Real Talk for a Real Walk:An Urgent Message to the Messianic House of Ysrayl

A F5 tornado ripped up an entire city! How much time do you think we have!! The tornado descended from heaven, it was an angel that destroyed that town!! Hurricane season is coming y’all. They are predicting it will be a bad season. They predict but what does Yah say? Judgment and correction will come to you first Ysrayl.

Many of you don’t even open up your Bible and read!! You run from camp to camp. It’s not the teachers, it’s you!!! You refuse to hear Yah! You want a following in the truth but Yah didn’t allow it because you are a corrupter. Your mind and heart are unstable and this is why you run from camp to camp. You are a liar like your father the devil. You put time in things that are not of Yah. Like your job then you put no work into Yah’s work. You pray for money…your god. You never pray about what you can give to Yah yet you pray what He can give you. You wonder why people don’t want to be around you, they run from Yah because of you!

Yah sees your secrets! He sees your homosexuality, stealing. Who are you hiding from? You speak big game but you are a coward. You can’t fight the devil because you have submitted to him. We are going to talk about Jealousy, gossip, deceit, back-biting. New Israelites, you can’t teach yet, you are leading the people astray. You are causing problems. You haven’t even set at Yahoshua’s feet yet because you still say Jesus. Learn first. Research and study first. Don’t do it for a following because you have read a little bit. Yah has got to prove you first before you teach. Boot camp is not over. Lace your boots before you go to war. Yah needs a few good men. I don’t want to offend but if you are convicted. HalleluYah.

The slaves didn’t have the internet but they had more unity then we have today. You didn’t go through the middle passage so you are blessed. Only a remnant shall return. No stiff-necks trying to take his power will be in the kingdom. Yahoshua drew the line in the sand, Moses did too. Where do you stand? This is serious. (John 8:1-12 and Exodus 32:26)

Did y’all know the pope is performing exorcisms now on camera? He is also accepting of atheist. Do y’all know most gays are atheist?

Wherever you are people should see something different in you. The kindness of Yah should be seen in you. They should not call you ‘my nigga’. Don’t be a false flagging Israelite. That’s real. Nigger=disobedient Israelite. I’m tired of niggas even in the Israelite walk. They don’t live for Yah and Yahoshua. Change your ways or go. It’s your choice. Yah will kill niggers or you must change. I understand why I left FB the first time. Niggers are still there. New niggers on FB make up things…making a nigger stew because they take from here and there. They take teachings of Ben Ammi and Farrakhan. TEXT: the song by the temptations ball of confusion.

I’m not a righteous king, I have no stones to throw at anyone.

You ahkotees start confusion. Silence in assembly, no teaching. Ahkotees are powerful in the truth but some sisters use their power for evil. You ahks: the foolishness you are involved in, in the nation. You are supposed to watch the gate in the watchtower!

We don’t take care of what Yah gives us…Yah gave us a land, history, kings, a MessiYah. He gave salvation to you first. What do you do with it? You throw everything away. The nations have gods, Yah is our Power. What did you do with that?

Our people are a mockery. I’m tired of that. Talks about YT where a woman named sweet Georgia brown  makes videos saying she talks to Jesus. She talks to Jesus every other word. She said Jesus I have bronchitis. Crazy!! I’m tired of it! TEXT: 37 million hits SMH.

One day people will look for us Israelites on the internet and at the centers…we will not be here. Learn now about Yah and Yahoshua. It is a blessing.

We will talk about jealousy, homosexuals, envy, back-biting and agents in the midst. There are ahks in here who were given life sentences yet only served a few years…agents. We are not worried about you. We have Yah.

It’s May and I’m still wearing my jacket every other day here in Chicago! Crazy!

Lesson: Perfect your walks now. Yahoshua commanded us to be perfect, do it right=perfection defined. Satan says nobody is perfect. Yah says there are perfect people in His sight. Who do you believe?

Some of you don’t admit to lying to yourself. Some of you are liars, stealers and fornicators. Why are there so many fake servants? Some are perfect already and some of you don’t care. Admit your faults. Be real. You like looking at that naked booty, ahks. Don’t think it’s not a problem. Admit you have Jezebel on you so you can fight Jezebel. Truth pain is quick but the lake of fire pain is eternal.

Jealousy is destroying our nation. Admit it to Yah. Jealousy can break up friendships. Jealousy can break up this nation. Why do you have to be the head morey? There is jealousy about Israelite Heritage because we have the biggest pal-talk room. Yahoshua said if you love Yah you would be happy to hear Me to the Pharisees. Jealousy can separate marriages. Ahk can’t even talk to a sister. Why you shaloming her? Jealousy. Why you shaloming him? Why you hugging him? Trust a man of Yah. If he has faults let Yah deal with that. Do your part sister, let him lead you.

When women open their mouths…confusion. The Jezebel spirit. She doesn’t even know where she gets it from. I’m talking about women in the truth not the women in the world. I see a lot of Jezebels pretending to be righteous. That Christian woman takes care of her man! But you raise up against your man. It’s sad to say. You need to learn from her. Weak men: you are ruled by women. Sit down.

IH agents: I see you. You plot and lie on me. Yah reveals all. They will send agents to destroy us. They did it 4,000 years ago and they are still doing it today. They knew they were Israelites back then and sinned, we are the ones today that don’t know we are Ysrayl. So who’s more wicked?

There is a HEAVY lying spirit in our midst!! All day and for no reason lying. Some lie for their own benefit though. Stop telling the police what we do in here and lying on us. They record us, do y’all know that?

Gossip v. lying=no difference. Gossip are rumors that are not real. Aren’t y’all tired of getting in trouble with Yah? Who is your allegiance to, Yah or man? We show more dedication to man than to Yah. You turn your back on servants of Yah but you go back to your daddy who curses out Yah. Who is my mother, brother? Yahoshua was showing an example. Miriam was a righteous woman, He didn’t cast her away. She was the most blessed woman of earth to carry MessiYah in her womb.

We dedicate more to worldly stuff than to Yah. You know you have to do work of Yah then your genetic family calls you. See Yah tests you. Let the dead bury the dead Yahoshua said. Where do you stand? Put everything else aside for Yah. That includes your job, wife, mother, child. Every day you are tested by Yah. Kepha said even the righteous will barely make it into the kingdom. You are responsible for your own walk. You will be judged by your own works. The fake are going into the lake of fire, Yah said.

1234567, Shabbat is on the 7th day. How many people can calculate a new moon? Yah doesn’t give complicated things to the children of Ysrayl. He gives us simple things because He knows we are rebellious.

Shaul them had large scrolls to search the Scriptures. We have it easy now with chapters, concordances, etc. The slaves said Kumbayah. They knew Yah. Why do you say Yahuwah?

Men don’t protect the community anymore. Women join in with the enemy and children oppress us. We debate names of FB. We debate Hebrew on FB. Yah speaks to us in every language. He put a Bible on the slave ship because He knew we would understand it one day. We debate about Yah now. Yah said keep feasts in Jerusalem. In 2013 we have no allegiance to Yah. Shameful.

They are protesting the closing of Chicago schools yet you will not put money together to open your own schools.

Complainers: North American Israelites you need bottled water instead of water from the rock. Just like Egypt, the most powerful nation on the earth as America is the most powerful nation on the earth. No other people like us. Nobody is worse than us. You broke the covenant with Yah not the Gentiles.

FB: you air your personal business!!! Stop that! That’s the behavior of niggas. We have niggas that are servants. Get rid of niggas not the ‘n’ word. They serve themselves and the devil. You given them no reason to leave the church, you are still a nigga. They see your example.

We need cleansing, physical and spiritual cleansing. There will only be a remnant in the kingdom. No niggas allowed. There is no ghetto in heaven like the Tupac song. My cousin told me that I was an Israelite when I was 19 and by 23 I was ready.

Throwing a flyer away with the truth is rejecting Yah. They reject the truth. Your genetic brothers and sisters will be the ones to deliver you up Yahoshua said. But your brothers and sisters in Yah will be the ones that help you, that hide you. Your cousin who is a pastor will deliver you up.

Jezebel: arguing against a man=Jezebel on you. You have no authority of man! Whore’s spirit=spiritual whore.

Delilah, Eve, the woman who attracted the watchers…women cause men to fall. Admit it ahks, the lust on your hearts will draw the big booty freak or red bone woman. You like it. If you want more than one woman, do it righteously.

Prince: His new pictures: he looks like a woman! TEXT: with lipstick and everything. There are some homosexuals here too. Fags yelling Yah, Yahoshua, they are undercover. Talks about homosexuals acting tough in assembly then going to do abominations with men. Real talk. Yah gets graphic in some stories in the Bible, did y’all know that? (In Enoch chapter 88) Yah talks about the fallen angels having penis’ like horses! TEXT: He says we part our legs to anyone.  TEXT: horny like the gods TEXT: Song of Solomon (erotic). Y’all freaks. (talks to someone) No, Yah says the marriage bed is undefiled. You can do sexual acts in bed. Don’t let a woman dress you as a pink bunny though. (LOL in the room).

You cover your children’s eyes when there is kissing in a movie but you don’t cover their eyes when 30,000 people are murdered in the same movies. TV raised us as children. Remember Bugs Bunny murdered others with anvils. Boys need Dad in their lives not the TV. Talks about James Evans from the TV show Good Times. James ruled his house. He had 2 sons and neither were in gangs. The wife, Florida Evans was in submission to him. Their daughter was obedient. Even Willona Woods the next door neighbor didn’t gossip around James. But the Cosby Show, the wife ruled the house. They were rich which everybody liked.

(Me: I liked that the Cosby Show showed two little girls, Vanessa and Rudy and I could relate to them. They were about the same age as my sister and I and we also shared a room for a while. Rudy got on Vanessa’s nerves in that room as my  sister got on mine, lol. Remember you said the same thing about you and your brother? Kids. Anywho, Claire Huxtuble did seem bossy. I maybe wrong here but she seemed to be doing it in righteousness. She didn’t destroy her household. And on some episodes if I remember correctly, Cliff had a money spending problem. He liked to buy A LOT of small appliances for cooking, sweaters and he liked to sneak out and buy junk food. Claire tried to stop him from spending money like whoa. I liked Good Times too. Florida Evans on Good Times also did some righteous reproval. They wanted to stop James from eating pork chops and all that greasy hypertension causing foods. Oh do you remember that episode where Cliff told Vanessa, ‘we are not rich folks…WE WORK’! One of my favorite episodes of Good Times is where Michael wants the family to help Ned the wino. The good Samaritan episode. I also liked the two episodes where the Evans family threw rent parties to help friends that were about to get evicted from their apartments. They were kind to other people. Okay I’m finished reminiscing now lol.)

Mike Tyson: This was the last of the great heavy weights! He was a beast! The power on Yah’s people but we lessen the power by what we do. There are a lot of Russian fighters now.

Do you correct people who tell you a rumor? Don’t continue the lie. Correct that person. There was a lie out about me. They said I stole 1.6 million dollars from IH. We have Never had 1.6 million! We owe rent now. I think I have $50 now. Some of you like to hear gossip. Yah tests us everyday. Your grace period will run out then His wrath will be on you.

You don’t steal. You love idolatry because you still say Jesus. Don’t go to the lake.

New Israelites: teaching today and you just learned about Yah, Yahoshua last night! Sit down and listen first! They try to teach about solar shabbats now y’all. Crazy. They teach lunar shabbats too. They say we have to learn Hebrew. Confusion.

Your walk is your responsibility. Yah test you everyday. You love Yah more than your family. Admit to Yah not to men your faults, sins. No hail Mary’s. Only Yah forgives. Some of you just joke about your walk. Yah will whip you and Yah will not hear your prayer. Do you want Yah to remove you from His sight? In the movie ‘the prophesy’ Gabriel said He doesn’t talk to me anymore. Sisters, you don’t talk to your husband when your mad. You become quiet. That silent treatment TEARS US UP! We don’t want Yah mad at us.

The kid nobody wanted on their team: We don’t want to be Yah’s (team) servants. Don’t get an attitude with Yah. Thank Yah. Don’t be sensitive. I may not be able to return your call or text right away. I’m so busy. I’m tired of being nice to people only to have them take advantage. Treat people the same way you want to be treated. Some people will drain your energy, your blood and never give back to you. They call me 3 am. They call as soon as I get out the bed. Dang can I get some sleep? Can I get something to eat? I’m not dealing with those people anymore. I can’t fight on the battlefield with you. You are a danger. There is no in-between, you serve Yah or satan. TEXT: surround yourself with like-minded people.

Many of you don’t read your Bibles!!!!! Or you read but still don’t really read…you need this talk.

My mother-in-law, Amaziyah’s mother went to 7-eleven in Moore Okalahoma and didn’t know the storm was coming. They wanted her to stay at the 7-eleven but she left 7-eleven and was at the light. She looked back and the tornado had destroyed the 7-eleven. She was saved. Some of you need that to get your attention to know Yah is real.

I have worked in the garden for 17 years…I see ‘brews joking with no work but you want to be the chief teacher…you want to be the pretty Israelite with esteem only. Men call you great but Yah may not allow you in the kingdom.

100,000 names they have but there is only one Yah. You don’t speak original Hebrew as Moses. Our language is gone with the people and the land. It’s not Yahuwah. Secret doctrine: ahks come in the midst but does not believe. He want to whisper (teach) other things. Don’t listen and spread it too…back room teachers, they take folks away. They have destroying spirits. We don’t want you here. We want true brothers and sisters.

I use to be confused at feast days. They were leading me astray so I stopped. Feasts are to be in Jerusalem. They were too silly for me, so I stopped doing them in 2004. Yah only gave one date but they have many dates to celebrate the feast days. They eat chicken, tuna, duck, roast beef but they are supposed to eat goat or lamb without spot. Some even use weed as their bitter herb. (LOL in the room).

Your duty is to see if it is correct. Study to see if the lesson is a fact. Many of you don’t read, you wait on the teacher to read for you!! I don’t read many books anymore. I do audio books now. I read so many books when I first came into the truth! I read 500 page books, 1,000 page books! I still read the newspaper. But heavy research reading, I don’t do much anymore. It has been made simple for you now.

You will hide nothing from Yah. All your sins will be shown to you. All your righteousness will be weighed against your sins. Be real. Admit who you are. Don’t try to be righteous and you really are a drug-dealing pimp! TEXT: wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Men rule the house, wives obey within the laws of Yah.

We must be real with one another. Men need men to talk to, to be real. Women don’t understand. We need to talk about these problems.

Don’t talk about each other…gossiping. Pray for that person don’t gossip about them. Don’t spread their business. What is normal to the world=we are crazy to them.

Movie: beautiful mind: they talked to strange people caused by brain trauma. In your dreams you talk to people you don’t know. Have you ever noticed that? Babies smile and laugh all the time. Who are they smiling at? They see angels. They talk to Yah. Birds sing to Yah everyday. The animals are more intoned because you complain. TEXT: even rocks cry out His name.

We need to get back intoned with Him. We are His people. We should be the most intoned of all people.

Measure your walk. Don’t pretend to be a servant. Change your walk. You want to be the big bad smart Ysrayl but Yah needs humble Israelites. Yah took a nation down with one man…Gideon. Three hundred men, a few good men. Ten thousand men were to many because Yah was going to be esteemed.

The Chaldeans were tall black warriors did y’all know that? But in the movie ‘immortals’ they were monsters. Humphf. Why hasn’t there been a Hannibal movie yet? No, I’m not talking about hungry Hannibal lector. Hannibal killed 70,000 Romans in one day!! Rome was terrified. He was going up there with elephants, to Rome but Yah pulled him back. Because prophesy had to be fulfilled for Rome to rule. Hannibal was a Hebrew, a warrior like David.

Lack of faith=worrying. Control your emotions. Emotions kill relationships. We get emotional over texts. Some days I’m chilling (with the texting) and some days I say WHERE Y’ALL AT!! It’s the adversary.

Male Jezebel, we call it the Ahab spirit. He let Jezebel run all over him. He cried about land to Jezebel and she had the man killed. TEXT: Turn the man over to Yah and continue your walk in Yah. TEXT: Jezebel was the goon in the house.

A woman can earn more money in the household that is fine. But Jezebel does demonic things that destroys the house. They are crazy. The more beautiful the woman is, the more crazier they are. Ain’t good for you ahk. Talks about the song by Prince called the beautiful ones.

Don’t make the same sin over and over, you want to do that sin.

Alcohol=is a spirit. It is a doorway to demonic possession. So how can you fight satan in that condition? Getting high=to communicate with the gods. You are not yourself when drinking/getting high. Witches brew=alcohol. You don’t be unsober-minded, demons and satan will take you away. Yah said you can drink but don’t get drunk. Wine is okay on the Shabbat. Sip only a strong drink (whiskey, beer etc).  TEXT: know your limit.

Satan wants to communicate with you through liquor!

No way. Children should not play sports on the Shabbat! Don’t watch sports on the Shabbat. No video games and let me tell you, I love all that stuff! This is Yah’s day. Some people do have to work on the Shabbat.

How do we get rid of all these things lying, stealing etc.? Go to Yah about it. Simple. Get righteous, keep the laws. You want to eat pork…go get you a lamb chop.

Have mercy if I am not able to answer your questions right away. ‘Brews want robot Obadiyah to answer questions all day long.

Q: about concubines. A: Concubines are lesser than a wife. The man takes care of her. He has no covenant with her.

Talks about cloning: They already have your DNA. Did you know that? They keep it anytime you give blood etc. That’s why people saw two Hurricane Carter and two Assata Shakur. They make clones of people. In 1999, Moore Oklahoma was hit by a powerful tornado and now it was hit again. Why? There is a cloning lab there in Moore Oklahoma! DNA splicing is done there by the military. Yah destroyed it twice. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, they produced nephilium. What are they doing in Moore OK? Yah even kills babies.

Don’t lessen your sins. Don’t try to justify them saying you only smoke 1 pound of weed but you use to smoke 5 pounds. LOL in the room.

If you are not rooted in MessiYah, you don’t believe. The Messianic series is coming soon.

Be real with yourself. Go to Yah in true confession. Admit that thing to Yah. Admit you are lying so Yah will strengthen you to overcome it. And don’t deny it when people call you on it either.

False judgment on each other: It’s you not the other person. It’s you. Stop judging others, you don’t even judge yourself. Your plank vs. his splinter.

Be yourself. Don’t deceive people. TEXT: throwing stones and you live in a glass house Shaul said.

I have seen sisters EAT-MEN-ALIVE!!! Sings: she’s a maneater (Hall & Oates?).  After she’s done with him…he’s not a man anymore. She destroys him. Men take care of your wife, wives. You women liked the boy who punched you and pulled your hair in middle school and you call the man who treats you well…too nice. She doesn’t want the nice guy.

If you are not real with self, you will not be real with anyone else. Go to Yah with your faults. Cleanse yourself then you can help your brother.

Q: TV on the Shabbat. A:  As long as it is Yah worthy and it keeps your mind on Yah.

Q: Gene splicing in Moore OK and well as in Roswell, NM., Is Hebrew DNA is being mixed with angel DNA to make super soldiers to fight Yahoshua? A: A very powerful product. They can’t use bullets against Yahoshua. They have been taking our DNA. They know we are the children of Ysrayl, the mighty men of Yah. Yah destroyed that town. They work underground but Yah knows it’s there. They have underwater tunnels too. In the desert, there are underground bases too. (Me: there is supposedly an underground base in the mountains of West Virginia also and in the Mount Rushmore area too where tourists  can not go down there if I’m not mistaken.) Roswell is one strange place. A major military base is there too. Phoenix too. TEXT: even in lake Erie, at least a mile long dry tunnel from land to meet ships.

lesson ends.


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