The News You Can Use

These jackals are ready to destroy the earth! A lot is going on! Yah has found you fit to be born now. You are blessed. You might not have a mansion but you have understanding!

Stop updating your Facebook status ALLL day! Once a day is enough!! I got caught up in the YouTube web! You know where they link video after video and the next thing you know you have been there for 3 hours!! They diluted a lot of stuff now. There is hardly any illuminati stuff on there anymore. There is hardly any Israelite stuff on there anymore. Did y’all know there is a war going on between the black nationalist groups? They are even more vicious than the Israelites groups. It’s all about their egos. They debate on nonsense. Black nationalists call themselves generals. They make the NY Israelites look humble! You can see the demons in their eyes.

Egyptologists and black nationalists believe the Bible is a ‘white man’s book’. They like the book of the dead. We speak and love the living. The Bible is for the living. Yah is the Power of the living. They say we took things from Egypt and put it in the Bible. See, the Bible is prophesy; There is no prophesy in Egyptian books. The history of the children of Ysrayl are shown in the Bible. Show me how you are connected to Egypt? So whose book is false?

Before mankind separated into nations they knew about clean vs. unclean animals, Genesis 7:2 and Leviticus 11. Law was already on the earth. Once upon a time the Egyptians had the truth but they corrupted it. That is why Egyptians books have similarities to Scripture. There is a flood story written in just about every culture on earth! Did you know what? Just like many nations have written books on WWII. All nations witnessed WWII just like the flood.

If they don’t repent of the madness that they put out, Yah will deal with them. These men are looking for money and followings. These Egyptologist and black nationalists do lectures $20-30 a head. There is no difference between them and a Christian pastor. We do lectures for free.  (Talks to someone) Yeah, Sarasutenseti was showing homosexual sex in his lecture and there were kids in the audience!! Sarasutenseti limited satan to a man! See, the devil is a spirit that can jump from this person to that person. They have no understanding. In order to be a black nationalist you must have a land. There is no black nation. There is no black language. Some of us Israelites have black skin. Some of us have yellow skin. Some of us have golden brown skin and some of us have dark brown skin. Yah calls us by nations not colors. This ‘white man-black man’ foolishness was created to keep Israelites dumbed down!!

Yah is correcting you for your wild ways…it’s not the ‘white man’!!

Don’t battle or argue with people! Yah’s spirit is not on them so don’t debate them…see satan loves to debate! Show them by the Scriptures. That’s it. They debate on the internet now y’all. It’s like a boxing match. How much time do you think we have? The man of sin and false prophet may be operating now!! The world is becoming more lawless. Yah is going to destroy this world. Let’s stay Set-apart!!

The Jackie Robinson movie: I hope they don’t lessen what he went through! He died young. When they did the autopsy on Martin Luther King’s heart and he was 39 years old when he murdered…they said his heart was the heart of an 80-year-old man!!! They said Jackie Robinson went through ‘pure hell’ too. The Gentiles had outright hatred of him. See, the negro leagues was more popular and they were losing money because of that. Jackie Robinson was not the first ‘black’ to play. There were ‘black’ Cubans and Dominicans that played before Jackie but they counted them as ‘Hispanic’. Do you see how these wild jackals try to separate us based on language? Yeah Spike Lee wanted to make the Jackie Robinson movie but Hollywood said Spike is too militant. They don’t want it to be shown what the Gentiles were saying and doing to Jackie. The fans hated Jackie calling him a nigger every chance they got.  Jackie’s widow also turned down Spike Lee. I just hope they don’t lightly go over what happened to him. I hope they show the rawness of what really happened.

‘Olympus Falling’ movie: This was a good movie BUT one wild Gentile killed ALL the terrorists! This movie is based on North and South Korea wanting their land reunited. The Koreans WRECKED SHOP on the white house in this movie! Oh-wee! Those boys were rough! Korea is no chump nation! This is why the U.S. is afraid of them. The Koreans fought hard in the Korean War. These wild jackals had a 6-shooter in the movie yet killed 35 people…lol. This movie is just like today’s headlines. Morgan Freeman became president yet again. EVERY TIME there is a movie like this, he is president. (lol in the room). Do y’all know an army surrounds the white house? It only takes them 15 minutes to get to the white house. The Koreans in the movie took the white house in 13 minutes! Korea use to be one land. Then the civil war came. The U.S. put its hand in by backing the south. The U.S. put sanctions on the north. See, the Koreans are still mad about that. Just like in the Iran, Iraq conflict, the U.S. backed both. The United States played them. In the movie ‘Wag the Dog’ with Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman they used distractions. Wars are to distract and take over lands. TEXT: The U.S. followed the French after French left Vietnam U.S. took over the war.

Kayn elder, these people are war mongers. (names all the wars of the U.S.). Bush said he is the war president! Did y’all know that China fought with Korea during the Korean War? WWIII could come up in as few as 6 years. The second world war was the most devastating war in all mankind so far! Civilians were bombed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the U.S. This beast is not to be played with!!!

Why is Fort Knox heavily secured? They say 100 billion in gold is there. In the 1970s the gold was moved out. TEXT: fallen angels are there.

10,000 soldiers guard Fort Knox in KY!!

TEXT: Gerard Butler. TEXT: Jack Bauer.

What’s in Fort Knox that they must guard? Giants? The president can’t even go in there! They are digging up artifacts in Iraq and Israel putting them in there. Did y’all know that Noah took the bodies of Adam and Eve with him? Have they found the body of Adam? Adam is the origin of human genetics. They like to clone. What will they do now? Giants are there in Fort Knox too. They guard it so millions of people will not tear it down trying to see Adam! Area 51 is really Fort Knox not Nevada. They put that out to fool you. We will talk more about the fallen angels in an upcoming lesson.

News: Michelle Obama called herself a single mother! TEXT: She mad cuz Barak was makin’ passes at attorney general of California…lol.

That’s the Jezebel spirit…I can do bad by myself…I don’t need a man. Her and Barak probably broke up a long time ago. That was not a mistake what she said. Michelle likes power.

Magic Johnson’s son is a homosexual. They want him to be seen by young black men. ‘Magic’ is a member of the illuminati. Isaiah Thomas told that Magic was gay back in the day and this is how he caught A.I.D.S. Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson kept Isaiah off the dream team. TEXT: Nasty father like son.

Magic said he hopes his son E.J. is an inspiration to other young black men. At twelve years old Magic’s son was walking in women’s shoes, wearing mink coats and carried a red purse!! See, they raised him to be gay.

Four football players may announce they are gay soon. There are probably more than that, that are gay.

Shaquille O’neal is a CLOWN on his show. But do y’all see what they are doing to our manhood? Don’t shave your face and head.

The Roc Movie: The Roc is looking like a punk not wanting to kill anybody in the movie. TEXT: acting like a sissy.

(imitates soft man voice…lol in the room).

Germany: There is a museum exhibit called ‘Jew in a box’. This is Hitler’s vision. So you ask a Jew a question about Jewish culture. Someone go ask them who the real Hebrew Israelites are. Lol in the room.

Did y’all know there is a bounty on Joseph Coney? He is fighting for the commandments. He is not a child trafficker. In Uganda gays are banned! Did y’all know that? Yah said purge evil. They use to stone those in the land. But in the U.S. it’s do as thou wilt.

Talks about homosexuals in sports again…you won’t be able to tell who is who. They have muscles, beards and are tall, these gay men. They don’t always act feminine. Yeah women want to come into the NBA and NFL! Women are not built for contact sports!! Some of them in basketball have even lost their monthly cycles. ‘The Bus’ who played on the Pittsburg Steelers can hardly walk anymore. TEXT: Hulk Hogan can not even stand up without help. TEXT: Deon on his reality show was in a hover round.

Christopher Reeves will always be Superman to me. I’m sending you, Superman to earth to guide them, MY ONLY SON. Deep! Superman is a god. Lex Luther said gods are selfish and don’t share their power and flying around in red capes. Lex Luther said ‘I don’t like gods’.

Yeah X-men and the Hulk are nephilium. Superman, Thor fell in love with human women…watchers. These women had no covering. TEXT: all the men will be gay (no covering for women).

Batman and Robin…boy wonder…he was a teen boy who lived in this man’s basement. Batman was a multi millionaire What was they doing? Yeah those masks…eyes wide open…like hiding or putting another person on. Why do they wear capes and tights? The Spartans wore capes too. TEXT: What does the cape represent? TEXT: symbolism of wings.

What does the ‘S’ really stand for? His name was Kael. Louis Lane named him Superman. I watched ‘Superman returns’ yes they are coming back, the fallen angels. TEXT: Man, Obadiyah I use to like Batman! TEXT: ‘S’ is for supreme being.

There is a new Superman movie coming out this year! Superman is seen as the savior of mankind. Droel  his father sent his only son Kael to save humans.

Every man, woman and child will have to make a choice? Yah or satan. There is no in between.

Talks about the show called ‘revolution’. Talks about character named Carl.

TEXT: They finally got James Evans (John Amos) to play homo.

I’M GOING TO PRETEND I DID NOT HEAR THAT!!!!!!! We need to make our own movies. We have the technology to do it these days. TEXT: If ‘brews are being gay that means they are not making babies. That is what they want.

We have to be in all forms of media with the truth like lectures, movies, music. Muslims, black nationalists, Christians use all this media and we need to also.

They put crappy gangster movies on Net-Flix! So I know we could make a movie.

You must work for Yah! Bring souls back to Yah! We don’t debate the Word of Yah. It is law forever. We can only show, teach you. We have to get in the face of these churches. There’s a fire in there. Be a firemen. Save our people. We are not involved in civil wars though. Feed your people. Reverend only wants his tithe money. We are not here to get rich on lectures. We will be doing a lecture tour soon.

TEXT: Jackie Robinson starred in his own movie in 1950.

The Negro League people were mad at him too. He was not a sell-out. It was something Yah had for him to do. The curses follow us.

TEXT: the bingo long traveling all-stars and motor kings is the story about the negro leagues.

*elder read Romans 1:18-32 with emphasis on verses 26 and 27 on unnatural relationships.