The News You Can Use

Yahoshua speaks daily to Yah for you. He is our intercessor. We can do everything with Yah. This is why we have trials. He will bring us through it. Satan is always plotting and planning against Yah’s servants. When tragedy happens to us then we hear Yah. Slavery is when Yah gets our attention. North America has been a hard yoke against us. We still hold on to Babylon, even us in the truth. We are used to luxury here. Haitians are ready with their bags packed! But you want lamb chops and want to go back to America. Do y’all know the NRA president said it won’t be long before we own colored folks again?!! See the Israelites are free. The African-Americans, coloreds are going back into slavery.

Charles Ramsey was mocked for saving those 3 Gentile women in Cleveland Ohio. They brought up his criminal record. They even said one of the Gentile women was the real hero.

Righteous Ysrayl is the target, do you know that? Righteous Gentiles too. Text: All those who are submitting to Yah and Yahoshua.

Who in here are afraid of the government? Wherever you are England, the United States. Why do you make hoopla about government watching you? Everything you do they watch! All contracts from birth certificates, your W4 employee taxes to your social security, everything in Babylon is a contract. They will lock you up for not paying taxes. Revelation 12:9 satan will deceive all the world! Text: we in the matrix.

The W4 is a contract. The 501C3 is not a contract with the devil. Give Caesar what is his. The Pharisees paid taxes yet asked Yahoshua about taxes. Hypocrites! The pharisees brought Yahoshua up on charges to…Caesar. We use the 501C3 to feed Yah’s people…give Yah what is His Yahoshua said. Do y’all see these sovereign people are going to jail now? See, these people have killed for 500 years for this land, you will not do what you want. Yah said HE will take the kingdom by force! If the government requires you to pay taxes…pay them.

We are not doing the desires of the devil…we are feeding Yah’s people. This whole society is under satan. Who do you believe? Yahoshua said they are hyprocrites asking if I should pay taxes and you know you pay them. Some of these people asking these questions are hypocrites. Yahoshua was betrayed by his own for 30 pieces of silver. COINTELPRO (counter intelligence program) is in our midst. Backstabbers.

Don’t fear the government. We are already in the system when it collapses. Yah is allowing it to collapse…we will be in the wilderness. Satan has no authority over us unless Yah allows it. The only way you can sign your life over to satan is to be disobedient to Yah like these singers and actors have to kill and drink blood to satan. You can go to Youtube or the corner to see disobedient Israelites. Why don’t they show righteous Israelites? Why don’t they show us feeding, clothing people?

Deuteronomy 22:5 Women can wear women’s pants. The Pharisees put burdens on you saying don’t wear pants. Don’t cross dress looking like a butch dyke is what this is saying. See, we don’t debate Yah’s Word. The 7th day is Shabbat no matter if it’s called Saturday. It’s still the Shabbat. The Set-apart day (Holy Day) . Yah rested after creating. Text: It’s the only day with a name.

The Pharisees don’t even agree on which lunar Shabbat to worship. Hypocrites. See Yah’s way is simple…every 7th day. Text: evening to evening.

You don’t need a telescope to see the moon for Shabbat! (lol in the room). But you like to go out to the club on Shabbat night.

Exodus 20:8-11 Moses tells you why we celebrate Shabbat. Text: They want to be super deep.

They want to be complicated or learned.

We don’t need to understand the Hebrew thought. The Bible was over here waiting on us. The Jews do not need to teach us. Why aren’t you praying to Yah for understanding? Yahoshua had to open the apostle’s understanding and they spoke perfect Hebrew. The Israelites murdered salavation, Yahoshua. Text: trying to limit Yah.

Yah spoke through a donkey to man. Ysrayl speaks every language French, Spanish, English, there was a Bible in every land. You need the Ruach ha Qodesh to understand the Bible not Hebrew. The original Hebrew language was wicked! I want Yah’s thought not the Hebrew thought! Yah told Yahzeqyl, they will not hear you because of Me. Strangers will hear but Ysrayl will not. They are a rebellious house. Yahzeqyl chapter 3. The Pharisees are still here today!! Hard heads, you must be exact with them. Yah repeats scriptures because we are stiff-necks. Deuteronomy 8:5 referenced.

Remember we talked about Antoine Dodson last week? We wrote a letter to TMZ and I was on TMZ for like 2.5 minutes then they cut it to about 50 seconds. Text: he couldn’t say Hebrew Israelites. Text: He was mad. (sorry I couldn’t find the video)

Some Hebrews gave me slack for separating Israelite Heritage from disobedient street corner Israelites. We don’t believe that the white man is the devil. The devil is not a man. He is a malak with power. The devil may be in an Asian or black man, you will miss him if you believe that he is the white man. We believe in nations not races. Race is anti-Yah. Yah made nations of people. The devil is neither black nor white. We separate from people who believe the devil is white. Yah says He will separate the righteous from the wicked, the sheep from the goats. Be proud of your camp or congregation. We had 12 tribes not one. He separated us. Yah split Ysrayl from Yahudah. He will reunite us He says in Yahzeqyl to be one stick in His hands.

Did y’all know? Africa was put into one category. They took the most primitive of Africa and said all of Africa is like that…All Ysrayl is not alike.

Yahoshua said all the commandments hang on these two points: Love Yah and love your neighbor as yourself.

Why do we get caught up in trivial matters? The Pharisees questioned Yahoshua about washing of the hands. You worry about poison food….believe in Him and nothing will happen to you. ‘Organic’ is a trick. They grow organic food next to the pesticide food. The Pharisees were big on washing hands because they wiped themselves with their hands. Yahoshua said it don’t matter. If you like bottle water, organic food…okay. But don’t make it a commandment that they must shop at whole foods. Poor Israelties can’t afford to shop at whole foods. Just believe in Yahoshua and you will be okay. You fear the devil and not Yah that is the problem. The real poison is in the air, chem trails.

No one is in the kingdom yet but we mock each other. Mya (R & B singer) was wearing Indian clothing now everyone is saying she is in the truth. She has not said that. Antoine Dodson and Chingy we know for sure said they know the truth.

Yah just says no mixed fabrics and wear your tassels. We may dress like heathens (wearing jeans etc.) but our hearts are with Yah. Text: They don’t wear tassels but wear 6-pointed stars all over their clothes. (star of Molech).

David’s clothes came to his knee. He was in battle. Yahoshua’s garments were different from David’s.

Why do we put all this pressure on ourselves? Yah doesn’t. Yahoshua said they put burden’s and with one finger they will not lift it off of you. The burden of feast days in captivity. You barely have food to eat but you are keeping a Passover with tuna fish because you can’t afford lamb.

Yah is angry with the children of Ysrayl…just read the newspapers. They want to put you back in slavery…you ‘colored’. If you keep Yah’s laws…let this wild jackal try to put a hand on you.

Love Yah, hate the devil. Stop being fearful. Satan is a liar and deceiver. Fear Yah, trust Yah not satan.

The U.S.A. is a country not a corporation. Saying it is a corporation is devil talk. Yah said I am sending you to a NATION of fierce countenance. Every state is a government in this nation. The united countries of America with their own state flags, constitutions etc. They will deceive you…Alex Jones, Leu White and them. They give some good info but they still don’t believe this is Mystery Babylon. They only have info not understanding.

We are NOT going back in slavery. The government has always been a police state for us. You sound like Alex Jones them. They speak against Yah so you speak against Yah saying what they say. Some of this stuff they are putting out will happen to themselves. Yah’s punishment on them. Their rule is about to be over, Yahoshua’s return coming. Don’t fear. Be careful there is a lot of misinformation out there. New Israelites that just learned they were Hebrew Israelites last night trying to teach now and are leading people astray. We are set-apart from Wild Hebrews and wild Gentiles.

Don’t fear the police. We don’t do protests and marches. Return back to Yah!! Humble your heart to Yah.

The government watches us, always has. Don’t fear the government watching you on the internet. We obey the laws of this land as long as they don’t interfere with the laws of Yah.

We are not Moors. We are not sovereign. Pay your taxes! Wesley Snipes and Lauren Hill were taught this by the Gentiles.

Pray for each other. Pray for those who do not know Yah. Pray for the enemies of Yah. Show your service of Yah through Yahoshua. The laborers are few, harvest plenty. No more debates on doctrine differences. Where is your work?! They sit on FB all day debating. They criticize you for working in the garden…and they sit in the shade with lemonade on their keyboards. They have no work to show.

*Notes from Israylite Heritage


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