

If I’m not busy he’s more susceptible to act; An idle mind is satan’s playground. We prayed for Yah to increase the work. I like going 100 mph. Stay focused, don’t lose heart. We know our job. Nothing is hard or impossible for Yah. Young believers…you have never bowed to baal. You have always known Yah. So this is for you, this message.

Galatians 6:9 Read. We know what good is. Yah is good. Yah is the only one good, said Yahoshua. We do the will of Yah. Bear fruit of endurance despite what mom/dad say about you. Yahoshua was called crazy. Yahoshua walked first, perfectly. We just have to hold on. He had authority over death. We will have power over death too. TEXT: Oh death where is thy sting…

Don’t grow weary…endure. Sometimes it is so hard, I know. You get rebuked in the name of Jesus…they reject Yah, Yahoshua. Oh I will teach you is their attitude. They don’t want this spiritual water. For example I tried to help this brother get a job but he didn’t show up for the interview. But he’s here today for Shabbat.

Don’t get weary when people take you for granted. If one person receives the truth…your job is done. Don’t be discouraged when they reject Yah’s Word. Don’t be arrogant when presenting this Word…present the fruits of the spirit. TEXT: If people throw the flyer on the floor…leave it someone else may see it and come to Yah. TEXT: One crumpled it up and threw it back to me.

Be a virtuous woman, you are precious. Don’t be kissing boys. Talks about song by Aretha Franklin ‘a rose is still a rose’. Don’t worry if boys don’t pay attention to you. Wait for your righteous covering. Don’t worry if you’re a peaceable young man the world loves anger. Yahoshua was peaceable.  Continue to fight the good fight young brothers and sisters. Someone is always watching you. Always be prepared when that one person comes and asks you why you don’t eat pork, wear tassels etc. They should see something is different about you. Don’t grow weary. Yah blessed Elder Abiyah to have a fellowship. The elder cried out to Yah.

4 Ezra 3:1-36, Pseudepigrapha vol. 1, We all have cried like a child to our parents or to Yah. This is Ezra’s first vision. v. 1 Ezra’s thoughts here and not Yah’s thoughts! v. 2 He saw their wealth, we see this too. We see Mystery Babylon’s wealth. Wicked people prosper. We see this. We are in the times of the Gentiles like Luke says. These prophesies are written in the stars since the foundation of the world. Don’t grow weary, walk in the spirit. We do break down, flesh breaks down. v. 3 ‘Anxious words’ he talked a little crazy to Yah. He fell victim to the flesh speaking out of turn. v. 4-8 Read. v. 9 ‘In its time’ he has the understanding of the will of Yah but this is his flesh speaking. Why get mad when Yah’s will is done? Don’t grow weary. He is speaking fleshly here but he has the understanding of spiritual matters. He was anxious or worried. It takes faith to have faith. Do you understand that? This brother is not weak. But endure don’t get weary. this brother became weary. v. 10-11 He understood scripture but is in the flesh right now. v. 12-18 Read. v. 19 He understands law. v. 20 This is flesh speaking ‘If Yah is so good, why make the devil’. This is what atheists say. See it’s all about choice. Satan choose to be ha shatan. You have a choice Yah or satan.

Ezra understood covenant and the curses yet asks why to Yah. He grew weary. He was not thinking about the Word laying on his bed in verse one. Don’t cry out when Yah’s will is being done saying woe is me. Say HalleluYah Yah’s will is done! Yah called us to be His priests. Don’t grow weary, tired. v. 21-27 Read. v. 28 This is flesh speaking again. Like saying the Gentiles are wicked today but the Gentiles did not break the covenant like we did. So who is more wicked? We are. He tried to say Adam was overcome with sin then Ezra blamed disease…fleshly thinking. We all have a choice. Live righteously. Ezra forgot about Deuteronomy 30…the choice of life or death. v. 29-31 Ezra is tripping!! He said Yah destroyed His people! v. 32 He is saying Yah is not showing His way to the Gentiles. Israelites are supposed to show light to the Gentiles. Do you show Yah to the Gentiles? Ysrayl wanted wicked fleshly kings and not Yah. Our wicked selves broke the covenant yet we talk about the Gentiles. You look to blame others! Follow Yahoshua’s example. Don’t grow weary. Don’t be like our stiff-necked ancestors.

v. 31-32 He is questioning Yah. He is bold! Why did these tribes of Jacob break the covenant? Answer: They weren’t that strong or righteous. Sometimes we do the same things they did. Die to the flesh. Don’t lose heart. v. 33 They have no fruit to show. v. 34 This is not the spirit of Yah speaking. He is telling Yah to weigh us against the nations. We broke the covenant, we are the most wicked thing. v. 35-36 What nation has kept your law? Not Ysrayl or we would still be in the land today. Ezra is speaking on the flesh. We walk like this too, picking and choosing which laws we will follow. This isn’t Christianity. You are not saved yet. Faith and endurance you need. We sacrifice sleep, eating, money to make sure the center runs. We are prisoners of Messiyah. Yahoshua walked in the spirit.

James 4:1 Your pleasures, flesh…your fleshly heart. Ezra spoke from his own fleshly heart. He grew weary. It happens to us. Have you ever watched MTV Cribs? You grow weary after seeing that. Their pool houses are bigger than your whole house! (Me: Ezra’s questions reminds me of Yeremiyah’s question in Jeremiah chapter 12, he asked Yah why do the wicked prosper?)

(Talks about the military). How many veterans are out there pedaling? This question came from a KRS-one song. People like to thank veterans with a hand-shake on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. And that is the only time Veterans are mentioned. I don’t worry about it. They don’t care about the living.

Wisdom of Solomon (Apocrypha) chapters 2 and 3: v. 1 Reasoning with themselves…fleshly thinking. No one returns from the grave. v. 2-5 Read. v. 6 No after life, so do a thou will they are saying. v. 7 Paint the town red as the Gentiles say. He’s talking about all the wicked people here. America is the most gluttonous, murderous country in the world! And she is spreading over the world. McDonald’s is even in Japan now. Don’t be mad at the Gentiles these times are to be fulfilled according to scripture. v. 8-9 Read. Wild parties in Roman times…cocaine parties now. Swag parties now. Satanic parties they have to molest children. Are you bringing these wicked people the Word? v. 9 They love these things. v. 10 The curses…yoke on elders and children. They split open pregnant women and crushed the babies heads. They used our children as alligator bait. Trayvon Martin, Emit Till and many others. The curses are upon us, we don’t point fingers. We broke the covenant. v. 11 Might makes right, they say. Did y’all know the goddess of war is on the capital dome? D.C. is the throne of satan a very wicked place!!! I will talk about this more in the brotherhood of the serpent part 2 video coming out soon. They have a blind-folded justice statue. Volcan=might or god of war for them. The goddess of war is shown crushing the old kingdom. Who is the old kingdom? The old kingdom is us!! Verse 11 is talking about democracy. Feeble minded=they say this in the eugenics movement.

v. 12 He says Yah offends us. They know law but don’t like it. The educational system is an offence to Yah. They teach Darwinism, manifest destiny…satanic things. v. 13 They know who we are. v. 14-15 Deuteronomy 6:24-25, the law sets us apart. They know who you are. v. 16 The meek shall inherit. They will do this in the persecutions coming. Satan will boast in killing the two witnesses. v. 17-18 Satan tried to tempt Yahoshua. These people know who you are and some know scripture better than you! v. 19 Don’t grow weary. Satan works through them to tempt you. Yah lets them prove you. v. 20 They will do the Gentiles of today like John Brown (the abolitionist) calling these Gentiles ‘nigger lovers’. v. 21 Your own wickedness=fighting and strife. v.22-24 Read. Verse 24 verifies the book called the life of Adam and Eve. Satan blamed his fall on them. So don’t you blame the Gentiles/nations for our fall!

Chapter 3:1 We will live forever in the kingdom if we endure. v. 2 The man of sin will think they have killed the two witnesses. They think they kill you. v. 3 those that leave Yah’s way, they think we are destroyed….NO, the show goes on without you! v. 4 we will be persecuted but we rest in Messiyah. He did it, we will do it. v.5-8 Read. v. 9 Christians call this the old testament. We have always had grace and mercy (even in the old testament). Yahoshua is the physical manifestation of that grace and mercy. Faith and works in Messiyah is what is needed. Moses physically and spiritually believed he could part the sea. v. 10 Read. v. 11 Satanists follow the great hope doctrine. Their hope is vain. v. 12-13 Read. HalleluYah. v. 15-19 Read.

Going back to verse 17-18 They try to live long with nutrition but with no spiritual nutrition. They live long as a health nut but will not bow to Messiyah. v. 18 ‘die quickly’ as in a young foo.. Pray these people open their eyes before their grace runs out.

Luke 10:1-14, v. 1 They were spreading the good news before Messiyah went out. v. 2 Read. v. 3 An angel said to Yahqeqyl, you are among thorns and thistles. Yahoshua said you will be among scorpians and snakes. We too are sent out. We get vicious looks. We get rebuked in the name of Jesus. (Yah said don’t be afraid of their looks Yahzeqyl) v. 4 Read. v. 5 Yah’s spirit should proceed you. Give them Yah’s peace. They should know a servant was in their midst when they listen or not. v. 6 Read. Don’t cast your pearls to swine…yet there will be one believer there. v. 7 If you are settled in  Yah’s Word don’t jump from assembly to assembly. v. 9 Heal people v. 10-11 If Yah is not accepted there leave them in peace as you came to them in peace. And you thought brother Obadiyah was just making this up. v. 12-14 Read. Israelites always want a physical sign ‘how I know his name is really Yah’? Don’t worry about them. Mystery Babylon will be gone in one hour…the kingdom of Yah is near. Choose life or death. But they will know a servant of Yah was in their midst.

1 Peter 5:6-14 Be encourage. Yah is concerned for you…don’t worry about the persecutions. Have faith that it will be done. Esteem Yah. Don’t worry about satan. The world hates us as it hated Messiyah. v. 10 read twice. Yah called us through Messiyah. He strengthens us in due season…don’t grow weary.

Psalm 39:1-13, v. 1 Powerful scripture here. Don’t cry out fleshly things to Yah. Go to Him humble. v. 2 guard your mouth against wrong doers. v. 3-4 Read. v. 5 Handbreaths=measurement. David paused on Yah’s word…selah. after verse five. v. 6-7 David hoped in Yah. Ezra spoke in the flesh. David went to Yah humbly. v. 8-9 When my mouth opens may Yah’s Words come out. We should not use profanity because Yah doesn’t use profanity. (Talks about how he use to cuss). v. 10 Read. v. 11 ‘melts away’ they commit suicide when they lose everything. Talks about Darryl Strawberry the baseball player. He has a new book. They put a lot of pressure on him to perform. See, unnecessary pressure because of the worries of the world. Don’t grow weary. v. 12-13 Read. Yah please have mercy on the flesh and blood. Your prayers go to Yah through Yahoshua…their prayers don’t get to Him.

Revelation 21:1-7 This is what we are striving for here. We will sing to Yah forever! Home at last ever to rejoice. v. 3 HalleluYah! v. 4 Yah will wipe our tears. No more tears. No more pain. No more death. No more wicked people. v. 5-7 Read. I want to see His face. Don’t lose heart in doing good. There is only one who is good. There is only one good. Don’t grow weary and you will have everlasting life.

The end of the lesson.


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