Greedy for Gain p. 1e

So let’s go not to chapter 12. (Talks to someone) Yes, he did. David knew this woman was married. He knew what adultery was and he did it anyway. this is why Yah was so angry with him. Now look at the story by the mouth of Nathanyah what Yah is going to bring to David’s face. Look at this story and this is what Yah is saying that David has done. This is what greedy will do to you! It will lead you into sin. David was a great prophet and king. And Yah promised him that the seed of the MessiYah would come through him. HalleluYah. But David had many faults as men do.

2 ShemuYah 12:1-15, v. 1-6 David is talking about himself right here. He’s not even recognizing…he’s too blind with greed. He doesn’t realize that this is speaking about him. v. 7-9 This is what Yah is saying. v. 10-15 So look at this. David’s greed…Yah said I gave you everything. I gave you Saul’s wives. I delivered you from Saul. What else did you need David? Why did you have to take this man’s only wife and break up his family? David was greedy for gain brothers and sisters. Out of all the women in Ysrayl, of all the single women David could have, he went after this one. He lusted after her after he saw her bathing. He saw how FINE she was. Our king did this. He had faults just like all men do. Yah forgave him so we can’t throw blame at him if Yah forgave him. And we are not trying to throw blame but we are trying to make a point here. If David could allow greed to overcome him and he sinned against Yah that means that we have to be stronger. That means that we can’t have any sign of greed in our lives. We can’t have any sign of greed in our hearts. David has this greed for this woman. You can have  greed for many different things. David said this man who this story is about, he’s the son of death. Yah said wait a minute, I’m not going to kill you but hey your son is going to be killed David.

So do you see what greed can do? Greed led David to commit adultery. David fornicated with this woman and committed adultery. Then David had her husband killed. Do you see how that works? For his greed. He wanted to increase. He wanted and by all means he was going to get what he wanted. He was not considerate. He had no compassion. This is this man’s only wife. David you have multiple wives! You could have any woman in Ysrayl. Yah has given you whatever you wanted. He said if you wanted more, He would have given you that. If you were not satisfied with being the king and having the MessiYah come out of your loins, if you weren’t satisfied with that David all you had to do was go to Yah and explain to your Father and he would have listened.

But David took it upon his own hands. ‘Oh I must have her’. ‘Look at those hips on her’. That’s why brothers and sisters, we have to remove lust from our hearts because greed will feed on lust. It will feed on covetousness. It will feed on theft and murder. Greed feeds on those things. It feeds on sin. So if you are not doing these things, you can remove greed from your heart. Then you can learn how to perfect your walk.

Let’s look at Yahudah. David was a Messianic brother. I told you we would talk about two Messianic brothers. David wrote the Psalms. Yahoshua told you I Luke 24 that He’s written about in the Psalms. So let’s look at Yahudah or Judas as they call him. Let’s look at how greedy this man was. This was a man who was hand-picked by the Maschiyach, Himself, to walk with Him. He was a member of the inner circle of Yahoshua. He was one of the twelve brothers that followed him up and down and saw all the things that he did. Yahudah was familiar with things that happened and are not written in Scripture that Yahoshua did. Judas knew about them and we don’t even know because they were not written down. He knew al the greatness that Yahoshua stood for.

But Judas had greed on his heart. His greed allowed satan to over take him. Who do you think inspired David to do the things that he did? It certainly was not Yah because Yah was angry at him for doing those things because those things are not of Yah. Who inspired him to do that? There is only one entity that we know of that would cause a man to murder, that would cause a man to commit adultery, that would cause a man to fornicate, that would cause a man to lust. That is ha shatan. So that’s who inspired King David to do the things that he did. We will see the same entity that cause David’s greed to overtake him, it is the same entity that we will see right here that caused Yahudah to do what he did. Yahudah is his Hebrew name. That’s how you say his name. Judas is I guess, English.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 10. (Talks to someone) That’s right. We can not listen to ha shatan whispering in our ears. Because he will have us doing some ridiculous stuff, boy. If you see that you have any type of greed…repent. Yah wants you to repent. He wants you to admit your sins to Him before you go off and start doing some wild stuff.

Mattithyah 10: 2-4 So these are the men that Yahoshua hand-picked. We see that Judas was one of these men.

Let’s go to John chapter 6. Let me just give a lesson about that real quick. We are always trying to be mindful of what’s in our midst or who’s in our midst but we will always have the devil send his people into our midst. We shouldn’t get upset when we find out that a certain person that has been walking with us, that has been pretending to be one of us turns out to be a devil. It’s not our fault. Because Yahoshua Himself had a devil in His midst and Yahoshua hand-picked this man. So it’s going to happen Ysrayl but when it happens we  just have to know how to properly deal with it. That’s the key, properly dealing with it.

Yahcanan 6:70-71 We know that Judas delivered Yahoshua up. Judas had heavy greed on his heart. He was greedy for gain. He wanted money. Lots and lots of money. He was only out for self. He was a thief. He was Yahoshua’s treasurer but he was stealing from the treasury. He was a thief. He only pretended (saying) hey we should sell this oil so we can give the money to the poor. No, he wanted to get the money into the bag so he could steal from it. We are going to read that in just a minute.

Let’s go to John chapter 13. One of you is a DEVIL He said. Yahudah delivered Yahoshua up because he was greed for gain. That’s of the adversary brothers and sisters. If you are inspired to be greedy, that’s of the adversary. Sometimes you have everything you need and Yah will give you more of what you need. You always have to be mindful of what you pray for brothers and sisters. Because many of the things that you pray for and when Yah gives it to you, you don’t even want it. You can’t even handle it. When you go to the Father, you have to be straight up with Him. ABCs, don’t be talking ’round about because He’s going to give it to you just how you ask. If you deserve it. Sometime Yah looks down upon us and we go asking Him for things and He says no If can’t give you that because if I give you that you will go crazy with it. So we have to be led and guided by Him brothers and sisters. Whatever He needs to give us, we except it. When He gives us something, we pray that it is something that we can help others with. So we can get more work done by the gifts that He has given us. That should be our primary concern, what can we get done with what Yah has given us to do? Do we have everything we need to travel overseas? To go to Afghanistan, to go to Iraq to immerse those that are seeking Yah. Do we have everything we need to go to Egypt to immerse those that are seeking Yah. Do we have everything we need to go to Los Angeles, Milwaukee, NY to immerse those that need to be immersed into Yah’s truth in the name of the MessiYah.  That’s not being greedy when you are giving those things that you need. Yah may give us just enough so we can go take a boat trip and go around the world to do all the immersing needed to be done. And everything else we need, He will provide as we need it. Yah takes care of us, man.

We have to recognize that from the least thing to the greatest thing, Yah takes care of us. And He will call others. You know, sometimes Yah will call others at your moment of almost loosing it. Yah will bring someone into your midst. And they will say just the exact words at just the exact time that will bring you up from whatever you were, from that low point. They probably only talked to you for 5 or 6 minutes. They may have talked to you in passing and had no idea that they were speaking words of life to you. Yah has called them to do so. ‘But Yah I was depressed because they have a Mercedes and I don’t’. You aren’t looking at that Yah brought you up by giving you a good word and giving you hope again. The adversary comes and we  let him snatch hope away. We let him search our pockets and he says what can I find here today. Oh you have a little hope on you. Let me take that. What else do you have? That’s what he does. He wants to steal and destroy.

Yahcanan 13:21-29, v. 21 So Yahoshua already knew the deal. He knew that there was one that was like a devil in the midst of Him. v. 22-25 So right here, we just see that Yahoshua knew that He was going to be delivered up. He had taught the brothers this but He knew now that it was one that was in His inner circle that was going to do this thing. How did Yahoshua know this? Well there are always tell-tale signs. Satan always gives tell-tale signs. Yahoshua paid attention to all the signs. He knew that Yahudah was greedy.

Let’s go to John chapter 12. Yahudah’a greed overtook him. So he delivered up the MessiYah for His own greedy gain. See greediness can lead you to forsake the Maschiyach! Because if you’re sinning and willfully sinning and openly sinning, your forsaking the MessiYah. You are leaving Him behind. Your like hey man, what you did on that stake was nothing, skip that. That’s what you are telling Him.

Yahcanan 12:5-6 This was when the woman anointed Yahoshua’s feet. So Yahudah is like why is she wasting that perfume? He was upset. v. 6 He said this not because he was concerned about the poor but because he was a thief and had the money box and he used to take what was put in it.

Do you see? When the woman put the oil upon Yahoshua, Yahudah said ‘man we can go sell that and get’…He wanted to sell it because the money that they made….he was the treasurer. He held the money bag. And he was stealing out of the money bag. So Yahoshua already knew where this man’s heart was. Yahoshua knew there would be plants (moles, spies). This is how it works. When the government sends plants into us, they are going to use those that are in our inner circle. This person(s) are motivated by greed! What they can get. They will sell-out their own brothers and sisters, elder and imas to get a little piece of the pie. This is exactly what Judas did. He sold his brother out who he had walked with, slept with and ate with. They went to battle against demons together. And he sold his brother out for thirty pieces of silver. He was already a thief and he was already motivated by greed.

Let’s go  to Matthew chapter 26. This is what greed can do to you. We saw what it did to David. It can have you delivering up your brothers for a few pieces of silver.

Mattithyah 26:14-16 So from the moment they paid him, he was trying to find the opportune time to deliver Yahoshua over to the enemy. He said ‘what will you give me’? ‘How can I get paid for this’? The difference between him and when Shaul was working for the chief priests…remember Shaul was doing those things because he was motivated…because Shaul believed that what he was doing was correct. I’m talking about the apostle Shaul. Remember before he became an apostle of Yahoshua, he was a persecutor of Yahoshua. But right here Yahudah is motivated solely by greed and by money. ‘What are you going to give me if I deliver Him up’?

Let’s go to Luke chapter 22. (Talks to someone) Kayn, Judas went to them! ‘What can you give me’? He wanted money. Money, money, money. Judas was already on the road to salvation, to be a king in the kingdom. Yahudah was  hand-picked by Yahoshua Himself! He saw the MessiYah face to face! And greed overcame him and he said how can I make myself some money? What do I have to do? What are y’all going to give me? Thirty pieces of silver. He didn’t argue about that price. Cool.

We have Judas’ in our midst right now of course we do. We will have them until MessiYah returns and points them out and give you a sword saying go chop his head off. So our concern is not who is Judas because we know Judas will always be here and greed is always on Judas’ heart so you have to watch those greedy people. Satan will inspire them. Check this out.

Luke 22:1-6, v. 1-2 read. v. 3 Satan entered into him!! v. 4-6 Read. Judas got his money and started to plot. ‘Oh man, I’m going to go over here to Obadiyah and them and I’m going to call Obadiyah on the phone. I’m going to record this conversation. I’m going to get Obadiyah to say that they are trying to bomb the government.’ ‘Yeah that’s what I’m going to do.’

This is the same thing brothers and sisters. Satan entered this man. Satan inspired him just like satan inspired David to do those things against Yah. And this man was a brother of Yahoshua. Satan will use those that are closest to you. He always has and he always will. Government agents. Agent Smith all over the place. That’s right I said Smiff. S-M-I-F-F all over the place. But that’s not a concern of ours because that person will be exposed by Yah. We let Yah handle that business but our thing is shepherding the sheep and making sure the sheep are not harmed. This is why these agents want to come against the sheep. So be mindful. The chief priests and scribes were glad ‘oh you are doing a good thing brother’. ‘You are going to deliver Him up to us’.

Let’s go to Proverbs chapter 1. We have one more Scripture after this then we are closing out. Brothers and sisters let’s remove greed off of our hearts. Sometimes when we come into this truth do you know the beautiful thing about Yah? Yah tells us, you have been immersed here, your Mine now. And Yah strips our behinds NAKED! We came in with houses, cars, money, jobs and this and that. We had everything on a material level that you could want but Yah takes hold and says wait a minute. ‘I have to straighten you out first.’ ‘You have a little greed on your heart’. ‘I’m going to take all that but will give you back what you need’.

It’s like, if you go buy your kids some candy. You don’t give your kid the whole bad of candy because you know they are just a kid and don’t know any better they will sit there and eat it until their stomach bursts open. Until sugar is running out of their noses. That’s why you give them a piece here and there. I don’t give kids candy. No way. I don’t want them to get addicted to that sugar. But if you give them candy, give them a piece here and there. That’s how Yah works with us. Even if the child pokes their lips out, folds the arms…’I want 3 pieces but you only give me one’. You don’t need three pieces. I just gave you this as a treat, take it as a treat. And that’s  how Father Yah works with us. He gives us what we need and we need to recognize that and say HalleluYah. Understand that Yah sees us. He knows us brothers and sisters.

Out of all the things that are going on in creation, with six billion people on the planet, Yah knows us. He interacts with us. He shows mercy, compassion towards us. It is a blessing. We don’t even recognize how special that is. We complain that we have no meat and we are tired of eating manna. We are tired of drinking fresh water from out the lakes and rivers. ‘It would have been better if we had stayed in the United States (Egypt) and stayed under Barak (pharaoh).’ ‘It would have been better if we had stayed in the system’. ‘It would have been better if we had stayed in the cities’. This is real talk here.

Whatever Yah gives you say HalleluYah because you deserve it. It’s yours if you are serving Him. But when it comes to kingdom time, you will have an abundance because do you know why? Because when you are in the kingdom time now you are an adult. Now you are grown folks. See you can give a grown man a bag of candy and a grown man knows what to do with a bag of candy. He needs to throw it out. (laughs) Truth be told. But anyway, you know the point I’m making here. He knows what to do with it. Because now he is at a mature level. So when we come into the kingdom, we are grown ups now. And we know what to do with the things that Yah is going to bless us with. We know what to do with authority. We know what to do with the abundance of gifts that He’s going to give us. We are not going to complain about it. We know what to do when Yah puts the earth in our hands. When He puts the stars, moon and everything in between in our hands…we will know what to do with it when we make the kingdom.

Proverbs 1:19 What are their ways? Just like Yahudah. Your life is taken away when you are greedy for gain. You are going to die from it on the physical and it’s going to lead to your destruction and you may suffer the second death if you don’t repent of it.

If you don’t have a repenting heart for all the greedy things that you have done, just think back. What have you prayed for that you feel that you shouldn’t have prayed for? Because it was a greedy prayer? You already have but you pray to Yah for more. You need to repent of that. You know what you did. I don’t know. I only know what I did. I need to repent of the things that I may have been greedy about. And you have to repent. Each and every one of us has to repent. You don’t want Yah to expose your greed, do you? And have you on CNN crying. ‘Oh lord you have forsaken him, you have been disobedient’. You know how all these preachers come on. They get caught stealing and with an abundance of women and all of this craziness. You don’t want Yah to do that to you. So you remove greed from your heart and replace it with love, kindness, charity, giving with a free heart. Not expecting anything in return. Just give.

If you have it give. ‘Listen man, I’m going to give you this but I need you to pay me back by Friday night. I need to have 3x what I’m loaning you now, man’. ‘You are ALWAYS begging, man’. That’s the attitude some ahks have toward their brother. Your brother is always begging because he doesn’t have. He’s only trying to survive. He’s not trying to gain an abundance of things. He needs. This is your brother. Yah has placed y’all together to be brothers. And if you are truly brothers, you would give your life for him. Now if you are willing to give your life for him surely you would give him a loaf of bread, when you have twenty loaves. If a man won’t give you a loaf of bread and he has twenty loaves, NO WAY in the world that man is going to always have your back. No way that he’s going to give his life for yours if it came down to that. No way. No way can you trust a man like that because he’s greedy. He’s only out for self.

Let’s go to Psalm chapter 10. We are closing out with this Scripture. I pray that you have gotten something from this lesson. I hope it strengthens your walk and changes your life. You have to change your life because it is your life. Your mama can’t do it. Your wife can’t do it. Your kids can’t do it. I can’t do if for you. Only you can do it. You have been provided with the necessary steps. Yah’s Word tells you everything you must do to change your ways.

Psalm 10:3 For the wicked boasts of his heart’s desire and the greedy ones boasts and despises Yah.

So if you are greedy, your despising Yah because your going against everything Yah stands for. Like I said greed can carry over to a multitude of sins. It will have you out doing all types of craziness, when you are greedy for gain. When you have that greed on your heart you have to take what other men have. Like David and Yahudah did. Don’t betray your brother for 30 pieces of silver. I know we have some silver catchers in our midst but to Yah be the honor.

We are not going to worry about who is who. We already know…how did Yahoshua know that there was one there that was a devil? Oh He knew who he was. There was probably other things that showed them who Yahudah was too. They paid attention to every sign. Yahoshua knew. Just like we say now, we know that we have some in the midst now that are not real. We’ve seen the signs. We know. But HalleluYah.

(Talks to someone) Kayn, He (Yahoshua) tried his (Yahudah’s) spirit, ahk.

So that is the end of the lesson. Once again, the greedy one curses and despises Yah. Get greed out of your heart. There is no place for greed in a servant who is striving for perfection. There’s no place for greed in the kingdom. There won’t be no greedy in the kingdom because everything in the kingdom will be shared by all. Yah is giving us everything. Like I say, if you don’t remove that greed, then Yah will remove what He has given you starting with the breath of life. How about that? Do you want to give that up right now? Give Yah back His breath and give Him back His dust that makes up your flesh since you can’t give to your brother. Since you want more than what you already have gotten. Wouldn’t that be a fair trade?

I relinquish the mic, shalom.


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