The News You Can Use

Many don’t understand the times. You are not serious. You still have that old behavior like before you found out about Yah and Yahoshua. Back biters and gossipers, you know who you are. You still chose to do it. So wherever you end up, that’s on you. Why do we have to know each other’s business? There are fake people here and real people here.

Quote I heard: I’m not mad because you are fake; I’m mad because I thought you were real.

Facebook needs leaders, you have morays on there but no leaders. I may open my FB account again.

We are going over the law again this summer, Yah willing. It seems like y’all just don’t understand. We have people who will not even fellowship with each other.

Barak Hussein Obama: Don’t forget his name is Hussein. The Christian Science Monitor article: Why is Obama holding  Passover? When he was in Jerusalem last week, he connected ‘African-Americans’ to the Passover story. See he knows who you are. The man of sin will persecute the children of Ysrayl. Yah has hidden from the world who you are. Obama said he knows how you are connected. This is your history.

Reads from the article: As an African-American whose early years were not rooted in any one place. To African-Americans, the story of the Exodus was perhaps THE CENTRAL STORY, the most powerful image about emerging from the grip of bondage to reach for liberty and human dignity. A tale that was carried from slavery through the civil rights movement INTO TODAY.

This is the only president to keep Passover! Very profound.

If that article didn’t blow your mind, this will!

Barack mimicked pharaoh at the Passover seder, Pharaoh who would not let the children of Ysrayl go. This was a significant event. He got the seder mixed up with purim where they mimic pharaoh. Christians say Barak is not the man of sin. The man of sin will persecute Israelites who keep the laws of Yah. Obama is a Muslim, Jew and Christian. Christians don’t keep Passover. He goes to the wailing wall.

The pope washed the feet of Muslims and atheists. He acts like a lamb but speaks as a dragon. He speaks lies like satan. Do y’all remember the occupy movement? It was worldwide. Now you see economic downfall…Greece and Cyprus. 99% of people are poor. This pope appeals to the people…horns of a lamb. The pope will accept homosexuality, he already accepts atheists. There is no difference between them to Yah. Both are abominations. The supreme court is fighting now about gay marriage. They will approve it.

We are blessed to have Yah though we are wretched. He let’s us know what will happen.

Did y’all see that NY ‘brew that killed his mother?!! He dismembered her body and took pictures with her head in his hand! He spread her body out over the neighborhood. She wanted him to move out. He smiled in the picture. He asked the judge: What did I do wrong? TEXT: Probably some type of sacrifice.

Something is not right about that story

TEXT: They made GMO legal (genetic modified food).

We don’t worry about that. They will poison our food/drinks but nothing will happen to us. Pray over your food.  (Mark16:18).

Elder talks about those who will go to the whorehouse tomorrow some unknowingly and some knowingly worshipping the sun…satan. Friday to Sunday is not 3 days and nights. Easter is a pagan.


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