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The Book of Revelation p. 9.5a

Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters. How are you doing? This is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl coming to you again with another Israelite Heritage pre-recorded Shabbat lesson. Coming to you today on the Shabbat which is March 16, 2013. As always I want to give a shalom to everybody that is listening to this lesson. Whether you are listening to it today, tomorrow or if you are listening to it in the future. I greet you shalom and if you are listening on the Shabbat, Shabbat Shalom.

Brothers and sisters as we continue here in the Revelation series and as Yah opens our understanding about the Book of Revelation, we are going to do something a little different. We were supposed to go into part 10 this week. Part 10 will consist of us reading from chapters 19 and 20 in the Book of Revelation. But since today is March 16th and a very significant event took place on March the 13th of 2013 which was the election or selection of the new pope, Pope Francis the first.

What we are going to do here today is that, today’s lesson is going to be Revelation Series 9.5. So instead of going to part 10, we are going to start here at 9.5. So we are spending today talking about this new pope. The name of this lesson is the new pope and the false prophet. Remember in the man of sin lesson how first we presented information about the man of sin then we were able to go into a lesson where we looked at the character of Barack Obama and we looked at the Bible telling us about the character of the man of sin. We are going to do something similar to that today since now we have a name for the new pope, Pope Francis I. These past few days, he’s really only been in office these past two days as of today. Today is his third day in office. As we have been getting information from different media sources and what they have been saying about this man, we are going to look at his character then we will match it up to what the Bible talks about, about the false prophet. It is so beautiful how Yah is working with this information in our time to bring it to us.

I remember as this pope was being selected, they actually began the selection process on Tuesday March 12th and that’s when Israelite Heritage has it’s monthly fast, every month on the 12th and 24th. I don’t think it was a coincidence they started on that day. I’m serious when I say that. So they started Tuesday the 12th and we are going to see why they chose him on the 13th. They chose him on Wednesday the 13th.

So we are going to analyze all these different things. We are going to look at it and compare it to what the Scriptures have to say about the false prophet. Because it’s so profound that this man was selected. Now many of us were believing that it was possible that the guy from Ghana, some said he was from Nigeria…we thought that he may be the one to be put in office. He was one of the front-runners. Peter Turkenson or something like that. So he wasn’t chosen. But looking at the character of Pope Francis I, oh my goodness and how it does match up to the possible false prophet that is mentioned in the Book of Revelation. There are a lot of similarities with this man. Just as there are may similarities between Barak Obama and the man of sin. So we are going to look at these things today. We will go over them and some of this stuff will blow your mind. If you weren’t aware of some of these things, it will blow your mind.

I remember as this selection process was going on and I was texting with family from all over the place. Man, I was probably receiving a  hundred text an hour as people were asking me, ‘Obadiyah what’s your opinion on this’? ‘What’s your view on this’? ‘What’s this all about’? As we were going through the text…I had a busy day that day. As I was coming in ahki Moshe sent me a text. And he was like white smoke…they have white smoke coming out. I had just came in the door of the house. So I turned on CNN and lo and behold the white smoke was coming from the chimney of the Vatican.

Now what is the white smoke? The white smoke is when they are in the conclave and when they are going through the process of selecting a pope when all the cardinals are there to select him. Everyday that they put their votes in, if the pope has not been selected that day then black smoke comes out of the chimney. But if he has been selected, white smoke comes out.

So white smoke came out of the chimney on Wednesday March 13, 2013. Remember everything surrounding the election of this pope…a lot of things had to take place. The first significant and major event was that Pope Benedict xvi had to retire. He didn’t die because once a pope gets into that office he’s in that office for life, until the breath is taken from his body. So Benedict retired and this event was very significant because it has not happened in 600 years. We talked about that.

So with him retiring, it gave a doorway for this Pope Francis to be selected. When Benedict retired, he put into law that the process of selecting the next pope be sped up. Because normally there’s a waiting period when the pope is out of office because normally the pope dies. So they give them time to do the funeral and time to have a grieving period and then they go into their conclave to select the next pope. So that is wha they do after a pope is out of office. But since this pope was not dead and there was no mourning period, so this pope put into law that they had to speed up this process. That they had to get this new pope into office immediately. So they were looking at this day. Everything about this was always surrounding this day…3-13-13. We are going to talk about that in just a moment and show you why this date had to be chosen. So everything had to be sped up to get to this point because these satanists are filled with numerology because he is copying off of Yah.

Remember there are several numbers that are significant through the Bible…the number 12, the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. The number 7, the number of perfection, the 7th day of the week. You have 12 months and things like that. The number 40 also. So 7, 12, 40 numbers like that throughout the Scriptures, they are very significant.

So as satan sets up his order and he’s copying off of Yah, he has numerology that is very significant to him too. So the number 3, 13 and 6 of course and other numbers that they use like the number 11 that are significant to them. So we will look at that in just a moment. But looking at all the circumstances around this pope, just how he got into office and his attributes and characteristics as we are getting this from the different media sources. He has a strong possibility of being that false prophet. so it is possible for the man of sin…well the office of the man of sin is fulfilled whether Barack is that man or not. That office is filled because the president is the leader of the free world and the president wears that title. He’s the  most powerful political figure in the world. He runs the world.

Son now we look at the pope…now the title of the pope and title of the Catholic Church…Catholic means universal. It is the universal church. We know that word church references religion. Whenever you think about church you think about religion. Right? You think about the Christian religion. But it covers all of the religions. So when you say universal church, you are saying universal religion. That’s what it is. So the pope is the head of the universal religion and so he has supreme authority over all religions. He is the supreme infallible over every Catholic and every Christian. That’s why the world’s eyes was on Rome when this process of selecting the new pope was taking place.

Remember they call him infallible. Infallible means he can not make mistakes. He is the Vicar of Christ meaning that he is the stand-in for Christ on earth. So they say Christ is a god. So what do you think the pope is? He’s going to be the one who ushers in god. He’s going to be a little god in a sense. He’s going to be a prophet of the god and he’s going to lead everybody to worship the god. He is not subject to any government, organization or even to his own church. He is a ruler. He has supreme authority. Now as we get into today’s lesson, understand that. Remember that he has supreme authority over all religions.

Let me ask yo this if you don’t believe what I am saying. Who is the head rabbi in Israel? How long has he been the head rabbi? When was he selected to be the head rabbi? How many votes did he get? Who is the head rabbi of the Jews of New York? Who is the leader of the Protestants? Who is the leader of the Baptists? Who is the leader of the Methodists? Who is the leader of the Muslims of the United States? Who is the leader of the Muslims in Iran? Who is the leader of the Muslim in Iraq? Who is the leader of the Shiites or the Sunnis? Right? We can’t answer that. I know I don’t know. But I can tell you that Pope Francis I is the leader of the Catholic Church. Everybody knows that. Because he is the supreme leader of ALL religions. We don’t know anything about those other religions and who are their leaders. But the whole world was watching the selection of this new pope.

Something is very curious to me that has very, very, very, peaked my interest and opened my eyes. And I’m not saying this in a joking way. I’m serious about what I’m about to say. What is up with Dennis Rodman?!! Dennis Rodman was over there during the selection of this pope and he said that he wanted to meet with the new pope. They had him on TV. He was in St. Peter’s Square waiting to see the white or black smoke come out of the chimney to signify the new pope had been selected or not selected. He was over there. They showed him over there hanging out with Latoya Jackson. Now I ask this and I ask in all seriousness. That homosexual just came out of N. Korea, over there conversing and days after he left N. Korea…No. Korea was talking about sending a nuclear bomb to the United States. Just days after Dennis Rodman left and I didn’t hear NOTHING about the government arresting him or charging him.

Because when Farrakhan was talking about going to Libya, they said if you go over there and come back you will be arrested for associating with known terrorists. They were over here not to long ago, in Chicago, the FBI office in Chicago was investigating Farrakhan because when Muammar Ghaddafi was on the run, they said that Farrakhan spoke out of his own mouth that he was in communication with Muammar Ghaddafi and they were talking about charging Farrakhan with harboring a terrorist.

But none of this is said to be spoken about Dennis Rodman. Now they made jokes about him on the late night comedy shows. I don’t watch those shows, I just heard what they said on the news. They said that they were joking about it. But why is this man over there while they are threatening to blow your country up with nuclear weapons and nothing is really said about it?

Now he’s over in the Vatican trying to meet with the new pope. Something ain’t right with that. Keep your eyes open. Because it’s letting us know, those of us that have our spiritual eyes open, those of us that are in the know, this is letting us know that something is going on there. Who Dennis Rodman really is, is probably about to be revealed. Yes indeed. And are we ready to accept the truth of who this man might really be? Or what he might really be?

You know he was playing right alongside the god of basketball, MichaYah Yordan known as Michael Jordan and his name means one who is like Yah who has descended down. Or you can call him MichaYl. One who is like Yl who has descended down. They ruled the NBA in the 1990s. Watch Dennis Rodman. Watch him.

So as we look at these very curious things, now as I was stating about the pope having that title Vicar of Christ. He is Christ’s stand in on earth. He has supreme authority over all religions. Everybody pays homage to the pope. When they meet this man they come and kiss his ring. Now we are going to look at some things because Barak Obama blew my mind with the statement that he wrote to the pope! Man family, I think we are in that time.

The world will not see it because the world is already worshipping these men. The world is already worshipping Barak Obama as a god. The world is already worshipping this man as a great leader of all religions. One of the things that I noticed about CNN and I hate that I didn’t record it. But one of the things that I noticed because I’m going to do a video lesson on the man of sin and the false prophet, Yah willing. One of the things that I noticed CNN saying was this: They said this place out here in St. Peter’s Square is so diverse. They said every nationality, every racial group on earth is represented in there. They said the whole world is here. And the whole world was there to listen to this man, to worship this man. This is deep. I don’t think we recognize how deep…yes we do because we have our eyes open. But the world does not recognize how deep this is. Because remember the man of sin and false prophet are going to come up and they will have no clue. Because the Christians are waiting for a anti-Christ that will come up and persecute Christians. So if we never see that and then we jump to Barak revealing himself and this pope revealing himself, they are going to humble themselves and worship these men. Saying this can’t be the anti-Christ because the anti-Christ said he is going to persecute Christians and the pope is a Christian.

Then the pope will come out and talk about how they created Islam. Saying Islam you are our brothers. They will go into the Koran and show you how the Virgin Mary is spoken of more in the Koran than she is in the Bible. Do you see? Everything is starting to fall into place. And let me just say this before we get really heavy into today’s lesson. My heart is heavy for you Ysrayl. Because I see that the more that we come into understanding and seeing what’s taking place, you still refuse to get your act right. Some of you are just doing some very silly and stupid stuff that makes no sense. That is putting your salvation in jeopardy. Your going to mess around…because I know…listen, these lessons are for those who Yah has given understanding to hear. Because I know, all of you all are not paying attention to them. You just come into the midst of us just to  have something to do. And when these things start to take place…some of you probably don’t even believe that they will take place. But when they do and then you wake up one morning and then you turn on your TV and there’s the man of sin floating in the air making lightning bolts come out of his hand. And the false prophet is making the sun dance in the sky and you are looking at it oohing and ahhing. Then you get on the phone to call up your ahk. Right? And all you get is oooooooooopppppppppp….because your ahk IS GONE!!!!!!!  You get no answer. And now you wonder what’s wrong with your phone. Ain’t nothing wrong with your phone. It’s wrong with your heart and mind. That’s where the problem is. Because you refused to hear what Yah had to say and you refused to see what Yah had to show. And now you are left behind. How will you deal with that? Your going to either suffer the torture or your going to give in and take the mark of the beast and get yourself a one way ticket to the lake of fire.

These things are no joke. Yah is showing you documentation that this is what’s happening. This is why He told Daniyah, when He gave prophesies to Daniyah…shut the book up. My son shut it up because you don’t understand this because this ain’t for you to understand. Daniyah even said after the angel told me about this, he said I still don’t understand. It wasn’t for him. It’s for you. And if you don’t understand in this time when the Ruach of Yah is over His people and the Ruach of Yah is dominating the minds and hearts of His true servants. And you are still having problems understanding the simplicity of Yah’s Word, then this wasn’t for you. I’m sorry to say. Because you didn’t show Yah that your heart was aimed to love Him and love Him only. So He didn’t give His Ruach to you. So now youare stuck. Y’all see this stuff starting to happen. We had our eyes on the Vatican as the world did but the world had it as a good event. We head it as uh-oh satan is on his way. That’s the way that we perceived it. That’s the way that we looked at it. Because Yahoshua told us to watch and pray that we are found worthy to escape what’s about to come upon the earth. And guess what? These things are here. Now are you worthy to escape them? Ask yourself that. Ask Yah that!

So now we see this man has stepped in the office of the false prophet. It has been filled. And the office of the presidency was filled in 2013 and it’s just the third month. How significant is that? And I keep saying Barak Obama came into his second term January 20th, Pope Benedict retired from office February 28th and a  new pope in the office by March 13th. This thing is moving with speed. Yahoshua said that He’s coming with speed. He said that these things must happen with speed. We need to pay attention!

Let’s look at this. One of the attributes they give this man is that he is humble. He has a lot of first. He’s a Jesuit too. We will look at all that. He’s a Jesuit and He is the first one to carry the name Francis. We will look at all these things because they all are significant. We will look at some major things not a lot of things but some major things.

I told you the first thing that I would like to look at that is highly curious is the date that he was chosen. The date and the time in which he was chosen. Now the date that he was chosen is March 13, 2013. Which when you put it into numbers is 3-13-13. Now they had to use this date as they started out on the 12th, right? Twelve is one of those positive scriptural numbers. Then they had to go to their satanic number ont he day that they would actually choose him.

Now let’s look at this and break down the numbers and symbolism behind these numbers. The number 3, let’s look at what the number 3 stands for. The number 3 stands for trinity. Trinity means three. Within this trinity the false prophet will make up the third person of the trinity. Now we know the Bible doesn’t give any type of validation to what the Christians teach as the trinity. That didn’t come into their doctrine until the year 325 at the first council of Nicaea and then at 381 CE the second council and t hen this is when they brought this into the Nicaea creed about the trinity. Because the trinity is an ancient pagan doctrine. It goes back even farther because you know the Gentiles want to tell us that it goes back to Nimrod. But it goes back further than Nimrod. It goes back to the gods and their rule on earth. Nimrod was only a representation of what had already taken place, ‘as above so below’. So when we get to Nimrod, it goes further back then that then Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz.

So when we are looking at this trinity and this is what it stands for because the Bible only speaks of one trinity and let’s go to the Book of Revelation chapter 16. We are going to look at this trinity and this false prophet is part of it, that’s why they had to use the third month…3-13-13. Because that three stands for the trinity. The trinity is on the horizon, family. The trinity is here.

Revelation 16:13 THREE unclean spirits. Why were there three unclean spirits? Because we have 3 entities in which these demons are coming out of their mouths. We have the dragon who is satan. We have the beast who is the man of sin. Then we have the false prophet. That’s your trinity. This is the only trinity that the Bible speaks about. The dragon, the beast and the false prophet; satan, the man of sin, and the false prophet. These will be the end-times gods. This is who the people are going to worship. So three demons came out of their mouths because it’s three of them. So this is what number three stands for. The third month, this is why they didn’t do it in the second month. Pope Benedict said I’m going to retire at the end of February. And then he said that I’m going to put into law that y’all have to hurry up and elect this next pope. So they had all the time from the ending of February to the 13th day of the 3rd month.

So thirteen, if we look at the number 13, why is it such a high number to these people? Well 13 stands for the one-third (1/3). If you put a back slash between the one and three, you have one-third. One-third is 33 percent. That is one of the highest levels of masonry…thirty-third degree. So we look at 33% and we look at 1/3 and this is the number of malakim that satan got to rebel with him. Let’s go to Revelation chapter 12. So you see why we have the numbers 3 and 13. Thirteen represents one-third.

Revelation 12:3-4 ‘a third of the stars’. Remember stars in the Book of Revelation are symbolism for angels. So his tail took a third of the angels from the heaven and threw them down to the earth. (finishes reading). So do you see that? This is what we are looking at here.

We have the number thirteen, they chose this man on the thirteenth day fo the third month. Three=trinity. Thirteen=1/3. Their letting you know that this is satanic. See all of this is showing us that this is possibly that false prophet from all the numerology that is surrounding this man. They could have chosen him on the 12th. They could have chosen him on the 14th or 15th. They could have chosen him today on the 16th but they chose him on the 13th of the 13th year. So the 3rd month of the 13th day of the 13 year of the new millennium. They are letting you know. If you have your eyes open, they are letting you know. That’s why scripture even gave us numerology to calculate the number of the man’s name (666). Right?

So now let’s look at something else. These jackals aren’t that slick once we have our eyes open. This pope, everybody was saying ‘oh man we need a younger pope, you know Pope Benedict is 85 and Pope John died when he was ‘350’ years old and we must have a younger pope’. But they chose a pope that’s 76 years old. I remember when I was in the third grade. We were doing math problems. The teacher put a  math problem  on the board and whoever got them wrong, you had to write that math problem a hundred times. I got 7+6 wrong! I had to write it a hundred times. I never forgot that 7+6 =13!

So he’s 76 years old. 7+6=13 or one-third. I’m telling you these jackals boy! This is why they chose him at that age. And od you know what? Because satan knows. Right? He only has a short time. So probably before this man turns the same age as Pope Benedict, everything would have taken off by that time. Remember he’s going to be able to shape-shift. He’s going to be able to make himself a young man. He will be able to  make himself a baby or an old man. All of that. He and the man of sin will be able to do great miracles in the sight of people. Remember the false prophet is going to pull fire out of heaven and all that. If he can pull fire out of heaven and he’s just a prophet what do you think the god can do? So he’s going to have the same authority but let me not ge ahsead of myself. We will talk about that in just a moment.