The Book of Revelation p. 11b

Let’s go to 1 Corinthians chapter 15. Shaul is about to break it down to you how this whole thing is going to add up. How you will be transformed into these spiritual beings.  So do you see what we are looking at here? We are looking at satan being put into prison. We are looking at the resurrection. We are looking at the last great war. We are going to get into that in just a second. Then we will look at the last great judgment. ‘Kill that spirit Sam’! ‘It’s resurrected’! Man, that show just trips my out. Because these jackals went to hell and in their fleshly bodies and they survived hell and then go to wherever purgatory is…but it has some profound thing in there. Because it actually gathers from a lot of these different pagan sources that the man of sin and the false prophet are going to put together in these last days. They are going to make out their one world religion that is going to make up their doctrine. This is why I say you ought to check these shows out for that purpose because that’s what they are bringing, the end time doctrine that you see in this show called ‘Supernatural’. Where all these creatures, devils and demons and just how man fits into the whole thing. It’s really profound and it’s really crazy at the same time because we look at it from a truth perspective. We know what the Bible says and we know what’s going on. So we know that the things that they say are lies and we know that they are doing things that are not of Yah.

So when we look at this…okay that’s what they are talking about when it talks about speaking as a dragon. Then we see some of the things that satan has said in the Pseudepigrapha. We also read in the Bible and we see the doctrines that satan has put together. We look out into the world and we see what the Buddhists are saying. We see what the Muslims are saying. We see what the Jews and Christians are saying and it’s like wow that is what they are talking about in this show right here. So this whole thing family is getting so profound in these last days and it’s because they are throwing these things right before our face and they are saying do you understand what this is? Huh? Like ninny-ninny-na-na.

For instance how many of y’all have been playing attention to the new State Farm Insurance commercials? They made a few of these commercials where the person gets into an accident or something happens to them and then they say this chant ‘like a good neighbor state farm is there’. Remember that? They say this chant then all of a sudden after they say the chant, then an agent pops up. An agent brings them good will. ‘Oh you don’t have to worry about this everything is taken care of’. Don’t you know that, that is carbon copy of how to summon up demons? It is how the witches and warlocks and the devil worshippers sum up demons. and they do this same thing in the show ‘Supernatural’. So this is what they are showing you even in TV commercials. And you may think that is so funny…oh I’m going to go get state farm insurance. Even though I think Israelite Heritage does have State Farm Insurance. But I’m just saying we didn’t get it because of the commercials but they throw this stuff at you. You say the chant, then your demon appears and your demon brings you good tidings. You can control your demon, that is what they do in ‘Supernatural’ the TV show. So all this stuff is being put out there and people are not catching it because the people don’t know the truth. They are missing all these things.

1 Corinthians, we are looking at the resurrections and we are looking at being transformed into spiritual beings once the person is resurrected.

1 Corinthians 15:38-57, v. 38-40 read. v. 41 So he’s saying there is a difference in all of the bodies. Man has one set of flesh. Animals have another. The sun has one; The moon has one. We all have a covering over us. Right? Because everything is pure energy. But we have these coverings over us so we can visualize what pure energy is. So he said there is a different body for everything. v. 42 So it is sown in corruption meaning these flesh bodies are corruptible. The flesh is weak. It breaks down. It gets tired. It has pain. So when it goes into the grave, it rots away and it raises up incorruptible because now you are a spiritual form. You are that energy form now that we  know as spiritual or spirit.

v. 43 Look at that. This flesh goes into the grave and then comes out with power, with power of a SPIRIT. Do you want to know what this is? You wait until the man of sin and the false prophet step on the stage to do their thing. You will see what the power of a spirit is. Because satan is the power behind them and satan is spirit.

v. 44 Do you see that? The natural body is what we have now. This is why Scripture says that flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of Yah. No flesh and blood man will be able to come into the kingdom because flesh and blood can not live forever. The men of Adam’s day lived 900 plus years. But they had to die because their flesh bodies broke down. Their flesh body was weak. It could only sustain in the world that they were living in according to that environment. It could only stay 900 plus years. It could not go or live to a thousand.

v. 45 The last Adam is Yahoshua. So when Yah made flesh, Adam is the first of his fleshly man creation. Yahoshua is the first of the spiritual of the man spiritual creations meaning that the flesh and blood man being transformed into a spiritual being. Yahoshua is the first one. Abraham has not been transformed into a spiritual being yet. Moses, King David none of them, Yahoshua is the first one. And he is the only one as it stands at this point and time. So He’s like Adam because He’s the first of creation of the new man. And just like Yah had all the malakim to bow down to Adam, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Yahoshua is Ha Maschiyach. So every angel still has to bow down to Yahoshua, the first Adam of the new creation. Satan refused to bow down to the first Adam so he was cast down. Yahoshua went to the fallen angel prison and let them know that he is Ha Maschiyach, when He was blessed to be so after His resurrection.

v. 46 Yah said Ysrayl is My first-born son. That is natural. Yahoshua is My unique Son in whom I am well pleased. My beloved, unique Son who I am well pleased. Yahoshua is the spiritual. Because He has been turned into spirit. So Ysrayl represents in Yah’s earthly sons, the first-born son. Yahoshua is the second born. Ishmael was the first-born son and Isaac was the second born son. Isaac got the inheritance. Esau was the first-born of Isaac and Jacob was the second. Jacob got the blessings of the spiritual blessing. He got the blessings of the land, the chosen people and promises and all that. Yahoshua got the blessings of the rulership and all the promises of eternal life. He got all that. But Ysrayl was first before Yahoshua. Right? Yes. Because Yahoshua came through Ysrayl. So the natural is first. So this even goes to kill the doctrine of a pre-existing Messiyah. In order for the Messiyah to have existed first before the nation of Ysrayl, He had to be a spirit. Because everything that exists on the heavenly realm is SPIRIT. So it says the natural is first, then the spiritual.

So Yahoshua didn’t exist until after Ysrayl existed. And we know  He came through the womb of a Israylite woman. So there was no pre-existing Messiyah. There was no need for one had Ysrayl not fallen. There was no need for one had man not fallen. So why would He be up there pre-existing? Because Yahoshua is our Messiyah and He has first conquered the physical because the natural is first. When He walked on earth, He didn’t walk the earth as a spiritual being. He walked the earth as a MAN that came to this world as men do, through the womb of a woman. So the natural is first THEN He became spirit after He conquered the natural. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah.

v. 47-48 So we are earthly (made of dust). We are physical beings. You can’t walk through a wall like a malakim can. You can’t fly into distant galaxies and universes like a malakim can. You are a fleshly man, you can’t even inherit the kingdom of Yah because you have this flesh on you. And there isn’t a little spirit living inside of you. You shall become a spirit. Listen to what I’m saying. Your going to become a spirit there is not one living inside of you. Can you imagine that satanic lie? Remember satan told Eve, you shall not surely die. So what happened when the first man died? Satan had to scratch his head, wait a minute. This is what I actually meant. I meant that your body dies but your spirit lives on.

Since when the body dies and the breath returns to Yah, no man has come back after he has been dead and body embalmed and all that stuff. He has not come back to tell us what it’s like. Every time someone goes and calls himself talking to the dead, they are talking to demons. And demons are liars. So we are earthly and we will be made heavenly or spiritual. Then you can inherit the kingdom of Yah.

As I do this lesson right now, I have a sore throat. My throat is killing me right now. But at the same time, this is fleshly. This is weak. The malakim don’t have sore throats. They don’t have arthritis. They don’t have cancer. They don’t have the breaking down of the body because they are not as us. When I was watching Superman and one of the things that I was pointing out to Zuri about Superman being a god is that he said he doesn’t feel pain. He’s not afraid of heights. He can fly out into space without carrying a mask on his face to breathe. He can walk on the moon. He can fly through the sun. He could dance on the sun if he wanted to. We look at that and that is what the malakim (do). That’s the power of the spirit. But we are natural and we are limited to this physical world.

‘Well Obadiyah, you are telling the people a lie because you just haven’t activated your kundalini and your chakras’. ‘You see, once you activate your kundalini, then you can go do all those things’. ‘You can walk through the wall’. ‘You can ascend’. ‘See you aren’t about ascension, you are trying to keep your people on the physical’. Yah will determine when they are taken off the physical and put on the heavenly or spiritual not you…kundalini master…chakra guru. Let’s continue.

v. 49 We live as the flesh like Yahoshua lived as the flesh and has borne the heavenly now. A heavenly body when He comes back. What do you think that means when He says I’m coming back with Power and much Esteem?! (It means) I’m not coming back in this flesh and blood body that y’all see me in now. I’m coming back with Power and Esteem in My spiritual form.

Just like in ‘Supernatural’ there was a scene in there where there was an angel and this witch was trying to conger him up. and she saw him in his true form and it burned her eyes out of her head. She became blind. She saw him in his spiritual form and she couldn’t take it. And there was a scene where this same angel, somebody seen him and said I thought you would be taller. The angel said, In my true form, I’m about the same height as your Chrysler Building. The Chrysler Building is about 1,000 feet tall.

So when you get to that spiritual form, that’s what that esteem is. You’ll see when Yahoshua…if you are around, if you are still living or if you are in the wilderness at that time. If you are still breathing or if you are in the resurrection…you’ll see.

v. 50 Do you see that? Flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom. Why? Because everybody going into the kingdom will live forever and flesh and blood can not live forever. It was not built to live forever.

v. 51 Not everyone will die. There will be some people in the wilderness that will not see death. But they will all be changed into spiritual forms. He said I have a secret to tell you, we shall not all die but we all shall be changed. Because everybody…you can’t be tormented forever and ever in the lake of fire if you are flesh. There is a like burning with fire and flesh burns up in an instant. It doesn’t take no time for flesh to burn. So in order to be tormented as satan is a spirit and the lake of fire was created for satan and his angels. So as satan is a spirit, you have to be one too (in the lake of fire).

So every flesh and born (person) will be transformed into a spiritual form. We will either go into the kingdom forever or you are going into the lake of fire forever. Let’s continue.

v. 52 The last trumpet=the last shofar. Look at that. He’s talking about the resurrections here. ‘The dead shall be raised’, he’s talking about the resurrections. That is the resurrections ‘and changed over to spiritual forms’. So when Yahoshua comes back with the army of heaven with Him and then you are transferred over to spiritual form and you meet Him in the air. What do you think you are coming back down to do? You are not coming down to say ‘brother please don’t fight the war brother’. NAW. You are coming down with your flaming sword and you are going to work making the river of blood, making a great feast for all the birds. And then you go into the kingdom and hang out.

v. 53 We are mortal now meaning that we can die. But immortality, let me see you fight an angel and kill the angel. ‘I did it Sam, I killed the angel’! Yeah, they kill angels in there too, I told you that. Demons and angels, they shot them with guns. ‘Get the gun Sam’! And Sam gets the gun, he loads the gun up and shoots the devil with the gun. He shoots angels with the gun. He shoots demons with the gun. And they kill demons and angels…with a gun.

v. 54-55 Those in the kingdom will not see death anymore. There will not be any reapers there. There will not be a grave there. There will be no mourning there. There will be no weakness of the flesh there for every one who is there. Remember we read last week in Yeremiyah chapter 31 that everyone shall know Yah from the least to the greatest. All shall know Yah, every one in the kingdom at that time. This is the same time period.

v. 56-57 So the resurrections that are spoken of in Revelation chapter 20, this is what we are talking about. Raised up from the grave then changed into the spiritual form and going into the kingdom. HalleluaYah.

Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 20. We are going to look at the last great war now. Man, this boy is going to be something else! I want you to pay attention to the nations involved. Yah’s going to call them out by name. Revelation chapter 20. This is what I want you to understand. When Yahoshua does come back, when He does battle at the Battle of Harmegiddo against the armies of the earth and all those people who do survive, that they will still have their nationalities! The Egyptians will still be the Egyptians. Yes, they will still have their nationalities. Even in this broken world, they will still have their nationalities. We will read this right now because Yah is going to call them out by name. Yah even calls Egypt out by name after Yahoshua has returned. He said if Egypt doesn’t come up to Jerusalem to keep the feasts then Egypt shall be punished. And He is about to call out a whole slew of armies that will join in at the last great war. The third world war leading to the Battle of Harmegiddo or WWIII, Battle of Harmegiddo then the war after satan is released from prison. The last war…here we go.

Revelation 20:7-10, v. 7 Do you see that? After the thousand years, Yahoshua is coming back to the kingdom and the resurrections happen. Everybody who makes the resurrection is in the kingdom with Yahoshua ruling over those people who survived the Battle of Harmegiddo. Satan is in prison. Peace is on earth because satan isn’t bothering us. The people outside are listening to the people who are coming to them in their spiritual form it said ‘thus saith Yah’. That’s what you will be. Yahoshua may give you 5 cities to rule over. He will say you go over there and make sure that they follow the law. Those people will look at you like a ruler, like a god. You will appear and disappear before them. You will go to them in your ships, your esteem. You may have servants under you. And there will be a grand entrance whenever you come. You will go to them, y’all have to keep this or that law. And then it’s your responsibility to make sure that they do it. That is the type of rulership that you will have. So while this is going on satan is in prison. In prison locked away.

v. 8 Gog and Magog, pay attention to these names. ‘Whose number is as the sand of the sea’. So for that thousand years, they have re-populated the earth. They have an estimated 7 billion people on the earth right now. After the great war of Harmeggido and from that point to the thousand years that satan is in prison, the earth may have more than 7 billion on the planet at that time. Because it said that they will be as the sands of the sea. So the nations have multiplied during the thousand-year reign. Do you know why? Because everybody is in shalom now. Because satan is locked up. Make love not war. Right? (laughs) Make love not war, mankind is going to take that to heart. We will have satan here to influence us to war so let’s make love. Let’s produce babies!! So we will re-populate. So they are as the sands of the sea. They have re-populated the earth again.

Gog and Magog stand out here. I want you to pay attention to that.

v. 9-10 How can Christians overlook this? How did they make satan the king of hell?!! As they did in ‘Supernatural’ also. Satan himself shall be tormented day and night, night and day. That’s what it says. Satan, the beast and the false prophet will be tortured. Right? That’s what it says. So how is he the king? Do you understand? How is he the king of hell? When he is going to be tormented in hell. I’m sorry not hell but the lake of fire. Because hell is just the grave. So they get hell and the lake of fire mixed up and say that satan is down there. Do you see how twisted that doctrine is? And all you have to do is read The Book.

So here it says satan is going to lead them. You see when he’s locked up there is peace on earth. As soon as he is released, he’s going to deceive the nations. Why y’all living like this? And look how they are living in the kingdom. They are always coming and telling y’all what to do. Y’all are just humble, obedient ‘sheepeople’ and you follow what they say. He’s going to rev them up just like he is revving up mankind now. He brings that doubt. So mankind will say ‘Yeah why are we listening to them’? ‘We have been good, why can’t we come into the kingdom’? ‘Why do we have to stay out here’?

Satan is going to do all that. He is going to stir them up and guess what they will want to do? Just as he wanted them to do. Right? He saw what Yah had and He didn’t have it, so he convinced the angels let’s go get it. So he will convince the people who are left on the earth that have re-multiplied on the earth (saying) ‘let’s go to the kingdom’. ‘Let’s take what they have’. This will be the last of the great wars. Let’s read about it. We have a little detail here in verses 7-10 of Revelation 20. But do you want to hear more about the war?


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