Greedy for Gain p. 1a

Okay let us begin this lesson. This is Shabbat January 2, 2010. HalleluYah. It is already the year 2010 as we move along and get closer to the end of our captivity. Yesterday on the Gentile calendar marked our 391st year in the United States as their puppets, slaves or servants as everything that Genesis 15:13 says that we would be to these people. So yesterday was the 391st year. We have nine years left to go before the fulfillment of Genesis 15:14. the prophesy states that we would be strangers in a foreign land that is not ours and we shall be afflicted for a 400 year period. So HalleluYah to Yah. We were brought here in 1619 and 2019 will be the completion of that 400 year prophesy. So blesses be to Yah. Listen, we are not saying that the world is going to end in 2019. Nobody has ever said that. But we are saying that, that will be the fulfillment of Genesis 15:13. That is what we are saying here.

So let us get started with today’s lesson which is called greed and fear. This is part one and in this part we will focus in on the greedy. We are going to look at what greed is. What’s important about this is that you have to understand how greed can be your downfall. Greed can block your way to salvation, your greed for gain. Yah hates when His people are greedy and when His people are always seeking for more than what He has blessed their hand with. He hates that and He punishes for that. So we are going to look at this and we are going to look in Scripture at 2 primary examples of what greed can do to you. We are going to look at two Messianic believers, two believers in Maschiyach from Scripture. One in the so-called old testament and one in the so-called new testament and how greed drove their lives and cause them to sin. Greed in itself can lead to a multitude of different sins. It can lead to lust. It can lead to covetousness. It can lead to theft. It can lead to idolatry. That’s what being greedy can do to you.

Now we know from reading Exodus chapter 20, the so-called ten commandments as they have been named, we know that stealing is commandment #8. Covetousness is commandment #10. Idolatry is commandment #2. Thou shall not. So when you get into a state of being greedy which means that you want more, more and more and greed can blind you. It can blind you from the truth. Sometimes we can become so greedy that we are too blinded to see how greedy we are. Some of you have an abundance of good things but because your heart is still a heart of the world, you can’t recognize the goodness that yah is working in your life. See we are to give praise and thanks to the Father for all that He gives.

If you are 50 cents short on a bill and you just happen to be walking down the street and find 50 cents…thanks be to Yah for that. Some of you may look at that and say that’s just 50 cents, that ain’t nothing. That’s how some people look at it because their heart is greedy. They want more and more. They want more than that.

I remember brothers and sisters…I’m a simple brother. It doesn’t take much for me to live this existence. I don’t need that many material things. I don’t have many material things. Everything that I have are things that I need for this work and that’s it. You could take all of my material possessions and put them into one room. One small room and that’s everything that I own in this world. I remember a few years ago, I was working this job out in the suburbs. It took me like an hour to get to the job and then an hour to get back. So my travel time was two hours a day. It was a part-time job paying 7 or 8 dollars an hour. It was good for me at that time because of just how I was living. Like I said it doesn’t take much for me. But at the same time, I remember that on the job there were others that were making way more because they had been there longer. They had more hours but that wasn’t enough for them. There was always a constant complaint about what they don’t have. And they had an abundance of things. They were not hungry. They were not naked. They were not homeless. They had everything that they needed but they continued to complain about wanting more, wanting more, wanting more. They were not contempt with what they had been blessed with already.

There’s so many people around this world today that don’t have nothing. I’m talking about NOTHING. There are children today that don’t even have paper and have to have school outside in the dirt and they have to write on the ground. There are people right now that are drinking water for their nourishment that is 3x dirtier than the water that is in our toilet stools after we have used it. But this is all they have. Then we want to get into the mindset…I don’t know, I can’t drink water out of the faucet. I have to go get several hundred bottles of bottled water. But there are people right now…and do you know what? Those people who are drinking dirty water, many of them are still surviving because the hand of Yah is upon them. That’s the only thing keeping them alive.

See we have gotten in this western mindset and this western mindset my brothers and sisters has pretty much smothered us. It has taken away all of our cultural understanding of the people whom we are. And we are striving to come back to the Father but we can not come back to Him with greedy hearts. This land, the U.S. and other lands that follow after her, their whole thing is me, me, me. ‘I ain’t sharing with nobody you go get your own’. ‘I have a little bit but I must have more’. You just bought a five thousand dollar computer, you know, you just bought model #1 but model #2 is coming out next week and it costs $10,000 so  now you have to go  get model #2. What’s wrong with model #1? We have to have all the latest and greatest gadgets and this and that. Brothers and sisters that’s all built off greed. If you don’t need those things, why go get them? Because you just want more. See greedy covers a lot of different things. People look at greedy and sometimes they think it’s just a person that over eats. That’s part of being greedy. Somebody who just wants more material things, that’s a part of greed. But greed covers a lot of different areas.

Whenever you have enough and you want more, whatever that thing is that you already have enough of but you want even more just because…that’s greed. When you want it just because the doorway is open for you to get that thing by any  means possible. ‘I must have the new car so I have to go work 200 hours a week’. ‘I have to go steal or do this or that so I can get the new car’. Because it is the latest and greatest. I already have three cars but the latest and greatest one is out now so I must have that too.

Then we love to show off our little toys and gadgets as if we are something. See, don’t get greed confused with the things you need. The things you need…you need. The things you use…you use. Some of us get so  greedy that we have things that we have acquired that we don’t even use. They just sit around. But at the time we just knew we had to have it. We already have seven things just like it but we had to have it. Didn’t even know why we had to have it. It’s because the adversary is motivating you. That’s how satan operates. He will motivate you on very small things. As we look at these two examples in Scripture, we are going to see  how these ahks…one of these ahks was just motivated by his greed. Then satan just went all out and had him do the ultimate and let his greed overtake him. Greed of gain.

Let’s kick this off by going to Proverbs chapter 11. Brothers and sisters we must remove all this filth out of our hearts. Greed is filth. Some of us don’t even know how to share because we are too greedy to share. ‘Why you have to get mine’? ‘Why you can’t get your own’? Well I can’t afford it right now. Can’t you share what you have? You already have seven more just like it. What do you need the eighth  one for? Can I  have that one? We don’t understand that concept because we have been living in this defiled land and that’s what they taught us. Greed, greed, greed of gain. This is why the Christian Church is full of these greedy misleading leaders! Because that is what they have been taught.

Proverbs 11:6 The righteous of the upright will deliver them. But the unfaithful (treacherous) will be caught by their greed (lust).

See the treacherous one’s heart is already filled with treachery. His heart is already filled with transgression and he is easily caught up by greed. Easily. Greed can lead a woman to become a whore. How many of you all have heard a young sister say well I’m out here stripping or whoring because I need money for college? Or I need money to pay my bills so I’m going to be a whore. I need extra money for this or that. I’m going to gold dig. It’s because their hearts are full of greed. Young men out here selling drugs on the corner, I have seen it. I grew up in the midst of this. I know how that thing goes on the street. I’ve seen young men come from the SUBURBS, a two-parent household where the father is a doctor. Mom is a lawyer, the Cosby show living. Then they come into the city and they become drug dealers. Greed. Their family provides everything they need. All they have to do is go ask moms or pop for it and it is given. Then they want to come into the city and they want to start selling drugs. They want to make thousands of dollars. Greed. So many of them have been put behind bars and so many of them have been killed for that greed.

Young brothers growing up together from the age of five. They have been brothers their whole lives. They spend the night over each others houses. They eat at each others house. But when they become young men because of greed now they have knives and guns at one another’s throats and they are killing and murdering one another. Trying to take what the next man has. You already have an abundance of things. So you look out the window and see your neighbor getting something new and you want what he has. You don’t want to go get your own but you want that one that he has. Greed will do that and make you a coveter. Greed will make you a commandment breaker. A transgressor. Greed is not a small thing. From you just over eating, from that greed to the highest greed, to you selling out for money.

This is how the government is going to be able to operate in the Israelite movement. It’s because there are going to be so many greedy hearted people among the children of Ysrayl. And the government is going to offer them…hey we will give you $2,000 dollars if you give over brother Obadiyah. If you give over Israelite Heritage we will do this or that for you. It’s because you want more. It’s because your heart is greedy. You are motivated by your greed. Some Hebrews come into this walk and all they want is what their greedy hearts desire and that’s all they want. Many of them already have wives but they want to come in and take other men’s wives. Many have already been blessed with money but they want to come in and steal money from the people. Get that greed of gain out of your hearts family.

Let’s go to Proverbs chapter 21. It’s funny when we get tot he point of starting to share everything that we have, there won’t be one person among us that will be without. The only reason now that we have Hebrews that go without, that don’t have is because we are not sharing what we have. Because we are too greedy to do that. We want to hold on tight to that which we have because we are greedy and we want more than what we already have. Your brother doesn’t have nothing. You just sit back and watch your brother wallow in poverty. You don’t even lend a hand, Ysrayl. Do you check on your brother and just ask him if he needs anything? You know his living situation. You know what he is going through, right? You may have an abundance of things that you can offer your brother. A whole lot of things. Don’t be greedy. Get that greed out of your heart and mind because it will lead to your destruction and it will lead to you not entering the kingdom of Yah.

Proverbs 21:25-26 Do you see that? He covets…greedily. He’s very greedy about what he covets. He wants what his neighbor has. He wants to go take his neighbors stuff and he already has things. What do you need extra stuff for? I’m not speaking against people having possessions, not at all. That’s not what this lesson is about. But when you have been blessed with possessions and you know what you possess and you want even more than that.

Let’s look at learning this Word of Yah. Many of us have been blessed with abundance in the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of Yah’s Word. But for some that’s not enough. Having Yah’s hand upon you or Yah’s Ruach or Set-apart Spirit…that’s not enough. We have to go seek out what man has to say concerning the Word of Yah instead of waiting to get revelation from Yah, Himself, we have to go find man’s knowledge. We have to mix Yah’s Word in with what man says. So  now we no longer believe His name is Yah. Now we no longer believe that Yahoshua is the Messiyah. Because when Yah gave us that understanding that wasn’t enough. ‘Oh man, it’s not that easy’! ‘Yeah but you have to read these other books too man’. ‘You have to get the whole fullness’. Now you are out serving Amen-Ra. Because you were greedy. Because you had greed on your heart. Instead of excepting what you have as a blessing from Yah…Yah’s going to give you everything you need.

Yahoshua made a statement in Scripture, He said that He said that He didn’t even have a place to lay His head. And here He is the Machiyach, the King of the world as Yah has placed Him as such. But He was satisfied with everything that the Father had given Him. The Father had given Him great wisdom, knowledge and understanding and that’s all  you need. That will open the door for everything. Don’t worry about what you shall eat this day or what you shall eat that day. Father Yah will provide all. Seek ye first the kingdom of the heavens and everything else will be provided to you. Is that enough for you? See that is the question we must ask. Is learning this truth, Is that getting this understanding, Is that enough for us? Do we need something else? Do we need the new Mercedes? Do we need a new mansion? Do we need all those things in order to fulfill our duty to Yah that we promised Him that we would do?

See brothers and sisters you must be honest with yourself because Yah is always going to be honest with you. Right? Because Yah can not lie. But if you are lying to yourself brothers and sisters, you are only fooling yourself. You know the level of greed that you have in your heart. Many of us in here right now are still greedy. And some of us are so greedy that we can’t even recognize that we are greedy. Many of you right now listening to this lesson may think that this lesson is for someone else but this lesson is for you. It’s for me. It’s for all of us. Because being greedy and always trying to hustle for greed of gain brothers and sisters is not going to put us over the hump. It’s not going to make us a perfect people. Ysrayl has always been greedy and that greed has always led to blood shed and violence to this very day.

You have Israelite men right now that have not sacrificed one thing in their lives because all they want is what they can get and not what they can give the Father but what can the Father give to them. That’s all they want. ‘Well what is He going to do for me’? There are Israelite men that are in this walk that are only out for a following. They are greedy. They want to gain a following. If the Father put ten people under you and you are the shepherd of those ten people, why do you need 100,000? Why do you need 100 more? Just take what He gives you. Because that’s where He wants to put you at this time. If the Father gives you a thousand people to put under your authority as their shepherd, why do you need two or three thousand? Why aren’t you satisfied with the ones he has blessed you to shepherd? Because shepherding Ysrayl is not an easy job. NO WAY. I’m not going to ever sit here and tell you that it is. Because it’s not. I can give my personal experience and then I can go into the Scriptures and show you. It’s not an easy job to shepherd the flock of Yah. Yet it is one that can be accomplished through Yah.

So we have to be satisfied with what the Father gives us and always give thanks to those things that He gives us. ‘I don’t have’. Constant complaining. What you will not have if you keep up all that complaining is your life. Because Yah hates that. Do you think He was  happy when the children of Ysrayl were constantly complaining in the wilderness? He was  highly upset with those ‘brews. Because He blessed them with everything they needed. He fed them with manna. He gave them water to drink but that wasn’t enough for them. He had saved them from the mightiest, strongest nation on the planet, the nation of Egypt or ancient Egypt. But that was not enough for them. As the enemy was coming towards them, Yah opened up a sea for His people to walk through (dry ground). That had never been done in the history of man and for no other people. That wasn’t enough for us. We needed more. ‘Well show us the Father, Yahoshua’. ‘That will be enough for us’. ‘What do you mean Philip show you the Father’? This was a conversation between Yahoshua and an apostle. I believe it’s in the book of John chapter 10 where Philip said show us the Father. Yahoshua said I have been walking with you, I have been doing all this work. What else do you need to see?! We have been healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons. What else do you need to see?

So for us in our time, what else does Yah need to give to us for us to believe that He is Yah? Because right now Ysrayl, we are in a sad state of existence. We have all this knowledge and all this Ruach that Yah is pouring upon us yet we still don’t believe He is whom He is. So I ask what does it take? What else is it going to take for you to see that He is Yah? This ain’t enough is it? Brother Obadiyah, brother Moshe and all the other ahks of Israelite Heritage come to the mic and the other Israelites that are spreading this truth all around the world and they are coming to the face of Ysrayl, that’s not enough for you is it? ‘Well Obadiyah where is your doctorate degree at’? ‘You don’t have a doctorate so I ain’t listening to you’. Obadiyah has to have a doctorate degree, right? For you to understand who Yah is (I must have a doctorate). You just can’t take revelation from this Word. It’s hitting you from Genesis to Revelation but that’s not enough for you, right? You need more. Greedy. and your greed is going to lead you astray.

Let’s go to Proverbs chapter 15. this lesson won’t be that long. We are just going to hit a few points and BAM. This is part one and part two will deal with fear. Because the name of this lesson is greed and fear. Part two is coming at a later date. Yah willing.

(Talks to someone) Yeah the whole speaking Hebrew. (They say) you have to speak Hebrew to know the Word. Humphf. Show me where that is in Scriptures. Getting this understanding in English is not enough for you. You want to speak the 16 levels of super-duper Hebrew. How much…How long do you think the Father is going to put up with this? This year 2010 begins my 14th year of walking with Yah. I came into this truth in 1996. The things that I have seen over the years. The things I have experienced and witnessed first-hand over the years have angered me, have disappointed me, have saddened me just the condition and mindset of our people. I’m just a man, I’m just flesh and blood so I know if it’s doing those things to me oh man what it’s doing to Yah is unimaginable. We can’t even comprehend what we are doing to Yah as we are walking around here disobedient. We can’t imagine. It all starts with being greedy and fear plays a great role in that. We are going to see in the lesson about fear how the two go together.

Proverbs 15:27 See you can’t bribe a man of Yah. A true man of Yah you can not bribe him. You can’t say hey we’ll give you $2,000 if you go wear this wire and get your brother to admit to something…I don’t know…trick him into saying something. Naw man you can’t do that with a man of Yah. But the greedy will say okay. ‘Ah let’s make a deal’. ‘I’ll get ten Israelites to say this and that just give me $2,000 a head’. See you have these stiff-necked greedy Hebrews that are making deals with the government all the time.

Oh you just can’t be satisfied with what Yah has given you so you have to go out and sell drugs. You sell weed to Yah’s people to get more and more. Greedy of gain. Troubles his own household. Your house is always in trouble if you are a greedy person because you will always want more. You are never satisfied. Have you ever seen some people and this may be you, they can never sit down in true shalom. Man, you have two big screen TVs in your house. You have all the VCRs, the blue-ray players, the DVDs, X-boxes, play station 3 yet you still have no shalom. You are constantly going to the store to see what’s new because you ‘need’ that. You never have shalom. You trouble your own house. And because of your greed and greed can bring in other sins like lust and covetousness. Now your house is filled with sin because of your greed. Because of your greedy heart.

You are not satisfied with what you have been blessed with. You ought to know what your blessings are. I always look and the first blessing that I always say is that I have breath in my body. I can breathe. I am among the living. That’s a blessing this day. Do you know why? Because I have an opportunity to repent of whatever I did the day before. I have an opportunity to communicate with Yah because I know when my breath is taken and I’m in the grave, I can not repent and I can not communicate with the Father. I can’t pray from the grave. Because Yah is the Almighty of the living not of the dead.

See, this is why I want to cover this greed and look at it from different perspectives because it doesn’t just cover one aspect. Many of us have so many things in our lives that we are greedy about. We don’t recognize that it’s there. We don’t see it as greed. This nation has taught us to be greedy is to be righteous. To be greedy is to be right. That’s YOUR stuff. YOU work hard for that. So you pile your house up with a whole bunch of stuff. Yet you have no shalom. You have no Yah.

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