Exposing the Jezebel Spirit p. 1a


(lesson was in progress here)…these demons are. And satan is the father of liars so there will be a lot of lies said…

We need to get this recorded because for some reason people love to say that I said something when I didn’t say it. People love to say that I’m doing stuff when I’m not doing it. So as a witness against that lying spirit, let’s have this recorded. Okay there you go by the mouth of two or three witnesses right. HalleluYah.

I know this demon likes to attack the messenger and it loves to attack those who have fallen under her spell. And when you try to break that spell from those she has put under her spell, then she really comes after you. Now I personally have been dealing with this demon for years. We all have. W may not have understood what it is but we all have been under her control at one point or another. The only thing that saved us from going into her complete captivity is that Yah brought us out. He didn’t allow us to be taken captive, family.

But when we come into knowledge of the truth and we start serving Yah, this is what really angers this demon! She really comes for you full steam ahead! So we are going to focus this lesson on this spirit. This spirit is very, very common. You will find it heavily in religious circles. It’s heavily in Christianity. It’s heavily in Islam. It’s heavy among Israelites. It’s heavy all over the planet, family. So we are going to look at some of the attributes of it. We will look at its characteristics and just what it’s about. This lesson is entitled exposing the Jezebel spirit. That’s what we want to do, an expose on this spirit so you will know if you have been possessed by this spirit. And we will look at what you can do. Because this spirit can be killed and it can be removed from your life if it doesn’t overtake you and there’s a way to do it. Because everything that it stands for, if you stand against what it stands for then you can remover that entity. As the scripture tells us, if you resist the devil then he shall flee. HalleluYah HalleluYah HalleluYah.

Now, one of the primary focuses of this Jezebel spirit is that its goal is to de-masculate the man (emasculate). I don’t even know if that’s a word but that’s what I’m trying to say here. She wants to take the masculinity away from the man. She wants to make him a weak chump, a sissy, a homosexual. Because once she takes his masculinity away then she takes his authority away. A man’s authority is his natural gift as a man. If she can take that away from the man’s hand then she has overtaken that man and now she rules in that man’s place. That’s what she wants to do. She wants to be a ruler. She wants to rule with the authority of a man.

Now this entity works on men and it works on women. But it uses women as a vessel to come against the man. So you are the first vessel sisters that’s why you have to be protected even more so than the man because you are on the front lines even ahead of the man with this demon. She comes to you first! She gets you to start acting crazy and have you to come against that man. That’s how she operates.

Jezebel likes to project a sense of power. She wants to be in power. She wants to be powerful. I want to say this to sisters: You’re not a Jezebel spirit if you ask questions about the word of Yah. That has nothing to do with the Jezebel spirit. But it’s how you ask the questions and the questions that you ask that will let us know what spirit your coming in and that’s for everybody. whether you are coming in a challenging spirit and you don’t really believe in the Word of Yah and you are trying to prove Yah’s Word wrong. Or whether you are coming with a humble spirit and you are just trying to learn about your Father and His ways and you are just trying to learn. Ask all your questions. Hey, Leyah will come in here and ask 50 questions per Q & A session. And not once have we turned her down saying you are asking too many questions. Not once has she been labeled a Jezebel in our midst because she asked questions. See that’s a lie of this demon. Its says we come against women because the women are asking questions. Not at all. Women are still allowed to ask questions in here but we must protect the women.

See there is a reason why the ahk said a women must sit in silence and learn and she shall not speak in the assembly. There was a reason that Shaul had to give the order in the way of Yah to the Corinthians. We are going to go over all that. These things are given to protect the women from this demon because they are the weaker vessel and that’s the one that the demon has chosen to operate through. It goes all the way back to the garden.

So as men, we must step up and be the protectors that Yah called us to be. He didn’t just give you authority so you can go around and say you have authority. But you have to weld it and with authority comes responsibility. That woman, that you have in your household and you have taken a covenant with, you are responsible for her. The women that come here and have not gotten a husband yet but are under the teachings of Israelite Heritage, we as men are responsible for them. We are to watch over them, to protect them from this demon. This demon lurks and seeks to devour their very souls. Because once it devours the woman, the man is next. And when it comes for the man it comes HARDCORE. If you have ever dwelt with this spirit, it is uncomfortable. As a man, previously dwelling with this spirit in my midst…it was uncomfortable.

You will either have to do two things: You will get with it or you will get rid of it. Those are all the choices you have. I have seen so many ahks get with it. I’ve seen so few get rid of it. It’s a powerful demon, family. It controls so many aspects of society. Everything you see with a man not being a man, it’s controlled by this demon. Tomorrow is mother goddess day. Where do you think that comes from? It has to do with the Jezebel spirit. Mother’s day, mother goddess, the queen of heaven, Mystery Babylon worships the mother earth, mother nature. All of these things have to do with the Jezebel spirit. We will deal with that in part 2. But part 1 we will break down this woman and this demon, Jezebel.

Now this demon is very controlling and very intimidating. Oh, you have so many angles of it. When it works on women, it will work on quiet women too. And the quiet women are the most dangerous one it works on. We will get into that. Then you have loud mouth women that are upfront ‘listen I can do bad all by myself’. ‘I don’t need no man in my life’. That’s Jezebel talking. Because what this woman is saying is that she can do bad…yeah you can do bad all right because when you walk out the order of Yah…that’s bad. So you are absolutely right you are going to do bad by yourself because you have wondered out of Yah’s order. And now you can take the authority of a man.

See the Christian Church is filled with that spirit! That’s why men are not attracted to Christianity. You go into any Christian Church tomorrow, the vast majority of people there are women, gays or lesbians or (straight) women and homosexuals. That’s the majority there. There’s no men in there. And then when you do see a man, you can tell a Christian man because he’s feminine. Many of them are very feminine. Not all of them but many of them are. This whole thing of men running around with clean faces like women, that’s all dealing with this Jezebel spirit. I’m not talking about you ahks that may have to shave for your jobs. I’m talking about that whole spirit that has these men running around and they consciously do these things. Because they don’t want facial hair. Many of them go to the point of getting electro-shock so the facial hair never grows. That type of madness is what I’m talking about. Pretty boys.

It’s okay for a man to where pink now. It’s okay for a man to carry a purse. It’s okay for men to wear pantyhose. NAW, IT’S NOT OKAY! Even though society has labeled it okay but it’s not okay. This is why Yah says homosexuality is an abomination to Him. We will talk about that. This is why Yah says men dressing as women is an abomination to Him. We will talk about that. Because all of this is the manifestation of the Jezebel spirit. Wherever this spirit dwells, wherever it operates in full, lesbians and homosexuality is right there working with it. BIG TIME.

So Jezebel is a prophet killer. She hates the servants of Yah with passion. She’s known for killing the servants of Yah. She’s a prophetess of baal. She’s a baal worshipper. So we are just talking about a few of her attributes as we get ready to go into the scriptures to fully look at this. This demon has many characteristics on how it operates. It operates on so many different fronts. It has so many demons that it rolls with. Hatred, strife, division, gossip (for example). We are going to talk about gossip, that’s a very important part of exposing this spirit.

Because men…I know we all have…I’m not making a stereotype here. But I’m pretty sure we all can agree on this point and let me say this and then I want you to give me a one (on the screen) if you have heard this. Gossiping: We all have heard this saying. ‘Man you gossip like a woman’. We have all heard that phrase. Give me a one if you have heard that phrase? Now we know men gossip but that gossiping attribute is feminine. Because men are supposed to speak issues face to face! It’s feminine to go behind and gossip about another man behind his back. that’s feminine. So that’s where that phrase comes from. That’s why gossip is heavy among women. But when this Jezebel spirit operates, it comes through that woman and that woman gets that man to sit up and gossip with her like he’s a woman. He’s sitting up there with pink flip-flops on with his limp wrist, popping on bubble gum…gurrrl. Gossiping like a woman.

This spirit hates the servants of Yah and this woman brings division among the brothers. It brings division and you are sitting there gossiping with this demon. And now this demon has put thoughts into your mind. Inception. And now has you feeling ill about your brother or sister. You sitting up here gossiping with this Jezebel spirit. Gossip is of Jezebel. That’s a sign of that spirit. If you are a gossiper, you have that Jezebel spirit on you. Especially gossip about the servants of Yah.

I’m not discussing an issue or stating a fact. I’m talking about straight up rumor type gossip about servants of Yah. That’s of Jezebel and when she gets a man to do it brothers she is slowly but surely making you feminine. She’s taking away your masculinity and everything that makes you a man. She’s breaking you down. And you don’t even see it that way because it’s so subtle. She gains your trust. Because her whole goal is to turn you away from Yah. She wants to lead you astray. She wants to seduce you and have you coming over to the dark side where she is. She uses women to perfection!

If a man is too weak to deal with a woman…don’t be around a woman! If your too weak to weld your Yah given authority…stay away from women. Because satan uses women as a weapon! Women brought down a class of malakim (the watchers). Women brought down a king. The wisest king on the planet (Solomon). Women caused one king to commit adultery and murder (David). And this was a king after Yah’s own heart. It was the spirit that was behind these women that caused this. Women alone won’t do it. It’s the spirit that they are influenced by. That’s what causes the fall of these men. Lust. All of that stuff. It’s springtime now. Right? It’s warm outside. Brothers have to walk around with blinders on. Until he fully clears lust out of his heart. He turns left at naked women. He turns right at half-naked women. He looks straight, another naked woman coming and behind her another half-naked woman. What are you to do? Your surrounded by it.

Jezebel is a whoring spirit. She’s a whore! She commits spiritual whoredom. She’s the seeker after Yah servants. So she comes to Yah’s servants through the female servants and she uses the female servants against the male servants. Classic in what we call Willie Lynch. CLASSIC. Because the Willie Lynch letter is the Jezebel letter. Willie Lynch was inspired by that demon to put that letter into operation. To put it before our face and execute it with perfection. It’s been going on for 300 years now among us.

Do you see family? So listen brothers, you can’t go around using this Jezebel so loosely! Sometimes you have wickedness in your heart and in your midst and your wife is pointing it out to you…you can’t slap Jezebel on her for saying that! I mean some things are just facts. ‘Hey, you need to go take a shower, you smell dirty’. ‘Oh woman who are you to tell me to go take a shower?!!’ ‘You Jezebel’! No, it can’t work like that. Maybe your side of the room is dirty and you need to clean it up. ‘Woman you Jezebel’. No, it doesn’t work like that. She isn’t Jezebel for telling you what’s true. We will see even Abraham was told to listen to Sarah. Abraham was mad about something Sarah did. But Yah said listen to the voice of her, your wife. She’s making sense. So when that sister is coming to you with logical understanding that is scriptural…that’s not Jezebel. But when she is coming to you with foolishness that is not scriptural and she is trying to pull you away from your service to Yah…that’s Jezebel. DISCERNMENT, family. You have to know who you are talking to, when you are talking to them. This Jezebel spirit…man it’s not just one person.

I can’t point to one sister and say she’s a Jezebel and she’s a Jezebel. No, that spirit is all over. I can’t point to one man in this room and say he’s a Jezebel and he’s a Jezebel. No that spirit is all over. We all get attacked by this same demon. So you shouldn’t get mad if your husband tells you one day that you are acting like Jezebel. Like sometimes I have to tell my Isha. And she has to tell me things that I’m doing. You know, that I’m acting out of order about and that is what she is here for. And that is what I’m here for her.

So don’t get angry if you have been called out and you are carrying that spirit right now. Don’t get angry. Just know what you have to do to remove it. Your life is on the line and maybe Yah has called this servant to point this out to you so you can be saved. ‘Obadiyah and them calling women Jezebels’. Do you even know what a Jezebel is? Christians say Jezebel is a prostitute. Jezebel was a queen. Jezebel was a queen that ruled the throne of Ysrayl and behind her was a weak man. Because Jezebel overtakes the authority of the man. She rules in the man’s place. The man is just a figure-head, a face out front. But Jezebel is calling the shots behind closed doors.

So man family, that’s enough foundation. Right? Let’s put some scripture behind all this we have been talking about. Let’s get some understanding of who this demon is. Why is it called Jezebel? Yah still speaks about this demon in the Book of Revelation. Why all the way in Revelation is Jezebel still being mentioned? The last book of Scriptures.

So family, we have to work on this together. You have to know when you are out of order. You have to know what you must do to stay in order. Women don’t get mad. Men don’t get mad. Like I said, if you do, hey you need to question why. ‘Man, Obadiyah just made me mad’. Why did Obadiyah make you mad? Did I personally come to your house and say bad things about you? Did I steal anything from you? Why am I making you mad? That is what’s making you mad. And that’s  what is making that demon on you mad. So that’s who you get upset with. You rebuke that bad-boy! Let him get angry. That’s right he should be angry.

Because if that demon is in our midst right now it shouldn’t be here comfortable. Yeah Jezebel, you should be uncomfortable right now. You should be squirming in your seat. ‘I don’t want to heart this’. Yeah, I know wherever you dwell right now you are trying to get that man not to listen to this. Wherever you are you are trying to get that man who you want not to listen to this. ‘We don’t need to be listening to that’. ‘Let’s go listen to something else’. No, sit down Jezebel! We have authority over you! You be silent until we finish! Then we may let you speak. But until then, you sit down.

Let’s go to 1 Kings chapter 16. This is where we will read about this demon. We will read about the fleshly woman Jezebel and the spirit behind her. See Yah calls that spirit out! Yah doesn’t dwell with what is on the flesh. He knows what the flesh is like. Yah will call that demon out. Get behind Me, satan! When Kepha was talking (Yahoshua said) get behind Me, satan! HalleluYah.

1 Kings 16, we are going to read about the woman Jezebel and we will see her marrying Ahab. There’s a thing in particular about Ahab. In order for the Jezebel spirit to operate, the Ahab spirit must be there among the man. It can not operate on strong men! It’s going to have a fight! Because men fight! Men defend! But with that weak man…weak men surrender to the adversary.

So that Ahab spirit has to be present first. Because if Jezebel sees that she will have a fight, naw she will step back. She will leave that woman alone for now. But if that woman goes out and seeks out a weak man who has secret homosexual tendencies on his heart, he’s effeminate already on his heart. He’s easy for surrender. He’s an easy target. So he’s like Ahab. He’s that weak Ahab man. And that’s what that weak Jezebel spirit works with. She works with Ahab. She has to. Because with that man that puts up a fight…no. I don’t have time to fight, I can go get someone else. So as soon as you put your guards up ahki, as soon as you put your guards up sisters and you get ready to fight, let Jezebel know she will NOT overtake you.

Brother stay with what you know is right. When Yah gives you the truth and the commandments, stick with it. Don’t let nobody come and whisper in your ear to do otherwise. Satan will send that woman to whisper in your ear ‘well you know it’s possible His name is Yahooka-a-ka’. She has never heard of Yahookaka but she is telling you that. Then you are so weak because we love our wives. We love our women. You know when you were a little boy…listen you couldn’t do backflips but when you saw that little girl that you liked…you would bust your head wide open to do a backflip in front of her!! To impress her; to show out. You couldn’t run faster than a turtle but when that little girl you like was showing up…you ran like Jesse Owens. Until you ran out of breath and passed out

I know you brothers that come from the street back in the day…you sold drugs and got the car so you could impress the women. Those of you who went to college, you went to college and got the good job so you can buy the car and buy the fancy clothes to impress that woman. That’s what you did. Nothing wrong with that. Women are beautiful. Right? HalleluYah. Yah made them for us. We should love them. We are supposed to love them. Nothing is wrong with that.

But when that entity mixes in with these women, it’s that power that they have. There are women out here right now that only date celebrities. They have 2 or 3 different baby fathers and all are from celebrities…basketball players, actors. That Jezebel spirit is working on those women. And the one that comes for the servants of Yah is the one that is the most strongest. See, the other ones can be dealt with but the one coming for the servants…oh that’s the one Jezebel wants to go head up against.

So in 1 Kings, let’s get the foundation of Jezebel and the foundation of Ahab. There are some very interesting things (inaudible). Check this out we are going to get the understanding of Ahab and Jezebel. We will see what it takes for this demon…what attracts this demon to try to overtake that man’s authority. See that man has partially given up some of his authority because he’s already weak. Weakness is not an attribute of men. This is why men are warriors. Men fight the wars. You don’t have women out on the battlefield. But Babylon does because this land is being run by Jezebel. Who do you think is running the white house? Who looks the most strongest? Who looks like the woman in the white house and who looks like the man in authority? Does Barak look strong to you? Look at his walk. Everything about him is weak. But Michelle is strong. Do you see the strength is this woman’s face? She walks with authority. When she comes through, it’s like people bow down in her presence. She walks with strength. Her whole make up is authority and strength. Where do you think Jezebel is working at in that house? Barak does not get a say-so. ‘Nigga listen here, I want you to run for president’. ‘But dear, I think I’m a little to dark…dear’.

She has the authority in that household. You can tell. He better not get out of line. She’ll pimp slap him back into place. ‘Boy get back in your room’. ‘Did I tell you to come out here’? ‘I’m meeting with dignitaries and diplomats’. ‘Get back in your room boy’. But that’s how this land operates. It’s operates under that feminine, dark spirit. That’s why that whore that sits in the harbor of NY is a representation of this country. The statue of liberation represents this country. She said in Isaiah chapter 47, that she sits as a queen! She has no king! She don’t need no man! She can do this by herself! That’s Jezebel talk! That’s what this land promotes. That’s why it teaches women you don’t need a man you can do it on your own. You are just as equal as he is.

Your muscles are as just as big. Then sooner or later women don’t worry, we will figure out how to grow you a penis. That’s what this land is on. That’s how they operate. Jezebel is ruling from here! And they are taking that foolishness out to the other nations. This is why those Arabs are rejecting this! The Arabs still participate in the ancient Hebrew culture and they fully reject this whore! They don’t want their women over there half-naked walking down the street. They have their women covered from head to toe. So they don’t cause the next man to lust. But not over here. Women do what they want to do, how they want to do and when they want to do and how much they want to do it. No restriction to it. None. So they don’t want that over there.


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