The Book of Revelation p. 10b

You know it really frustrates me sometimes when I don’t have my stuff organized like I need it, right at my fingertips so I can just pull it right up. I get frustrated sometimes. I’m like man, I just seen this article. I want to pull it up but I can’t find it in my folder. I have this folder right here entitled pope news so it should be in here. Maybe it’s in the folder entitled articles. So I’m going to go over there because I want to read this about…he is reaching out to those. We just read something about it but I want to read this one because this article goes a little more in-depth. As we were reading and getting information from that…this one is just as powerful, with just as much information. It’s just really shaping up that this man could be that false prophet.

Now, I don’t know if you all knew about this. This article is from March 19th from the Associated Press by Joseph Leiderman (sp?). And guess what the title of this article is? It says Obama sends Private letter to new pope.

It says: The white house says Barack Obama has sent a letter to the new pope. Obama sent a letter with a U.S. delegation that traveled to Rome for Pope Francis installation Tuesday led by Vice President Joe Biden the first Roman Catholic to be elected vice president. As senior official with the U.S. embassy passed the letter on to an official of the Vatican. A white house spokesman said the letter is private and would not disclose any details about its contents.

Do you see that? So he’s sending secret items. He didn’t send an e-mail. Right? He didn’t send a text message. What is this dude doing sending letters? Like we are in 1845. Sending it by Pony Express to the pope. What’s going on there? And the white house is not going to disclose the contents of the letter. I can disclose it to you. The letter said are you ready, ahki. It is our time. Humphf. That’s heavy there. I’m telling you. ‘Obadiyah how did you know what the letter said’? I don’t know what the letter actually said. I’m just speculating. From all the information that we know about it, I’m just speculating. ‘Obadiyah must be in with them, he’s the only one read the letter’. Obadiyah’s not in with them. Obadiyah is against them. Alright.

So that’s our update for this week. We went 47 minutes into it. I’m going to try to get…because we have some good Scriptures to cover in Revelation 19. We may not get to Revelation 20 this week. Remember I want to keep this under 2 hours. So in Revelation 19, we have a lot of stuff to cover here. We have the war to cover that Yahoshua is going to wage at Harmegiddo or the Battle of Armageddon. We are going to be looking at the marriage super of the lamb and all of that good stuff. So we are going to start. I just wanted to say maybe for the 2 or 3 lessons that we have remaining for this series, I want to update you every week on what we can call pope watch and the man of sin watch and we can just see  how this thing is starting to tie together.

So this let’s you know children of Ysrayl where you ought to be in this time and where your mind-set needs to be right now. So you have got to be prepared for what is on the horizon and what’s coming. So you have to be prepared mentally. You have to be prepared physically. You have to overall be prepared for all of these things that are about to take place. They are going to take place with speed. We are looking at soon to come upon the children of Ysrayl’s freedom from the 400 year captivity. And it’s funny, I just finished the book.

Let me update you on that. Now I’m just on the last few pages where I’m putting the references together. I’m going to be sending the book out to the Israelite editors within the next week or so to let them go over it and edit it. Then I’m going to cut, copy and paste the book on the new website. Because I like the format in which I have for the book. So on the new website, we are going to update some of the stuff and try to give you as much information as possible. So we are going to have the new website more interactive. We have the weekly Shabbat lesson and its notes there. We will have a message board and things like that. So when new people come to the site, they can see what’s going on and they can see just how we are operating.

So many new people are coming to our site. We get thousands of unique hits every month. And I get so many phone calls saying ‘man brother, I just came from the site, I was a Christian now I know that I am an Israelite’. ‘What shall I do now’? I’m going to put a special page up there for new Israelites that say what shall I do now. Telling them step by step when you first come into this truth…because first as you take the red pill, you know you have to digest this first before you can just really set your feet down. Because you know this makes your head swirl. You’re like wait a minute, wow, you mean I’m not an African-American? You mean I’m not a Gentile? That the Bible does say this or that. You mean it’s not about prosperity and all the things we have been taught so as you start to regurgitate or throw up or vomit it out of your system, you have to digest that good food.

So as it goes down it’s like MAN WHOA, this is making my head…let me just sit down for a moment. So I just want to give them the  1-2-3 of what to do. You can go slow. If you were a minister and you think you can just download all this information into your mind, then you can go out and start teaching tomorrow. It doesn’t work like that. It takes time for you to understand who Yah is. Because if you don’t get yourself rooted, satan will come quickly and blow you away. Just brrrrrrr (makes wind noise). Then there you go a leaf in the wind. So you must get yourself rooted first. So we will be putting all that good stuff on the website, Yah willing. These are things that we would like to do but it’s all according to the will of Yah. If He wills that to be done, then we can do it. If He doesn’t then it won’t be done. It’s just that simple. So Yah willing we will be able to get that done. HalleluYah.

Alright, so let’s go ahead. As we open up the book. We are going to Revelation 19. This is part 10 of the Revelation Series. This is a very powerful chapter. Remember two weeks ago, when we did Revelation part 9, we read the destruction of Babylon in chapters 17 and 18. As we pick up here in Revelation 19, we are going to see the continuation of that destruction. Now remember, we are waiting on…there’s three last wars that have to take place before satan is going into the lake of fire. Satan is going to be taken away from the earth forever and not cause anymore trouble. We are looking at the third world war. We are looking at the Battle of Harmegiddo. Then we will look at the Battle that happens a thousand years after Yahoshua comes back when satan is released from prison. He is put on parole and he comes and tries to attack the kingdom. Then once that war happens, that’s it for all wars. Satan is going to the lake of fire. We will see the resurrection; we will read about that in chapter 20.

So everything is going to come together as we read about here in chapter 19. Remember Babylon is destroyed so Babylon or the U.S. wont’ be at the Battle of Armageddon. Let’s go to Revelation chapter 19.

Revelation 19:1 Our Father, our Power that’s who He is. v. 2 Now this is powerful. Let’s go over to Genesis chapter 15. For those of you all that want to say that this happened a long time ago. As I was stating about the book, I was putting that information together. Last week, I was writing the part about Genesis 15:13 that will be in the book also 400 years in a foreign land. So right here remember, we just read Revelation 19:1-2. In verse 2, its says Yah judges this great whore who has shed the blood of His servants. Let’s go to Genesis 15. Let’s connect this point right here so you can have a greater understanding of why He’s coming to destroy Babylon and why He has to shed her blood and the blood of all men.

Genesis 15:13-14 Seed=descendants. Four hundred years is 1619 to 2019. v. 14 The nation whom they serve is the United States of America. I am going to judge. (This is) Mystery Babylon. Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 19. We are going to come out with great possessions. We are going to come out with knowing that we are the children of Ysrayl. How great of a possession is that? Because you can’t take that from us. Once Yah give that back to us, NO man can rip that out of our hands. That’s great possessions. But if you go over to Isaiah chapter 60:1-10, we are getting our silver back. We are getting our gold back. We are getting back all the stuff that they took from us. We are getting it back.

(Reads Revelation 19:2 again). We are talking about Babylon here. Right? So Yah has judged her just like He said ‘that nation’. He didn’t call it out by Babylon. Abraham would not have understood that. He said that nation whom they serve. We have served this nation for 393 years. He said the nation whom they serve, I’m going to judge and afterward let them come out with great possessions. So right here in Revelation 19:2 it says because true and righteous are his great judgments because He has judged the great whore. Put it together, family.

v. 3-5 Read. v. 6 Can you imagine with that voice sounds like . Huh? Can you imagine? That’s powerful there, listening to that voice. Sounding like a voice that would just shake your insides. Have you ever had that big ball of thunder that just came through and just shook you? Well this is greater than that. Mighty thunder he said. The sound of many waters, the waters and waves are rushing. Humphf.  Wow.

v. 7-9 They are the true Words of Yah. What is the marriage supper of the Lamb? The Lamb is Yahoshua, the MessiYah. The marriage supper of the Lamb is the renewing of the covenant between Yah and Ysrayl. It is the new covenant or the renewed covenant. As Yah is once again going to take His bride, the children of Ysrayl.

Let’s go to Jeremiah chapter 3 to let you see this. Because Yah let Ysrayl go out and Yah let her play the whore because Ysrayl was so staunch in wanting to separate and break away from Yah. Yah said I gave you My love. I gave you everything that you ever needed. I give you everything that you ever wanted and I love you more than any other nation out there. But you want to go away from Me. You want to play the whore. You want to play the harlot. So I’m going to let you go do your thing. So Ysrayl has gone away from Yah and He said listen, ‘I put you away’. But you went out and you committed adultery and these other things. These other nations are just using and abusing you. They don’t love you like I do. So He even divorced part of Ysrayl. So that part of Ysrayl, the northern tribes, they went out and they played the harlot. They played the whore but no nation would ever marry them. According to Deuteronomy 24:1-4 that a woman can divorce her husband and if she goes out and gets married to another man she can not come back to that first husband. So because nobody would marry the northern tribes…no other god…because Jesus plays the whore with the children of Ysrayl. Buddha plays the children of Ysrayl as a whore. So nobody would ever marry the children of Ysrayl. So now they can be remarried back to Yah.

Even after He divorced the northern tribes. He just put away the southern tribes, Judah and Benjamin. Because remember Judah is the tribe that the MessiYah came through. So Yah has scattered us. He has allowed us to go. You know how a man gets or vice versa. You know when a woman has just played it and cheated on him and did all these things. He’s like get out of here. I don’t want to be around you anymore. Go out and do your thing. I don’t want to be bothered with you anymore. That’s what Yah did with the children of Ysrayl. So the marriage supper of the Lamb is the renewing of that covenant because now the children of Ysrayl who are known in the Scriptures as the remnant. They are the ones who are fighting, struggling to walk with Yah everyday. Yah is going to renew the covenant with you. With us, the children of Ysrayl in these latter days.

Jeremiah chapter 3, I want you to understand the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Yeremiyah 3:1-14, v. 1 So HE said you go out and play the whore and then you are going to return to Me, huh? v. 2-3 So Ysrayl kept doing all this stuff. Going out and whoring herself with the nations and refused to be ashamed. So Yah said, I’m going to keep the latter rain. We were a farming society. If we did not get rain on our crops, if there was a drought and our crops did not grow, we starved. And we had no food to sell. So Yah said I’m punishing you. v. 4-5 So now you want to come to Yah and say ‘well Yah are you going to hold this grudge against me forever’? And Yah says, you did al this to Me. You went out and played the whore to Me and then you come back to Me and say ‘why are you still mad’? or ‘You are still mad about that’? YEAH HE’S STILL MAD ABOUT THAT because He gave you everything. He gave you all that any entity could give you and you went and played yourself for a whore or something lesser. No nation has ever fought for you. No nation has ever claimed you. Many of these Christian groups didn’t want you in their religions! Because they didn’t even consider you to be human! So how can they put a non-human in their religion and make you their brother?

See, you played yourself! Martin Luther King, at the end of his life, understood the wrong that he had done but it was too late! The assassin’s bullet was on the way. He said he felt that all he had done…that the only thing he has done is led his people to a burning building. That’s what he understood. So he found out that all he was doing, all this civil rights craziness, all this Christianity, all that was for naught. And you had prophet after prophet come and lead you astray. All  your leaders are false except the leaders that Yah put before your face. Your false leaders  like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Farrakhan and all the others.

Yah said you did this to Me and your response is ‘why are you holding a grudge’? ‘You can’t hold a grudge forever’. Man! That is satan talking. Satan says the same thing. There are many people when they were possessed…they even put this in movies. They always have satan saying that it was a misunderstanding between him and Yah. ‘He misunderstood me’. ‘He didn’t give me a chance’. ‘He kicked me out of high heaven’. This is the same thing that the children of Ysrayl are saying. ‘Why are you still holding a grudge’? Because you went out and played the harlot to the only thing that love you. There’s nothing greater in   the universe that loves more than Yah. You can’t point to one thing. Let’s continue.

v. 6 Do you know what that means by going up on every high mountain and every green tree? She was going up to the high places. She was going up to the altars to worship Zeus. She was going up there to worship Poseidon, the Queen of heaven and all these gods. She committed spiritual whoring with the nations and with the gods.

Do you know street code? Growing up on the streets and watching the drug dealers and gangsters, do you know the greatest disrespect when these men got into it, if he couldn’t stand up and fight that man one on one. Let’s say that the gangster got into it with a drug dealer and the gangster couldn’t fight the drug dealer or whatever it was, they didn’t handle it out on the street. So the greatest disrespect they would do is that they would go and come up against one another’s woman. So if the gangster can come and have sex with the drug dealer’s woman…the same thing happened with the rappers Tupac and Biggie. That’s showing your disrespect, so when the gods come they don’t love you. They just want to disrespect you because you are of Yah. You are Yah’s chosen people. So the only reason that they are even putting up with you is because it’s a form of disrespect to Yah because Yah said He who touches you, touches the apple of His eye. So Jesus is only tolerating you children of Ysrayl because of that reason. No other reason other than so they can disrespect Yah.

So here are Yah’s people and they are whoring themselves with other…so now that’s embarrassment to Yah. That’s disrespect to Yah. Yah tells the nations and He fights for you. When you went down to Egypt, He fought for you. He told the nations His love for you. And He showed it because love is a verb; It’s an action word. Yah shows His love for the children of Ysrayl always. He is always rescuing us. He is always correcting us. So they looked at Him and said, Man listen. Except they don’t call Him, ‘Man’ because they have more respect for Him than you do. They say ‘Oh Eternal King’ or ‘Oh Great Royal Majesty’. These are the people whom You put Your love in? These are the people whom you put Your trust in? And we are doing what we want to do with them and how we want to do and when we want to do it…upside down, inside out. They belong to us. This is what the gods say.

v. 7 After she went whoring, Yah said return to Me. But she did not return. So Yahudah saw what Ysrayl was doing and Yahudah saw how they were to Yah and guess what Yahudah did?

v. 8 So if you have two wives and one of them has gone whoring and then your other wife sees that, that wife has gone whoring so you take your love away and you divorce her and then His second wife goes out and does the same thing. That didn’t put fear in her. Man, He loved her so much. We can’t find no greater love than this. He might divorce me…she didn’t fear that. Yah is telling a story, like a Master Poet here. He is talking about you, backsliding Ysrayl. When He says backsliding, He’s not talking about the crazy church doctrine, not that type of backsliding. Naw. You know where you can go out Saturday night and be the biggest harlot or biggest pimp and then come in on Sunday and Jesus…whatever. But Yah is talking about something totally different.

Now remember, Yah divorced the northern tribes. That’s why by the time of Yahoshua, we see who? We see Judah and Benyamin and some Levites in the land. Because the northern tribes, Yah scattered them out. Yah said I divorced them. They are gone. But Yah is going to remarry them so all 12 tribes are here right now. All 12 tribes are scattered all over the world. They will be re-gathered because Yah knows who you are, Ysrayl.

v. 9 So Judah went after stone and wood gods. She committed adultery with that. See you must understand what Yah is talking about because there is a physical adultery and there is a spiritual adultery. If you are having sex with these gods, so to speak or symbolically by being apart of their religions; If you fall under the false prophet and the man of sin, you are committing adultery against Yah.

v. 10 ‘Oh I do love You’. ‘I’m sorry for all that I did’. She says that, she makes apologizes then she goes out and does the same thing again. So Yah said you are dealing with Me falsely. This is powerful family. v. 11-12 Do you see how merciful Yah is towards us? All of this cheating and all of these things done against Yah and Yah is still pleading for Ysrayl to come back to Him. Do you see? Who loves you that great Ysrayl? Jesus does not love you. Ha Shem does not love you. Allah does not love you. Who loves you that great?

v. 13-14 Do you see that? Yah said I’m still going to bring you…I’m still going to rule over you. I still have authority over you because I’m the husband and you’re the wife. So now as He stated this prophesy in Jeremiah 3:14 is what we just read in Revelation 19:9 about the marriage supper of the Lamb. Verses 1-9 that is what we just read. Yah said I’m going to bring you; I’m going to rule over you. I’m going to take you one from a city and two from a clan (or family)…that’s the remnant. Because there may be some small towns where there is only one righteous Israelite that Yah is going to take from that group. You have a big family of thousands of relatives but only two of them will be part of the remnant. That’s what Yah is saying right here. That remnant will be the ones to come and marry Yah again through the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Let’s go to Jeremiah chapter 31. We are going to look at the renewing of the covenant. We just read the marriage supper of the Lamb. We saw that Yah divorced the northern tribes and He put away Judah. And He says ‘still come back to Me’. That’s love there, family. Yah really loves us. I have not seen a greater love. But you still want to go out and do what the world does. You still want to worship the gods and you still want to go out and worship this and that. All these things are against Yah. And all this love that He has for you. That hurts, family. Do you know how much that hurts the Father every time His people do these thing to Him.

How many of y’all have been cheated on? You know that pain right? Don’t you? If you have ever been cheated on, that’s what’s happening with Yah. It’s painful for Him. It’s happening to Him. So in order for you to sometimes get things right, you have to be put into a similar understanding of that. See, if you have never been cheated on then you don’t know what the pain that Yah is going through. But if you have been cheated on, then you know the pain that Yah is going through. You know what it is. It’s like if you go out and your friend gets shot and he’s crying out in pain and you have never been shot. How will you tell your friend, man listen just suck it up and stop all that hollering. You don’t know the pain of what that person is going through because you never experienced that. So you just shut up about it. Shut your mouth.

So this is what Yah is trying to visually give to you, the understanding of what’s happening to Him. and how He has this great love and how He is constantly pleading with the children of Ysrayl to come back and He would give you the world. Yah wants to spoil the children of Ysrayl so bad. He wants to give us the world three times over. He wants to give us the universe but we won’t allow it. We won’t give Him the opportunity. We did all that wandering through the wilderness for forty years and al that fighting to get to the land and we didn’t even stay there long enough. We didn’t even stay there long enough to fully prosper as Yah promised that we would because we started acting up. We started going crazy. We started doing what we wanted to do. One and a half kings, well two and a half, no one and half…David…Saul went crazy then David came and David had his reign. And Yah blessed his son and Solomon did his reign for about a half. Then at the end of his reign he got crazy too. So we were prospering during the time of Shlomo (Solomon). Then we had a few kings here and there to stand up and were righteous but we didn’t even give Yah a chance to bring us out to the nations so the nations could say those are the people of Yah. Let us go to them and see what they have to say. How can they instruct us? How can they lead us? This is the nation of priests. We did not give them time because once we got in there and started acting up, He had to constantly whip our behinds. Saying stop doing this or that. Here comes this and that prophet. And what did we do? We killed the prophets. We don’t want to hear about that. Why are you always prophesying to us bad things? Why don’t you tell us something good? So we killed off the prophets. How can you get something good when you’re not good in Yah’s sight?

It’s only when you are good in Yah’s sight that Yah give you good. Now we look at what does to the children of Ysrayl when He disciplines us. That’s good. When He corrects us. That’s good. But when He let’s us go astray, that’s bad. Because that means that He has taken His love away. That means that He doesn’t care anymore. See, you were so persistent with we want a king like the nations. (Like you said) integration over and over. So when you constantly keep hearing that from Yah’s perspective…Yah said I’m tired of this. I’m doing al this for you and this is all you return back to Me is that what you don’t have. But I’m giving you everything but you don’t recognize that. You are too caught up in your own vices. You are too caught up in what you want to do and how you want to be perceived to the nations. That’s all the children of Ysrayl ever gave the Father but He said I’m still going to take you back and rule over you. He is still going to give you the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Yeremiyah 31:31-37, v. 31 Do you see that? I’m going to make a NEW covenant with Yahudah and with Ysrayl. We just read in Yeremiyah 3 where Yah put one wife away, Judah and He divorced the other one. He said ‘I will make a new covenant’ with the children of Ysrayl. This is the marriage supper of the Lamb. This is actually what will take place. v. 32 Do you see that? They broke the marriage covenant. He said thou I was a husband to you. He’s saying a husband in a way that we say real man. He’s saying I was a real husband to you. Because a real husband loves his wife. A real husband takes care of his wife. Yah said I was a real husband to you.

v. 33-34 After all that (He will forgive). He said you went out and played the harlot and cheated on Me. But I’m not going to remember that no more. I’m not even going to bring that up. I’m going to forgive you because I’m so happy that you are back to Me. I’m not even going to bring that up anymore. I’m going to forgive you for all of that. Do you see that. He said not like the covenant that He made with our fathers. This is a different covenant. This is the renewing of the covenant with the Lamb. You see they broke that covenant but this is going to be the everlasting covenant because the laws are going to be on our hearts. We will not have Shabbat Class where Obadiyah or Moshe, you know one of the teachers have to sit before you and teach you about Yah. He says, you all are going to know Him from the least to the greatest. We all are going to have the same understanding of Yah because we are going to be that nation of priests. We are going to go out to the nations that remain after Armageddon and we are going to bring them to the truth of Yah.

v. 35 Yah of Hosts is His name. v. 36 Do you see that? Our nation is scattered but we are still a nation in the sight of Yah. He said listen, if the sun doesn’t come by day the moon doesn’t do the law and the stars don’t give light by night and the waves don’t roar, then the children of Ysrayl won’t be before Me as a nation. But all of that still happens everyday. It is night here now. It is day as you are listening to this lesson but it is night as I am recording it. The sun has risen, right? HalleluYah. I hope we have the breath of life to see another sunrise and sunset. HalleluYah. So Yah said if these things disappear then the children of Ysrayl are gone. So how have we been replaced by Christians or Muslims? That’s crazy.

v. 37 Humphf. All they have done…He said if you can search out the heavens…they can not search out the heavens. I don’t care how many Galileo telescopes they send out there. They are not searching out the heavens. Yah only gave them a little corner to look upon. ‘Oh we can tell you how the universe was formed’. No you can’t. ‘We can tell you how old the earth is’. No you can’t. ‘We can calculate the distance from the sun to the earth’. No you can’t. Your deceived by the god of this world. He’s taught you so-called science. His science is nothing but a lie and that’s what you follow. You have not searched out the heavens. You don’t even know what’s in the earth. ‘The center of the earth is like a volcano and there’s nothing in it’. But Yah says that there is a fallen angel prison down there! We understand that you try to give little clues. We are hip to you with your lord of the rings and your middle earth…journey to the center of the earth. hmm huh. The lake of fire is going to be in the earth. Right? Alright.

So you must understand this family so Yah said that if they can search out the heavens or even search out the foundations of the earth then we would not be forgiven for our sins against Him. So guess what? Yah is telling us that He is going to forgive us. But do you see the love. He does all this, tries to correct us, He tries to bring us to a better understanding. He had to let us separate. He had to let that happen so that we could get a greater understanding of what it’s like to live without Him. And now here we are in the year 2013, Israelites around the world are crying ‘oh I want to go home’. ‘Oh I want to be with my Husband again’. ‘I want to be with my Father again’. ‘Oh I want to keep the feast days’. ‘Oh I want the Levite priests back’. ‘Oh I want to see Yahoshua’. Here we are crying for that. He gave us opportunity after opportunity to come back home. And the times when He did allow us to come back home, we didn’t straighten up.

You know the secret messages that they put in movies, guess what movies this was put in? Guess what move this relationship between Yah and Ysrayl was put in? This was put in the movie Forrest Gump. If you paid attention to Forrest Gump and his relationship with Jenny. That man loved her more than he loved anything in the world but she would never come to Forrest Gump until the end. She got A.I.D.S. and he still loved her. He still brought her home and he still loved her. (Forrest Gump voice) ‘But I know what love is’. And every time she got in trouble, he was there to protect her. Every time he saw another man put his hand on her, he was there to protect her…Jenny. Because that is the love that he had for her. See family, you have to be hip on this stuff. See there is always a visual representation and they still  put these things in there so that it can be there as a visual representation. Most of the Hollywood movies are telling some sort of Biblical story. Even the horror movies, they are telling about the demonic world. When you read in some of the missing Biblical books, when you read about the demonic world…it matches up to what you see in these horror movies. They are always trying to put something Biblical in there but you must have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. I’m not saying that we go watch movies to learn about the Bible. We learn about the Bible from the Bible but because we do know the Bible because Yah’s Ruach has revealed it to us, we can see what they are saying. So if you see Forrest Gump again, you watch that relationship between Him and Jenny. Jenny went out and she did whatever. She stripped. She was a harlot and all that. Just everything and Forrest still loved her.

This is what is going on, no greater love. This is the greatest love story ever told (between Yah and Ysrayl). Then Yah allowed His Greatest Servant…because  He loved you so much that He allowed His Greatest Servant to go through excruciating horrors and pain so you could be redeemed back to Him. You know some men and women love a person so much and they tell that person ‘I would give my life for yours’. ‘I would give my arm or leg for you’. They put it in a symbolic way but they are just letting you know the extent of the love. Yah said I will give My Son for you. My Greatest Servant, I will give to you. I would give for you. Just like Abraham was about to sacrifice his son for the obedience of Yah. Just like Lot was about to give up his daughters for those malakim. Yah said He would give His Son, My Greatest Servant to you. I sent you My great servants, the prophets and what did you do to them? You killed them all. I sent My emissaries, you killed them. I sent My MessiYah, you kill Him. This is what you did but He said, I will still forgive you for all that you have done if you come back to Me. So we are going to come back to Him in the marriage supper of the Lamb.

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