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The Book of Revelation p. 9.5c

But as we look at this as he came into his office and he’s going to have authority, the same that the man of sin has. The man of sin has authority over the whole world that’s why the man of sin is the beast that comes out of the water. The water represents the people. Then this beast came up out of the earth. He’s coming from the earth which signifies the spiritual. It signifies carnal. That’s why he’s speaking as a dragon because satan only thinks like a man. So this one is a man and he’s coming up out of the earth but he will have authority over all the people as the man of sin has.

I want to go to a few articles here. It says…because when he stepped into office, Israel welcomed him. The Jews welcomed him. This article is from ABC news. It says ‘Israel Welcomes New Pope as Friend of the Jews’. Listen to this: Israeli leaders are welcoming the selection of Pope Francis and calling him a friend of the Jewish people. (stops)

He’s the friend of the Jew. Right? See Abraham our father was a friend to Yah. So that makes Abraham’s children also Yah’s friends. Right? But the new pope is a friend to Israel. Why is he a friend of Israel? Because it’s going to be in Israel that the man of sin and the false prophet will operate from. Barak Obama is going to visit Israel at the end of this month. So the Jews are already reaching out to his counterpart.

Listen to this: President Shimon Peres invited the new pope to follow the lead of his two predecessors and visit Israel in a meeting with Roman Catholic Church leaders in Poland Thursday. Peres called Francis a man of inspiration that can add to the attempt to bring peace in a stormy area.

…’that can attempt to bring peace’. Right? The man of sin is going to be a man of peace so if he’s of peace and the false prophet is his prophet then the prophet has to be of peace too. Right? hmmm. Now the thing about this is that Shimon Peres is the president of Israel and it said that he was in a meeting with Roman Catholic Church leaders in Poland. Why did the president of Israel go all the way over to Poland to meet with Roman Catholic Church leaders? Then he commented on the new pope. They are getting this together, family. They know that this man, this false prophet coming out of the office of the pope and the man of sin coming out of the office of the United States…they have to get this thing together. I bet you that they were over there discussing that temple.

(Reads) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he is sure the excellent relationship between Jews and Christians as well as between Israel and the Vatican will continue. Israel’s chief rabbi also welcomed the appointments saying pope Francis, good relations with the Jewish people are well-known.

So he is going to go to Israel, of course he is but the Jews are already reaching out to him. And so as they reach out to him, guess what? He reaches out to them.

Here’s another news article from ABC News: ‘Pope Francis Reaches Out to Jews’. Like his predecessors Pope Francis reached out to Rome’s Jewish community at the very start of his pontiff planning to continue to strengthen the continuing close ties between Catholics and Jews. Just hours after he was elected the first Latin-American pope in history. Francis sent a letter to Rome’s chief rabbi saying that he hoped to contribute to the progress that relations between Jews and Catholics have been since the 1962-1965 second Vatican Council.

It goes on to say: In an interview Friday with the Associated Press, Dee Segni (sp?) said the dialogue between Catholicism and Judaism was complicated but added that the new pope’s background gives me trust and hope that relations will continue to improve. (stops)

Look at this. The new pope is going to tie that string together. See they are looking at it from the surface…Catholicism and Judaism, two separate religions coming out of the same book! But you have hope now that this man who may be the false prophet is going to string them together. (saying) Y’all are both Abraham’s children. Jesus was our founder and Moses was yours. They were brothers. Moses spoke of Jesus. They will use ALL of that DECEPTION to bring this thing together and tie it in a tight kn0t. See, the Jews are already meeting with the Catholics. As soon as the pope is elected the president of Israel is over in Poland meeting with the Catholics. They have to MOVE this thing and they have to move it fast.

So when we look at this guy, this pope and he’s going to reach out to the poor. Remember the false prophet and the god are going to have similar authority. We just read that. So we see that this man does not care for money. He does not care about that stuff. He wants to help the poor. He wants to be like St. Francis. So the man of sin is going to be the same way. Daniel 11:24 talks about the man of sin distributing the spoils and the riches that he got. It said that he is going to do what his forefathers had not done. His forefathers had never distributed the wealth. They kept it to themselves but he’s going to distribute that. He’s going to distribute the money out. He’s not going to be selfish as his fathers were. Barack Obama said that he is for distributing the wealth of the United States. So this man who doesn’t care for money, he fits right in with the attributes of the man of sin and the false prophet. Right? He doesn’t care for money.

So Barack Obama wrote a statement from the white house to congratulate the choosing of the new pope. Now, he was in a meeting I think with either the congress or senate and when the white smoke came out of the chimney they said Barak Obama interrupted the meeting and said we have white smoke coming out of the chimney in the Vatican. He was supposed to be talking about these budget cuts and fixing that but when he heard that, he announced it to those he was speaking with. Because he knows the time.

But listen to what he says family, this is so profound. He gave this on Wednesday the 13th when the pope was chosen. So he sent this out to the new pope of Rome. this is what he says: On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I offer warm wishes to his  holiness Pope Francis as he ascends to the chair of St. Peter and begins his papacy. Obama says in his statement from the white house…it goes on to say: As a champion of the poor and the most vulnerable among us he carries forth the message of love and compassion that has inspired the world for more than 2,000 years that in each other we see the face of god.

HMMMMM. Then Obama continues: As the first pope from the Americas, his selection speaks to the strength and vitality of a region that is increasingly shaping our world. And alongside millions of Hispanic Americans those of us in the United States share the joy of this historic day. Just as I appreciate our work with Pope Benedict xvi, I look forward to working with his holiness to advance peace, security and dignity for our fellow human beings. Regardless of their faith. (stops)

Is he making a statement identifying himself as the man of sin? And identifying Pope Francis as the false prophet? Let’s read that again. (Reads again stating at ‘Just as I appreciate…regardless of their faith’).

Reads: We are joining our hands around the world and praying for the holy father as he begins the sacred work of leading the Catholic Church in our modern time and our modern world.

Do you see that?! Ain’t that profound? He’s like we appreciate the work but he calls him, his holiness, the holy father. Do you see? He’s already promoting that so that he can lead us and our fellow human beings regardless of their faith. Look at that because this man is the leader of ALL religions. You look forward to working with him. How deep is that statement? If Barak Obama is the man of sin and if this Pope Francis is the false prophet, how deep is that? You look forward to working with him! Because he’s going to call all to worship you! Humphf. That’s some heavy stuff there, family. This article was from the Huffington Post, dated March 16, 2013, online edition.

‘The holy father, his holiness’, what makes him holy? Holy means set-apart. What separates this man? Nothing. Right? Look at him. He looks humble. Look in his face, he doesn’t have that scariness that Pope Benedict had. Then you have Barak that great orator. Right? He woes the minds of the people.

So now let’s look at something very curious here. We already looked at the curious date of his choosing. We looked at the curious thing of them calling him humble, Pope Francis the Humble. And now let’s look at this very curious thing of why they chose a pope from Argentina. Many will say that maybe they wanted to choose a Latin-American pope. I’m pretty sure there are other cardinals in other Latin-American countries. What is it about Argentina? This is very curious here.

Argentina, brothers and sisters if you did not know, this is actual fact that I am about to explain to you. This ain’t no conspiracy theory. This is conspiracy fact. Conspiracy just means when two people get together to plot evil. The Nazi after the second world war and after they were defeated, they fled to Argentina. Adolf Hitler himself because they never found Adolf Hitler’s body. Adolf Hitler was smuggled out of Germany and he was taken to Argentina. Adolf Eichmann I think he was called the angel of death, he was the one who put together the death camps in Germany. He was a stone (cold) killer without mercy!! He fled. He was one of the top lieutenants of Hitler. He fled to Argentina and in 1960, Israeli commandos went down there to Argentina, kidnapped him. Took him to Israel. Put him on trial and in 1962 they hung him.

So you had one of Hitler’s top lieutenants down there and in 1945 in July and August of that year, two German U-boats surrendered down in Argentina. So when  the Americans and Russians rushed into Germany, they were not concerned with Adolf Hitler. They were concerned with the things they had seen once they came into Germany. (For example) men being able to teleport. UFO shaped crafts and all this. They went after the technology. The only way to get the technology was to get the scientists. They made a deal with Hitler saying we will get you out of Germany if you give us your scientists.

So that’s the United States and the Soviet Union split the Nazi scientists and took that fallen angel technology to where? The United States and to Russia. And what happened after the second world war? The Soviet Union and the United States became super powers. Both countries were super powers because of their technology that they got out of Germany. So Hitler was down in Argentina. There is TREMENDOUS amounts of evidence that supports this! Read a book…get this book called Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams. These two Gentiles put all the documentation together and showing that Adolf Hitler was smuggled out of Germany and taken to Argentina.

Now during the second world war, you had what they called the axis of evil; The Germans, with the Italians and the Japanese. Now Pope Francis is Italian. His family were Italian immigrants who migrated to Argentina. So he’s an Italian. And those Germans down there still had relationship in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and so on with Italians. That’s why Argentina has so many human rights violations. This is why they had so many dictators after dictators because the Nazi were down there! And the head Nazi, Adolf Hitler was down there. That’s why they have all those  human rights violations. The same stuff that was going on in Nazi Germany was going on in Argentina.

Let’s get deeper. Pope Benedict xvi is German and during the time of the second world war, he was a member of Hitler’s Nazi youths. Meaning that they were taking the children and training them to grow up to be Nazi soldiers. Pope Benedict was a Nazi youth, trained. So here you are having two popes that have an association with Adolf Hitler!! Because down in Argentina, do you think that Pope Francis was separate from Adolf Hitler and the Nazi and what they were doing down there? No. Not at all. Hitler was down there because Hitler was a precursor to the man of sin. Hitler was doing their training and raising up the false prophet in the ways that he should go. That’s what was going on in Argentina and that’s why they grabbed him out of Argentina. Because he is skilled and trained under Adolf Hitler and all them down there.

They say Hitler died at 100 years old about 20 years ago. Hitler would be 121 years old coming up on April 20th. So they say he died at age 100. Some say 73 years old but the consensus age is 100. And he was down in Argentina. The Nazi are still down there. They have human violations left and right. Dictatorships and all that also. All because the Nazi fled there. Then you bring a pope out of it who could be with the man of sin. What were you doing down there with Hitler? Hitler was just a precursor or false man of sin who persecuted the false children of Israel. So now the real man of sin will persecute the real children of Ysrayl with the real false prophet. That sounds like an oxymoron huh, ‘the real false prophet’. How can you be real and false at the same time? Well understand how. Because he is going to be the head false prophet. He is going to be the prophet over all of the false prophets. So every religion that has a prophet, that prophet is false. The prophets of Islam are false prophets. The prophets of Christianity are false prophets. The prophets of the Jews are false prophets. And he is going to be the prophet over all of them, the king false prophet. Do you understand?

So this is why Argentina. He was being trained down there. He joined the Catholic Church as a priest I think when he was 30 years old. That’s 46 years ago. And they know who he is. If he is that man, they didn’t wake up one day and say man you are going to be the false prophet. They already knew that. So they had to wait until he turned 76 years old. Seven plus six, thirteen. They had to wait until March 13, 2013 for him to take his place. The Nazi and Hitler…

Remember Hitler was a heavy occultist. Hitler went looking for certain things that the fallen angels had taught him. He was in cahoots with the fallen angels. So the knowledge of the fallen angels was given over to this man. Right? Because he is going to be the power of the chief fallen angel that’s going to be behind the false prophet. So Hitler was in cahoots with the fallen angels and Hitler was his teacher. Because remember ‘he speaks as a dragon’. And the man of sin is going to make war with the children of Ysrayl. He taught him torture techniques. Hitler knew all about persecuting the false Hebrews. Right? This is how you do it, this is what you do. So when you come into your time, you tell the man of sin to do it like this. My, my, my! Ain’t that heavy? Ain’t that profound? What times we live in.

Now the other thing is that they call this man the first pope from the new world. Right? From the Americas. Let me give you this title about the new world. That’s even satanic in its own self. You all know the true new world is when Yah is going to make a new heaven and a new earth. That’s the true new world order. But right here on this surface they are going to bring you a false new world order because everything that satan does is false so  they are going to bring a FALSE new world order. So this man is going to bring order to the new world and that order is total rebellion against Yah. So he’s going to lead the world astray. Right? That’s what it said. He will lead them astray because satan has already deceived the world. So he’s going to be of satan so he will lead the world astray.

So now the pope from the new world has to bring order to the new world. Humphf, it’s heavy. So that term ‘new world’ doesn’t apply to everybody else. That’s a Gentile term because this world is new to them. But everybody else around the world knew about this. The Hebrews were over here teaching the Native Americans *( See the Apocrypha, 2 Esdras chapter 12:45, some of the Israelites went to this hidden land called Arsareth). The Olmec had already arrived over here. The Egyptians and all that. They found cocaine in some of the mummies of Egypt. Cocaine is grown over here. I didn’t say that for a joke. Seriously people traveled over here before the Europeans did. So this is the new world to them not to everybody else. *Book: They came before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima.

So now they fashion that and the term ‘new world’ is very profound. Because you have been hearing about the new world order and Yah is the only one that is going to bring a true new order because this is the same order from the days of Adam. You know, we are disobeying Yah. But it’s going to be a new way. As the reformer is going to step into office and lead the world astray with the signs that he will be able to do. Yep. So he’s from the new world now he has to set up the false new world order. The parliament of world religions…the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims and all of them, they are about to get it together. Keep your eyes open, Ysrayl. There is so much to pay attention to. Some of us just have our eyes closed saying ‘well, I’ll hear about it on Shabbat’. ‘I don’t feel like looking at that right now’.

Well if that’ what your attitude is, I say so be it. Listen, we all are adults here. Yah gives us how He wants us to serve Him. He gives us what we need to know and if you refuse to know that then that’s on you. If you refuse to serve Him in the capacity that He needs you to serve Him then that’s on you. But on your day of judgment you can’t hold nobody else accountable for what you did but you.

As we look at this Revelation series part 9.5, do you see how profound the choosing of this next man to fulfill that office of the false prophet and everything that led up to him? Getting him there, the retirement and all that, 3-13-13, all of that. Do you see it? Do you see the numerology behind him? Like I said maybe he is, maybe he ain’t. We will see. We will see how it goes down but we have our eyes open and we will keep them open. Yah willing, we will be able to keep them open. They were saying when he told the people out in St. Peter’s Square to pray for him…to pray for him. They were saying that this is a new thing here. Instead of the pope praying for everybody, he asked them to pray for him. He has ‘the look of a lamb’.

Once again the name of that book is Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler. They show how he was taken out of Germany and taken to Argentina. Human rights violations and a lot of madness going on down there because the Nazi were there. The same things they carried from Germany to Argentina. And this pope was there during the time all this was going on. And there are some people who are standing against him because they are saying when this stuff was going on in Argentina that he was silent about it. When these dictators stood up and these priests even go kidnapped and all that, they say he was silent about it.

I guess him and Hitler can remind you of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vadar from the star wars movies. I  mean Obi Wan Kenobi not Luke because Obi Wan Kenobi was the teacher of Darth Vadar. And when they finally met up, when they were in their old age, Darth Vadar told him he said I let a student and now I have returned the master. So Hitler training up this man and now this man is the master.

You see satan planned for these things a long time ago. This is not something new. He did not get up and say Pope Francis you are going to be my man. Pope Francis know this. If Barak Obama is that man, Barak been knew this. He has to get his life in order so that he could reach that point. Do you think Yahoshua knew He was MessiYah when He turned 30? Or did His mother Miriam who had gotten the prophesy before He was born knew who He was and taught Him who He was. Right? He understood who He was from His mother’s womb. Satan is a copy-cat. So when satan’s messiah was born into this world, it was the same thing, he knew who he was. His parents knew who he was. Everybody surrounding that circle knows who he is.

So I hope that you are paying attention to these lessons, family. Because they are that…not only profound but they are that important. That you do pay attention to them and that you do understand them. Because Yah has given you the understanding. He’s given you the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the heart to perceive. And if you throw that away, you get caught up in this world then you will find yourself worshipping this man  as the world does. Can you imagine that? Here you are talking about Yah and Yahoshua and then when the man of sin stands up, you say I’m not running with y’all, I’m staying with god. That would be a shame. But let it be what it will be. Let it do what it will do. But all praise and honor are given to Yah, The Most High who rules in the kingdom of men. Yah of Hosts is His name.

So Yah willing, we will be back next week with part 10. That is in Yah’s hands. The next chapters we will be reading are chapters 19 and 20. We will see the return of Yahoshua and we will see about the resurrection. Then we will see the ending of time and the set up of the kingdom in chapters 21 and 22. It’s really been a very beautiful series, family. I have really enjoyed it and I really thank Yah for allowing us to do this and bring this to you all at a time that we all get the understanding of it and that we can have our spiritual eyes open to what’s really going on out there. And that we are keeping our eyes on it. And that we don’t get caught up in the deception of the adversary who is seeking to destroy. We don’t want to be devoured by him nor destroyed by him.

So family, I’m going to leave you with this, we looked at some major things today. We are trying to identify whether this  man might be or might not be. It is not for us to go out and proclaim that yes he is that man. He can have all these attributes and still be  missing one or two and then he gets kicked out of office and then the next one comes up and it’s him. So we are just keeping our eyes open. Just like we are keeping our eyes open on the office of the presidency; We are keeping our eyes open on the office of the Vatican.

This man here like Barak Obama…is just really profound. So keep an eye on him. They will be saying a lot of things about him just how he is ruling over the human family and all this stuff. Just pay attention even if you have CNN, if you have a DVR, start to record those things. You never know what is going to pop up. You never know what they will say. I need to start doing it myself too so we can have this. So when we start to explain these things to our family that don’t quite understand the truth at this time but when we start to break these things down…and when you say the Bible says this, that he will have authority as the first beast now look what they said about him on CNN. See, you must bring that Scripture but then you have to bring the secular or worldly stuff because that secular and worldly stuff is what they really understand. ‘Wow the Bible says that’? ‘And they say that on CNN’? (They will say).

Just like we do with ‘The Curses’ we can go down the line and say this is what the Bible says happened to the children of Ysrayl. Here is documented evidence to show you that this is happening to us. This is what the Bible says will  happen to the children of Ysrayl and here is the documented evidence. So logic only tells you that if Yah said that these things are going to happen to the children of Ysrayl and they are happening to us. We must be the children of Ysrayl. Do you see?

So with that being said I’m going to leave you with this right here, family. I want you to understand this. To-guard-your-souls! Satan is coming with GREAT wrath and HEAVY deception because he knows his time is short.

I’m going to leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace, shalom.