Greedy for Gain p. 1b

Let’s go to Proverbs chapter 20. These greedy preachers, pastors have  just done a great dis-service to Yah’s people. I say HalleluYah that He is Yah because He is going to come down and bring wrath upon your head. You know, we have people coming in here all the time, so-called ‘spies’ come into our room and do you know what their sole thing is to do? It’s to try to get people to leave this room to go to their room. Wait a minute, you have your room open and you have 20-30 people or however many people you have there. But you want more. Why do you want more? Just to say that you had more. So you come into this room and you spread lies about us here and you spread rumors. See that’s what greed does to you. It makes you a liar. It makes you a thief. It makes you an idolator. You come in here and you lie to people so people can leave out here and then come over to your room. That’s weak and childish. That’s sinful and stupid. But when you are dealing with people with greedy hearts that are out for gain, that’s what they will do. They will stop at nothing to fulfill that greed.

Proverbs 20:21 Whew! You inherited something obtained with greed at the beginning is not blessed at the end. Because you are never blessed with a greedy heart. You can obtain everything you need to get and however you need to get it, you can step over people, walk on people’s backs. Man, if you have 3 million dollars in your bank account, what do you need with $4 million? Why do you need to go steal another million? Why do you have to put down another brother so you can obtain your next million? Why do you have to go sell your soul to the devil to obtain these things?

See that’s why the music industry is filled with Satanists today because they are so greedy for gain. Many of these artists use to be creative and intelligent in the things they use to say in their raps. Musically inclined…Now they just stumble in this folly because they have sold their souls to the devil because they wanted more. They got a million dollar contract. Right? They were living in the projects and not they want a 30 million dollar contract. So they say hey, in order to get this 30 million this is what you have to do. And you do it. You will murder. You will steal. You will do everything so you can be greedy so you can get more. You are not satisfied with what you have.

Every little thing that we ever receive in our lives we give thanks to Yah for because its only by the hand of Yah that you were able to receive that thing. That’s it. There shouldn’t be a thing such as an Israelite thief. Not if he’s seeking Yah through Yahoshua ha Maschiyach. There shouldn’t be anything like an Israelite drug dealer. There should be no such thing as a greedy Israelite. There should not be. Yet there is because men have refused to cleanse their hearts.

Brothers and sisters, I’m not trying to comment on anyone. This is not personal. Not at all. This is general. This is for all of us. We need to understand that if we have any type of greed in our lives, we need to remove it. Once again, I’m not speaking against you having any type of material possessions. Those are yours. But know your limit. Why do you have all these things? What does that accomplish? Why must you go get more when your brother has none? Why can’t you share what you already have with him? And sometimes you don’t even want him to know that you have more. Because you know he might ask you for it because he has none. Because you are so greedy you don’t even want to share with him.

Let’s go to Proverbs chapter 28. A greedy man or woman will never share anything. It’s impossible…if you are a Yah-fearing person, it’s impossible to be around greedy people. It’s impossible.

Proverbs 28:25 He who is greedy stirs up strife but he who trust in Yah prospers.

Look at that? See, he stirs up strife. His greed is a distraction but it’s a major problem. It starts strife. It creates division. Because he wants to take, take, take. That’s what greedy people do they take, take, take and there is no end to their taking. You look on the news all the time and you see these greedy men, billionaires constantly stealing. Berny Madoff, a billionaire was stealing from all these people. Bill Gates and Microsoft have made so much money why can’t they just give a free operating system? Why can’t they just create windows 7 and give it out free? That you could download free for your computer. Your company is already worth 50 billion. Why do you have to go and try to make 50 more billion? Who’s going to be alive to spend all that money? It’s greed. Motivation by greed. To gain more and more. They are never satisfied. A greedy person is never satisfied that’s why they can never have peace. They are constantly trying to gain, gain, gain. Greedy of gain.

So just check yourselves, see if this fits you. See if you are the one who is greedy. See if the constant strife that goes on in your life is caused by your greed. Because you constantly want to take from everybody. You don’t want nobody to have anything and that causes strife. See, if all the strife going on in your existence is because of that. It’s deep huh? It’s very deep.

Jeremiah chapter 6. Remember when we give lesson, we give them hoping that we all can learn from them and we can change our ways. Because we all need a change in Yah. All of us. We have to strive for that perfection. We have to be perfect. We have to if we want to make the kingdom. A greedy man is not a perfect man. A greedy man is far from perfect. So when we wee out in the world, there was an excuse for our greediness but now we are walking with Yah so there is no excuse.

Don’t go around saying ‘Obadiyah and them said we should not have possessions’. You can have your possessions. I’m not talking about that. What I am talking about is that when you try to gain, gain, gain more than what you already have and you have already been blessed. I say everything that an Israelite has should be working towards the work of Yah. An Israelite who is a worker for the Father Yah should not lack in any of his work tools. But many of us don’t have any work tools. But we have everything else and we want more of that everything else. But we don’t have the proper work tools that we need. We are gardeners. We are planting seeds in Yah’s garden. So you must have the proper tools to have the proper seeds and if you don’t have that, how are you going to plant the seed? How are you going to work in the garden? You don’t even own seed, shovel or tiller. But you own everything else. Do you see? Yah knows where your heart is. He knows where your priorities are. He knows what you are real about and what you are not real about.

See you can put on a face to your friends and family and your Israelite family but hey, it’s just a face. Yah will reveal what you are doing whether you are truly dedicated to Him or not. Whether you are greedy or if you have a caring heart or compassion. Because a greedy man does not have compassion. How can he? Because a greedy man will kill you to take what you have. That’s why you see so many robberies out here. And so many murders and all that. People are taking because their hearts have been overcome with greed and greed turns to covetousness. So now they have to go take what someone else has. And they have to do it through murder.

Yeremiyah 6:1-13, v. 1-2 Now look at what Yah is about to do to His people. He is going to tell us why He is doing this. He is about to bring some tragedy down. Right? Let’s look at what Yah is about to do. v. 3-6 Look at that. There is only oppression In Yahrushalom. Yahrushalom is not only the city but it is the people, the children of Ysrayl. Because that is our city and we are connected to that city. That’s the city of Yah or Yah’s city of peace. So she is the city to be punished in whose midst there is only oppression. Ysrayl oppresses one another. Our greed can lead to oppression of our brothers especially when you have a greedy shepherd. He is going to oppress his flock.

You have old women out here trying to figure out which bill should she pay. Should she pay her tithing bill? Or should she pay her light bill which is scheduled to be cut off tomorrow? That is oppression because the pastor needs more because he’s greedy. He already has a mansion and his flock is living in shacks. He already has 3 cars and his flock have none. Yet he needs to take what little they have because he has a greedy heart and he is out for gain. He is out for his own personal gain and that is oppression.

Many of us have come from Christianity. Some of us came another route through another religion but Yah brought us all here to this same point. For those of us that have experienced Christianity and for those of you who still  have relatives trapped in that philosophy, inside of that madness…you know how it was when you were trying to figure out how much tithe you should pay. You were trying to pay this and that bill, have gas fare, bus fare but pastor has to get his 10 percent. You know how oppressive that is. He doesn’t lift a hand to lift that oppression off you. He tells you naw, you have to give it to me. I don’t care if you have to pay your light bill, you just sit in the dark. I have some candles in the back so you can borrow those. And then at your next tithing, he’s going to charge you for the candles that he gave you. That’s oppression. That same oppression still exists within the Israelite nation. We oppressed one another when we were in the land; We oppress one another out of the land.

v. 7-10 So we are seeing that Yah is bringing all this destruction down upon His people. He said that His Word is a reproach to them. They do not delight in His Word. Man listen, when you are greedy for gain, you don’t care about the Word of Yah. You only care about the Word of Yah when you can deceive the people with the Word so you can rob the people and get what you need from the people. So you can get from them what you think you can. So here, we are going to see why Yah is going to bring all this destruction down upon these stiff-necks because this is what He has to do. Ysrayl is always being disobedient to His Word. Ysrayl is always being disobedient to His ways. I will say that we all need to check ourselves.

Many of us have worked hard on the plantation and the Gentiles have rewarded you greatly. Giving you raises, this and that. How many of you all have offered your brothers some of what you have? How many have done that? See you need to check yourself and ask why haven’t you done that. You know. You probably have your own flesh and blood family members that are struggling. You probably had some of your Israelite brothers and sisters that have told you their struggles. and here you are with your full abundance. but you have not offered them one crumb or one slice of bread because you have 20 loaves and you will need ALL 20 loaves. Right? So you can’t offer him not one.

So brothers and sisters we need to check ourselves to see if greed is in our hearts because if it is you better work on getting it out. You better work hard and fast. What if Yah decided to hold everything He has to Himself? Because everything is His even your breath that you breathe is His. What if He decided to take that and say this is mine? I’m taking it back. Which He does but He says because you won’t give then I won’t give. Because Yah is only going to do as you do. If you come to Him; He comes to you. You serve Him; He’s going to give you everything you need to serve. He’s not going to leave you lacking.

v. 11 So Yah is going to bring some destruction down. v. 12 Read. Look at this. v. 13 Because from the least of them to the greatest of them everyone is given to be greedy for gain (covetousness). This is why Yah has to bring all this calamity down. Because they are all greedy for gain. Everybody is coming up with a hustle to try to increase their status or whatever they think that they need. Everybody is out to hustle…greedy for gain.

See understand that phrase ‘greedy for gain’…being greedy to gain things. For yourself. When we have to be open towards one another and share with one another. But not a greedy man. Like I keep saying if we don’t remove this greed out of our hearts…we won’t make the kingdom. Then you would come up into the kingdom thinking everything should be yours. Just like Yahoshua talks about the 2 talents, you know the faithful servant whom He gave talents and that servant increased the talents. So when He came, He expected to have that increase but for the one that did not increase, Yah takes from him and gives it to the one who increased the most. But if you have a greedy man coming into the kingdom…you know he wants ALL the talents. Even though he doesn’t deserve it. He is not just satisfied being in the kingdom and being in whatever position he is. He has to be greater…satan.

See satan was not satisfied being Yah’s Messianic high priest. He had to be more. He wanted to overthrow Yah. That was in his heart. He had to raise his throne above the stars of Yah. He shall sit on the mount of the congregation of the north. He shall be like the Most High. That’s what he said. That was in his heart. He was not content with where he was. He had to be greater. So that greed overcame him. It caused him to be cast down. Sin was found in him.

(Talks to someone) Yeah, absolutely the people of Sodom and Gomorrah…greedy, greedy, greedy. There is so much greed in the world today. There is almost no such thing as honesty. Honesty can only be found in a few places. Everybody is greedy for gain. You can’t even get a fair price on merchandise anymore because everybody is greedy for gain. They give you less but charge you more. Because they are greedy for gain. They will deceive you into believing that you are getting what you are supposed to get but you are not. Whatever you are buying, we will give you 20 ounces of it and if you actually weigh it, you only have like 15 ounces. But you paid the price for 20 ounces of whatever it is. But that is just the way of the world. Everybody is greedy for gain.

Especially in what’s called a Capitalistic society that we live in here in the United States. Sharing is a sin to these people!! That’s why they can’t understand us Hebrews when we open our doors up to family members. When we have extended family members, grandma, grand-dad living in the house, the grand-kids and their kids. They can’t understand how we do that. Because when their people get old, they throw them in a home and take all their money. Mom had all that savings now all that belongs to the kids and mom is in a home being mistreated. They can’t understand when we don’t do that. We come and try to take care of our own. But some do it for the reason of greed. They bring mom in because mom gets a check every month and they take mom’s check away from her and don’t give her nothing. That greediness, it is a powerful demon. It’s a powerful unclean spirit.

Let’s go to Jeremiah chapter 22. Yah said all of them were greedy for gain, the least to the greatest. The poor man, the rich man, the priest, the prophet all of them. Everybody is trying to get what they can get. (sings) I got to get mine, you better get yours. Remember that? That’s the way that they think now. That’s the whole concept now. I got what I have, you go get what you gone get. And if you have more than me, I just may come and take yours. But us Israelites can’t be like that. Our mind-set has 2 be on another level.

Yeremiyah 22:17 Yet your own eyes and heart are for nothing but your own greedy gain for shedding innocent blood and practicing oppression and violence.

This is still true today, Ysrayl. Our hearts are on what we can get and shedding innocent blood. See you can shed innocent blood two ways. You can shed it spiritually and you can spread it physically. Physically, brothers are out here robbing and stealing from one another knocking people over the head, shooting them and taking their stuff…that’s shedding innocent blood.

They did the same thing back in the day in the land. You can also shed people’s innocent blood the same way satan shed and murdered Hawah and Adam. Through their lies and deception. Because if you cause a man to sin through lies and deception, you have murdered that man. You have spilled his blood. Innocent blood, innocent sheep coming to hear the Word of Yah but because of your greedy heart…you devour them. You tear them to pieces. You eat them and you slaughter them. You leave nothing. You don’t feed them spiritually. You don’t give them anything that they need.

This is why so many churches are unprepared and so many ISRAELITES are unprepared because they are following greedy leadership. The leadership of the Israelites today just want to be known as the head morey (teacher). They are the biggest morey with the biggest followers. What does that mean? What is the greatest congregation? A congregation with 10 righteous? Or a congregation with 20,000 that are all wicked and all going to the lake of fire? It’s all about how the sheep are being shepherded. It’s all about what’s on that shepherd’s heart. Is Yah on the shepherd’s heart through Yahoshua ha Maschiyach? Or is greedy, greedy, greedy? He has to have all the women. He has to have all the money. He has to have all the esteem. He has to have the brightest and biggest garments. The longest tassels. He has to be called morey or else he is offended. He has to be the smartest Hebrew. He has to speak the best Hebrew. All those things brothers and sisters, you can see the sign of a greedy hearted person real easy. They can’t hide it. Because all they do is greed, greed, greed. They never give. Gain, gain, gain. Greedy for gain.

So this is still true right here. It said ‘on oppression and doing violence’. That’s all our people do now. We are oppressed by our own hand. Ysrayl is oppressing Ysrayl. We are our own oppressors. We are doing a worse job than the Gentile could ever think about doing to us. We oppress one another. Through greed! That’s why a lot of Hebrew businesses, one reason that a lot of Hebrew businesses don’t survive is one they are under the curses and two is because they are too greedy. You go out here to some of these Hebrew owned stores and it’s like WHOA wait a minute man. I can go around the corner to the Arab but I come over here to you and you are charging me 3x more and you are giving me less. I have seen these Hebrews just greed, greed, greed.

So we have to be careful brothers and sisters that we don’t have that in our hearts. We want to be fair. We want to be righteous in everything we do and say. When I said Hebrew business, I was talking about these ‘brews that are not in the truth of Yah. I’m talking about the ones that are seeking gain. Man, these Africans are opening up hair shops on every corner in the Hebrew community and they are robbing you. You sisters know. You ahks know. Paying $500 to get your hair twisted! Something you can do yourself! Three hundred dollars for hair then you pay to get your hair braided. This (braiding) is something you have been doing since you came out of the womb. But it’s greed for gain, They aren’t going to give you a fair price. They want to make, make, make. They need that new Mercedes. They need the 20 inch rims. They need the money, clothes and cars.

The whole music industry today is based on greed. How much can I get? And what do I have to do to get it?

Let’s go to Proverbs chapter 28. I hope you brothers and sisters are following along with me here and are comprehending. Because this is a lesson where you have to self-check to see where you are. Sometimes we do things and are motivated by greed when greed as we will see is motivated by satan himself. Satan was the first to become greedy for gain. He looked out for self and tried to use everything around to make himself greater. He tried to become greater than Yah so he tried to get other angels to follow after him. He tried to get mankind to follow after him so he can pretend to be Yah in his own deceived mind.

So just check every action you make and see if what you are doing is based on greed. Do you need that 30th pair of shoes sister? And you haven’t worn 29 of them. Do you need all that? How about the sister that doesn’t have shoes? Have you asked her if she wants a pair? Humphf. Y’all see how it is just how in this land everybody has abundance. Then the ones who don’t have, they just don’t have. But the ones who have, have and they want more. Can you image…(talks to someone). Kayn ahk, with the Jordan’s too. You have every pair of Jordan’s that ever came out and only wore them once and now you about to go get the newest pair. Do you need that ahk? It’s very profound this world that we live in. When your eyes are open you can see the adversary’s hand clearly in all this. And we think that with much material possessions that this is going to make us to be somebody.

Stay tuned for part 1c. Have a Yah blessed day.

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