The Book of Revelation 9.5b

Let’s look at the timing of when they chose him. When the white smoke appeared out of the chimney at 7:26 p.m. Rome time. Seven plus two plus six equals fifteen (7+2+6=15). This is 7:26 the time the smoke came out. And 1+5=6 (from the 15). So we have 3,13 and we have 6 representing all of these high satanic numbers. Six-six-six is going to be the number of the man’s name. Pope Benedict was the first one to retire in 600 years. and now we have this man, his time to be chosen equals to six. And we understand that Rome is the sixth kingdom of the seven that held the children of Ysrayl  in great captivity that is spoken of in Revelation 17. The Roman Catholic Church, he was chosen in Rome, the sixth kingdom. Pope Benedict retires after 600 years and the time they chose the new pope equals six. Scripture tells us six-six-six is a number of a man. So it’s letting us know that when that number is around that we are close to the revealing of that man. Right? Absolutely. So all this numerology surrounding this man let’s us know that this may be him.

Now one of the major attributes that just blew my mind…listen my mind has been really blown these past few days dealing with this topic here because you know I have been trying to eat up as much as I could. And just when I’m thinking I’m full here comes Yah with something else. Obadiyah look at this. Obadiyah wake up. Look at that one, this one. So it was like man, there is so much information out there right now concerning him for those of us that have our eyes open.

Now before we go into one of the major attributes that they put out about this man. It’s like some of the key things about him is that when I first saw him…now remember…I don’t know if you all know but the actual pope that was in office before John Paul II, he only stayed in office 30 days. They killed him. He saw what was going on and he was about to open his mouth. So they killed him. The Jesuits killed him because the Jesuits and this pope is a Jesuit priest. The Jesuits stands for the society of Jesus and are Vatican assassins. There is even strong evidence not conspiracy theory but strong evidence that they had a hand in the murder of Abraham Lincoln, a hand in the murder of the Kennedy Brothers and they even had a hand in the murder of Martin Luther King. They have done so many assassinations over the years. They even attempted to kill John Paul II. You youngsters out there, John Paul II is the pope that was in office before Benedict. John Paul II was shot 4 times in 1981. He was coming through St. Peter’s Square and this guy from Turkey, this Muslim shot him 4 times. They tried to assassinate him back in the 80s. They tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan back in the 80s. The office of the president and the office of the pope; the office of the man of sin and the office of the false prophet, both of them had assassination attempts on them in the early 80s. What was going on then? Why were they trying to assassinate the one who was in the office of the man of sin and the one who was in the office of the false prophet? What was the reason behind that? Were they trying to rush time? Or were they trying to prevent, as the Gentiles would say, the apocalypse? Because may thought that Ronald Wilson Reagan was the man of sin because each of his 3 names contains 6 letters. The number of his name 666, so many thought Ronald Reagan was the man of sin. The Jesuits are the only ones responsible for these assassinations. These are the Vatican assassins and they really have no authority to this pope. There authority is to the pope that runs things behind the scenes.

But this pope right here is about to do a  new thing. He’s about to bring all authority under him. Because the man of sin and satan are going to give him authority to do so. So the whole Jesuit order, he is going to be the king of the Jesuits so it’s no coincidence that the Jesuits who are a loose cannon is now about to have a king over them. Because remember the man of sin and the false prophet will make WAR against the children of Ysrayl. This is what the Jesuits are. The Jesuits also killed Alberto Rivera, the one who revealed the documents that he seen in the Vatican about them creating Islam. And he could not come out and say it so he had to put it in a comic book. And they murdered Alberto Rivera.

Now things about this pope, there are a lot of firsts about him. He’s the first to take the name Francis. He’s the first from the new world. We are going to look at that also. A pope from the ‘new world’. ah huh. What are they trying to say there? Right? And why did they take this pope, this cardinal, arch bishop from Argentina? Humphf. We have a lot to talk about family.

But let’s look a this. One of the main attributes and they keep talking about this EVERY day over and over is that how humble this man is. ‘Oh he didn’t take the limo to work’. ‘He took the bus’. He didn’t live in the arch bishop’s palace, he lived in a small apartment. Now let’s break this down because this attribute here is undeniable, one of the undeniable characteristics of the false prophet!

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 13 because the false prophet will have the appearance of being humble and righteous. But he will speak wickedness. Now this man is a scholar. He is a’ Catholic scholar’. He speaks English, French, German, Latin, Spanish. He speaks about 6 languages. There’s one more he speaks. (Maybe Italian…Bergoglio). But he’s a scholar. He’s one who is more of a religious figure. Because he is saying I have got to move the Catholic Church back to Jesus. They are already calling him a reformer. He’s been in office 2.5 days as of now as they are calling him a reformer. What has he reformed? You see? Just like when Barack Obama came into the office and they put an attribute on him. They gave him the Nobel Peace Prize because the man of sin is going to come in peacefully.

So this man is a reformer. He’s going to straighten things out. He’s going to change times and laws. He’s going to reform the entire world of religion. He’s going to bring all religion together. This is why the media is putting that out. He hasn’t done NOTHING yet but he’s called a reformer. He’s the same jackal that has been sitting in that office for as long as it’s been there yet they call him a reformer. He’s number 266. The 266th pope. Do you see all the numerology? All those sixes, thirteens and threes following this man.

I thought about it because when I thought about that other pope that was in the office before John Paul that they killed and I thought about John Paul who they tried to kill. I looked at this pope and the numbers of eleven are not surrounding him. The number 11 is the number of sacrifice. High satanic numbers 3, 6 and 13 are circling this man. Like I said about Barak Obama, Barak has characteristics of the man of sin. And this man has characteristics of the false prophet. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. But until the revealing of the man of sin, we have to see, But we are going to keep our eyes on you, king jackal. We can’t let our eyesight lose this man.

So let’s go to Revelation 13. We are going to look at this pope here and compare him to what Scripture is telling us about the false prophet because the office of the pope is the prime office for the office of the false prophet to walk on out of. Always remember that. The office of the presidency of the United States is prime for the man of sin to come out of. Do you know why? There’s no office higher than the presidency of the United States. None higher. He is over kings. He’s over prime ministers. Everything is beneath him. He has sole authority coming out of the United States. There’s no religious office higher than the pope of Rome. He has total supremacy. No office higher out of all the religions on the earth. Of all the politics on the earth, there’s none higher than the office of the presidency.

So I want you to stay with me family as we go through this. I don’t want you to say ‘well Obadiyah Yah’s office is higher’. I’m talking about among men. See that’s how you get lost trying to be overly righteous. It you get too righteous, you will be lost. Bring it down a notch to where your understanding is. Everybody knows that Yah’s office is higher but we are not talking about that. We are talking about men. We are talking about deceived wicked men who are ruling in satan’s wicked and deceived world. Understand that. We know who Yah is; He is the Most High. You don’t have to go over that but understand on earth in the kingdom of men whom Yah still rules but on earth these offices are higher than any other office of man.

So why would you have to go build another office for the man of sin to come out of when you already have a  high office here that is wicked and high and leading the world in lawlessness? Why would you need to make a new office for the false prophet to come out of when you already have an office right here that is wicked and leading the world astray that the whole world looks to? You better not. If you were in St. Peter’s Square the night that they chose the pope and you said something bad about him, they would have stumped you. TO DEATH. Because that’s how they feel about their pope, their leader. EVERYBODY made a comment. They were even talking about it on black radio stations. ‘There’s white smoke coming out of the Vatican’. There’s a new pope. The whole world’s eyes were on Rome. As if Yahoshua said He was going to come back that night in Rome. And everybody was watching Rome. The whole world was watching Rome for the selection of a new pope. And you thing this thing is only limited to Catholics. That’s where you are deceived at. The pope has supreme authority over all religions.

Revelation 13:11-14, v. 11 Two horns like a lamb. Yahoshua is called the lamb of Yah. Why? Because he’s humble. But when he comes back he’s called what? The Lion of the tribe of Yahudah. Because He’s a warrior. Yahoshua is a humble warrior King and Priest. Fathom that. How can you be humble and a warrior at the same time? Well David was. Yahoshua with His last, excruciating breath said to His Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. I know may of you are not to that point and we love to bring that out boy! Every time that…that’s how we have to be to the point of that was how Yahoshua was humble…like Him. ‘Well I ain’t there yet’. That’s the first thing that comes out of some of our mouths. You don’t say ‘hey man, I’m trying to get there’. You just state ‘I ain’t there yet’. And you say it every time as if you take pride in not be as humble as Yahoshua was.

Because may of us when we go through our trails you know they may put us on the stake and we may be praying to Yah for lightning bolts. ‘Yah why are you letting them do this to me’? I don’t deserve this. You don’t like me anymore’. ‘I’m going to tell them to let me down so I can bow down to satan then’. Craziness. But with Yahoshua’s last breath and He was dying of excruciating pain, they had whipped Him ’til He was mutilated! And then they hung Him on a stake with nails! Then He said Yah forgive them for they know not what they do. That’s humble. That’s why He’s called the Lamb of Yah. He is humble like a lamb. So this man has the appearance, two horns like a lamb. He has the appearance of being humble. And that’s one of the MAIN attributes that they say about this man. I tell you, when I first saw the images of him, I said that to myself. ‘He looks humble’. Because Pope Benedict looks evil. He looks evil, scary. He looks like a monster. He looks like Igor. Right? I never really heard Pope Benedict talk except maybe one time. And just from his appearance, I thought that when he started talking that he would sound like those monsters in the movies. (Igor voice) ‘Yes master’. ‘What will  you have me to do’? That’s how I…because he looks like a monster. But this guy looks humble. I’m like man, he looks kind of weak too. I’m like wait a minute are they going to kill  him in office before his 30 days are up like they did the other pope?

But then Yah said wait a minute Obadiyah, haven’t you forgot about Revelation 13:11? Have you forgotten that quick? (slaps hands together) And I said that’s right! He has to have THE APPEARANCE of a lamb. So he has to look humble. Look at how he’s living. He takes the bus to work. He lives in a small apartment. He’s living like me. But the difference between me and him is what Scripture says, that he speaks like A DRAGON. What is the language of a dragon? What does it mean to speak like a dragon? We just saw that the great red dragon is satan. Satan only speaks lies for he is the father of it. He is the father of lies. All he brings are lies and deception and murder. Because he was a murderer from the beginning.

So to speak like a dragon is to speak lies and deception. Remember deception is a lie that is made to seem like the truth. So he is going to be speaking lies and deception. What is he going to be speaking? THE DOCTRINE OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.  The doctrine of the one world religion. He’s going to look humble. He’s going to be dedicated to the poor. He’s going to help poor people here and there. But at the same time, he’s going to be speaking deception and lies to the ears of the people and they are not going to hear what he speaks but they will see what he does. There’s a lot of poor Israelites in North America. There are a lot of poor Israelites in South America. Who do you thing when he talks about helping the poor…who do you think he will come in the face of?

If they see this pope, this Gentile reaching out to black people…we love that right? Reaching out to Hebrew, that’s why we are still worshipping John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy to this day because we thought that they were helpers. That’s why we still worship Jesus to this day because we thought that wild Gentile was a helper to our people. We love that. The man of sin is coming after the children of Ysrayl, the ones who keep the commandments of Yah and have the testimony of Yahoshua. And if he is already the man of sin, if he is Barak Obama and he already has favor with the children of Ysrayl and then you bring this man in. ah huh. Aiming at the children of Ysrayl.

Revelation 13:12 So he will have the same authority as the man of sin. This is what it’s talking about when it says he will pull fire out of heaven. The man of sin will also pull fire out of heaven. Because the prophet is only as great as his god is. The prophet can not be greater than his god. He is a representation of his god. So if you are a prophet of the god of war, then your prophet and/or god can only bring war. If you are a prophet of the god of water then you just have a power over water. So here he is a prophet of this god who says he’s the greatest of all gods. So he’s going to have similar authority. He will pull fire from heaven as the man of sin will pull fire from heaven. He will be about to shape-shift as the man of sin will be able to change or shape-shift. Both will be able to do it.

(Finishes reading v.12). So he causes all to worship the man of sin. Can you see this man? When that man stood up that night in St. Peter’s Square and all those thousands of people were out there and he was on the balcony, this could be reminiscent of what will happen the night the man of sin stands up and says he is the greatest of all gods. It’s like wow. But this man will cause them to worship him. So he will be out there saying ‘this is god’. ‘I’m just a prophet’. And everybody will listen because everybody listens to him now.

v. 13 This is going to be some powerful stuff here! We heard about the miracles in the Scriptures but this man…satan is going to copy all of those. Everything that Yah did, he is going to do…EXCEPT raise the dead. He has no power or authority over the breath of life. He has no power over the breath of men. So he’s NOT going to be able to raise the dead. But he will be able to do everything else. It says he performs great signs. This is not just one of the signs. It says he will do great signs, plural. He even makes fire come down from heaven. This is when they will bow down. Can you imagine that night he was standing on the balcony before all those thousands of people. What if he had commanded fire to shoot down from heaven? Everyone would have fallen on their knees and started worshipping right then and there. The Muslims would have fallen on their knees and started worshipping him. Everybody. Pope John Paul…remember we looked at the office of the man of sin and false prophet, every pope that stood in that office all 265 of them were leading up until the revealing of the false prophet. They were paving the road for the false prophet to come through that office. The presidents, every president that has ever sat on that seat, on the throne of the United States, they have been there to pave the way for the coming of the man of sin. So Barak Obama could be the man of sin or he could be one who is paving the way for him. This pope could be the false prophet or he could be the one who is paving the way for him.

v. 14 Do you see that? He said that he’s leading those astray. See this is the language of the dragon, he’s going to deceive them. The people are going to be looking and they are going to see the signs. The man is already worshipped and looked at with much admiration just like Barack was when Barack came into office. Much admiration, the whole world.

Let’s go back up to v. 11, look at that humbleness that they say he looks like a lamb. Let me play this video for you real quick. The audio I will play. This is just some of the things that they are saying about this man. And look how they are all taken aback because they are already calling him by the title ‘Pope Francis the Humble’. He’s named himself after one of the Catholic saints who took a vow of poverty and was helping the poor and all that. So that will be his aim to help the poor. So those signs that he will be able to do…now the great signs he will be able to do are things we call supernatural. But they will do a lot of other ‘miracles’ as they say. Over in Ghana feeding the hungry Israelites over there. Over in the United States down in Mississippi feeding the hungry Israelites there. Down in Brazil feeding the hungry Israelites there. You watch. People will be like WOW, a pope has NEVER done this. And this is why everyone will be taken by.

Because it does not matter if he has the appearance of a lamb but you speak as a dragon. If you are going to have the appearance of a lamb, you have to speak as a lamb. Right? You have to be  humble. But he’s not. He just has the appearance of humbleness. I want you to pay attention and listen to the way the world is seeing him. This pope is already being looked at as a different pope than all the others who have come before him. Just by this so-called humility that he has.

Video: (Reporter) From the moment that he stepped out on the balcony as pope his message was one of simplicity. Pope: Brothers and sisters good evening. Reporter: As a cardinal in Buenos Aires he rod the bus and in his new job Pope Francis is sticking to old habits. Man speaks: All of a sudden the pope left Santo Martin House walked past the car that was set for him that was awaiting him and got on the bus and asked if there is some place available. Reporter: Brazilian father Antonio Holfmeister couldn’t believe his eyes. We were shocked. We were clapping hands for the pope and at the same time we were shocked and he said well I think I’m going to sit here with Romondo. Reporter: Cardinal Bergoglio took the name Francis after St. Francis of Assisi who gave up a life of wealth and privilege to serve the poor. Speaker: Pope Francis is trying to set an example of simplicity of somebody even though he’s the head of the Vatican State. He’s giving up a lot of the luxury of that position. Now we are in the Church of San Francisco De Assisi, the (inaudible) grande of Rome and this is the oldest Franciscan Church in the city. This room is the cell where St. Francis use to sleep when he would visit Rome and he was treating sick pilgrims. It’s very bear. This was built in the 16th century. It was not here when St. Francis was alive. But here’s a relic from the days of St. Francis. this is the rock where he would lay his head to sleep. He didn’t use a pillow. Reporter: In Argentina, Pope Francis championed the poor. In this age when money makes the world go ’round. Perhaps he’s reminding the world, it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then for a rich man or a powerful man to enter the kingdom of god. His simple style is already shaking up the Vatican. Speaker: I can tell you that it does send some jolts through the system here which is so deeply rooted in tradition and beautiful ceremonies and following the book. Reporter: A book Pope Francis is throwing out the window….CNN Rome.

So do you see that? Look at the attributes and things they are saying about him. They are already saying that he’s different. He’s going to champion the poor. He’s going to help the poor. And the guy whom he named himself after Francis, he did all that. Like helping the sick and sleeping on a hard rock. But he still in the end was an enemy to Yah. So this is what this is. This man has the look of a lamb. He has the look of one who is doing good yet he speaks as a dragon. He still is an enemy to Yah. That’s why it’s so powerful that we do good because we know that Yah requires good and only Yah is good. and so we do what Yah says. So our works that we do…now the works that this man Francis did probably was good works. It probably was things that Yah commanded yet he stood against the Father so your works are void. Understand that family. Yah reads the hearts. This man was a Catholic monk and he probably spoke Latin and read the Scriptures yet it says in Exodus 20 not to bow down to idols and every time this man stepped into a church, he went kissing the goddess, Virgin Mary! Francis, the one who he named himself after. So Yah knows the hearts. This man read the commandments I’m pretty sure. Right? Yet he still didn’t do what the commandments say. So all of your works are void. So this man right here is going to do likewise. He’s probably going to do some things we haven’t seen in a long time as far as working with the poor.

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