Did you notice in that video I posted yesterday that the narrator said there was usually 1 slave on the plantation that could read. Remember we learned in the IH lessons that there was always at least one slave with the Word of Yah on the plantation. The narrator in the video also said they had to go hide to worship. I have heard this said before. I think they were worshipping Yah. It struck me when she said the masters use to make the slaves eat from the pig trough just like a hog, eating and acting like a hog. Humphf.

When I was in undergrad, just before one of my classes I heard this girl speaking. I ran over to her to ask where she was from. She told me the Bahamas. I was speechless because she sounded just like the people of the Charleston-Sea Islands. I was expecting her to say Charleston. Sometime later, I learned that often the slaves ships would carry slaves from Bahamas to Charleston. I read it in a book about the South Carolina slaves at BCC. I started understanding that we are the same people. The lady in this video is saying the same thing about how Geechee-Gullah people, Caribbean people, African (and even those in South/central America…like Guyana, Belize) have a similar pattern of speaking. The speaker in this next video is not in the truth but she talks about how we drop the ‘H’ sound in our language all over the world.


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