Matthew 6:33 Making Time for Yah

Reads Mattithyah 6:33. If we put Yah first we don’t have to worry about what we will eat, clothes etc.

Article: Treat Gangs like Terrorists

TEXT: chi-raq.

A Hebrew wrote this article. They compare that basketball player, Collins, coming out as gay to the civil rights movement.

I was watching this show called Ancient Aliens last night. They were mixing animal DNA. Sinning against the animals like in the days of Noah. They have been doing it for a while now they are just more open to talking about it. This show comes on Shabbat night on History 2 channel. (Me: I saw that show last Friday. They were mixing human blood into pigs and said one day they will put pig hearts into humans. 😦

Did y’all know gangs started off good? The black panthers use to give free breakfast in the hood. They did all these things but didn’t have Yah. They will come after us too but because we speak life. There is an increase in lawlessness now. As in the times of Noah, Yahoshua said.

Enoch 7:1-6 Read. They sinned against the animals. In the show ancient aliens they showed doctors of the 1950s doing transplants. They showed a monkey head being transplanted from monkey to another.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-9 These wicked people even have to wait until Yah says they can do whatever they are going to do. Don’t question the will of Yah. v. 9 What do we gain for putting Yah first? (Some people answer) understanding, righteousness….yeah, eternal life.

In these times of sorrow we need to make time for Yah. What is the kingdom of Yah? (some people answer) paradise, land. Let’s see, it’s physical and spiritual because flesh can not inherit the kingdom.

Revelation 21:1-7 A physical kingdom is coming down. It’s satan who wants to ascend. v. 7 This is the key verse. We must OVERCOME the traps of satan which he lays daily! We must overcome our busy work schedules…no excuses. Yah may want you to witness so what if you have a flat tire. We say ‘the kingdom come’ everyday when we say the Master Prayer right? (Mattithyah 6:10).

Psalm 22:28 Yah will rule over the nations. This is spiritual because flesh can not inherit the kingdom.

Romans 14:17 What does this mean? Physical being eat food but the kingdom is not physical. The Set-apart Spirit is there. We will be spirits. It says righteousness in this verse. What is righteousness? (some people answer) doing the laws, being obedient.

Deuteronomy 6:24:25 This is righteousness defined. Observing (doing) all these commands. We guard or do these laws. Fleshly minds will not be in the kingdom. Don’t worry about the things of the world like economic collapse and democracy but we are mindful or aware of it. But we don’t worry about it.

We are called terrorists because we are against satan’s rule. Let the dead bury the dead. We worship Yah not a figure on a cross or an idol of wood and stone. If we do the laws, we will drink from those waters we just read about in Revelation chapter 21.

1 Corinthians 15:50 Flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of Yah nor anyone with a fleshly mind-set. No matter what you say out of your mouth. Shaul was a Pharisee so he knew how they taught. For example, I was in the military. We would go over the capabilities and limitations of the enemy. That’s similar to studying this Word. Shaul did not do away with law. They have no understanding. Flesh and blood can not dwell in the heavens. This is why we know they lie saying they have been to the moon. We were meant to dwell here.

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 Corruption can not see incorruption. If you have wickedness in your heart you will not be in the kingdom. When you first come in truth, the first one to four years…now everyone is a teacher trying to be deep especially on Facebook. What should we be doing? Studying. This separated Yahoshua from the Pharisees. We forget about mercy. Saying you can’t do this or that and you have no mercy for others.

James 3:1-5 Yahoshua said many shall rise up saying they are MessiYah. When they don’t have the spirit of truth. You just want to be the brother with all the answers. Teachers will receive greater judgment. The ones who want to teach now will be the ones turning you over too. Take notes. Even us teachers go back and listen to these lessons. Whenever you think you don’t need to take notes…you are got (satan has you). Every word I speak as a teacher is noted and they try to use it against me. So know what you are talking about…study, seek Yah. Don’t worry…Matthew 10 about what you will say…don’t pre-meditate about what you will speak. The Spirit will speak for you.

We are accountable for our words. Our words will be judged.

Put Yah first, there is no time for trivial matters. The man of sin will be ushered in with speed.

Article: tiny alien skeleton: It was a nephilium. It had human DNA. They are starting to show it.

(Talks to someone) There is a new strain of bacteria, a new STD and it is resistant to antibiotics. Don’t worry about these things. Seek the kingdom. Don’t be afraid. The Pharisees only wanted the kingdom and not Yah. They didn’t do the laws. They had no love for Yah and they didn’t have the Spirit of Yah. Christians know these Scriptures but don’t do these laws. Shaul said he did the laws but Christians can not see this. When you are in the spirit, Yah’s Words should come out. They should see Yah in you. TEXT: They (Christians) memorize everything that’s why they don’t understand.

Your nose should be in the book everyday!!! Eat the scroll. Study!! Yah will send you where He wants you to go to deliver His W0rd…study before you go talk to a Christian Church or the Facebook prophets. Don’t argue with non-believers. Study. Eat. You should NEVER be bored! There are many lessons to study! You don’t know it all. Study. Put Yah first. Put Yah above everything. Study now. Satan and his people are going to come against Yah’s elect.

Revelation 21:8 Cowards will deny Yah and Yahoshua in that day. Some people say Yah, Yahoshua but not in their hearts. They come in here sporadically. ‘Windows’…they look at what you do on the internet that’s why it’s called windows you can look in both directions.

We have two be counted as trust worthy. Yah can take the Word from you. Idolators, they still use pagan names. Liars or false doctrine, they believe in lunar shabbats, they keep feasts in captivity. There’s one teaching, one door Yahoshua said. The kingdom is coming ready or not. (So) be ready. All creation is waiting on Ysrayl. A fleshy mind can not understand these things. TEXT: We pray ‘thy kingdom come’ everyday.

Wouldn’t it be sad if you have been praying this and don’t become part of the kingdom because you pray damnation on the Gentiles? And Yah brings it on you instead.

You just talk good game, talk only. This is why I love Shaul ‘who has put you in a spell’? He was blunt TEXT: Shaul be slicin’ and dicin’

Matthew 16: 1-4;21-23 A fleshly mind can not understand this. This is why the Pharisees could not understand and they had the Word in their hands. Like many people today. They have the true name but still research the name of Yah. We are so smart. We have our school certificates on the wall and all our achievements but don’t understand Revelation or couldn’t see Y-A-H.  I’M NOT GOING TO LET NO BIG BRAIN STEAL THIS TRUTH FROM ME! V. 4 The Pharisees wanted a sign but no sign given to them except the sign of Yonah.

I use to do the lord’s supper every Sunday (laughter) yet did not understand it. I was dead to the law. It was right in my face but I did not see it then. v. 21-23 We are showing that a fleshly mind can not see Yah. The Spirit of Yah, the Spirit of Truth sends Yah’s Word to you. In verse 21 This is the sign of Yonah from verse 4 prophesy has to happen he said. v. 22-23 Yahoshua rebuked satan off of Kepha. Yahoshua understands spiritual warfare. He reproved Kepha out of love. He had a fleshly mind-set. Pray for a spiritual mind. Ask for understanding and continue to do it. Seek the kingdom and all will be given to you. Kepha was weak in his walk at this point and he walked with the MessiYah. Thoughts of man will not be in the kingdom.

It is a blessing to have this truth now before the persecutions start. We all can become demonically attacked. But we are mindful of this.

John 3: 1-18 Nicodemus, a Pharisee went to Yahoshua by night. Some of us are ‘closet’ Israelites. You are quite around mom and dad when they talk about the lawd. You are quite around your co-workers. TEXT: hiding their tassels.

Have patience with mom saying ‘lawd’. Intercede for them. Ask Yah to open their eyes.

Nicodemus was quite by day and full of questions by night. Some people say they believe this truth but say they just love Jesus. TEXT: daughter-in-law said I know His name but… TEXT: They go along to get along…

v. 3 Born again=the 1st resurrection. Carnal minds don’t understand the name. They say Yahrushliah etc. v. 9 This was a man who knew the Scriptures but couldn’t understand Yahoshua. They all knew He was coming. There is no new testament. It’s all one continuous book. v. 10 Some of us do away with Yah’s salvation…Yahoshua. You don’t know Y-A-H. Are you a teacher? v. 11 What does this mean? Don’t let anyone talk this testimony of Yahoshua from you. v. 12 Some of us want to know everything. Some need to know Hebrew. Some need to know why pork is unclean. Some need to have all the knowledge in the world.

Y-A-H means self-existing One or I will to be what I will to be from Exodus 3:14. If you can’t understand that how can you understand deeper things. If you don’t know ABCs how can you understand long division? Don’t speak what you don’t know. If you don’t know say you don’t know. So Yah doesn’t shame you. v. 13 Yahoshua did not pre-exist. This means Yahoshua is the first fruit. Life came through a man like death came through a man. This is why he is on the right-side of Yah now. v. 14 Read. v. 15 Yah lives! HalleluYah. Yahoshua is not dead. He is alive. Every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess…even Jesus will bow and confess that Yahoshua is MessiYah before he goes to the lake. v. 16-17 Read. v. 18 We believe in His name. The Son of Yah…Yahoshua.

This is how we cast out demons and do other things by following our example, Yahoshua. Let’s go back to Kepha and show you the intercession.

1 Peter 1:3-25 v. 3 Bread=Word of Yah and the cup represents the name of Yah’s salvation, His life. The commemoration: we know who we worship. They sacrifice Jesus over and over again.

Some of us will be killed. But die with this testimony on your heart. v. 5 We walk in faith. It is revealed to His servants. v. 7 We are tested by fire…prove your faith. Satan will tempt us. Faith is more precious than gold. v. 8-9 Our faith is our deliverance. Seek Yah. Put Yah first to make it to the kingdom. Psalm 91:4 faith or truth is a shield. Build faith now by seeking Yah. v. 10 Hebrews chapter 11, faith, you are not just doing it for you. This testimony will live on. Don’t be arguing with one another. We have no time for that.

The Scribes and Pharisees had MessiYah in their face and didn’t see Him. We are coming out of the curses now. v. 11 We have to know the time when things will happen…My sheep hear My voice. The Roman Catholic Church is not Mystery Babylon. They don’t even know who the children of Ysrayl are. TEXT: some brothers teach that also, so sad.

v. 12 They understood they were serving themselves. They served Yah. Those coming into the truth later will discover the Words of Yah through us just as we read Yesiyah, Yahzeqyl …the Words of Yah. v. 13 Read. v. 14 We are set free from religion now. v. 15-18 Read. v. 19 This was not bought with silver and gold…our salvation was not bought with that. v. 20 Yah already knows what we will do. Choice life. He knew before the foundation. Satan chose to be ha shatan, the adversary. He was once a high priest. Satan is the real terrorist. v. 22-23 Yah is eternal. Yah is the beginning and the end. Alpha and Omega, all-knowing, I will to be what I will to be. v. 24 All flesh is grass! Flesh withers like grass. If all you want is esteem, money…it will wither from you. The Word of Yah remains forever! v. 25 Read. Verse 24 is not just here, it’s in the old testament too. Christians and non-messianics like to say it’s not one continuous book.

Yesiyah 40:6-9 All flesh is grass it says. They had Yahoshua testimony on their hearts in the ‘O.T.’ too. Yesiyah even said good news or good tidings.

Muhammad is still in the ground until Yah raises him. Yahoshua is living. We have to live this. Put that old man to death. Don’t fornicate, get high…no flesh will inherit the kingdom.

John 3:33-36 How do you praise Yah? Follow His laws. Our intercessor is Yahoshua. v. 33 receives this good news…claim it and endure through it. Movie: ‘kingdom of heaven’ with Orlando Bloom. He surrounded the city. He said the kingdom is in your heart before he gave the city to the Muslims. So what does the kingdom mean to you? The best part of the movie…yet they didn’t have the truth was when he said will you surrender or fight for the kingdom? What is the kingdom worth to you? v. 34 You can’t measure Yah’s Power. You can’t confine it with walls. The Nile to the Euphrates is the kingdom. Jerusalem is just the capital. v. 35 Yahoshua gave all to Yah even His life. We must too. v. 36 Read.

John 5:19-24, v. 19 Lost Israelites only see what we are doing. We must get it right just as Yahoshua does as the Father wants Him to do. v. 20-21 Read. v. 22 Yahoshua is counted as trustworthy and will be given the scroll. v. 23-24 Read. We worship Yah through Yahoshua.

Galatians 6:8 HalleluYah walk in the Spirit to get eternal salvation.

References: The teacher gave these Scriptures to read. Enoch chapters 72, 73 and 76 to show all of heaven, the earth and all under the earth are under the authority of Yah. Like we are under the authority of Yah. Enoch chapter 80 the man of sin will cause these heavenly bodies (sun + moon) to be disobedient to the voice of Yah and will be punished for it. The end of the lesson.


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