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The Book of Revelation p. 9c

Let’s go to Revelation 18.

Revelation 18:1 Look at that, he lit up the whole earth like a sun. Oh-wee! These boys are powerful, family! v. 2 Read. v. 3 Look at how he is describing her. What other nation fits this?! Where the merchants have become rich through her. Where the nations have drunk the wine of the wrath of her whoring and the kings of the earth have committed whoring with her. Who else does this fit? The United States is all over the world. v. 4 Yah said come out of her. This is the last cry before He comes down to destroy her. That you must get out of here if you are still here. Let’s go. Let’s get to that wilderness.

v. 5 Look at that. Her sins have reached the heavens. So Yah can’t ignore them anymore. They are right before His face, right before His nostrils. Now He remembers your unrighteousness. Now His attention is turned to you, Babylon. v. 6 Yah is talking some tough talk here and he’s going to fulfill it! v. 7 Listen nobody fights wars on this land. She isn’t seeing no war. She goes and takes war all over the world but no war is here. Oh, I’m rough and tough she says.

v. 8 Let’s stop right here. Let’s go over to Genesis 15. Let’s connect this. I have already told you what it is. But let’s connect this. Let’s make it that much clearer. Genesis 15. Because you have Hebrews out here saying that Genesis 15:13 happened in Egypt but it did not and there’s no scriptural verification for that. Believe whatever you want to believe but if you believe that…but when the time comes and Yah starts to lay waste to this whore and you have sat around and did not come out of her when He said come out of her My people because you are not understanding the prophesies. And you are making the long waited prophesies of non-effect. Just like Isaiah said you would in the Ascension of Isaiah chapter 3 in the Pseudepigrapha.

See, you must understand family where we are in terms of prophesy and you must understand how these things are starting to unfold right before your very eyes. Don’t get yourself caught up in doctrines and morays who want to be leaders and all that madness. It ain’t about that. It’s about getting right with Yah so we can survive what’s about to come upon the earth.

Genesis 15:13-14 Now Yah said He’s going to judge that nation. Let’s read verse 8 of Revelation 18 again. He’s talking about Babylon and her destruction. Yah said He is going to judge that nation that has kept us for 400 years and mistreated us for 400 years. v. 8 Read again. See Yah is going to judge Babylon. Babylon is the nation spoken of in Genesis 15:13. This is where the children of Ysrayl have been for nearly 400 years. Y’all know we are six years from that, 2019.

Revelation 18:9 Read. v. 10 Look at that. Your judgment has come in one hour! Yah is going to destroy her in one hour. What type of destruction is that? That’s going to be some type of laser weapon or some kind of nuclear bomb or something! It’s going to be a great catastrophe that we have not seen since the destruction of Sodom, Gomorrah, Adama and Zeboriim when Yah got super angry at them. So He did it in one hour. Once again your judgment has come. This is the nation, that nation whom you serve I am going to judge. This is that nation.

Now it calls Babylon a city. It’s like a city-state. Because ancient Babylon was a city-state or a nation like Israel is a nation but it’s called the state of Israel. When you look around the world…state…you know everywhere means country. So when you have the United States, what you actually have are the united countries. That’s why every state in this union has its own government. That’s why marijuana is outlawed on the federal but Washington and Colorado said no marijuana is not outlawed here. Because every state is a country. The governor is the president of that state. Yes, the united countries. That’s what it is, of the continent of America. So when it talks about these city-states that’s what it’s talking about. It’s talking about the nation but it calls it the city like we call a state, a country because ancient Babylon was a nation and it was called a city too but it was a nation.

v. 11 When the United States goes down, who will buy their merchandise? Look at everything that you buy. It says made in Taiwan, China or Mexico. When this place goes down who will buy the merchant’s merchandise now? v. 12 The U.S. is the #1 consumer nation on the planet! We buy everything here. Y’all know it. So when this goes down, these merchants are going to have a fit. v. 13-16 Read. v. 17 One hour! My goodness! They are going to stand at a distance. The world is going to see this destruction.

v. 18-19 What other place could this be other than the United States that makes the world rich? Because everyone here consumes, consumes, consumes. v. 20 Look at that she is being destroyed for you! Because of what she has done to you, she is being destroyed. For these 394 years that she has done to you, children of Ysrayl. v. 21 She’s going to be a legend. Like Atlantis. v. 22 So no more little Wayne tunes will be coming out of the United States.

v. 23 Just real quick, it talks about her sorcery and all the nations being led astray. We are going to close this out in just a moment and go back to Isaiah 47. But the story of Atlantis is eerily similar to what we are reading here. Now as I told you we only see two grand destructions like this spoken of in the Bible. The first one is in Genesis 19 where we read about the destruction of Sodom, Gomorrah, Zeboriim and Adama, the 4 cities destroyed at the same time. Those cities were laid waste and never found again. Now we see this will happen in Babylon and her destruction. They say Atlantis which was a city of the fallen angels, it went under the sea! And they are still searching for it. Right now they have satellites and all that stuff to search the oceans and seas to find Atlantis. But Atlantis had this great technology, the same technology that we have today because it comes from the same source. But the destruction of America and Atlantis is eerily similar because it’s coming from the same source. Yah destroyed them. When satan and the fallen angels were down here doing all that crazy stuff…Yah destroyed that and He’s going to destroy Babylon in the same way.

v. 24 The blood of prophets, see that’s what Yah is concerned with is that the blood of prophets and set-apart ones are found in her. But she has also killed everybody. Everybody’s blood is spilled here on this land. See, Yah has a controversy. He is going to destroy Babylon. This is why we must be in the wilderness by this time. Come out of her My people, let’s go! Flee! Don’t be hanging around family. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 47 and close out because it si saying the same thing that we just read in Revelation.

Yesiyah 47:7-13, v. 7 So she says hey listen ain’t nobody…do you see how comfortable everyone is in the United States? The world is in chaos and everyone here is worried about the specials (?) of the new Playstation 4 that’s coming out. They are worried about the athletes, the basketball games and who’s going to draft who but the rest of the world is in chaos. Right? Because you say you are a queen and you did not take these matters to heart. v. 8 ‘She says I am and there is none like me’. She is the lone super power. I’m the only super power on the earth. There are other powers but I’m a super power. Shouldn’t that be a title for Yah and Him only, a Super Power? Humphf. The names of blasphemy. Right? Alright.

v. 9 Here we go. We already read one day, one hour. Right? Yah is saying the same thing again. ‘in a moment, in one day’. Look at that she does witchcraft. There’s a witch living in the white house! I’m not talking about Michelle Obama and her mother, those are second and third witches. I’m talking about other witches. They have literal witches in there. Yes indeed. Physics they have so they can conger up the spirits. This is how they communicate with the spirits and the spirits literally make appearances and walk through the white house. Do you know that the touring of the white house is closed? They blame it on the sequester thing and the budget cuts. No-no. Let’s open up our spiritual eyes, children of Ysrayl. The man of sin sitting in office…possibly. The false prophet about to take office…possibily. Oh, there’s some stuff going on in the white house that they can’t let the public in on this. So they shut down the public tours of the white house and they blame it on budget cuts. Do you see how everything is coming together? Everything is starting to move. They are in there conjuring up the spirits, the nephilim, the demons, the fallen angels and they are getting first hand instructions on what is to be done. How it must be done and when it is to be done. It would not surprise me when this new pope comes into office, how quick he and the president meet up. How quick he and Obamanation will meet up. Watch. Keep your eyes on that because everything is moving very fast.

v. 10 Listen. Secret…Right? We do this in secret societies. ‘No one sees me’. And you trust in your evil. They trust in doing their spells. They trust in conjuring with the demons and the fallen angels. No one sees me. No one sees that we are in the back room of the white house because we shut everything down. We are not letting the public come into the white house so they can’t see us doing this. They can’t see the orgies. They can’t see the blood spilling and the blood sacrifices that they give to satan and the blood drinking. they can’t see that. This is what’s going on here. Your knowledge has led you astray. ‘Oh I know everything’. ‘I can tell you how much the earth weighs’. ‘I can tell you how far the earth is from the sun and the moon’. ‘I can tell you how the stars look’. ‘I know it all’. ‘I am and there’s none but me’. ‘I am the super power’. v

v. 11 See, she’s not going to be expecting those ten kings to come at her. She’s not going to be expecting that because she’s in cahoots with all of them. They rule the world. She rules the world. Her arrogance. v. 12 From the foundation of this country they labored in witchcraft. George Washington and all these cats were masons. They did grand sacrifices to open up the door to this place. What do you think all those wars with the Indians were about? They were sacrificing them. What do you think about when they brought us over here and all the hangings, lynchings? Those were sacrifices! Do you know that the ku klux klan is a secret society?

Listen, Yah said that they do this in secret. Right? They say no one sees me in verse 10. Listen, you aren’t going to go on YouTube and find out about the illuminati, the true illuminati. You aren’t going to go on YT and find that. For one, they took all those videos down, the ones that did have good information. But I’m saying is what they give on the surface is what they put out. The true stuff, the true wicked and evil that’s going on, you know nothing about that. Let me tell you, you don’t want to know about that. Just know that it’s evil. If you knew what these people were actually doing and if you saw what they did…it would turn your stomach and flip your mind inside out. It probably literally drive you insane. So the little that you do know is what you need to know and all you need to know. Understand that you don’t want to go there and see them eating the brains of newborn babies. You don’t want to go there and see them sacrificing and eating the genitals of Hebrew men. You don’t want to see all of that stuff but just know that it’s done. You don’t want to see the fallen malakim come walking through walls and all that stuff. You don’t want to see the demons appear in their true demonic form and all that stuff. You don’t want to see all that. That’s their thing. But understand that those things go on.

Understand that the illuminati puts out a whole lot of dis-information on YT. It’s like the same ten illuminati videos are circulation. ‘Oh man, you have to see this one’. Come on man!  ‘Lil’ Wayne is in the illuminati’. Come on man! The illuminati are high-ranking fallen angels and everybody that is under them are just their slaves. ‘Jay-Z be hiding his eye man’. They don’t even know what the all-seeing eye represents. It represents THE WATCHERS! They were supposed to watch over mankind. That was their symbol, an eye. ‘That’s the eye of Horus’. Yeah, if Horus was a watcher. ‘That’s satan looking at everybody’. That ain’t satan’s job to watch us. That was the job of the fallen watchers who are with satan. The adjustment bureau…the true watchers are still watching us and protecting. But the fallen watchers are with satan. That’s their symbol. All the malakim have a symbol to describe them. Just like very tribe had a symbol of that tribe. Oh course you know the symbol of the tribe of Yahudah…a lion. The cherubim have a symbol. The arch angels have a symbol. The principalities and all the angels have a symbol and this is the symbol of the watchers…an eye. Because that is what they do. They watch. The adjustment bureau, watch if you haven’t seen it.

Reads verse 12 again. Okay if that (witchcraft) is able to work for you, let’s see it help you. If you are going and calling up the witches and warlocks, the demons and ghouls and all that to help you. Okay. To give you strength. Okay. Let me see all that stand against Yah. That’s what he’s saying.

v. 13 They can’t save you, all your physics…Miss Cleo. They will not save you from Yah. The merchants are going to be far off. Right? ‘Oh it’s gone, we can’t make billions of dollars anymore’. ‘Whose going to buy our products now’? We just read that in Revelation 18. Isaiah 47 and Revelation 18 are saying the same thing. Jeremiah 50 and 51 and Deuteronomy 28:49-50. Do you see this? Yah is talking about destroying Babylon. The spirit for that destruction is already in the world. Remember we read in last week’s lesson in Revelation 16 where these frogs are going to come out of the mouth of the dragon satan, the false prophet and the man of sin. And it’s going to go gather everybody up to go to the battle of Armageddon.

When we get to Revelation 19, guess what? We are going to see that. We will see Yahoshua return and the battle of Harmegiddo. Then we will start to see the resurrections and judgments start to take place. Then when we get to the last part, Revelation chapters 21 and 22 we are going to see how Yah’s going to renew everything and how the kingdom will be set up and all that good stuff. Then we will bring the Revelation series to an end. But we will do a summation. We will bullet point each and every part so you can have the understanding. I don’t want to leave this series without you having a complete understanding of what is given to you.

My book will be out soon. My book will be a good witnessing tool that you can give to family and friends. So there’s a lot of work to be done here. We are watching the things that are taking place on the earth. We are not closing our eyes to what’s going on. Satan’s people are working hard. Yah’s people are going to work harder. So these things are starting to align. The small nations are starting to say that they are strong. That they have nuclear weapons too. Iran will get them. Russia is making sure that Iran gets a nuclear bomb. So there will be more arsenal with Russia. So if Iran has that technology and they start to produce…remember Iran and those Arab nations are oil rich countries. The United States is dying for that oil. So they will always have money, be billionaires. They will always be rich so they will build as many weapons as they need. So once they get the technology to build these nuclear bombs then hey. Now Israel is going to try to go over there to stop them but Israel is so hesitant because Iran is not Iraq. Iran has a full standing army. They have a navy. They have an air force and they are ready to go to war.

So if Iran goes to war, if Israel strikes Iran then the Arab nations that are in league with Iran are going to start running into Israel with suicide vests on and even more so. They are going to start bombing because Iran has already promised to bomb Israel’s nuclear site. Israel has nuclear bombs. Nobody makes hoopla about that. See, this is the thing. All of the Gentile nations who are being ruled by the fallen angels right now because this is the time of the Gentiles. They have no problem with other Gentile nations having a bomb. Just about all of Europe has nuclear weapons. Just about all the countries in Europe have nuclear weapons. But the countries outside of Europe such as Iran, N. Korea, Pakistan…if they hear about anything in Africa they are going to try to blow that whole continent off the map. You hear about one country trying to get some nuclear weapons down there. But Africa will be in league with the Russians, Asians and Arabs. They (Africans) will get weapons from them. They may be down there developing…because Africa…let me tell you about Africa since it’s such a vast or large continent. It would be hard to keep track on what they are doing there. So if Russia is giving the technology over to Iran, I’m pretty sure that they are going to give it over to Africa too.

Remember there’s going to be 4 malakim that are going to be released to go to the 4 powers. These are the kings of the east in which Yah is going to dry up the Euphrates River so they can walk through. These kings of the east are Russia, Asians, Africans and Arabs. These 4 malakim will kill a third of mankind.

Last week’s lesson, part 8 when we talked about the hailstones being a talent. As elder LemuYah pointed out to me in class last week is that, that talent…it said that each hailstone, when that hail comes down each hailstone will weigh a talent. That talent is 75 pounds. So a hailstone, 75 pounds racing to earth…you cannot escape that. It will destroy your  house or wherever you are. That’s why a lot of Gentiles are building bunkers to go underground. But something like that racing to the earth, it can go to the ground. It could split concrete and go straight through. So how will you hide from that? ‘Well I’m going to build myself a super-duper umbrella and my umbrella is going to bounce these talents of umbrella back to heaven’. I’d like to see you do that. Super wild Gentile. I’m pretty sure he’s planning something.

But do you know if you got hit by a 75 pound hailstone it would split you in half? It would squish you to nothing. It would just make you a blood spot right there. My, my, my. The things that are about to come upon this earth. Terrifying for you wild Gentiles. But guess what? It’s going to be pleasurable for us Hebrews. HalleluYah. So stay with Yah and Yahoshua family.

Facebook…use it for good family. As satan is using it for evil. If you are on Facebook, just go there give the truth and back away. Because there’s a lot of unrighteousness going on there especially with the Israelite community. There is so much confusion going on there. So many Hebrews have so much to say about nothing. Thinking they know something but they don’t know nothing because they have not humbled their hearts. But they go on there and lead a lot of ‘brews astray and they are going to lead them away from Yah and Yahoshua. It’s going to be a shame. I pray that none of you all get taken but if you are messing around with the dangerous fire then you are going to eventually get burned. If you are juggling swords and you don’t know how to juggle and these swords are razor-sharp, you are going to eventually get cut. So I say hey man, do your guerilla war. Throw the truth out there and back away. Don’t get yourself caught up in that family. I’m seeing it happen. I see these non messianic who make no sense at all are starting to eat up the messianic. They are starting to convert them over to their ways which is a shame.

But hey keep your eyes on the news and watch what’s going on. There are a lot of things going on in the heavens. I’m going to talk about that next week because we are going to get into Yahoshua coming back in Revelation 19. We need to talk about all these asteroids and comets that are flying next to the earth. They call them asteroids and comets, these are no such things. These are  malakim traveling through the heavens. They are making their appearance known. they have one…I was on CNN website today and they had a picture of what they call an asteroid or comet, one that is coming close by earth again. One came close a few weeks ago, now another one is coming and they say you don’t need a telescope for this. They showed a picture of that boy streaking through the sky like a fireball. I have it up on my computer desktop page because I’m like man that is beautiful. HalleluYah. Because they are starting to make themselves known. Wow are they righteous or are they fallen angels? I’m not sure. But I do know these things are starting to make themselves known because they are about to come back as it was in the days of Noah.

I’m going to leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace….let me just say this before I say shalom. GUARD-YOUR- SOULS. Satan is coming with great wrath and HEAVY DECEPTION because he knows his time is short. Shalom.