When We Fall Down Yah’s Mercy Lifts Us Up p.2

Because there are those that refuse to let Yah’s mercy lift them up after they have fallen. They refuse it. If me and my brother have brought fault to one another and if my brother is only pointing out my faults and I’m only pointing out his faults. And neither one of us are pointing out our own faults, me and my brother probably won’t be brothers for long. We are going to be something else. Because if I have faults and you have faults…let me step aside…I apologize for my faults becoming a problem to you. You should likewise apologize to me for your faults becoming a problem to me. Now let me go over here to the corner and heal myself through Yah’s mercy and you go to the corner brother and heal yourself through Yah’s mercy and when we come back to meet again we will be brothers all over again. We can embrace. We can have fun, smile, laugh. Because first we must confess our faults.

When there is a situation that arises, there may be something that you have done. Your faults may not be as great as the other persons yet you still have them. It needs to be acknowledged. That’s the only way we can embrace Yah’s mercy. His mercy is universal. It’s for all of mankind. These wild Gentiles that are running around here blowing up stuff…these wild Hamites and wild Ishmaelites going out here doing all these things. Yah will forgive them for that. Yes He will. All they have to do is repent and seek His face and seek His mercy and those things can be over. That’s it.

So let’s look at one of Yah’s grand, great servants. Let’s look at Moses and his walk. We are going to take a look at a few men. We will look at Moses, King David, Kepha and the children of Ysrayl. But let’s start with Moses and see what he did in his walk. Moses had a time when he fell on his face. But Yah never said Moses you are not My servant anymore. (He didn’t say) Moses you can’t do nothing for Me because you sinned. Yah is merciful. He said hey, you still will serve Me. And Moses served Yah up until the end of His life! Until the breath was removed from His body, he still remained a servant of Yah.

Moses was a great man before the face of Yah. Moses served Yah for 80 of his 120 years. No, Moses probably served Him for a little longer because when he was in Egypt, he knew he was a Hebrew. Moses served Yah with rigor. Moses had to deal with a very large percentage of Israelites. That number could be as high as two million or two million plus. Now Moses was a very humble man. Any of you all that have any type of meekness in your hearts, you know that you are more laid back and don’t really like drama. Right? But this man had to deal with all these people talking against him everyday. We are just flesh and blood. My feelings get hurt sometimes when people say untruths about myself and when they say untrue things about the congregation.

But I don’t let that overtake me. I say this person said that, okay. So be it. But we as men, as flesh and blood, we do have feelings. And you know Moses’ feelings were hurt when he is a servant of Yah and all he was trying to do is serve Yah and deliver salvation to the people. The people reject salvation and hate salvation. So Moses had to deal with these people for 40 years in the wilderness or desert. Forty years going all around the desert traveling with him and hearing them mumbling against him. ‘Moses ain’t serving’. ‘There is no Yah’. This is all the madness that the children of Ysrayl spoke against Him.

But Moses he continued his walk and his service to Yah. He never gave up. But Moses did something that was wrong that was in the sight of Yah. Moses fell. We are going to read what Moses did to fall in the sight of Yah. But Yah continued to lift His servant up. This family is a lesson to all of us. I keep saying you are going to have moments of trouble in your life and that moment fear may overtake you. You may make a decision that is irrational. But if you have a repenting heart towards Yah, He will forgive you. How do I know this? Am I just making up this stuff? No, I’m going to show you from the Scriptures, one of Yah’s servants who did something that Yahoshua Himself said he ought not to do and he did it anyway. Yet we see this servant still was a servant of Yah and did great things in Yah’s name through Yahoshua the MessiYah.

So don’t let satan pretend or let us pretend there is no hope once we have fallen. See he has fallen far. We fall on our face like a little child taking its first step but we get the opportunity to get back up. That’s one thing, satan may be more esteemed than you, just in power because he’s an angel but we hold many things over him. We have the authority of Yah. We have Yah’s Word. But the grand things that will just split him at heart is that there is no repentance for you fallen angel. Yeah, we know that you were Yah’s messianic high priest but you will be no more. I’m going to be in the kingdom, you will be in the  lake. See, you have that over him. He feels that he has the weakness of your heart, the weakness of the flesh over you but you have there’s no repentance for him and you have the authority not to go down with him. See, satan can only have a full victory over us if he get us to believe that if we fall down that there’s no getting up and we have to go to the lake of fire with him.

That’s why you see this terrible situation with all these Hollywood stars,  you know killing themselves because they are unhappy with what they have chosen. They knew no better, family. It’s like a child with three aspirin on the floor and two pieces of candy. The child may pick up the three aspirin and eat them and kill itself because it doesn’t know any better. How does it know the difference between aspirin and candy? It all looks the same to the child. So these people are picking up poison, thinking it’s sweet. Satan is the master of deception so we have got to have more mercy upon one another when we see our brothers and sisters fall. This is something family that Yah is putting strongly on my heart even now. Because there is an opportunity for that person to get back up through Yah’s mercy.

We are going to see that some of Yah’s servants did some grand sin in Yah’s sight and Yah still brought them back up because they had a repenting heart. Now if our brothers and sisters have not a repenting heart, there is nothing Yah can do for them. They have made themselves an enemy to Yah. But if they have a repenting heart and come back saying I have sinned against You, Yah…Yah’s door is open. Ain’t that beautiful how He works with us? Just think if He was hardcore with us like He was with the angels that knew better and were more esteemed than us. Just think at the first sight that we sin, Yah throws us away. How about if the thought of a sin comes into your mind and Yah throws you away. There wouldn’t be not a man left on this planet that would be in the kingdom. The kingdom would just be filled with Yah and the righteous malakim. The flesh is weak and Yah knows this. He has compassion, mercy on us. He’s our guide. He’s our lead. That’s why family, I’m going to tell you this…us as servants of Yah…please hear my voice Ysrayl.

When Yah tells you to do something, when Yah has a certain thing in your life to do, no matter what others say you better do I. There will come times where brothers and sisters will  not understand what Yah has you to do. Who would have understood a prophet walking around naked?! Or one going to marry a whore? But these are things that Yah had them to do to bring about a certain point or understanding. (Yesiyah 20:1-6; Hosea 1:2) Who would have thought Shaul the murderer…who would have thought Shaul the brother that was persecuting the brothers the heaviest would have turned around and been a servant. You see, it’s not for us to determine who is who and what is what. It’s for us to serve Him and do what He says.

Because in that moment when we fight in battle and our shield just got a little bit weaker and our sword is not as strong as it once was and the enemy knocks us down and if we didn’t have this same compassion or mercy upon our fellow servants, then Yah is not going to have compassion, mercy upon us. That’s a key road too that we must have compassion upon one another so He can have that mercy to lift us up. Because His mercy is greater than ours. If I can’t forgive my brother or sister why should Yah forgive me? My brother did to me what’s small compared to what I did to Yah. Compared to what each and every one of us did to Yah, what did we do? We turned our backs on Him. Do you understand? Us as a nation, I’m speaking about so who am I to say brothers I can’t forgive you of that. I can forgive you for that because you are my brothers. Sister I can forgive you for that because you are my sister. We are family. The mercy of Yah has lifted us up.

Let’s go to Numbers chapter 12. When you read some of the Psalms and you hear how David had to cry out, we can relate to that. We know what it is to cry out to Yah. Numbers 12, this is Yah speaking greatly about His prophet Moses. This is Yah speaking and saying this about Moses.

Numbers 12:7-8 See this is how Yah felt about Moses. I speak with him face to face. Plainly not in riddles (dark sayings). He sees the form of Yah so why were you not afraid to speak against My servant? This is Yah giving props to Moses. So Moses was a great man in the sight of Yah.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 32. I’m just showing you how Yah said I speak to him face to face. Our wrongs we can not continue to folly in them. We must make them right. We must correct them. It’s only through Yah’s mercy that a proper repentance can be made. If we are not properly repenting, we are going to wallow in that filth. It’s going to consume us where there was shalom in our life, there will no shalom in our life. Where there was mercy in our life, there will be no mercy in our life because now you have been consumed. Now you have turned away from your righteous works. Now you no longer have Yah speaking to you. Now you no longer have Yah’s ear for prayer. With His hand of mercy, He was ready to forgive you but you listened to satan and you followed satan al the way to the end. So Yah just let you go. Because you did not find His mercy fit for your life. Exodus 32, look at Moses.

Exodus 32:9-14, v. 9 Yes indeed it is a stiff-necked people. v. 10-14 Read. Moses spoke to Yah as if us akeem (brothers) were speaking. ‘Hey ahk you shouldn’t go do that because this and that’. Yah heard his voice it say. Yah said He speaks to him face to face. Do you understand this? This is how great Moses was. He had the ear of Yah and Yah listened to the ear of His prophet Moses. But Moses fell family.

Let’s go to Numbers chapter 20. Moses had a slip up and fell. Now this great servant of Yah who is doing great service, he slipped up and fell but did Yah say Moses listen here you aren’t My servant anymore? After Moses slipped and did this sin which he denied and did something Yah told him not to do. When Moses did this, Yah didn’t rub it in his face and say Moses you are a sinner get away from Me, you sinner. No, He had compassion upon His servant.

Now He had to punish Moses for what he did but He had compassion upon His servant. Moses will be in the kingdom. We are going to read that. So all the work that he did is going to be counted a great reward to him when he steps in the kingdom and sees the face of his father Abraham. When he steps in the kingdom and sees the face of his brother Yahoshua. When he sees the face of his brother King David. All that Moses did will be worth his walk with Yah. Yah still forgave him for what he did yet Moses still slipped up, a great servant of Yah. Yah said I speak to him face to face so family I’m saying to you if Moses can slip up and fall, so can you. Moses was a man just like you. He was a flesh and blood son of Adam just like we are.

So when we fall just like when Yah forgave him and Yah brought him up, He lifted Moses back up, the same thing can happen to us. There is never once where Yah rejected Moses and rejected Moses’ service to Him. Not one Scripture ever says that. Moses served Yah until the end of his life so don’t you let satan come and tell you that when you slip up and fall that you can no longer serve Yah. That when you slip up and fall, Yah no longer wants to hear your prayer. His hand is there immediately. His hand is there before because He already saw you. He’s already saw what you are about to do. His hand is already there at the place you should be getting to. Yah is already there waiting and He is already waiting to forgive you.

Now I’m not getting into no Christianity here, no backsliding and god loves ev…naw this ain’t that type of relationship. Oh this is something totally different. Jesus doesn’t have this type of compassion upon his people because all those that follow Jesus are going into the lake of fire. But everybody that follows Yah is going into the kingdom. So we are talking about two separate relationships here. There’s no comparison. But Yah does forgive. Let us not get too caught up with that Christianity in trying to remove all the Christianity which we should but let us not get holier than thou. ‘Oh Obadiyah you sound like a Christian talking about Yah forgives’. Oh, we can read that. We can read that He forgives. We are going to see examples of His forgiveness. But how to obtain it, that’ what separates Him from Jesus.

Jesus say hey man, you can kill twenty folks today just believe on me and go kill twenty more tomorrow. Yah says if you kill twenty folks today, I can forgive you. But if you do it tomorrow, you are going to the lake of fire. Do you understand? HalleluYah for His mercy. Like I said, the only reason we are here today is because of His mercy. What else is bringing us here? His breath of life is part of His mercy towards us and He has found us fit to give us time to deliver His Word. Look at that, not only has He delivered breath of life to us but He has given us a righteous mind-set. A mind to strive towards righteousness. Look at that family. It’s like we are being blessed beyond measure. It’s like you are making $7,000 a year and living in pure poverty and someone comes and gives you a million dollars. You are satisfied with that million dollars. Right? You are like man I was only making $7,000 and I was in poverty, this million dollars will last me the rest of my life. But naw that ain’t it. Someone else is going to come and give you two million. You are like whoa I was just making $7,000 and now I have $ 3 million. Do you see? Then someone else will come and give you even more than that. That’s how Yah is working with us.

Just giving us the breath of life alone but He didn’t stop there. He has given us knowledge, wisdom and understanding. He’s given us salvation so we can live the rest of our lives with Him. That’s the key card to the kingdom. Salvation. Only those whom He has granted salvation will enter into the kingdom.

Let’s look at how Moses slipped up. Moses slipped up yet he remained Yah’s servant. This is Yah speaking to Moses.

Numbers 20:7-12 This is key: You shall speak to the rock. v. 10 So Moses is already coming at them and he is already angry at them. He straight out says hear now,  you rebels. v. 11 Uh-oh! Yah didn’t say to do that. Yah said speak to the rock. Moses out of his anger, struck the rock. These rebels can do that to you. v. 12 Moses did something that was simple but he was angry. Yah knew what was on his heart. Yah said just go speak to the rock. You don’t have to do all that extra-ness. Just do what I tell you to do, speak to the rock. Moses went and hit the rock. The same result still happened, water still came from the rock to give to His people but you have to do it how Yah says to do it. Because there is a purpose and reason when He tells you to do it His way. Yah said He wanted to set Himself apart to show the people My strength. There are stiff-necks and rebels it takes a lot to convince this people. He parted the Red sea, not enough. He killed all of pharaoh’s army, not enough. He brought them out of Egypt, not enough.

So Moses was instructed to do this. All he had to do is go speak to the rock. He was to gather the people, speak to the rock and tell the rock to deliver water to the people and it would have happened. But Moses didn’t. He disobeyed a commandment which is sin. He transgressed the law, family. Moses fell. He slipped.

But did Yah move him out of His sight saying listen get away from Me, you sinner. Yah is merciful with us family. When He sees that we have a heart to serve. He is merciful towards us. But when He sees we have no heart to serve, the world is going to come crashing down. We fall down right now. Do you understand, there are servants of Yah right now going through some tremendous heartaches and struggles and pain. They are not comprehending that the Father is reaching down trying to get their attention. He is trying to get them up where He needs them to be. So they have to go through these things family. It’s not because Yah hates them. It’s because He does love them.

Just like when we use to say as children when we got that backside whipped in front of all our friends. Well at least she loves me and that’s why she did it. I know that’s what we use to say coming up in the 80s. Because you were so embarrassed  to say anything else with your friends laughing at you. Well at least my mama loves me, that’s why she whipped me. We had that understanding as children.

Least my Father takes notice to my pain. Least my Father takes notice to my struggle. Least my Father knows that my heart is to serve Him. Least my Father knows that the adversary is fighting against me when I’m fighting with all  my human power and strength to overcome him. The Father understands that. And in that hour where satan’s power just overcomes us, call upon Yah to send down the malakim. Because He will (send them) and they will come and fight with you. They will fight with you family. We always speak about them fighting for us, they do that too but they will come and fight side by side with us. And when they fight with us they expect us to put up the same amount of energy that they are. We are fighting an equal war here. Whew HalleluYah.

So we saw Moses fell, family. He sinned against Yah. This great servant…because he did something Yah told him not to do. Don’t go strike the rocks Moses just speak to it. So the people didn’t mind. Hey, the people didn’t understand that Moses was not supposed to strike the rock. They just knew that they had water. They had been complaining about water and Yah gave them water so they went down there and stuck their faces in the water and drank. Do you understand?

They didn’t understand this relationship and what Yah had told Moses to do. It was not for them to know. All they saw was the end result. The water came out. So sometimes, Yah has us to do certain things that are in His will and we have to do it how He says to do. We have to. Otherwise, if He holds Moses to this same judgment that He’s going to hold you. He’s still merciful upon Moses. Moses is going into the kingdom. Let’s look at that.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 17. Yah did not cast Moses out of His sight. Moses still struggled with those stiff-necks. But Yah said you are not going into the land Moses, I’m going to put you to sleep. And that’s even more merciful. Because those children of Ysrayl, once we got into the land we went wild. We started acting up. Moses is 120 years old at this time. Dealing with these stiff-necks he already knew what they were all about. Yah had already shown him what would become of that. But Moses needed rest anyway. So Father Yah found fit to put mercy upon him. Moses this is all I wanted you to do. See, if we don’t do it the way Yah says to do it, Yah will just move us aside and bring another servant to do it the way He says to do it.

So family let us not be critical towards one another. Yah may have me to do a certain thing that you may not understand. And it’s not for you to understand, the end result you will see. Just understand that your brother is trying to hear His voice to do as the Father says to do. You may do something that I don’t understand. But Yah has you doing it and that’s between you and Yah. The end result we will see. You just serve Him in the capacity that He needs you to serve you are His servant. You are my brother or sister but you are His servant.

You are not serving me, you are serving Him. I’m not going to question an order from the Father. If He tells me to do it in a certain way that’s the only way I can do it. Who am I to question an order from Him? I’m the lowest on the totem pole. I’m the lowest in the ranking system. Do you understand? We are the lowest. So who are we to question our Highest authority? You wouldn’t even do that on your job. The supervisor comes tell you to do something before he can even get it out, you have done it. And ask them what else can you do. They tell you they need you to run to…you in the office building on the 15th floor. There’s 30 floors in this office building and they tell you I need you to run up the stairs to the 30th floor. Don’t catch the elevator. Just run up the stairs to the 30th floor. You will do it. You don’t want to lose your job. So why would you want to lose your salvation?


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