The Book of Revelation p. 12b

And if you stay your path and if you walk the walk, the walk that you are supposed to walk, we are going to read about your reward. We know what they are going to get but we are going to read about your reward because all your pain and suffering is not for nothing. There is a golden lining at the end made especially for you. So you have to endure these things. But they do get better. I have no lust now for Easter anything. I have no lust now for pork anything. And if I continue in that frame of mind then I can remove all fleshly lusts and won’t have that fleshly desires either.

So the same process that I used to get Easter and Christmas out of my system which was a big part of my life is the same system I must use to get the lust of the flesh out of my life. As long as it takes. So when the breath of life leaves my body whatever this weak, fleshly being desires…because most of the time when flesh desires something…it is wrong. But when the spirit gives you something, it is right. It’s like 70 degrees here in Chicago, man I could go hang out at the park today. Hang out at the park for what? Seventy degrees, so I can see the half naked women walk by all day? Then satan have all types of crazy thoughts going through my mind. Getting me unfocused on Yah’s Shabbat. Putting me in places I don’t need to be. This is where I need to be. This is my home, this is where I belong. So you have to fight those fleshly desires. And we WILL overcome them.

Yah gives us time to do so. He’s not some mean ogre. He does not just point His finger and say…OBEY! He gives you time because He knows where you came from. That is the same mercy that we must have toward one another. Understand where we came from. If there was an Israelite that came into the truth, the day before Easter and still showed up in church on Easter Sunday as they call it, you don’t go pointing the finger at that person. You understand where you were, so you have compassion, mercy upon them together you walk hand in hand. Would you laugh at a one year old who is learning how to walk? You have been walking for all your life. I’m 40 years old. I have been walking for 38 or 39 years. Should I go point my finger at a baby, a one year old that is falling down every time it tries to take a step? What sense would that make? So you don’t do the same to your brother or sister that is just coming out of Christianity.

You know how this world is. You know how it was for you. So you have the same compassion and patience with them. They just came out of Christianity last night and had a pork chop this morning and there you go busting their head. (Say) ‘Brother pork is not what we are supposed to eat. I know it’s hard but you will have to try to get over that. Just don’t go around the pork anymore’. Be compassionate with them because Yah is compassionate. Yah isn’t going to throw them in the lake of fire because they slipped up that one time when they are just coming out of Christianity. He will have compassion. He will pick His child up by the hand and say listen you just feel, just put one foot in front of the other and then we will get this thing right.

Compassion and mercy. If you can’t exhibit that you won’t get it in return from Yah. You know you need it. You can not survive this world without Yah’s compassion, mercy so if you need it from Him you better give it to others. Stop all your Super-Hebrew stuff as if you are judging us. HalleluYah family. HalleluYah, HalleluYah.

Let’s go to Acts chapter 1. Do you know one of the things out in the world now is that people are doing things and then they are quick to say ‘don’t judge me’. You know one brother gets caught with another brother in a homosexual act with another man and you bust in on them…don’t judge me. One brother gets caught stealing, caught red handed as they say…don’t judge me. Everybody is so quick to tell someone else not to judge them. We are not to judge you in the way that we see your sin and now we are making fun of your sin but we are to bring a righteous judgment against you. If that is sin they are doing, you call sin, a sin. That’s it. I don’t have to say you are going to the lake of fire. I don’t have to say all that. That is a sin ahk, you are in a  homosexual act. Homosexuality is two men laying up have intercourse as a man lays with a woman. This is what Scripture says. That is what homosexuality is. Everything else is not homosexuality.

You have effeminate behavior and you have actual homosexuality which is a man laying with another man as he lays with a woman as outlined in Leviticus 18:22. That’s what homosexuality is. So be careful family when you call someone that. You know they could be effeminate but if they have not done the act, they are not homosexual. You don’t want to bear false witness against your neighbor.

TEXT: Proverbs 11:31 (1 Peter 4:18)

Acts chapter 1, we are talking bout the kingdom here in this last chapter…they kingdom come.

Acts1:6-7 They asked the brother, when are you going to restore the kingdom? Can you restore the kingdom? Remember the kingdom is with Ysrayl. Will you restore the kingdom to Ysrayl? He said listen that’s in Yah’s hand.

So what we are going to read about now is the restoration of the kingdom. The restoration of the kingdom of Yah whom He has given to His people the children of Ysrayl who will receive their kingdom upon the return of Yahoshua ha Maschiyach. Remember we read about the last great war last week. The full kingdom is going to be set up when satan is thrown into the lake of fire. When Yahoshua returns, that’s just the opening stages for the kingdom. But the fullness of the kingdom that will be in its full glory is going to cover the entire earth. It’s going to happen here and we will read this in chapter 21 were satan is gone for good. There will be no more corruption of man though the adversary. We will not have to say Yah rebuke you satan a hundred times a day anymore. We won’t have to worry about the devil coming up and whispering in our ear about something. All that will be gone.

I tell you family this is so beautiful. All the horrors that we read about…this is what you are fighting for! This is where you are trying to get to.

Revelation 21: 1-3, v. 1 I like this in that song, ‘a new world in my view’. The song we have as the intro for the ‘Bible vs. Christianity’ video where the woman, I think here name is Gertrude. She was quoting this Scripture right here. She was like John said…and she was going through this Scipture. It is such a beautiful thing. Yah is going to renew the heaven and earth. Do you know why? Because when satan gets his last 3.5 years, he’s going to defile everything down here on this planetary system. The planets are going to be defiled by him. The earth is going to be defiled by him. So Yah has to renew everything. He has to cleanse everything. It’s going to be filthy and nasty when satan gets through with it. So He has to renew the heaven and the earth. How is He going to do that? Let’s read.

v. 2 So we read about the marriage supper of the Lamb. This is the renewing of the covenant. This is when the covenant is renewed between Yah and Ysrayl. You know how Yah said we broke the covenant? The covenant of old we broke because we didn’t keep our end of the deal. We didn’t do everything that we told Him we would do. So He has to renew that covenant with us. And that is what we are reading about right here. So when the new heaven and earth comes and everything is fixed up and Jerusalem is coming down renewed because that old Jerusalem has to go.

Remember that is where satan and the man of sin are going to set up shop. That Jerusalem will be so defiled, Yah has to bring a new one down. He has to renew that one, that boy has to go out of here. We can’t do nothing with it. It’s dirty, filthy as it is right now. How many of y’all know that Jerusalem is a filthy corrupt city right now as we stand in this time period? Give me a ‘7’ on the screen if you know that Jerusalem is a filthy corrupt city right now here on April 6, 2013. What makes it filthy you might ask? The Catholics are over there. Filth. The Jews are over there. Filth. The Christians are over there. Filth. Homosexuals are over there. Filth. Mafias and gang-bangers are over there. Filth. Liars, stealers, deceivers and Murderers are over there. So Yah has to…now if it’s defiled at this moment, just think how much more defiled it’s going to be when they set up that temple over there. When that man stands in that temple and says that he is a god and the greatest of all. When he says that Yah is the devil. How much more defiled is it going to be then? Oh, I forgot Islam is over there. Filth.

TEXT: John 14:2

So do you see, at the end of the time, it’s going to be even that much more filthier. It’s like a landfill over there right now. It’s running out of room to place even more garbage but they are going to find room for more garbage as the man of sin is coming.

So the renewing of the covenant is going to take place.

v. 3 He will be their Father. He will be their Ruler. He will be their Power. Do you see that? A loud voice from heaven said the tabernacle, house, booth or throne of Yah is with men!! It’s coming down to dwell with men! Ain’t that beautiful?! No longer will we have to look to the heavens for Yah. For Yah will be here with us. No longer will we have to look for the ark of the covenant for Yah, for Yah will be here with us. No longer will we have to look inside the temple for Yah. For Yah will be here with us. That is what He is doing. He is going to come down and dwell…they kingdom come (Mattithyah 6:10). Yah is coming here with us family to dwell with men.

You know how the Christian ‘oh-wee I want to get to heaven lawdy, lawdy’. Right? Okay, well you want to go to ‘heaben’…Yah is coming down here. Who gon’ be in your ‘heaben’? Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 14. Follow with me, Ysrayl. Yah said He is coming down and He will dwell with men and men dwell on earth.

Yesiyah 14:12-14 Do you see? He wants to go up into heaven. So if you want to go up into heaven, that’s where you are going at with satan because Yah is coming down to dwell with men. Satan is the only one talking about he is going to heaven. He wants to raise His throne above the clouds of Yah. Do you know what those clouds are? The chariots of Yah, he wants to take the authority of Yah. He wants to be like the Most High. He wants Yah’s authority. But Yah is coming down here. So he wants to go into heaven for that authority. Understand that. Understand that crazy talk of going to heaven when Yah said that He’s coming down here.

Let’s go back to the Book of Revelation chapter 21.

v. 4 Oh my goodness. No more tears so that means no more sadness. No more death. So that means no more sadness. No more mourning death. No more crying, none of those things. Nobody will be crying in the kingdom. It is too much of a glorious place for tears to be. You won’t feel pain anymore. These rusted, fleshly bodies which ache, pain and trouble, that will be no more. We don’t need that anymore. That will be over with. That will be gone. That will be out of the way. No more pain. My, my, my. We don’t know what that’s like. We don’t know what it’s like to be ache-free. We don’t know what it’s like not to be limited by these flesh bodies. We know nothing about that. We don’t know what it’s like not to cry. We don’t know what it’s like not to see death and not to mourn. We don’t know what’s that like right now living in this fleshly existence but we will know if we stay on this path and if we allow the spiritual to overtake the flesh and if we make it to this point right here. If we are counted worthy to escape these things. Whew HalleluYah! Let it be!!! Amein!

v.5 ‘See I make all matters new’. Stop right here. This is the new world order!! Yah is going to renew everything. He’s going to renew the covenant with Ysrayl. He’s going to make a new heaven, a new earth, a new Yahrushalom. All the former matters are passed away. This is the true new world order. What satan, satan’s people are talking about a new world order…no that’s old. Because fro the time of Adam’s fall up until this very minute man has done one sinful deed after another sinful deed. There’s nothing new under the sun. Right? But what about when there is no sun and Yah is making all things new? The new world order is Yah bringing true order to the new world. We will have a new heaven and new earth. So if you have a new heaven and new earth, you need a new order to that new heaven and new earth. And Yah is going to bring it. The new world order is positive because it’s Yah bringing forth the new world order, not satan. Satan is deceiving them to believe that the world is coming under the new world order. Do you understand this family?

That the order of the world changes every generation. I was born in 1972. The world of 1972 does not exist in 2013. It died out a long time ago. So when that world died out and the world that followed it had to have a new order to that world. The things that were present in 1972 don’t fly today. If you wanted to go fly on a plane at the airport in 1972…it’s a totally different experience in 2013. Because there are new laws not to govern this new world that we live in. Every time the world changes  there has to be a new law and a new order to that world. Do you understand?

So the term new world order, there’s nothing new about it when the Satanists talk about it. But the true new world order will be truly new when Yah sets it up and brings a new world order to the new world that He creates. (Talks to someone) That’s right man’s new world order is political; Yah’s new world order is spiritual. HalleluYah. That’s exactly what it is.

v. 6-7 Do you see that? The one who OVERCOMES. The one who overcomes the weakness of the flesh. The one who overcomes the sin shall inherit all this. v. 8 He listed a whole list of people down there. Murderers, abominable=homosexuality. Because homosexuals are an abomination to Yah. Abominable is bestiality and all those things. Idolators. Drug sorcerers. You want to use drugs to get in contact with the gods. Right? That’s why it’s called ‘getting high’. That’s why when you use those mind altering drugs it’s called getting high. Because you are getting high enough to hear heaven. Your getting high enough to see the gods. You don’t play with that stuff! Drug sorcerers are going into the lake of fire too. ‘But Yah, I just wanted to get high’. Well you got high, now your going low!! Yeah you are coming off that high now and now you are going low, down to the lake of fire. Because you couldn’t cease from getting high. You couldn’t cease from communicating with the gods. That is why these fallen angels put these things in your face because they know that it is fleshly. They know your flesh is addicted to it.

You see family let me tell you about this flesh. This flesh is powerful. Yah’s spirit dwells in our flesh. It’s called the breath of life. That Ruach that is contained in every man, woman and child that is born through a womb of a woman…genetics connects them to Adam and Eve. This flesh is so powerful. On one end, we know how weak it can be. It can be very weak and troublesome. We just talked about that. But on the other end, when your dwelling with the spirit it can become powerful. When you dwell with the flesh, the flesh is weakened. When you dwell with the spirit within the flesh, the flesh can become powerful.

Do you know that scientists are starting to understand that our flesh mixed in with the breath of life is powerful? It is spiritual. Do you know that your eyes work as cameras? Every image that you have ever seen from the time you were conceived in your mother’s womb, you have visions, pictures and snap shots of that stored away. Do you know how they use the digital camera before they used a camera based on film? The camera is just a representation of the human eye. When you take a picture back in the old days, that picture would be imprinted on what’s called the film. But now the image can be imprinted to what’s called a digital (memory) card. The photos now are digital. When your mind is constantly seeing all these things during your lifetime and taking all these snap shots…where do all those pictures go?

The brain can only hold so much like your SD card. Secure data card, a digital card can only hold so many images. Once it is full, it can not accept anymore images. So once that part of your brain is filled, where do you think those images go? They go into your DNA. They are encoded within you. This is why when demons come upon so-called physics, they can read you. They are reading your energy and they are reading the photographs; They are reading what’s on your mind. Y’all have heard of mind-readers. Right? They know what you are thinking. They are seeing the photographs on your mind. Like if I go look at your SD card, I can see every picture that you put on there. I just load it up into my computer which serves as a brain and I can look at every thing there. So when you take these snap shots and the brain can only hold so much…it is encoded in your DNA structure. That’s why these fallen angels have told them about DNA and what it means with the breath of life. It’s nothing without the breath of life. You can’t operated it without the breath of life but with the breath of life, they have been trying to decode that to find the secrets of the breath of life. But they will never find that!! They will never create an artificial breath of life! They can’t do that.

So some people have photographic memories. Have y’all ever heard of that term? Photographic memories? Those people can recall all the images, they can access that part of the brain that holds all the memories. They can remember every photo that their mind has taken. Have y’all ever heard that when people have these ‘near death experiences’ that their lives pass right before their faces? Have y’all ever heard that? Life passes right before your eyes. Everything that you ever did as your brain is shutting down, you see it all. That’s because the brain is now starting to delete those images. That’s it. And now you are starting to see it, that part of the brain where the images were and are starting to be deleted. Because the breath of life is leaving now. That’s it. They are on their way out.

So now, do you know why the Bible talks so much about family descent? When you read genealogy in the Bible…I remember back in the day, I use to get tired of it. ‘Man, this is so boring’. Not anymore. Because it VERY important. Because your genetics connect you. They can go dig up a skeleton from 3,000 years ago and find that person’s modern relatives today through genetics. These jackals are trying now…they put this in a video game. All you video game players out there, you know about the video game called assassin’s creed. Do you know that, that’s based on real life events? Where scientists are trying to read the DNA and within your DNA is a structure and they can see those images! You have your great, great, great, great grandfather’s DNA in you! And the things that man has seen! If my picture memories are in my mind and if my picture memories go into my DNA and it has come from my grandfather’s DNA, if you go dig him up guess what you can find in there? They know this, the fallen angels gave them this technology. You saw it in the TV show ‘Fringe’. When somebody dies, you could interrogate the person for at least 5 hours after they died. All that is in your DNA family! But they can not understand the spiritual aspect.

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