The Book of Revelation p. 12c

Do you know that scientist say that the way that we are structured that we should never die? Do you know that every night when you go to sleep your body rebuilds itself? Do you know that there is no disease that you get that is supposed to cripple you? But do you know what they did? Because you have a system defense inside of you called an immune system that can fight off any disease known to man. But do you know what they did? They got us to weaken our immune systems. It isn’t just the food or water. It’s the air. The very air we breathe…you can get bottled water. Right? You can grown your own food. But you have to breathe the same air. They weaken our immune system through the air. Because we have to intake it into our lungs.

(Talks to someone) Naw, it was way before chemtrails. Chemtrails is something totally different ahk. That has nothing to do with them poisoning the air. The air has been poisoned a long time ago. chemtrails is something more…I’m not going to say sinister. But chemtrails is something more big they have planned. They are just getting that blue screen ready up there. They are masking the coming of Nebiru. They are covering up the skies with the chemtrails. That’s all they are doing with that…blue screening it. It’s like with a blue screen, y’all know about blue screen. Right? Where you can let someone stand behind the blue screen and you can film them and then when you go to edit it, you can put anything behind that person that you want to. Well, in order to have a proper blue screen they have to light it the right way. These chemtrails are serving as light on the blue screen which is the sky. The entire sky is blue. They can put anything up there that they want to and make it look real. They had Thor fighting giants in the movie ‘Thor’. All of that was filmed in front of a blue and green screen.

So what they are doing is weakening your immune system so your body will not be able to fight off these diseases. That’s all it’s doing. So as we get back to this family, understand the flesh can be weak when it’s dwelling on the flesh but when it’s dwelling with the spirit, the spirit dwells on the mind so the flesh can become strong. Why do you think they map the human genome? They want to known every gene and all this stuff. Why do you think they want to know all that? The flesh and the blood. How can a man live to be 900 years old? That is what they are seeking. What is the breath of life? That’s what they are seeking. How can we duplicate the breath of life? That’s what they want. They know that there are no spirits inside of men like Yah is a Spirit. They know that. But they don’t understand the breath of life. They don’t understand us fully. Because the body recreates or fixes itself every time you go to sleep. That’s why they tell you to get the proper rest.

It’s like when I’m cleaning out my computer, you know it takes maybe 5 or 6 hours depending on how big my hard drive is. When I have to go through there and defrag and all that. It may take 5 or 6 hours. I have to let it run its course. So when you go and lay down at night, there’s a certain amount of time that your body needs to repair itself. And if you don’t allow your body to get that time to repair itself, you won’t be repaired. That’s why when we go to sleep sometimes and we don’t get the proper sleep, we wake up in the morning aching in pain. We are tired and we don’t have a good day because we didn’t allow our bodies time enough to repair those things that it needed to repair. It doesn’t function as it should 100% because they have weakened our immune systems.

Before we get back to the reading. Have y’all noticed how they taught us? When our immune system stands up and starts fighting illnesses in our body for instance, fevers. If you were to put a cold virus in a dish, in order to kill that cold virus you can burn it. And it will go away. When the cold virus enters our bodies and our bodies heat up with what they call a fever, that is your body attacking that illness that is not supposed to be there. But they have made medicine to attack the fever and not to attack the cold but to attack the fever (white blood cells) that are attacking the cold. So they help you to weaken your defense system. This is why you get a fever and after that fever, you feel much better. If you let that fever run it’s course, after that fever (breaks) you feel much better. TEXT: wanna be like Yah. TEXT: Obama brain mapping investing a lot of money! TEXT: $100 million Obama is investing to ‘decode’ the brian. TEXT: Neurologists in Korea also found out words affect your body what you say life and death is in the power of the tongue Yah knows this. James speaks of this. TEXT: Yah’s Pharmacy=fruits and veggies.

(Talks to someone) Hey I know, I take over-the-counter medicine for colds too. I know. This is what society has shown us. So it’s like man, they are teaching us to fight against ourselves. And we are doing it. Y’all do know that this is run by fallen angels who do hate you right? They hate you. They really do. Let’s continue.

So in verse 8, we saw that whole list…the cowardly. Do you understand…real quick…before we go to v. 9. Do you understand why Yah is putting cowards in there first? Yah is putting cowards in there before liars. Yah named cowards before whore mongers. Yah named cowards before anything. Yah hates cowards. Especially cowardly Israelite men as our men were when we went over to the land of Canaan spying out the land and we saw the giants there and out of the 12 brothers only 2 brothers brought back a good report. ‘We can over take them because Yah is with us’. The rest of those brothers said ‘They are too big, man’. ‘We are like grasshoppers to them, man’. They brought back that (evil) report. Yah hates that because Yah is the Mightiest Power in all creation. I fight for you. So how do you fear anything? That’s what it comes down to you have no trust in Yah.

So cowards will be the first to go because they didn’t trust in Yah and Yah’s Power. You must have the heart. There are going to be some terrifying things that take place on this earth but you better not coward out of them. We may have to run past tanks, run through tanks in order to get to the wilderness wherever Yah needs us to go. We may have to go deep behind enemy lines to get where we need to be. But we better not coward out and say ‘well man there are 10,000 of them, man and 300 tanks’. ‘We aren’t going to be able to get through that’. We can’t think like that. We would be considered one of the cowards. And they are the first to go into the lake of fire.

v. 9-12 Read. Do you see how powerful that is? Twelve gates, with each tribe written on the gates. Do you see how Yah loves Ysrayl all the way until the end? And the Christian wants to say that the Israelite is no more! But here we are at the back of the Book and kingdom time. When the kingdom is set up the gates that the saints go through have all the names of the twelve tribes of Ysrayl on them. So how you gon’ say Ysrayl is gone? He didn’t say nothing about any 12 Protestant nations or 12 Catholic saints. Written on the gates, the names of the 12 tribes of the children of Ysrayl and that land is going to be split.

Let’s go to Ezekiel chapter 47. I know you are in here ISUPK members and GMS. Listen to this partner. You are running around here talking about the Gentile can’t be saved and strangers are going into the lake of fire.

(Talks to someone) Oh yeah just have to make sure they are listening. Because this is for them. They are always talking about this Gentile can’t get saved craziness. But when we go back into the land, guess who is going in there with us? And when we go back into the land, guess who gets an inheritance of the land too? Guess? Let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 47. I love this Scripture here. So we are going back into the land with the 12 tribes on the gates.

Yahzeqyl 47:21-23 Do you see? They are going to be like native-born Israelites. They get inheritance too. So if the stranger, the Gentile had a child with a man who is of the tribe of Judah, she is going into the tribe of Judah with him. If a Gentile man had a child with an Israelite woman from the tribe of Gad, they are going in through the gates of the tribe of Gad and they get an inheritance too. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah.

So now we have to understand so we can keep that false doctrine out of the minds of our people. Right? Keep it out of their minds so that they won’t get caught up in that foolishness and folly and they won’t be on that list of those that are going into the lake of fire. Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 21.

v. 13-14 Look at that, the wall and wall of the city had 12 foundations. Whew! And the brother’s names (the apostles) are going on there. HalleluYah. v. 15-19 Now, I’m going to stop right here real quick. Now he mentioned that when the city came down that it looked clear like glass. Then he mentioned in v. 8 that the city was clean (pure) gold like clear glass. When I watched Superman Returns yesterday, they were talking about the technology that was on the planet Krypton and how they could make an entire civilization with crystal. This crystal that they used was clear; It looked like glass. All you had to do was throw it in water and it would create an entire existence of whatever…palaces, weapons whatever you needed it to be. Continents, land all of this was made through the clear crystal. Now I’m reading this right here and I’m wondering what do they actually know about the crystal cities? What has satan given them and shown them about these clear crystal cities that they would put it in a movie? And the Scripture said this is what the New Jerusalem will look like. Let’s continue.

v. 20-21 ‘Like transparent glass’. v. 22-23 Now listen, Yah is going to move the earth from this planetary position and move it to the heaven where He dwells. Earth is going to the highest heaven where Yah is. That’s why we talk about the sun and moon being gone and all that. We don’t need that anymore. We are going to dwell under Yah and Yah shall be our light. If Yah created the sun and the sun lights the earth then Yah can light the earth by Himself just as bright or even brighter because He created the sun. Right? Alright.

v. 24-27 Read. HalleluYah, HalleluYah. Let’s go to chapter 22. This is what your kingdom looks like Ysrayl. This is what your dwelling place looks like. This is what your land that Yah promised to your fathers, this is what it all looks like. Golden cities. Remember, in My Father’s house are many mansions. Right? This is what Yahoshua said. Mansions are for who? The rich. Do you understand? So you are dwelling in a city of gold. What do you think your housing is going to look like? It’s all yours. You will have in abundance of whatever you want. You made it. You put up with all the pain, all the struggle. You made it. It’s yours. Nobody can take it from you. If you want ten, get ten. If you want twenty, get twenty. See Yah is not against you having things in abundance. He just doesn’t want you to get caught up in satan’s world because He knows what satan is offering in exchange for those things. He knows that satan’s world is temporary but for His world He tells you to store your treasures in heaven. He didn’t say anything against you having treasures. He just said store them in heaven. So when Yahoshua does return, He can give every man his proper reward. He will bring the treasure chest with Him and give it to you. That’s what He wants for you. Because in His world everything lasts forever. He’s not going to stop you from getting anything you want. It’s yours.

Revelation 22:1 Water of Life, Book of Life, see when we deal with Yah, we are dealing with life. We are not dealing with no dead Egyptians that are you know in a Gentile’s museum right now. They have cotton stuffed in them looking like an animal on display. We are not dealing with that. We are dealing with life. Water of life, Book of life, tree of life. v. 2 Let me ask you all this. Y’all understand that this is real right? Y’all understand that this is literal right here. Right? This isn’t nothing symbolic, this tree of life. This is literal. It’s going to have fruit on there and leaves that heal. this is literal, family. This ain’t a spiritual symbolic nothing. Just like the garden of Eden is not a spiritual symbolic of something else. It’s real. You want to get into that meta-physical craziness saying ‘well brother 12 represents the 12 chakras and you know in my left leg’. (sighs) Okay. You take it as that. I’m taking it as this.

v. 3-4 Listen they shall see His face. Now you can see His face because now you are spiritual!! You could not see His face in the flesh because flesh and blood can not see Yah and live. Because that’s too much information for our puny minds to understand. But now you are in the spiritual and now you can see Him. You will see Yah. You will have His name upon your forehead.

v. 5-6 With speed (shortly) so when these things start to happen family, they will  happen with speed…3.5 years. v. 7-9 Our brother, the angels are our brothers…(worship Yah). v. 10 ‘Do not seal the words of the Book’. Do you see this is open here? Revelation is open. But why don’t people go into the Book? It ain’t sealed. Their understanding of what’s in the Book is sealed. That’s why they can’t go in here and bring out understanding.

v. 11-12 Now, when Yahoshua comes back family, He is coming back to bring a grand reward to every man. You have stored up treasures in heaven. If you brought a million people to the truth, you will get your reward for bringing a million people to the truth. That’s what He’s going to do for you.

Let’s go to Psalm chapter 62. I want to show you this. Yah is a rewarder of those who seek and serve Him. He rewards you family. You get a righteous or wicked reward. Every man gets it according to their works.

Psalm 62:12 And kindness is yours Oh Yah for you reward each one according to his work.

If you want to get your reward family, you must do work! Do you see, you can’t be one of those Israelites sitting down and just criticizing everybody else’s work and have no work to show. You were just in the midst of a Christian group and did not open your mouth. They said Jesus is lord. They said Jesus is king. They said Israelites are crazy and you didn’t even open your mouth. Do you see? This ain’t all about knowing the truth. It’s about doing what you know. You want to get your reward, work for the Father. See we are not temporary workers here. We are permanent. Do you know how the permanent workers are going to work hard? Temporary…ah listen man, I’m just here for a minute. I’m just here to get my check. That’s all I want is my check. But the permanent worker is going to feel apart of the company. They want to see the company grow. They want to see the company do good. So they are going to work hard. Temporary… check time! I’m gone! Right? We want to work to  see the company grow because we are apart of this company.

Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 22. Yahoshua is bringing your reward with Him. v. 13-14 Do you understand that when you turn into those spiritual beings man will now have right to the tree of life again? Before you go into that city you are going to have to take a bite of that fruit so you can live forever. Remember, what’s guarding the way to the garden? What’s guarding the way to the tree of life? Why can’t we walk in the garden today to get to the tree of life? What’s there? The cherubim angels and what else? The flaming swords. So we can’t get to the tree of life because it’s guarded. It’s guarded 10 times greater than Fort Knox. Because when we became fully aware of the knowledge of good and evil, Yah put us out of the garden. He said least we take hold of the tree of life and live forever and now with the knowledge of good and evil. But now as we see, blessed are those who keep His commandments. If you keep the commandments then you can come to the tree of life. That sword is going to be removed. Those malakim are going to be removed and He’s going to be there shouting for joy.

v. 15 ‘Those who enchant with drugs’…drug sorcery! All of you that like to go around slandering. All of you who like to lie. All of you who like to back-bite. Listen that’s where you will be outside of the kingdom. He said those who love to do falsehood (lie). Soon as a person turns their head, you can be in their midst, as soon as they turn their heads, there you go whispering and back-biting about them. ah huh. You and that mix are outside the kingdom. All who love to lie are there. You lie so much, you just can’t help yourself. The abominable, homosexuals and all that…outside the kingdom for you.

v. 16 He is the bright and Morning Star. Satan use to be the bright and morning star. Right? Satan got cast down. He use to be the messianic high priest in heaven. Now his spot is taken by Yahoshua.

v. 17-19 Read. v. 20 Say yes or kayn if you are a witness!! If you bear witness to these matters let me get a kayn out of you, family. Right? You bear witness to this. We have done the entire Revelation Series, you bear witness to it…kayn. He said let you say yes or kayn. HalleluYah.

v. 21 Read. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah, we made it through the Revelation Series family. We went through all 22 chapters. And we are out on the other side. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah. It’s been a long time coming but Yah brought us through. Yah showed us and taught us what we need to know. He opened our ears and let us hear what we need to  hear. HalleluYah.

Next week we will have a grand summation and put all these things in chronological order. And pray that Yah protects us from what’s coming upon the earth. All this which is about to take place, we ask that He leads and guides us. We have added nothing to the Book and we have taken nothing away. We put it in your hands Yah. We ask for your mercy, your compassion to be down upon our understanding Yah. Father, we ask that you replace our stone hearts with fleshly hearts. That you remove that wretchedness that is inside of us. That is keeping us from coming to the full knowledge of how you are, the full knowledge of who Yahoshua is and the full knowledge of even who we are. Watch over Your people Yah that are seeking Your face. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah.

So the series was a blessing and an eye opener even for myself. I do pray that everybody that does listen to this, that understanding is given and understanding is being had. Let it be, even if many of us that are here right now at the ending of this series, if we are not here in the next few years, let those who are behind those that are here, let this be a witness to them that Yah indeed is real. That Yah indeed does speak to His servants in this day. Let this be a road map so that they will know that the things that are coming upon them in that day and time. In our day as we are here in 2013 of April the sixth, these things have not transpired yet.

But let this information be a legacy to those that come up after us and if Yah has even found fit to give us rest in the wilderness or if Yah has found fit to give us rest in the grave and we are not here to explain to our brothers and sisters that have come up behind us, let’s hope that the Ruach is upon them and as they hear these lessons in whatever form they are in, that it will guide them to where they need to be. And that the Father’s malakim, our brethren will come and protect you as Yah gives them commandment to. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah.

For the entire Israelite family, family (as in) Messianic, brothers if you are listening to this and you are of another camp or you’re not of the I.H. family, I say to you: We in this day are in a very critical state, our nation is. We are in such a dangerous time that we can’t find a more dangerous time in our entire history. We are here to fight the adversary. Nobody is blocking you from listening to any of these recordings. But I say to you, don’t allow the adversary to come upon you and try to get you to tear down. Because remember, if these are the understandings of Yah, you are not fighting against Obadiyah; Your fighting against Yah. That is a fight that you can not win. So I say even for my brethren that are of other camps, if this information can be a benefit to your people, let them know. Yah hates when He gives the message and then we as His teachers, as His leaders over assemblies and we don’t relay that message to His people to prepare His people for the time. He hates that and He is going to hold that against you as a leader. Our people need to be made known that these are the things that are coming upon the earth. The same earth that we dwell on. These things are coming and as Yahoshua said, they are coming with speed. Let’s move our egos out of the way. Let’s bury all egos. Let’s suffer for the truth. There’s only one truth and that’s the truth of Yah.

So family, I’m going to end the recording here. This is the ending of the Revelation Series. Next week we will sum it up. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah.

…There you go elder, you are a military man so I know how you military men are about time! I know you will be on it EXACT. 5:59:30! You have 30 seconds to wrap it up!! I know how you do it elder.

May Yah bless as I always end these lessons. Guard your soul!! Protect your mind!! Satan is coming with great deception and heavy wrath because he knows his time is short!

I’m going to leave you in peace because I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace, shalom.


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