Slander Lies and Fighting against Yah

The News You Can Use from 4/13/2013: Did y’all know the 13th amendment has 20 sections?!! But history books only give 2 sections! (Reads section 12 of 13th amendment). It says the descendants of Africans shall not be citizens. This is why police can kill you and say it was justifiable homicide. We were notContinue reading “Slander Lies and Fighting against Yah”

Hebrewisms of Africa p. 2

Where did the word ‘Africa’ come from? Late last year, I wanted to know what the word ‘Africa’ means. I remember seeing some Youtube videos saying it is named after a general named Africanus when I first was coming into the truth. But I was reading where some people were debating if that is theContinue reading “Hebrewisms of Africa p. 2”

In the Garden

 The cucumber seedlings have been up since Friday. I planted a marigold  next to them. I read they help keep away unwanted critters.  Another view of the cucumber patch with brown sugar daylilies and white Dianthus in the background.  The greens have gotten larger. I planted a marigold over here too next to the rose.  Up close viewContinue reading “In the Garden”