The Book of Revelation p. 12a

We have to work on being on time. Timing is key to making the wilderness! The troops will be chasing us. We are not colored…no C.P. Time; no colored people’s time. TEXT: Every matter has an appointed time. (from my notes just before the lesson began).

We are in the Book of Revelation chapter 21 and 22 part 12 today. Everything that we have been fighting for, we are about to see the reward that we are going to get. So today is April 6, 2013 and here we are. We are going to bring the Revelation series to a close. So it’s so important that we do comprehend what we have been going over in these previous lessons of this series. I would admonish you to study it not just listen to it one time but study it. As we look into the world and we see these things are starting to happen and see these things are starting to add up and now we have to look and say okay as these things are starting to happen…how much time do we really have? Before Yah starts breaking down the door and breaking down the walls of this place? How much time before Yah starts breaking down the door and breaking down the walls of this place? How much time before Yah says enough is enough with the mistreatment of my people? We don’t have that much (time). So what we do with the time that we do have…Do you understand how precious it is?

These are the good old days. this is the first time in your history where you can look at the present and say these are the good old days. Now it took us a while to recognize many days of our childhood to look back and say those were some good old days there. When you still had your innocence and you didn’t have a full comprehension on the ways of the world. Those were good old days. All you had to worry about is getting money from your parents and going to buy yourself some penny candy, running up and down the streets, riding your bike and playing at the park. That was your biggest concern. Those were the good old days.

But right now, right here you don’t have to look back 30 years and say that. You are living the good days right now. Because these are the days before the storm comes. And when the storm comes, it’s not going to stop until all is made right. It’s going to blow everything that has a sign of wickedness out of the way forever. So these are the days where you are looking at and saying wow. There will be days just years from now where you may be hidden in someone’s basement. You may be hiding out in someone’s closet or in someone’s wall and the authorities are looking for you because they heard that you had a Bible. They heard that you were teaching from that Bible and they are hunting you down to kill you. You will remember these days and say wow I remember when we were on Pal-talk and we could talk freely about the Bible as much as we wanted to. We could call the wild jackal, a jackal. We could call Barak Obama the devil or whatever we wanted to but now those things can bring death. These are the days that you are going to remember in the future. So enjoy them while they are here. But take advantage of them before they leave. You have the opportunity to learn what Yah needs you to know. And that is what you need to do.

This is why we are here and this is why Yah allowed us to bring this last part. From the first part to the last part with the man of sin and the revelation series, both of these lessons go hand in hand dealing with these prophesies. The prophesies are important and getting ourselves together before the prophesies happen is just as important. So we have to, as Yahoshua stated, we have to pray that we are found worthy to escape what’s about to come upon the earth. Pray that you are found worthy to escape what’s about to come upon the earth. So when you look at that you have to say wow, I have to pray to escape that? I just can’t do right and blah, blah, blah. See we don’t want to get into that mind-set (thinking) okay, I’m living righteous or I’m doing this or that. We don’t want to get into that mind-set because now we are getting arrogant. That you just KNOW and you don’t have to pray, you just known you are going to escape it because you know, you keep the Shabbat and you don’t eat pork.

Let’s go to the Book of Luke. I have a few Scriptures I want to throw out before we go to Revelation chapter 21. Revelation 21 is such a beautiful chapter because we see the ending of time and the beginning of eternity where there is not time. Yah doesn’t need to tell you how old He is. Yah has no age. He’s eternal. He’s has no beginning and no end. So He does not have to say ‘I’m 10 trillion years old’! What does that matter to Yah? There’s no time with Him. He was from the beginning and there is no end. He just continues going. You can’t number that. There’s no number to count that far. No man can count that far.

Luke chapter 21, check this out. This is Yahoshua (speaking).

Luke 21:36 Watch then at all times and pray that you be counted worthy to escape. All of this is about to take place…everything that we read in the Revelation series, everything that we read in the man of sin series. We have to pray that we are found worthy to escape all of that. We saw some very powerful things that are about to take place on this earth. We read about them. They are on the horizon; They are on the way. Yahoshua said we have to pray to be counted worthy to escape it. So pray you are found worthy to make the wilderness. Pray to be found worthy to make the first resurrection. To be counted worthy of these things.

Yah is looking for faithful and trustworthy servants, family. Will He find any when He returns? Would He find any if He was to return tonight? How many of us in this room, in your heart of hearts feel that you would make the kingdom if judgment was placed on you tonight? You don’t have to say it in the room. That’s between you and the Father but you should know in your heart of hearts. If you don’t feel that you are ready or if you don’t feel that your walk is strong enough to be found worthy to make the kingdom, then you have to strengthen your walk. Because all judgment is in the hand of Yah. But if you do well, well will be done to you. If you do wrong, wrong will be done to you. But it’s all in Yah’s hands and we all pray. But if Yah was to come before our face tonight, how many of us would feel ashamed?

If He was to make a surprise appearance tonight, how many of you would be caught in sin? How many of you would be caught stealing? How many of you would be caught gossiping? How many of you would be caught slandering? How many of you would be caught back-biting if Yah was to make a surprise appearance to you? And at that hour what would you be doing? Only Yah knows. Right? Only Yah knows.

So this is why it’s important that we strengthen our walks so that when He does come as He comes as a thief in the night…a thief sneaks in. So when He does come will you be ready for His appearance? Will you be ready to be counted worthy with those that will make it into the kingdom? The ones that we will read about today in the closing of the Revelation series. Will you be found worthy? Man, I’m telling you that is a statement. That’s something to think about because we all are striving for the kingdom. We all are striving for Yah. We all want to be found worthy. We all want to get the praise of Yah that hey ‘that’s My faithful and trustworthy servant’.

And we know the weakness of the flesh. If anybody in this room doesn’t make the kingdom the one thing that caused you not to make it was your flesh. When we say that the flesh is weak that weakness covers so many different angles. You can’t fight satan in the flesh because you have lost that battle. You are weak against him in the flesh. He will tear you apart! So it don’t matter if Dean and Sammy go get the gun to shoot the devil because you ain’t killing him in the flesh. You have to be on the spirit to even look the devil in the face. You can’t look at him in the flesh. He will eat you up. You have to be on the spirit to even comprehend who he is. That’s why you have these brothers talking about the white man is the devil. So they limit the power of this angel to a man. Men’s power is limited to this physical existence. There’s only certain things a man can do living in this physical existence, on this physical plane here. The devil is beyond that. So if you are going to limit him down here with men, then you aer only going to look at these actions of men and you will miss the spiritual actions that the devil is causing in your life. A man can beat you. A man can kill you. A man can shoot you. But the devil can cause you to fall into the lake of fire. And that is what you are missing. So when you limit the devil to the white man, not the red man, not the black man, not the other man but to the white man, you have lost the battle against the devil already. He didn’t even have to put on his boxing gloves. He didn’t even have to step in the ring with you. He just showed up at the arena. And you already lost the fight.

So who wants to make the kingdom? Give me a ‘7’ on the screen if you want to make the kingdom. Everybody in here, we should have two hundred and forty-nine ‘7s’ up there. Everybody wants to make the kingdom. How many of us, give me a ‘2’ on the screen, how many of us are willing to do what it takes to make the kingdom? Give me a ‘2’ if you are willing to do that. Now it’s one thing to want to make the kingdom. Everybody wants to do that. But the things to do to make the kingdom, that’s where the work comes in. Do you know what you have to do? The first thing you have to do is be obedient to Yah. In order to be obedient to Yah, you have to deny yourself. Deny the things that the flesh lusts after. The flesh wants so many things that are not good for the flesh because it’s so weak. So you have to deny yourself, deny your flesh. Take up your stake and walk the walk as Yahoshua walked. These are the requirements that you have to do if you want to make that kingdom.

Some of you think hey, I stopped eating pork, that’s good enough. Some of us think hey, I stopped fornicating, that’s good enough. Some of us think hey, I stopped smoking cigarettes, that’s good enough. But you have to follow the Father, truly follow the Father in order to make the kingdom. We are going to see how glorious and how beautiful and how much esteem the kingdom has and everything that we go through is so worthy of it.

You know, when we look into the Book and when we read about certain passages, we read about some of the complaints of some of the prophets. Yahoshua even prayed to Yah, you know Yah let this cup pass from My hands if it is your will. You read the Pseudepigrapha books and the prophets asked why, why why? Abraham asked why, why, why? You know Yah let’s us get away with that because Yah understands that our flesh is weak. Because when Adam, he fell  because he dwelled on the flesh. He didn’t dwell on the spirit. Yah knows these things. Yahoshua knows these things. These are valid questions that we have for the Father. Because the flesh doesn’t know all. The flesh is limited in its obtaining of knowledge. There is only so much we can comprehend and understand in these fleshly forms. Yah doesn’t need to give us the why, why, why. But He gives us hey just hold on.

Because when we go to the Father and ask why is this happening to me? Or why is that happening in the world? Father why do you let that happen? And if He gave us the answer, are we even capable of understanding the reasoning that He says that He does things? Or when you are dwelling on the flesh could you even accept what the spirit has to say? It’s like some people you can give them this truth up and down, left and right, in and out and they still don’t get it. The same way the truth was brought to you, the same way you gave the truth to others. There are some people you give it that same way, that same truth and they just won’t get it. They still are stuck…why, why, why or but, but, but. That’s because they are dwelling on the flesh. It’s impossible for the flesh to understand the spirit. So you are always going to have that conflict. Each and every one of us battles this battle every day. As we strive for the kingdom, when we wake up out of the bed, the flesh and the spirit are going to war. It all depends on you, whose going to win the battle that day. You are the king of your domain. Your domain is your temple, it’s you, it’s your conscience. Who do you want to win the battle that day?

We all know some days we give in to the flesh and then flesh conquers the spirit. Then some days when we battle the flesh, the spirit crushes the flesh. But when we give over to fleshly desires, then we put the spirit behind. ‘I know I should not be doing this but I can’t help myself’. Then when the spirit takes over after you have done that thing…now you feel bad. ‘Man, I shouldn’t have been doing that and I did it anyway’. Because now the spirit is speaking to you. Now these things are starting to make sense because the spirit always makes sense. It’s the flesh that has no logic. Flesh has no understanding; It’s a brute beast. And the beast has no logic. It just does what feels good to it. But the spirit makes sense of it all. ‘Man you shouldn’t have done that’. ‘You know how Yah feels about that’. ‘You shouldn’t have said that’. ‘Man you shouldn’t have been hanging out with those people’. ‘You know your not supposed to be around them’. ‘Why did you invite them over to your house’? ‘You knew what they were about’. ‘Why did you do this or that’?

This is what the spirit says to you. ‘Why did you go to that party with them’? ‘You know your not supposed to be at parties’. So now there is a battle. Now the spirit is bringing all this back to your remembrance and now you feel bad. And you are supposed to because that is the first step towards repentance. You can not repent without feeling guilty about what you did. David repented of the sin he committed with Bathsheba. David cried when Nathan brought that to his face. Because David was in the flesh. David’s flesh had taken over and the spirit was in the background. But when the spirit came and SPOKE to him, now he realized what his fault was but when he was in the flesh he saw nothing wrong with what he was doing. He though it was okay to take that man’s wife, kill the man and do all that. But the moment the spirit brought to his remembrance, David this is wrong. David this is against Yah. Oh-wee! So then he made the proper repentance.

Some of us get so down far in the pit that it’s hard to repent. Some of us get so caught up in fleshly desires that it’s hard to leave them alone. Just one more time. Just one more hit. Just one mo’ again. One mo’ again turns into two more agains. Two mo’ agains turn into three mo’ agains. Three mo’ agains turn into…you ain’t stopping! And the spirit is always there to remind you…STOP. The spirit has a loud voice in the beginning…STOP, STOp, STop, Stop, stop. But as you continue on, that voice gets smaller and smaller because now you are letting the flesh overcome you. The flesh is you now. That voice that was once yelling at you to STOP is now getting lower. (Whispers) stop. Until you just don’t hear it anymore. And now here you are someplace that you don’t need to be; Here you are some person you don’t need to be. Yah brought you into His marvelous light and satan snuck you out.

So we have to move all this stuff out of the way in order to make the kingdom. This beautiful kingdom that we are about to read about…we got to move all of this stuff out of the way. It can be done. It’s going to be a struggle. Nobody says it’s going to be easy. It is a battle that we can win. It’s not an un-winnable war. If it were an un-winnable war then we wouldn’t fight it. But we can win and we have examples of men winning.

Let’s go to 1 Peter. See, we all understand this battle between the flesh and the spirit because we go through it everyday. We all fight everyday. Sometimes that flesh can get so, so wicked! Sometimes that flesh can get so, so weak. We think we are fighting satan but we are fighting ourselves. Sometimes satan hasn’t even been around in a month and you have been battling that flesh for a whole month and you swear up and down you have been fighting satan. Satan hasn’t even been there. It’s been you fighting you. Your like man, this has to be the devil. Naw, that ain’t the devil, it’s you. The devil doesn’t need to smoke weed. The devil doesn’t need to get drunk. That’s you. That isn’t the devil. The devil doesn’t need to do cocaine. That’s you. The devil doesn’t need to do crack. That’s you. You can’t blame that on nobody else but you. ‘Man satan got me over here smoking this weed, man’. Satan didn’t go out and buy the weed…you did. Satan didn’t come home and roll a joint…you did. Satan is no where around you but you are. You look around the room and the room is empty. You are the only one there. You and your sin. That’s it. You have nobody to blame.

1 Peter 4:18 If the righteous one is going to barely be saved, there’s no hope for the sinner and the wicked to be saved and go into the kingdom. That is what he is saying here. Because when we go into the kingdom man, we are going to barely make it there. Many of us may go in there with ONE righteous act that out weighed all the wickedness that we did. You may go in there by the skin of your teeth so to speak. Barely make it there. But at least you made it. Right? But there is no hope for the (willful) sinner and the wicked. So you better hope that you are not counted among them.

There are so many pit falls that appear before us. There are so many stumbling blocks that appear before us in our walks, family. There are so many things we can be doing. There are so many things that we do not do. There are so many things that the devil would like for us to do. There are so many things that we have done. But it all comes down to where are you now? Yeah, you did (x,y,z) in the past okay well that’s over. Where are you now? Where will you be tomorrow? And the day after that? What is your long-term planning?

Some of you are new. This walk is brand new to you. Some of you have been in here for a minute. Some of you have been in here a few seconds. Yet when you come into the walk and ways of Yah and you come in and see the Esteem of Yah, you better try with all your might to hold on to that and not let it be taken from you. Because satan will take it if you allow him to. Do you understand that? If you allow him to create doubt in you then you have allowed satan to create doubt in you. If you allow him to convince you to do an act that you know is against Yah, then you have allowed it.

People think satan is fighting against Yah but how is it a fight when you can’t even put your guard up unless Yah tells you to put your guard up? You can’t even throw a punch unless Yah tells you to throw a punch. It’s not a war in the conventional sense of a war. It is more of satan is doing what Yah tells him to do. Yah is using satan to bring about His will. The war or battlefield that we are fighting against in this spiritual war…we are fighting against ourselves. That flesh versus that spirit is on a daily collision course. My higher self versus my lower self; the brute beast in me versus the heavenly being in me. They are always at war. The brute beast says listen, I live in a brute beast society. I don’t need to be heavenly right now. But the heavenly says listen, I have a better plan for you. I can make things better for you. You don’t have to live as a brute beast. Yeah you live in a brute beast world but you don’t have to be as they are. The flesh is saying, naw. All I know is how to be a beast. All I want to do are beastly things. Why are you trying to make me better when I’m nothing but a beast in a beast world. I want to enjoy myself if I’m not being a beast, as the world is made for beasts. But the heavenly is always there to counteract everything that beast is saying. It’s within everybody. Yin and Yang; right and wrong; the knowledge of good and evil. You paid with that with your life, to get that knowledge. Now you have to utilize it. You know good and you know evil. Therefore, follow the good and shun the evil

Let’s go to the Book of Acts. Then we will start Revelation 21. This is real family, I’m just giving you the walk. New Israelites, that’s what the walk is about. It’s going to be a struggle family. Many of you are struggling now. You just came out of Christianity and you had a HARD time last Sunday! (Easter Sunday). You had a HARD time not leaving out that house putting on your Sunday’s best and showing up in that church and giving praise and honor to a dead god name Jesus who they have a celebration for but he still hasn’t risen from the dead yet (images of Jesus on the cross). Because he has no power or authority to do so only Yah who raised Yahoshua from grave! We have the documentation. So I know it. As it was hard for each and every one of us as we came out (of Christianity). In 1996, February, I came into the truth I think Easter was that March…do you think Obadiyah stopped eating Easter ham the next month? psssst. I was sucking on that ham, BOY making sure there was no more meat on it! Do you understand? It takes awhile. It’s a process. I didn’t celebrate Easter 1997 though because I had been taught better (by then). It’s a process and I know that, that is the same thing that you are going through, new Hebrew. It was hard for you last week not to show up in church. And then the pressure that your family was putting on you because you didn’t show up in church and you didn’t bring your children to church. They are mad with you now because you are shunning Jesus and serving Yah. But it’s going to get better.


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