Information You Can Use

I’m not doing news you can use this week. We will talk about the news in the lesson. I want to talk about your walk.

Don’t use this Word as a tool for social networking. If you get left behind that’s your fault. Yah is giving you time to prepare now. this is not a toy to play with. You have understanding, some of you. Some of you still don’t understand. You don’t know what the Shabbat is because you are not rooted in the Word. This civil war going on in the Israelite Community is for naught. I have no authority to say what another camp is doing wrong. What they are doing may just be the will of Yah. Stop embarrassing Yah, yourself, your family on these social networks! They make you look like a clown! How close are you really to Yah and Yahoshua? We must represent Him to the fullest!

You are out here doing unYahly things and drive people away and you are accountable for that. But if you do righteous things and they still leave then that’s on them. This is a walk of endurance, embrace it. You know you have to prepare for cold man….you have lived in Chicago all your life. Don’t complain about it…endure…prepare. We LOVE to complain more than anybody. They smile and praise Jesus but ask you and you complain about your life.

Yah focuses on you, children of Ysrayl but satan deceives you so you will complain. Why don’t y’all study?!! Why don’t y’all read Yah’s Word?!! You have time to do everything else…to get with that ahk or ahkotee, to get that new car or promotion but you have no time to study the Word of Yah. Yah speaks to you. He chose you. What will you do for Him?

We think we know everything because we have the truth now. Don’t be fooled, satan tricked Kepha, David and Yahudah. But you think you are immune to the tricks of the devil. You will be tricked by the devil if you don’t study. Yah chose you to receive this, don’t play! You are accountable, no one else.

I have been teaching since 1999. I teach as simply as I can because it’s given simply from Yah. The older lessons were 3, 4 even 5 hours long. Now they are 2 hours and under. Many of y’all stop paying attention after 2 hours. Why? You watch TV longer or read a book but you will not pay attention in class. You sleep during the lesson. This truth battles the demon on you, that’s why. That demon drains your energy. It’s not my authority or business to make sure you are living the Word of Yah in your house. You are responsible for your walk.

The only time you think of Yah is on the Shabbat. How is that serving Yah? You come to Shabbat ‘The super ‘brew! Yet all week long you don’t read scriptures and you don’t pass out flyers…you do nothing all through the week! Jack Van Impe can quote scripture better than anybody I have ever seen too! Yah knows what you do. There are people out here praying and fasting in churches that know something is wrong with the church. They beg the Father to show them Himself and here you are with the truth and playing around. They wish they had what you have! When they get it and protect this truth, will you hate them because they are serious about it? YOU LAZY SERVANT, don’t be angry at them! (Gives analogy) I use to think my t-shirts were white until I bought new white t-shirts and discovered I had been wearing dingy t-shirts. See the obedient servant looks bright and the lazy servant looks…dingy. You want to be stiff-neck, hard-headed that’s your choice. Don’t be mad at others. They want to do Yah’s will.

Everyday is a struggle to stay on the path of Yah. You must decide what you will do, will you stay with Yah? TEXT: I’d be concerned if things wasn’t always a struggle…no pain no gain.

Pray to Yah  all the time even when you are struggling. The struggle is to correct you. But you want me to get off the mic so you can go back to your FB and twitter friends. You will die getting it right or die with it wrong…your decision. TEXT: We gottta run to win!

Just your behavior, I can  tell who serves Yah. Why are we still gossiping? We think we still have time to do these things…the persecutions are coming! Paltalk will not be here forever. Bibles will have to be hidden. Their god is on the way. Did y’all know that Shimon Peres President of Israel was in Poland meeting with Catholic leaders?! But y’all think you have time to gossip and hate. We don’t need your corrupting spirit here! But you need to be here for Yah’s mercy. We will ban you gossipers, wolves. You shall know them by their fruit. We are not here for numbers. We are not here to be the biggest room on Paltalk. We are here for repentance.

If you use Facebook…use it to teach. That’s it. Take them the Word of Yah. Pay attention: You will provide answers to the people when pastor and mock-di can’t.

There’s a guy on Paltalk says he’s the teacher of teachers. He taught me he says. The heart of the people. What’s on his heart? This Word belongs to Yah. I don’t care if you copy all this information. They talked bad Yahoshua, the prophets and the emissaries. Beware when men speak good about you family.

I don’t want the U.S. I don’t want anything from here. We don’t protest. Babylon is like that dingy t-shirt. We want our own land, our own things. We are just sojourners in this land for a while.

The lesson is called Revelation part 9.5 The New Pope and the False Prophet: Why a Argentinian pope? Why the date chosen? What Barak said about him will blow your mind!! He doesn’t look scary like Benedict. The false prophet will have the appearance of a lamb, he is dedicated to the poor they say.


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