The Book of Revelation p. 11c

Let’s go to Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39. Remember those names that stood out Gog and Magog. Many have traced them to Russia. There is STRONG indication that Gog and Magog are Russia. Let’s go. I want to show you something here. The Book of Yahzeqyl chapter 38 and 39 so we can get the details of the last great war. That will take place among the sons of men. Because when satan is not there we replenish the earth and we are obedient. There is a celebration in the kingdom. The people are coming up to keep the feasts in Jerusalem. It’s a beautiful time.

But then satan gets released and he messes things up. So he will convince them hey man y’all should come on, we are going to go capture…listen I have this power…BAM I can pull fire out of heaven. I have this weapon. I have that weapon. BAM let’s go get them.

Yahzeqyl 38:1-23, v. 1-2, Notice these are the sons of Japheth. Go back and read Genesis chapter 10:2-5. These are the sons of Japheth…Gentiles…as we know them. Now this is the last great battle that we are reading about here. Remember Yah called them out, Gog and Magog in Revelation chapter 20. Now we are in Yahzeqyl chapter 38 and the same names Gog and Magog, the same nations, the same war.

v. 3-4 Now look at this. Yah called out their weapons of war. He didn’t say a gun or bullet. Remember this is after Harmegiddo when Yahoshua comes back and after the people have reigned in the kingdom for a thousand years. These modern weapons will be gone. We don’t need that. Yah talks about them beating their weapons of war into plowshares and making farming tools with their swords. They would not need weapons of war anymore because there will not be war or even thought of war for a thousand years. So they don’t need conventional weapons of war. Melt it down and build something with it. So now when satan comes to deceive them just like the fallen angels descended down, the watchers taught men things that they were not supposed to teach us according to the Book of Enoch chapter 8. One of the things they taught us is how to make swords and shields to make war.

So when satan gets out of prison, guess what? He’s going to teach them how to make swords and shields and how to make war. This is why Yah is calling out all their weapons right here. They will actually have horses. They will have swords and shields and all that. Now look at the nations that he will call out.

v. 5 Persia or Iran, Kush or Ethiopia or Africa and Phut or Libyans or Somalians. Some say Libyans but it’s actually Somalians. v. 6 Gomer are the Gentiles. House of Togarmah from far north=Gentiles. We saw that the people in Revelation chapter 20 are these same nations that have multiplied as the sands of the sea. So now we see many people are coming with them.

v. 7 It says be ready!! v. 8 In the latter years! The latter years is talking about the time after the resurrections and after Yahoshua had come back because we are still counting time. But once satan is thrown into the lake of fire and this last great war has ended, time will cease! And everybody in the kingdom will live forever and everybody in the lake of fire will be tormented forever. And you can not number forever. So the ‘latter years’ meaning that these are the last years before everything has ended or before satan has gone to the lake of fire. Just as the ‘latter days’ are the days before Yahoshua’s return. The ‘latter years’ are the years before satan’s final destruction.

(Reads v. 7-8 again). Now remember this. This is talking about after the resurrection when you are re-gathered. You are coming out of the wilderness. You are re-gathered and brought back to Yah. This is when that war will take place because remember it will take place after satan’s thousand years are up. So we are talking about the same time period here. This is the same thing we read over in Revelation chapter 20.

v. 9 Read. v. 10 ‘Evil plan’=coming up against the kingdom. v. 11 Who will need bars and gates in the kingdom? Right? (We don’t need) gates to protect us when Yah is there to protect us. (Yah has) warrior malakim and now we are even spiritual forms. We have power. See, it makes no sense because the people who live outside of the kingdom know the power of the kingdom. That is why they are going to humbly submit to everything that goes on. But satan always comes and convinces us to do something that is IDIOTIC, that makes no sense at all. After Yah told our father and mother not to eat from that tree, satan convinced us to do so. And the malakim saw and knew the Esteem of Yah (but) satan convinced them to fall with him. So after these people have seen the power of the kingdom, satan is still going to be able to persuade them…’come follow me’. ‘Let’s go against it’. ‘They have no walls’. ‘They have no guards’. ‘They don’t have nobody on watch’. ‘We can go in and take it all’. ‘Don’t you want to live in that kingdom’? This is what he is going to say to them. This is who they will listen to.

v. 12 Calm down freaks out there. This is talking about plunder or booty as in supplies and riches. Cool down. ‘Man, they are going to take booty, I need to be with them’! (finishes reading the verse). See a lot of these Gentile Christians think that this is going to be the Arabs coming up against the Jews in the land of Israel. Because the Jews dwell safely because they came back from all the people around the world. This is the nonsense that they teach because they don’t have understanding. The Jews are building up walls now to separate themselves from the Palestinians. They are building up gates to separate themselves from the Palestinians. So how does this fit them, when it says the people have no walls and they dwell safely? Those Jews aren’t dwelling safely over there. They are getting blown up left and right. So these Christians don’t have the understanding of what’s taking place here. This is talking about when you have been brought back from all the people (or nations). This is when you have been brought back to the land of Ysrayl.

v. 13 Read. v. 14 Humphf. Right now Ysrayl ain’t dwelling safely. Our children walk out of the house and BAM they can get shot. They don’t have to walk out of the house anymore. They can be laying in the bed sleep at bedtime and bullets come in through their window and killing them. Are we dwelling safely, Ysrayl? Yah said when they dwell safely, would you not know it when Yahoshua is ruling, when King David is in the kingdom? Won’t you know it? Won’t you know it? So He is giving you the set up or time period when this is to take place. (This is) when we come back. (This is) when the kingdom is set up and Yahoshua is there. Won’t you know that we are dwelling safe? Alright.

v. 15 Read. v. 16 So Gog is the leader of this. He has all those people with him. But guess what? Yah said in the ‘latter days’. Right? ‘But Obadiyah you just said the latter days are now’. Absolutely. The latter days are now before Yahoshua’s return. But latter years are years that we are looking at now that are in the future. But even when we get the latter years, they still will be the last days before satan is thrown into the lake of fire. So the latter years will be the ending or the close of satan’s full deception on earth. We have a thousand years to go. Those are the latter years. Even in the latter years you still will have the last days of satan’s rule over deceived mankind. That’s what we are looking at right here. This is why this term is mentioned here. Do you understand?

So we have a latter days now and we have a latter days later. Because time is going to stop once satan is taken off this earth and is taken to the lake of fire to be tormented forever…day and night.

(Reads v. 16 again). See Gog, you are going to take the lead and when they see what happens…Whoa! What have we done? v. 17-23 Look at that. We read in Revelation chapter 20 that He is going to bring fire down from heaven. Right? He’s going to rain it down on them.

Let’s go to chapter 39. This is the last great war right here, family.

Yahzeqyl 39:1-29, v. 1-6 Read. You see fire in verse 6. He’s going to rain down fire like in Revelation 20. v. 7-8 Read. v. 9 Wow. v. 10-16 Read. v. 17 See Yah did this before in the second great war (or Battle of Harmegiddo). Now He’s doing it again in the final war.

v. 18-29 Read. Do you know who He is talking to right here? ‘Some of you may be saying ‘well Obadiyah we was already in the kingdom and we already knew Yah’. These are the Israelites that did not make the kingdom but are going to be still living in that world that exists after the kingdom has been set up. Yah still is going to go out and get His people. They have to know that why all these thing are still happening to them is because they are still the seed of Ysrayl. That world that exists when the kingdom is set up, they are going to be still living as the world is living now except while satan is in prison, there will be shalom and they will be obedient. There still will be Israelites out there in the midst. Just like the ‘Book of Eli’. That movie was so deep. That’s what it represents. On one end it represents Ysrayl. Eli is Ysrayl, Yah’s blind servant who the Word and the understanding of the Word was given to. Everybody wants to take the Word from Ysrayl and Ysrayl is ready to stand up and fight to keep the Word.

Then it represents an Israelite that is still left behind outside of the kingdom in that world. So Yah still has to get them too because if that bloodline of Ysrayl is ever broken, then the covenant is forever gone. That’s why Yah has not decimated us to the point where the blood of Abraham is gone. The chosen seed of the blood of Abraham is not gone. Yah is angry with us to do it but He can’t because of the covenant that we made. There has to be an Israelite here to fulfill the covenant promises that He gave to Abraham. (He has) to fulfill the promises that He gave to David and all the promises that He gave to Ysrayl. There has to be Israelites here.

So Yah is still going to be dealing with Israelites up until the time that satan comes and He convinces them ‘hey let’s go against the kingdom’. So as you have disobedience in the world now and you have obedience and in that world too you will have disobedience and you will have obedience. You will have those that accept and those that reject. But satan is going to come and influence and just blow it up or tear it up. He’s going to kill the shalom. So they have to know too. So when he comes up against Ysrayl or the kingdom BAM he’s taken out.

So do you see Yah still calls the nations by the nations or by their names. They still would be there as their nationalities.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 20. Let’s close out. This is the last great judgment in v. 11-15. We saw how the final battle is going to be. WWIII leads to Harmegiddo or Armageddon, then the thousand years Yahoshua returns, satan and Gog come up against the kingdom. BAM they are taken out and satan is thrown into the lake of fire. Hey that’s it. No more time just peace on earth. Peace in the universe. Peace everywhere.

Revelation 20:11-15, v. 11-13 Read. v. 14 (Hades) or Sheol is just the grave…death and the grave. Because the people who are going into the kingdom they are not going to die so the grave doesn’t need to be among them. But the people who are in the lake of fire, that is called ‘the second death’. The grave and death will be down there with them because that is the second death. Remember the first death is physical and the second that is spiritual. So you will be a spiritual (even if) you are not found in the Book of Life you have to be obedient to Yah.

v. 15 So the second resurrection happens a thousand years after satan has been put in the lake of fire. So after that thousand years are up and satan gets them to come against the kingdom then he goes into the lake of fire. We read what Yah is going to do with those who join in with them. So if you stay righteous family hey you will be in the Book of Life. If not you will go to the lake of fire.

I wish that I could talk a little bit more but I told you that I have a sore throat right now. So I have to limit my talking but I will probably one day go into more about the lake of fire so you can really understand that. It is powerful what it’s going to be.

But that is how it is going to happen. So we looked at satan being thrown into prison, satan being released from prison, the last great war that’s going to take place when satan convinces Gog and Magog to come up against the kingdom and all the people that are with them. They will come to battle against those who are in the kingdom. Yah is going to decimate them and throw them away. Those in the kingdom will be burying them and there will be a landfill with their bodies. Yah is going to invite all the birds of heaven again. Yah says see what I do for you? See what I give you birds of heaven? A thousand years ago I gave you a grand feast like this. Now a thousand years later I’m giving you another one. Do you see what I do for you. Yah said I have slaughtered this for you. So this will take place and those will dwell safely.

They will see the people in the kingdom and say ‘oh man, they have no walled villages’ and all that madness. That is only of satan. Satan can not think on the spiritual. He thinks on the physical. He thinks like a man. So those are only the thoughts of a man, to come against Yah. Just like we read about them trying to build the tower or trying to go into space boldly going where no man has gone before to try to conquer Yah. See, you can only be inspired by satan. That is the thought of satan. ‘Let’s go take His Power’. So that is the same thing that will happen in these last days with the kingdom. That’s what that is about. So do you see? That’s it family. That’s Revelation part 11 and chapter 20.

With that being said family. I’m going to leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace…This is real the adversary is coming and he has great wrath and heavy deception because he knows his time is short. Shalom.


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