Greedy for Gain p. 1c

See, what makes a man is his submission and service to Yah. That’s it. Listen, you have the biggest muscles, the biggest beards, speak the most prettiest Hebrew that doesn’t make you a man. If you can not submit authority fully to Yah and become a man of Yah fully through Yahoshua ha Maschiyach, you ain’t a man. All that other stuff is just side issues. Truly and that’s what all of us ahks are striving for and we should be striving but if we have any greed on our hearts and minds, that’s going to hamper us coming fully to the Father. Your going to wonder why I can’t get fully to Yah. Some of these things that are on our hearts are invisible maybe to us sometimes. Because sometimes you know exactly what’s on your heart. You  just choose to try to cover it up. But Yah sees all and nothing is invisible to Him. Everything is visible. So Proverbs chapter 28.

Proverbs 28:16 A leader who lacks understanding is a great oppressor but he who hates greediness (covetousness) will prolong his days.

See, the leaders of these people are causing the people to err. Because their leaders lack understanding and he becomes a great oppressor. He does not have understanding because he has not opened his heart to Yah to receive understanding because he would rather do greedy things. He would rather continue to be greedy for his own person gain. That’s more attractive to him. Do you know how many ministers out here, Christian ministers that know? Do you know how many Islamic ministers know the truth right here that we are speaking? That we are indeed the blood descendants of the children of Ysrayl. That Yah is His name. That Yahoshua is the son’s name. They know all this! But do you know what?

They say they can’t tell their people because hey if they tell their people then the people would leave. That the people would not except that truth. So if there congregation of a thousand, two thousand or three thousand however many thousands of members they have. If that congregation diminished, so does pastor’s lifestyle. Oh, he can’t get the latest Mercedes even though he has three of them already. He can’t get the latest three-piece suit, tailor-made even though he as twenty already. Because now he can’t deceive the people. Because now you have to clean your own greedy heart. See, Jesus doesn’t require anything of you. Just come to his church, give your money and go home. That’s it. That’s how you follow Jesus.

Yet with Yah, there are requirements. You have to be cleansed. Your filthy stinky behind has to take a shower. You have to get in there and stay in there for a long time until you are fully cleansed. That is what is required of Yah. HalleluYah.

Let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 22. This is part one of greed and fear. We are just looking at how greed can stop your walk with the Father. Greed can be a stumbling block for you as you are in search for obtaining the kingdom. A greedy man won’t enter the kingdom. Only perfect men and women will enter the kingdom because the kingdom is the kingdom of Yah and Yah is perfect so therefore you must be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. So says Mattithyah 5:48.

Yahzeqyl chapter 22, we are just looking at these stiff-necks right here. All this stuff that they were doing, it all can be traced back to how greedy they were.

Yahzeqyl 22:12-16, 27 v. 12 ‘In you they take bribes to shed blood’. See, once again when you have that greedy heart, you can be bribed into doing anything. That’s why you have sisters selling their bodies and all this madness. You have men selling-out left and right. Men selling their bodies for greed of gain. It says someone can pay you to shed blood. So someone can pay you to go murder someone. When you are greedy all these things can happen. Because you are not trying to follow the commandments of Yah. (Finishes reading v. 12). Extorting your neighbor, when Yah said to love your neighbor as you love yourself. But when you are greedy these are the things you will do. You have no love for the neighbor. You are only out for self. Your personal gratification or personal gain…what can you do for me?

Man you have so many of these athletes being robbed left and right because they hired greedy agents. They hire greedy lawyers. That’s why many of these cats have to play until they are well past their prime because they have no money. They have been playing in the league for 16 years making 20 million dollars a year and you have to play for 17 years because not you only have 1 million. But somehow your agent has become richer. Your lawyer has become richer. Because they are out for greedy of gain. You can’t do NOTHING with a greedy-hearted man! NOTHING can ever be accomplished with him. There’s only going to be strife. There’s only going to be division with greedy-hearted men. They are only out for personal gain. They never build. A greedy man only builds his own little empire, all for himself. He doesn’t share. He doesn’t give.

(Talks to someone). Yeah we already mentioned the gold diggers. A woman who would crush a man’s heart just for her own gain but men are gold digger’s too. You have men out here that are swindling women out of money just to get their own greedy gain. These women have put trust in these men and vice versa. These greedy-hearted people just crush them with no remorse of their feelings.

v. 13 See this is why I keep saying that a greedy heart will lead to a multitude of sins. It will lead to covetousness, lust, murder, idolatry, stealing because you are out to get what you can. Yah said I’m going to smite My hand (fists) because of your greedy gain which you have made. Like I was mentioning earlier, everything that Yah puts in your hand is not necessarily for you. It may be for somebody else. Yah may have blessed you with an abundance of things because He wants you to share it with somebody else. You must have that understanding brothers and sisters. But satan inspires you to believe that you are the greatest person and all this is coming to your hand because your great. So since you think that you are so great and got this by your greatness, what else can you get with your greatness?

So here you are with the blessings of Yah in your hand and now you have to go get more and more for your own personal self and you are not even thinking about giving or sharing what Yah has blessed you with. See to know where you lay, whether you are greedy or not, let’s see how you do with sharing? A greedy man will NEVER share. He can’t share. And if he does share, he’s going to expect double back from you. This is why you have all these greedy-minded people going into the churches and they are giving money based on greed. They openly give to the pastor because they expect double and triple in return…’sow your seed’. ‘I’m going to sow $20 today and god is going to give me $50’. They want more and more. The church is a business. BIGTIME.

v. 14 When Yah has spoken and told you He shall do it…it is done. Consider it done. If Yah says He is going to destroy you for your greedy gain, consider it done. v. 15 Haven’t we been scattered among the nations? Haven’t we been dispersed throughout the lands? Yes we have. v. 16 Have we not been profaned before the nations? Yes we have.

v. 27 See, Yah is not against you gaining things. Whether you are gaining things to perfect your walk, your gaining more knowledge, your gaining more understanding, your gaining more love. Nothing is wrong with that. But greedy gain is what Yah stands against because you are just trying to gain things because you are greedy. Meaning you haven’t had enough. Your not satisfied. That’s why you have so many Israelites that don’t have Yah’s Ruach upon them because they wanted to gain more knowledge instead of getting Yah’s understanding and revelation. They had to gain more knowledge. So now they are reading this and off into that. Now they believe that Amen-Ra is a true god…they are all over the place. If Yah is the guide and Head Shepherd why don’t you let Him guide you and why don’t you just be the sheep and follow after the Shepherd? Nothing is wrong with that. Hebrews try to speak against that.

If Yah is leading us, let us follow Him. That greediness, brothers and sisters…for gain. You must get that out of your heart. It’s going to put you all over the place. You will never be stable. Because you will always be on the grind or hustle to get more than what you already have. And the Father has blessed you abundantly already with His truth, understanding and with things. Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things will be added upon you. Everything else He’s going to give to you. He’s not going to leave you without.

Let’s go to Luke chapter 11. We are just looking at what greed is and does. Yah stands against all that. He doesn’t like greediness. This is why He was so upset with us but I have to reiterate it. He was so upset with us in the wilderness because we wanted more, more, more. He fed us with manna…give us something else. This ain’t enough for us. So watch it Ysrayl.

Luke 11:39 The Pharisees that existed during the time of Yahoshua was a greedy group. Just like the churches do today. They fed off of the people. They were predators. They had the people doing this and that but not doing what thus says Yah. That’s the key right there. Because this walk is not an easy walk. You all know that. Let your testimony speak for itself. This is not an easy walk. It is constant. You have to constantly fight to serve Yah. You are fighting against all the enemies that fight against Yah in the name of satan the adversary. And satan is not his name, it means the adversary. You have to constantly strive and battle all day, all the time.

But those who are greedy of gain will pretend that they are struggling. They will pretend that they are battling but their hand shows forth no fruit. See the greedy man or greedy Israelite, his fruit is for himself instead of giving the first fruit to Yah. See back in Ysrayl you better believe when it came to tithing, when it came time to give over our tithes to the Levites you better believe their were probably some greedy there that were probably stealing from the Levites. There were probably some greedy Israelites that were not taking what they were supposed to take. Man, I’m telling you greed is one of those strong demons! That bad fellow for many is a great stumbling block.

Let’s look at giving thanks to Yah. This is how we know that we are not greedy, when we can give thanks to Yah. I mean true thanks. Just like we give true shalom, we can give true thanks and be grateful for what we have! And not put our lives on the line to gain more. (You have) more than what you need. Like I said, Yah will put poor people in your midst just to see where you are. Just to see how much you have advanced.

Let’s go to Psalm chapter 75. (Talks to someone). That’s right all of that was taken to Yahrushalom so HalleluYah to Yah. Give thanks. Give thanks to His name.

Psalm 75:1 See when you are perfecting your walk, when you are getting closer and closer to the Father you will not have greed in there anymore. You are going to give thanks to Yah. Every morsel of bread that you eat…before you even put it in your mouth you are going to give thanks to Yah no matter how hungry you are because you know that without Yah you would not have that bread in your hand.

Let’s go to Psalm chapter 79. We thank Him for everything. We can’t lack in one thing in giving thanks to the Father…for His understanding, for His prophets, for His MessiYah, for His emissaries, for His righteousness. We thank Him for all that. When He has given it to us, we are not to be too foolish where we can’t recognize that He has given it to us. Have y’all ever been in a situation where you just knew that you were going to have a certain thing and it probably was for a reason of greedy of gain. You just KNEW this thing was yours then all of a sudden BAM it falls through at the last-minute and you can’t get it. Because Yah has not given it to you. Because He says what? You don’t deserve it. Yeah, Yah still works with you brothers and sisters.

So once Yah says you don’t deserve it and He’s not going to give it to you, what do you do? Because you already have greed on your heart, you go by other means. You try to work around Yah. You refuse to admit that, that was Yah that blocked that thing from coming into your hand. You have to blame everybody else. ‘Oh that was Linda on the job’. ‘Oh that was my mama them’. No, that was Yah that didn’t want you to have it. So what do you have to do? You have to go steal it. You have to go lie to get it. You have to go sell your soul to the devil to get that thing Yah said you don’t deserve. Because you are greedy-hearted and you are greedy for gain. And that’s how it starts.

Yah is telling you hey I want you to help your brother next door. Your brother next door hasn’t eaten in two days and you have 3 refrigerators full of food. And he told you his situation and you said nothing. See, these are the things we have to become perfect about. Greedy for gain, I don’t want to give you what I have because I want more. You are going to diminish mine. I have 2,000 of them already but if I give you one that means I only have 1,999 left and I don’t want that. I want more. Not only can greed lead you into several different sins but it’s pressure. It is depressing to be a greedy person. Because like I keep saying you never can have any rest because your always trying to get, get, get. You never slow down because your always trying to get (more). You never rest. You always have anew scheme to get more. And you already have more than most people. You already have way more than most people will ever have but you just want, want, want (more).

(Talks to someone) That’s right greedy for power to ahk. Greedy for power. Greedy for fame. A lot of these Israelites out here are greedy for power. They want to be the head-chief-morey-super-duper. They want to be the morey that taught Yahoshua. That’s what they want to be known as…the teacher of teachers.

Psalm 79:13 Look at that. See when we give thanks to Yah we show forth His praise. We praise His name and we show that brothers and sisters. We thank Him, man. We are not trying to say Father Yah, you know you gave us manna but we need something else. Give us some meat. See if we were still in slavery, Yah…if you wouldn’t have come and messed with us in Egypt, Yah…we would still be there eating delicious meat. But you bring us out in this desert, save us with ten plagues which has never happened in the history of mankind. Then you are going to bring us out here and give us manna? You brought us out here to die Yah! That constant complaining and a greedy man is NEVER satisfied. A greedy woman is always complaining. They are never satisfied with ANYTHING. Nothing can satisfy them. That is not a life to live brothers and sisters. That’s not good at all. You are always trying to get more and more. That existence, I’m telling you is a miserable one. That’s misery all the way.

You can’t focus on Yah. You can’t focus on loving your brother as yourself. You can’t focus on nothing but what you can get and what you ‘ain’t got’. Think about it. If you ‘ain’t got it’ maybe Yah doesn’t want you to have it. Because you don’t need it. He’s provided everything you needed. And if that thing that you want so bad, if He wants you to have it and you are His servant, He will give it to you. We have to understand that everything that operates is in His hands. If you understand that and you start believing that, you will have fewer worries. Well, I didn’t get this job; Well hey Yah didn’t want me to have it. Well, I didn’t get this new thing because well Yah didn’t want me to have it. That’s how we have to look at some things. Stop worrying all the time. ‘Ah I have to get it’.

Let’s go to Psalm chapter 140. Do you know that when you are in the midst of greedy people, they will bring down your walk? You have to separate from that. People that are constantly out for greed of gain, you have to get away from them. They will have you out robbing, lying, stealing and killing. Then you will be making up all these crazy excuses of why you are doing those things.

Psalm 140:13 Only the righteous give thanks to Yah. Greedy men aren’t going to give thanks to Yah. Greedy men think they did it on their own. How many times a day do you think Bill Gates praises Yah for giving him 52 billion dollars? Do you think he prays like ahki Daniyah? Daniyah prayed 3 times a day towards Yahrushalom. Do you think Bill Gates does that? But he ‘gots’ and he wants more. Like I said, why not give windows 7 free? Especially to us poor folks. Why not give it free? You have billions of dollars already. And you are going to make more billions off this operating system. They don’t think about nothing like that. That wouldn’t ruin Microsoft. Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar corporation. Give out some X-box 360s or something. Give something free out. Greed, greed, greed. They have to gain more and more. If the wild Gentiles had it his way, he would want to own everything of monetary value in the world and take it from Yah.

Let’s go to Romans chapter 14. I really hope that you are understanding. This is a lesson where we have to self reflect. Nobody is pointing any fingers here because if anybody is going to point any fingers, we (should) start pointing at ourselves first. If we find fault in anybody, let us find the fault that is in ourselves first. The things that we lack in our strive for perfection, the things that are keeping us from getting perfect. The things that are keeping us from possibly entering the kingdom. That’s where we need to start pointing the finger at. What is it in my life that is keeping me from having a full relationship with Yah?

You know what’s on your heart. Yah knows what’s on your heart. So go in your secret place and discuss it with Him. He already knows. You aren’t hiding anything from Him. You are naked, uncovered before the face of Yah. Every sin that lies on your heart and mind, Yah sees and knows it. Every unclean thought that you have ever had, Yah has written it down. He has recorded it. So He knows you. So go before your Father and say Father I’m having this problem here. (Say) this is an issue, Yah. This issue is trying to keep me from entering your kingdom. It’s trying to keep me from entering your rest. I need your help Father. And if you are truly serious about it, do you know what? He will help you.

Romans 14:6 So look at this. When we eat and those who are of Yah, we give the praises to Yah. When we awake in the morning and we know that Yah has restored the breath of life to our bodies for another day, we say HalleluYah and we thank Him for that. We mind (observe) that day to Him. But those who don’t give praises to Yah and don’t have Yah on their hearts, they are not going to thank Yah. You have to understand what is real and what isn’t. What is humbleness and humility and what isn’t? And who has humbleness and humility and who doesn’t? It’s not rocket science. You don’t have to keep constantly guerilla scratching your head. You know trying to figure it out saying hmmm. It’s not that hard.

All you have to do is open your heart up to Yah and Yah will open your vision and you will see these things. Remember we are talking about greedy for gain. Greedy to gain personal things for yourself. You already have but you want more. Not for the purpose of bringing forth the kingdom of Yah because when Yah gives you things, all the tools you need to help bring forth the kingdom…I’m not talking about that. Yah may give you an abundance of what you need. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about when you already have things and you are greedy for even more.


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