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These 2 sons of Jacob talked to their children about the Lamb of Yah . Who am I referring to?

Did y’all hear the buzz yesterday about satan looking like Obama in the mini-series ‘The Bible’?


The actor’s name is Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni

Yoseph: And I saw that a virgin was born from Judah wearing a linen stole and from her was born a spotless lamb. At his left there was something like a lion and all the wild animals rushed against Him but the Lamb conquered them and destroyed them trampling them underfoot. And the angels and mankind and all the earth rejoiced over him. These will take place in the last days. You therefore, my children, keep Yah’s commandments. Honor Levi and Judah because from their seed will arise the Lamb of Yah who will take away the sin of the world and will save all the nations as well as Ysrayl. For His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom which will not pass away. But my kingdom will come to an end among you like a guard in an orchard who disappears at the end of summer.  Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, page 824, chapter 19:8-12.

Benyamin: Through you will be fulfilled the heavenly prophesy concerning the Lamb of Yah, the Savior of the world because the unspotted one will be betrayed by lawless men and the sinless one will die for impious men by the blood of the covenant for the salvation of the Gentiles and of Ysrayl and the destruction of ha shatan and his servants. Testaments of the Twelve Patricarchs, page 826, chapter 3:8.