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There was a ‘fireball’ really an angel that lit up the east coast yesterday…13 states saw! There was also a sonic boom heard everywhere. NASA saw a comet between the sun and ? and it gave off a solar flare. They picked it up on camera. There will be a great war in heaven. We are starting to see the build up.

If Barak and Francis are them, they are already in place. Pope Francis is reaching out to people who are not in religion like gays. He will bring them in. Obama is for homosexuality already. TEXT: They are on accord. TEXT: Article about pope having a place on King David’s tomb.

What makes a man? By the way he provides, treats, protects and loves his woman! This shows your manhood. You are not a player-player. You can have multiple wives that is of Yah but you are not a player-player.

Ahkotees: Many men are going to Brazil now to find a woman. They can’t handle your Babylon mind-set. It takes a special man and woman to be in Yah.

Boys go from woman to woman without a covenant. Boys play. But if he has wives that’s different. Yah never stopped loving Ysrayl. Ysrayl played the whore. I know women lie, cheat too. I know brothers who have been hurt by woman. Don’t make promises if you can’t fulfill that promise. TEXT: Babylon hearted. TEXT: So sad how u set apart n still acting like Babylon SMH.

Only a righteous man can provide for a righteous woman. A boy can only fall under her authority. Yah says you can divorce a woman if uncleanness is found in her. Don’t lead these sisters on though.

Homosexuals are not men, if you are acting unrighteous you are the same as them. There are sisters that would BOW DOWN AT HIS FEET but he likes the woman who will throw an egg in his face!

Daniyah prayed 3 weeks with no answer because the angles were up there fighting. Don’t give up hope on understanding.

If you don’t love that person don’t tell them you do. Men do cry especially when you do treacherous things to him. I’m going to tell you this secret: Men are more loving than women. Did you know that? Men love hardcore!! Because men were created in the image of love first. His first love was Yah! Love was taught to women. We men will tear the world up for you women. Women don’t shoot up places because a man left you. You only hear men doing that. He will kill a cheating woman and that man. When a man loves you, never let that go, sisters. Yah has put him here to love you.

What does sleeping with 4 women prove? Can you protect her from satan and the demons? Weak jackals, weak jokers don’t take care of their seed. They put forth no effort to take care of their children. I’m not talking about dealing with baby-mamas right now. Don’t forget your children, ahks. TEXT: slave mentality, children are still taken away and given away we totally lost family in our hearts and actions.

Why leave your child with a known gang-banger sisters? Stupid. This sister left her 6 month baby girl with the baby’s father and the baby was shot 5 or 6 times. Her name was JonlYah Watkins.


Listen to the voice of your husband. You have been taught to rebel in Babylon. Don’t over talk your husband. You don’t always have to have an opinion. You don’t know it ALL. Brothers can’t go and talk back to Yahoshua.  So why do you do it? Don’t get a good man caught up in your bad habits!!

When I said a man should provide, I did not mean money. Provide means being Yah-fearing in the household. The man needs to hear, see, fight the devil. He needs to protect the house! That man may work at Burger King. Don’t lose your prince, ahkotee. TEXT: sistas gotta get the other foot out of the world.

Years ago a sista broke my heart. But I didn’t give up on women. My fiancé cheated on me and got pregnant from another man. That child ended up dying. Another sista that broke my heart because she got caught up with this crazy Israelite and he ended up tearing her down.

How can you love something so much and it hurts you so bad? Only Yah can answer that. Ysrayl has hurt Him. On his death-bed, David told Solomon to show yourself to be a man.

Tomorrow on the Biography Channel 9 p.m EST they will show Israelite cults. They get the worst and market it. The same they do in Africa, they show the most primitive tribes so people believe all of Africa is like that. Did y’all see ‘The Bible’ on the history channel? I don’t watch that stuff anymore. The persecution is coming y’all! They show us poorly on Biography channel and the false Hebrews on the History channel. The only truth was when they showed Obama as satan.  That was the only truth they showed, they told the truth on that part. They made Samson a BIG BLACK Samson chasing a Gentile Delilah…white supremacy. Delilah was a Hamite, from the Philistines, she was black-skinned! Men don’t let no sista cut your locs.

We are to speak by example. We don’t teach here that Gentiles are of the fallen angels like they do. We teach they are the children of Adam.

The History Channel is run by white supremacists. The Vikings were a black skinned people but they show them as blond hair, blue eyes. Did y’all know that? I’m not talking about the Minnesota Vikings…we know that they were black, lol.  The Bible is 100% truth. They tell 99% truth and 1% lies and that is of satan.  I can’t watch their programs. We can’t go back to lies we know the truth now. They make things up. TEXT: inspired by satan.

They did have Hannibal as black. That one show……

Elder speaks: David said he never saw the righteous go without bread…(from Psalm 37:25).

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Shalom, my name is AshantiYAH. I am a servant of the Most High Yah and His son Yahoshua. I am a messianic Israylite. My hometown is T'zion.

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