The Book of Revelation p. 10c

Let’s go to Revelation 19. We will read verses 10-16. I hope that this is weighing on your minds and your hearts. It let’s you know how serious your walk has to be. This is what Yah is doing for you. Us as Ysrayl as a collective nation, we have been nothing but pain and trouble to Him. Then we try to justify the things that we do. That should bring shame to us that in the face of the nations and in the face of the gods or fallen angels and demons that they are making mockery. ‘Is this your chosen people’? ‘Yuck’. We should be ashamed of what we did to the face of the Father.

He is the only one that has ever loved us. And we treated Him like this. Yah loves you more than your parents do. Yah loves you more than your grandparents do. Their love for you can not equal the love of Yah. Because their love is the love of man. And the love of man is limited. The love of Yah is unlimited. Man can love you today and hate you tomorrow. Yah will love you today and tomorrow and the day after that all the way into the future, all the way into eternity. His love never ends. He could have easily…He even told Yahzeqyl that He could have easily chose another nation. ‘Go speak to those of another nation, they will listen but the children of Ysrayl are a rebellious house. (Yahzeqyl 3:5-6). We owe Him so much and He’s still here for us.

Still at the last 3.5 years as the president and pope go on a 3.5 year TERROR, He said do you know what? I’m going to bring you into the wilderness. I will protect you there. He is still protecting you up until the end. He said you are My servants. I have seen what you have gone through. I know your poverty yet you are rich. I also know the blasphemy who say they are you and are not but do lie. They are the synagogue of satan. I know all that. I’m going to make them bow before your feet to let them know that I have loved you. The nations shall come and grab hold of a tassel of him that is Hebrew and say ‘we are going to go with you for we have heard that Yah is with you’. And then the Gentiles shall come from the ends of the earth and say our fathers have taught us lies and vanity and taught us thing where there is no truth. And every nation where you have been put to shame, Yah shall give you fame among the people. Do you see how the kings and queens and the Hollywood starts and all them (have fame)? Your fame is going to be greater than anything they could ever think of, when you come to the fullness.

Revelation 19:10-16, v. 10 this is our brother Yahcanan. He fell at the feet of the malak and the malak told him no don’t do that. He said I am your fellow servant and of your brothers who possess the witness of Yahoshua and worship Yah. ‘Testimony of Yahoshua is the spirit of prophesy’. So Yahoshua promised He would give us the spirit of truth that would lead us into all truth. Prophesy is apart of truth. This is why we understand that the man of sin is coming out of the office of the presidency and that the false prophet is coming out of the office of the pope or Vatican. Because we have the spirit of Yahoshua, the spirit of truth upon us. The spirit of prophesy. Do you understand? The malak said, I’m your brother; I’m your ahk. Get up off your knees because at the end of this thing we will be equal. You will be in spiritual form like I am. You will be able to shoot through the sky like a fireball like I can. You will be able to disappear and reappear like I can. You will be able to draw your flaming sword and chop the heads of 20,000 demons in one swing like I can. Get up off your knees. We both worship Yah and we both are lesser in authority then Yah and Yahoshua. So why should you worship me? Do you see that? But when satan was told to bow in the face of man, satan said listen, I’m in greater authority than he. So have man to bow down to me. But this malak said no you don’t bow down to me. This malak said he was not about to fall into satan’s trap! You are my brother, get up!

That’s like when we brothers and sisters come together for our gatherings and meetings, we embrace one another. Nobody is falling down at the feet of Obadiyah. Nobody is falling down at the feet of Moshe. We embrace. ‘It’s good to see you ahki’ because it is. We only get to see each other sparingly. And when we do see each other it is such an honor. We embrace. We aren’t bowing down. So you don’t bow down to malakim. If a malak comes to you and tells you to bow down before him even if he says he’s Michayah…then you know the deal with him. (Say) Yah rebukes you! Let’s continue.

v. 11 He judges and fights (makes war)! So everybody that He comes to fight against has been judged and everybody that he comes to fight against has been judged to be wicked because when He comes to fight…He’s coming to fight the wicked. It says He is trustworthy and true. Do you see that? Yah trusts Him. And He is real about everything that He does. He’s trustworthy and He’s true. This is what Yah seeks out of His servants. He wants them to be trustworthy and He wants them to be true. If we can’t be trustworthy and real towards one another, how in the world are we going to be real and trustworthy towards Yah? You can’t; It’s impossible. Just like you can not say that you love Yah who you do not see but say you hate your brother whom you see everyday. Humphf.

v. 12 Now look at this. His eyes are flames of fire. Fire is red. Red is the color of rage. Fire is the color of rage. Just like ahki Dale says in the song ‘spiritual war’. ‘Now I’m hot, ready to fight’. ‘Man, I ain’t scared of no kryptonite’. Do you see? I’m hot. That’s what the fire represents. He’s fired up! We use that term too. ‘Man, I’m fired up’! Well ebonically speaking. ‘Man I’m fired up’. ‘Y’all niggas done made me mad, y’all done fired me up’! You know how we get. Right?

That’s what it’s talking about here. He’s fired up. He’s ready to come and bring war because of what they have done to His brothers and sisters and what they have done to His people. Because Yah is the only one that fights for us! Zeus has disrespected us. Jesus has disrespected us. Mithra has disrespected us. So He’s coming to fight. Those gods and all that worship those gods have got to go. So His eyes are as flames of fire; He’s filled with rage.

It says He judges and He fights, that’s all. He is not coming to preach or teach. He’s coming to judge and fight. ‘On His head were many crowns’. Do you know what those many crowns represent? Because He’s coming and  taking the authority from the many ruling authorities on the earth because Yah gives authority! Every leader that’s in office around the world, (whether) fallen angel or human whatever, it is the authority that Yah has given them to be in that position. So Yahoshua is coming to take that authority back. He is coming to take the crowns of ALL these false kings! Because He is the only one worthy enough to wear many crowns and wear many attributes of Yah! Yahoshua has authority over man and He has authority over the malakim. So He has many crowns signifying that He is a king like not other. He is king of kings because He’s coming to take their crowns from them. ‘What you need with this crown’? ‘This doesn’t belong to you’. ‘Give Me that’. ‘A name written that no one knew except Himself’. He is the only one knows about it.

v. 13 This is Yahoshua. ‘Obadiyah that means that He was the one that was in Genesis creating the world with Yah’. NO it doesn’t! He became the Word of Yah. He is the exact representation of what Yah’s righteousness is. He doesn’t break a commandment. So He is the living Torah; He is the living Law; He is the living Word. We can read the Word but He’s going to speak to us as the Word. So you can get a greater comprehension of it.

v. 14 Third World War, WWIII in verse 14 (?). So here comes the armies of heaven. What are you going to do against that? Two malakim destroyed four cities in one night. What will you do with ten trillion of them? huh? What will you do against that?!! Nothing.

v. 15 Smite or strike them all. He shall shepherd them with a rod of iron. You aren’t debating the Word anymore. ‘Y’all keep the Shabbat’. ‘Well why do we…BAM. You have turned to ash. The first moment the thought is perceived in your mind to question the Word of Yah…BAM. You are gone. He has not time for that. So He is going to smite the nations with this sharp two-edged sword that comes out of His mouth. He is the Word of Yah. The Word of Yah is going to destroy the world, just speaking it. Just as His word was spoken to create the world. His word is going to be spoken to bring it to utter ruin. That sword is the weapon. That weapon is the Word. That’s why it’s coming out of His mouth! It has two edges on it. How will you fight against that?!! Stab you with this end and cut your head of with the other end. ‘He shall shepherd them with a rod of iron’. ‘He threads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of the Almighty Yah’. That is Yah. Yah gave Him the hit list and He’s going to make sure everybody on that list is eradicated with the armies of heaven with Him.

v. 16 Who is greater than that? Yahoshua has got to come back to reward mankind for this war that they have been seeking since the days of Genesis. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 11. When they were down there being so foolish trying to create a ship to go into the heavens and fight against Yah. It says ‘tower’ but this tower is actually a flying device because they saw the fallen angels ascend and descend from heaven in these flying devices. The fallen angels who came down, these were the watchers who came and interacted with man and created giants. Yah had to destroy the world through the flood. So on the other side of the flood…here we go. The fallen angels came again bringing that false worship to get mankind to honor them or to follow them. So the watchers, after Yah locked up their leaders…they were only 200 in number and Yah locked up about 20 of their leaders. So now they are still 180 strong. So now they want to wage a war against the titans or the old gods. So they had to get the aid of mankind to fight with them. So they are taking their anger out. They want to fight Yah. If we can go to heaven, if we can remove Him, we can get His Power and we can defeat satan and the titans. Because we are small in number and we need that Power of Yah but Yah is not even speaking to us anymore. We have to go to a man (Enoch) and ask a man to go to Yah to ask for repentance to let us back in heaven. He does not talk to us anymore. So we will teach mankind how to boldly go where no  man has gone before. We are going to fix up these star trek enterprise ships and we are going to let them trek across the stars to find the throne of Yah and make war with Yah. That’s what was going on. Mankind has been after that since the days of Genesis. Let’s go to Genesis then we will go to Jasher and see the same story with greater detail. This is why Yahoshua has to come back and make war with His two-edged sword. This is why He has to kill off all that population that has been wicked down here. This is why. Man has been seeking this (war) for the longest time.

Genesis 11:1-9, v. 1-2 Shinar was the first name of Babylon. v. 3-4 So when they said come let us build ourselves a city, this is about what we hear them building with the bricks and mortar. They are building a city. These towers are actually flying devices. They wanted to build the cities and the structures that we have now! Yah did not allow it in that day. And we will read about this. The cities we have now, this is what they were trying to build. Because these cities that we live in today are architectural feats by the fallen angels. This is their technology. They were trying to do this three and four thousand years ago but Yah said no. Not yet. And they are trying to go make war with Yah as they are still trying to do it today. ‘If we could only attach a nuclear bomb…ah we can blow Yah up’. ‘Yeah Jim, we can do it like that, Jim’. ‘Strap it on tight, Jim’. ‘When it goes through the radiation belt Jim, then it will reach His throne and BOOM!!

v. 7-8 So Yah did something that was mild. Yah could have just sent a lightening bolt. Yah could have sent three malakim down and destroyed that entire part of the earth. but He said, I’m just going to confound their languages. I still need them to go out and multiply over the face of the earth because I just created man, I saved man from the great flood so I still need you on this earth. So He didn’t kill them all. He just confound the languages and spread them around the world. So this is why you get the worship of the same gods in different languages. It’s Zeus in Greece and in Latin he’s  Jupiter. In Greek it is Poseidon and he is Neptune in Latin, the language of the Romans. It is Aries in Greek and he is Mars in Latin. So this is where you get that from. These same gods of Egypt but they were named according to the language of Egypt.

So when Yah confused their languages, that’s what Babylon or Babel means confusion. Then they could not continue to build. So they were scattered all over the world. When you go back to Genesis 10, you see where everyone went.

So Yah confound their languages but he did not confound their thought. So they still had that same thought on that plain. And now in this day mankind has come back to one again. And now they are ready for the fight with Yah and Yah is ready to bring that fight to them. This is what we are reading about in Revelation 19.

v. 8-9 So Yah confound the languages of man and you have men out here that limit Yah to one language. ‘Oh you can’t understand the Bible if you don’t know Hebrew’. ‘Oh the Hebrew thought is different from the English thought.’ But isn’t Yah’s thought the same in whatever language that exists? Isn’t the thought of Yah the same? Yah does not change that’s what Scripture says right? Or in Hebrew does it say Yah does not change except every 10 days? Is that what it says in Hebrew? It says in Hebrew as well as in English that Yah changes not. Then I can learn about Yah in the language that I speak. I don’t have to go learn a foreign language because Hebrew is foreign to even the Hebrews today. Yah said I’m going to return a pure language (to you). I’m not speaking against it. Go learn it if you want to learn it. But don’t make that your requirement of learning the Bible. Because that’s a lie there. That’s deception of the adversary.

So we see that the people here wanted to make a tower. They wanted to go up into heaven. Let’s go to the Book of Jasher. Jasher 9. We are almost at the 2 hour mark. We will not be able to go to chapter 20 in this lesson. Revelation chapter 20 will be next week. We will probably do an entire lesson on the resurrection, Yah willing. Yasher chapter 9 talks about the same things as Genesis chapter 11 but it’s giving us a greater understanding. We are basing everything off Revelation 19 where Yahoshua is coming back to wage war with the sons of men.

Yasher 9:23-24, v. 23-24 Now when you imagine something, that is a thought. You verbalize it through language. That’s what human speech is that we are verbalizing our thoughts. As we are verbalizing those thoughts, we put them into writing. Blueprints…as the architects puts down a blueprint first. So when they imagined to do this thing, they verbalized it and they put it down how they are to build this city and this ship that was called a tower. v. 25 Why was the building of the tower a transgression and sin? Because I’m here in Chicago and right down the street is the Sears Tower that reaches into the heavens. Yah is not mad at that. Right? So this was a transgression and sin and while they were building against Yah of heaven, they imagined to war against Him and ascent into heaven.

v. 26 See the gods were putting man up to this. ‘Put our own gods up there’. Let’s go to heaven, remove Yah and obtain His Power then we can take over satan and the titans. v. 27 I’m going to stop here. It just shows how Yah was upset with them. There are towers going up all over the world and Yah is not speaking against them. But He was upset about this because they wanted to go into heaven and war against Him. There are so-called space shuttles with the Gentiles trying to go to the moon. But this right here offended Yah. Yah said this is a sin. Yah said in Genesis 11, let Us go down there and see what are they doing?!! He said whatever is in their hearts that they imagined to do, they will do it. So they had first-hand technology that we have today, that’s why the remnants of this stuff is still on the earth. How in the world were the pyramids built? The pyramids were not only in Egypt but all over the world. It’s because of that technology. It is coming from the same source. The Book of Enoch says that the fallen angels taught men the secrets of heaven and taught them things that they were not supposed to know.

Mankind saw them descending in these ships saying we have to build more ships. We can’t go up there with one ship. I think it was Enoch who said Yah has ten thousand of ten thousands of chariots. We can’t go up there with 10 ships. We have to build more. We have to build this city here. Have you seen NASA? NASA is a small city unto itself. They do all their work there. ‘Oh we have to build this ship here so y’all can live in the city’. ‘This is what we have to do’. If we are out in a desert how will we be able to accomplish this? Men can’t sleep in the desert. There is no food in the desert. So we have to build a city around this project. These gigantic airports like here in Chicago, the O’Hare Airport is a city unto itself. It has its own lake, subway and all that stuff.

So this is what they were doing, family. So now they are going to get this war. It said that they wanted to go make war with Yah. They wanted to ascend into heaven. How can you ascend into heaven with a tower? Will you stand on top and point your hand up there? They say to boldly go where no man has gone before. That’s the motto of the movie Star Trek. You Trekkies out there know. So if I’m going with boldness, I’m going to kick Yah’s door down. ‘I’m here’. ‘Jim we made it’. ‘Let’s kill Him’. That is what their mind-set is.

Okay Revelation 19…I know the haters are like ‘Man when is he going to get off the mic’?  (Sighs).

Revelation 19:17-21, v. 17-18 Now when we get to this Battle of Harmegiddo, He talks about the flesh of horses here. We really don’t see anything mentioned that took place in earlier chapters of Revelation like creatures coming out, battle armor…we don’t see all that mentioned. We only hear of horses mentioned. I think it was Einstein who said these profound words. He said I can’t tell you what weapons they are going to use to fight the third world war but he said if there is a fourth world war they will be fighting with sticks and stones. In other words, the third world war would have destroyed everything.

So we are looking at now, could it be that literally is this all they have are horses by this time? Because they are still at the ending of the third world war where they are going to meet down in Jerusalem because this is where the man of sin will be with that 200 million man army coming across the dried up Euphrates River which is drying up right now but I will go into that in one of these last lessons. But they will come across that and go to Harmegiddo or northern Israel to fight against the man of sin and his army. They will get ready to battle. Then the malakim are calling all the birds together. The vultures, buzzards and all those birds that eat flesh of men and animals.

v. 19-20 So the false prophet and the man of sin who is called the beast here, they’re going into the lake of fire first. Even before satan gets there, they will already be there. Upon Yahoshua’s return that’s where they are going. So they will be there thinking they are about to fight the eastern powers and they will look up in the sky and BAM here comes Yahoshua with the army of heaven in the clouds of heaven. What will you do against that? (sings) Bad boys, bad boys whatchu gon’ do, whatchu gon’ do when Yahoshua comes for you? Nothing.

So now we see that the man of sin and the false prophet are going to be the first guests in the lake of fire. Not guests but the first to make their home in the lake of fire.

v. 21 so the birds are down their eating. Remember we will see a 200 mile long river of blood that is 6 foot deep. So every animal that like blood, birds that like flesh will feast and feast until they can’t feast anymore on the flesh of all those that Yahoshua killed upon His second arrival.

This is going to be your time Ysrayl. This will be the time of your redemption. This is when you will look up…and you see the signs of the times that are happening now and you will look up and here comes Yahoshua. Your redemption is here. HalleluYah. Right? HalleluYah. HalleluYah. Ysrayl will be in the wilderness by this time and jumping and shouting for joy. Yahoshua is going to send the malakim to come and scoop everybody up and go dancing into the kingdom. Oh when the saints go marching in. I pray that we all can be in that number. HalleluYah. HalleluYah.

So that’s the end of part ten chapter 19 of Revelation. We also went over some articles about the false prophet and what Barack was doing over in Israel. Which is his first trip to Israel since he has been president. He went there when he was a candidate and he went there and prayed to the…did his idolatry thing on that wall. They call it the wailing wall. They stick prayers in the wall as though the bricks have the power to answer a prayer. Which is all some silly stuff. But he was involved in that when he was running for president candidate. Son now he has returned to Israel as a president. Probably the next time he returns there he is going to be a god. Or go there and make a peace plan and oversee the building of the temple then he will return a god. The manifestation of god on earth, the name Antiochus Epiphany. God is about to be manifested on earth in the form of the man of sin. We don’t serve god. We don’t worship god as they do.

Yah is about to come, the marriage supper of the Lamb. When the Lamb returns the bride must be prepared, ready for her union with her King. For the only one that has ever loved and cared for her is coming or returning to get you. The love of Yah for his people; the love of Yah for those who serve Him. This is a very great and powerful love.

I say HalleluYah for Yah. And I say HalleluYah for Yah giving us a chance and not rightfully destroying us. I say HalleluYah for mercy and compassion. Because Yah knows that if there was no mercy and compassion from His throne, none of us would exist. The moment that our father’s seed hit our mother’s egg He could have killed us then and there. Because you don’t deserve to exist. It’s because of all the things that us as a people have done. You know how we fell into sin. We didn’t come into this world sinning right? It was taught to us. So that parent and that grandparent  or that relative, that pastor gave us all this. But Yah had mercy that we would come away from it. And that we would seek Him.

Keep your eyes open Ysrayl. There is so  much to see. Keep your eyes open Ysrayl and your ears open for us to hear. So family, I’m going to end it like this. Guard your souls because satan is coming with heavy wrath and he is coming with great deception because he knows that he has but a short time remaining.

I’m going to leave you in peace because I can to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word for peace, shalom.

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