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The Book of Revelation p. 9b

v. 5 Babel means confusion. The great, the mother of the whores and the abomination of the earth. Now Yah is not talking about a religious system here. Because many say that Mystery Babylon is the Catholic Church. No she’s not the Catholic Church. She’s a nation. This nation called the United States which is the most powerful nation on the earth. She has military bases all over the planet and other countries. She can take her currency and spend it all around the world. We talk about this often. What other nation is like that? This nation has been brutal to the children of Ysrayl. And you thought that a nation such as this, Yah would over look it? Yah talks about ancient Babylon. He talks about the Romans. He talks about the Greeks. He talks about all these other nations that He is going to destroy. do you think that He is going to look over the United States? A nation like this? That is a conglomerate of all the ancient powers that stood before her.

See the reason that she is called Mystery Babylon, remember mystery means secret…Secret Babylon. Babylon means confusion. Because this is where Yah confound the languages of men. So they could not continue to build this ‘tower’. So Secret Babylon the great, the mother of whores. Now if she is the mother of whores, right she’s the head whore then she has little whores running around. Her ‘little whores’ are the nations that follow after her. And the cup of her whoring, the wine that’s in her cup is democracy. The United States carries democracy which means demonic rule. ‘Demo’ means demon and -ocracy means rule and she’s taking her demonic rule tot he other kings of the earth. And if you do not conform to democracy she will conquer your nation and make you.

They are going to have democracy in Baghdad. Baghdad will look like times square real soon. Afghanistan also and all these places if you notice…show me a period in her history where she wasn’t at war with some nation? From the inception, the Revolutionary War, the Spanish-American War, the Civil War, the War of 1812, WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam. Then they went into Panama. Then they went back into Iraq. They went to Afghanistan. Constantly fighting wars because she’s taking that cup that is filled with her abomination, her whoring that democracy rules and she’s taking it to the rest of the nations. Democracy is a government that is for the people and by the people. The people chose their own laws and rules. So they say they don’t have to follow Yah.

Yah said a man shall not lay with a man as he lays with a woman. They say we shall give homosexuals a right to marry. That’s democracy. Yah says thou shall not murder. They say I was crazy for ten minutes and I killed 10,000 people in ten minutes so don’t charge me because I was crazy. Okay go free they say and go kill 10,000 more. See, their system of government is wicked to the core and Yah hates it. This is why Yah is calling this whore out. He is giving her attributes. Mystery Babylon, a secret; Babylon the great. The United States is a great nation when you look at it from the surface. Oh-wee! Go to these major cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles. Look at the layout man. Sometimes I am mesmerized when I use the GPS and traveling to places with the GPS, wow. I have my phone in my hand and it’s directing me from point A to point B. Because there is a satellite overhead that’s tracking everything and my phone is beaming up…it’s like wow. The sewer systems and paved roads, it’s like wow…magnificent. the architecture especially here in Chicago, they make building that lean all the way over, that are all glass with no steel. They do some amazing things.

This is why she is called ‘the great’. Not only because of the luxury and things that she has but she causes GREAT confusion to the entire planet. Not only is the confusion in her land but it’s all over the world. Just like the singing group Genesis. Do y’all remember them? Do you old schoolers out there remember Genesis and Phil Collins? They made that song back in the 80s called ‘this is the land of confusion’. What do you think they were trying to tell you? You had some back in the 80s that were hip to what was going on. This is why Michael McDonald could make the son, ‘Yah Mo B There’. Just call His name Yah will be there. There were some that were hip to this thing that was going on and they knew it. But they got over run by the satanists.

This is why you see all those great singers of the 80s who had the talent but they didn’t sell out. And they were over taken by the satanist now. The whole music industry is filled with satanists. You don’t hear anymore ‘Yah mo B there’ in the mainstream. You don’t get anymore ‘this is the land of confusion’. There was so much controversy when they made that because they had Ronald Reagan puppets in the video. They were trying to tell you. This is Babylon.

Sidenote: Me: I was watching this show about 4 months ago called ‘Unsung’. This particular episode was on the singing group from the 80s that I liked called Atlantic Star. The female lead singer said she quit the music industry because she was not willing to sell her soul. I was shocked that they kept that part in the episode. She was telling the truth.

v. 6 So she’s drunk from blood. Spilling the blood of set-apart ones. She’s spilled so much of our blood on this land that it’s not going to be nothing compared to what she is going to do in the last 3.5 years. She’s going to spill even more of our people. We have spilled so much blood on this land, family. And she’s drunk with it. So when we look at this and we get the understanding of how Yah is showing us how she behaves and how much power that she does have.

Let’s go to Psalms real quick. Because the set-apart ones are the children of Ysrayl. So she’s drunk with the blood of the children of Ysrayl. Let me just show you that real quick. Psalms chapter 148. Because those set-apart ones are Yah’s righteous and chosen, the children of Ysrayl. Of course not all Israylites are going to accept this. So not all of them will have their blood avenged. But we know that those that are seeking Yah and serving Yah will have their blood avenged. Remember the blood of those who had been beheaded are going to cry out to Yah.

Psalm 148:14 So when it said that this woman is drunk with the blood of the set-apart ones, she is drunk with the blood of the children of Ysrayl because you are the set-apart ones. The righteous Messianic House of Ysrayl that she is going to kill and has been killing.

So as we see her in her glory so to speak, in her power and this Mystery Babylon is not only mentioned here in Revelation 17. She’s mentioned in Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51. She’s mentioned in Isaiah chapter 47 which we are about to go to in just a moment. She is mentioned in Deuteronomy 28:49-50. She’s also mentioned in Genesis 15:13-14. This is that nation. In Genesis 15:13-14 where Yah said the children of Ysrayl shall be led there and shall be mistreated for a period of 400 years. And then Yah says in verse 14 that, that nation whom they serve I shall judge and they shall come out with great possessions.

So this Mystery Babylon that we are reading about in Revelation 17 and when we get over to Revelation 18, we are going to see Yah judging her and Yah bringing the destruction down upon her head. So right here we see that this Mystery Babylon, the mother of whores and the abomination of the earth. Now we read that she is drunk off the blood of the set-apart ones. So let’s go to Isaiah 47. The Book of Yesiyah chapter 47. We are talking about the same entity here. The same nation. Yah speaks about her in the feminine. And you see how feminine this society is. Right? You see why in the harbor of NY a whore sitting out there with her light. We are going to talk about that in just a moment.

Isaiah 47. Family I hope that when these lessons are given, I pray that you are taking them seriously and I pray that you have all of your study tools with you. You need to have your Bible. You need to have your highlighter. You need to have a pad and pen so you can take down these notes and scriptures so that you can go back and read them at your own convenience. Family be serious about your scriptural studies. It is a blessing that Yah has allowed us to come and sit before you all and be able to present this information in this form that we have right here, paltalk. We have been here for years. Now we are trying to move to a new service but we will talk about that at another time.

But we have the internet right now. this is a tool that Shaul and them didn’t have. But we have to be effective. So it is a blessing that you are able to come and sit and able to be in the comfort of your own home or wherever you are and you can listen to these lessons. I didn’t have this when I first came into the truth. I had to get out hard core…knuckle dragging to get this information. I had to hit the libraries day and night. I had to read 500 page books and all that stuff. I had to do all that. I didn’t have the internet. I didn’t really know too much about it. I didn’t know about the internet until about 3 years later in about 1999. When I first came into this truth, man I had to go get physical. You had to go get physical copies of everything. Right now I can tell you these new articles…and you can go look them up over the internet and print them out. But back in the day, I had to get the physical copy. I had to go find that newspaper that had that story and cut it out. I had newspaper clippings and magazines too. But now Yah has afforded you this luxury of the internet. Take it seriously.

This is the point that I want to get to you. Take it seriously. Don’t play around with this. It’s too serious for you to play around with. These things that Yahoshua speaks and He says several times ‘I’m going to come like a thief in the night’. Because if you are not ready when He comes then you may get caught up. ‘Well you know I’m going to do my last sin then when I see Yahoshua come boy, then I’m going to repent’. ‘But until then I’m going to have fun’. People have that mind-set brothers and sisters.

Take your studies seriously. I know many of you all and I say this all the time. When you were in school whether college, high school, grammar school whatever, you had a folder for every subject. You had your math folder, your science folder, your history folder. Do the same for this Word. Because when we get the new website up and going we are going to put all these lessons in a category. We are going to have all the Messiah lessons. We will have all the prophesy lessons. We will  have all the lessons that talk about how to strengthen your walk. We will have everything in categories. So that’s how you should have all your notes. You should have everything categorized man. If you have a 5-subject notebook then hey have your lessons about the Messiah here and the lesson about prophesy there so you can quickly go back because you are called to spread this truth also to the world.

Like a law student, he has to go to law school for however many years so you can learn the law. He has to go and take a test to make sure he’s capable of being a lawyer. You have to study for years to be a doctor or a lawyer or whatever it is. and you have to study for years to get the understanding of Yah and to take it out to the world. This ain’t a joke, man. This ain’t no joke. Shabbat Class is not a social gathering. This is where we gather so we can hear the Word of Yah. Alright, I’m sorry I had to go there but hey. Let’s continue.

Yesiyah 47:1-6, v. 1 Maiden means young. the word maiden carries two definitions. It carries virgin and it carries young. But we know that Babylon is not a virgin because Yah called her the mother of whores. She goes around whoring. She is not a virgin. She is young. If you look at all the other ancient nations, those nations lasted for thousands of years. The United States will not see 500 years. Nope. That’s why she’s young.  v. 2-6 Read. I was just reading a news story this week, where this 82-year-old Hebrew woman was kicked off the train. I think in Atlanta because she was signing. An 82-year-old Hebrew woman. She wasn’t doing anything. She was just singing. The guy comes up on her and grabs her bag and slings this 82-year-old woman off the train. Then we go over to Deuteronomy chapter 28, Yah said that Babylon shall not show favor to the young nor to the elderly. They never showed any of us compassion.

If I’m walking down the street with an elder, this elder could be 65 years old. I’m 40 and he’s 65 and the police roll up on us. They are not going to treat us differently. They are not going to show him respect because he’s an elder. They are going to treat him as bad as they treat me. ‘What you niggers doing’? ‘Who do y’all think y’all are’? ‘Why are y’all wearing those beards and that stringy hair’? ‘Why do you have those things hanging off your clothes nigger’? ‘Do  you think you are better than me’? ‘Do you think you are better than everybody around here’? They would treat us both the same.

This is how you are able to identify Babylon. The Gentiles can not identify this because they don’t understand the mistreatment of the children of Ysrayl. They think that the Jews are…the Jews aren’t going through this. The Jews are causing oppression. They are not being oppressed. they are the oppressor. They are the oppressor to our people in the United States and they are oppressors to the Palestinians and our people over in Israel. Ben Ammi and them are still being oppressed. Don’t believe the hype of them singing songs and making their own garments. They are being oppressed. Everywhere the children of Ysrayl are there is oppression because we are still fighting these curses. See, Yah is identifying. Yah said I was angry with My people. He was angry with us because we were disobedient to Him. He said I have sent them into your hands. Yah didn’t send us into the hands of the Roman Catholic Church did He? He sent us into the hands of Babylon. A FIERCE nation that shows no compassion, no mercy to the young neither to the elderly.

I was reading another article this week a 8-year-old girl gave a temper tantrum and they handcuffed her. This is like the third story that I have read over the years of these little Hebrew children being handcuffed. They don’t care. No compassion, no mercy. We are identifying this place, Mystery Babylon. Let’s go back to Revelation 17.

Revelation 17:7-8 So this beast that was…because the beast is made up of a conglomerate of those ancient nations, Right? So it was meaning it existed when those ancient powers existed. Then when those ancient powers collapsed, it was not. It was not on the scene. Right now Rome is not on the scene as a ruling nation as it was 3,000 years ago. Greece is not on the scene as a ruling nation as it was 4,000 years ago. Right? So the beast was…it was when those nations ruled. Babylon ruled then the Medes-Persians took over the Babylonian Empire. The Greeks took over the empire from the Medes-Persians. Then the Romans took it over from the Greeks. Right? So it was. And so not it’s not. This conglomerate beast or powers, they are not. It says it is not yet it is. It still is because it’s here. It’s under another form or another name. The United States is ruling as all of those ancient nations.

v. 9 Now Rome is built on 7 hills. But these are 7 mountains. These 7 mountains on which the woman sits are the 7 continents. She rules over the entire world. She has a military base on every continent. She is the only nation in the world to do so, to have that authority. So the 7 heads are the 7 continents and the woman sits on this. If you look out at the statue of liberation or liberty or the statue of freedom out in the New York harbor, she has a crown signifying she is a queen. On her crown she has 7 points. These 7 points represent the seven continents. Because the woman rules over all of them. Mystery Babylon, the United States.

v. 10 We go over this time and again. We know who the 7 kings are but if you don’t know, the 7 kings are the 7 world ruling powers that held the children of Ysrayl in captivity. The first one is Egypt. The second is Assyria. The third Babylon. Then the Medes-Persians. Then the Greeks. Then the Romans and the United States. That’s what the 7 heads represent. It said five have fallen. When this was written Egypt, Assyria, ancient Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar had fallen. The Medes-Persians and Greeks had fallen also. So 5 had fallen. It says ‘one is’. At that time the Roman Empire was still ruling. ‘The other has not yet come’. The United States had not been founded yet. And when he comes he has to remain a little while. Remember she’s called the maiden or young daughter Babylon. She’s only going to remain a little while. (laughs) She’s  not going to see 500 years.

v. 11 So there is going to be an 8th beast that comes up and he is of the seven so he is of the 7 conglomerate nations which are Gentile ruling powers. Except Egypt and Assyria and Babylon but when the Gentiles took over and they started to rule under Greece and Rome these world ruling powers, so this next one is going to come out of Europe and it’s called the United States of Europe or the E.U. It use to be called the European Economic Community. But now it is called the European Union. the 8th will be from the seven. She will have the same system as the seven.

v. 12 These ten kings: right now the world is being set up into ten sections. They call it regions. They also call it unions. There are ten unions according to this think-tank called the Club of Rome. They will put a ruler over each and every region or union. So you will  have your North American Union. You already have the European Union. The African Union may be split into north, south, east and west unions because Africa is such a big continent. And then you will have these various unions where these ten men will rule as kings. This is what this is talking about here. So the ten horns represent ten kings that shall rule. They don’t have authority yet because this Club of Rome has not set this up yet. They have written it down but it has not gone into operation just yet.

v. 13 The beast will rule the world. They have one mind. v. 14-15 Remember we read in Revelation 13 that the man of sin is going to rule over all the world. So this is Mystery Babylon. She sits and rules over all the world so it’s only fitting that the man of sin comes out of the United States presidency. Because she’s already ruling over the world. So if he’s coming out of here, he’s already the leader of the free world. He’s already ruling over the world. So it only makes sense that the man of sin would come out of this office. Because he’s coming from Babylon and she’s already doing here thing.

v. 16 You hear that paper rattling? I’m pulling out the article again about North Korea. What did North Korea say? North Korea vows nuclear attack on the United States saying Washington will be engulfed in a SEA OF FIRE. It says North Korea amplified it’s threatening rhetoric as the U.N. security council approved new sweeping sanctions vowing to launch a first strike nuclear attack against the United States and threatening to engulf Washington in a sea of fire. An unidentified spokesman for the foreign ministry said North Korea will exercise it’s right for a pre-emptive  nuclear attack to destroy the strongholds of the aggressor because Washington is pushing to start a nuclear war against the north.

So listen, that’s what he’s saying, it’s NOT rhetoric! That aligns with Scripture because it said that the ten kings, they are going to burn the whore with FIRE. And when we get over to Revelation 18 we will see here destruction. Yah said it’s going to happen in ONE HOUR. So this is not rhetoric. This is the beginning of that. You already have in Europe where Germany and France HATING the United States. And it’s funny how Germany and France are now allies in a lot of different things. It kind of makes you wonder when you look at the history of the second world war, Germany went into France and they didn’t fight against the Germans. France surrounded. Now France has been known for their military might over the years. With you know the short guy that was conquering everything. He even went to Haiti and the mighty men stood up and the Israelite mighty men whipped his butt. I’m sure y’all have put it one the screen 100,000 times. It just skipped my mind right now. (Napoleon) But anyway, they use to have a little military might but when Germany came in there during the second world war, they surrendered to the Germans. So now Germany and France are allies in especially with their hatred of the United States. But what we see North Korea doing is opening the door. That hatred.

Now if they are talking about making the United States a sea of fire, they have nuclear capabilities. Arabs are seeking that nuclear capability because they have the same amount of hatred for THE GREAT SATAN. Do you understand that they have some understanding when they are calling this place the great satan? Do you understand?

So you already know that North Korea is working with Arab countries. So that door is being opened. This aint rhetoric. This is prophesy unfolding before our very eyes…….Napoleon is his name that’s it! Yeah I know y’all put it on the screen 100,000 times by now. But I’m sorry I can’t see the screen. But that was his name.

So now we are seeing that the door is starting to be opened. Yah said that they are going to burn her with fire. v. 17-18 Remember the man of sin will be out of the United States. He will be in Israel by this time setting up shop. This is where he will rule from.

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This will be a two-part question. The second question I will come back later and ask.

Who was Othniyah? Othniyah was the younger brother of Caleb. He is also the first judge in the Book of Judges. Read Joshua 15:17 and Judges 3:9-11. Speaking of judges here’s the second question. How many judges were there in the Book of Judges and what were their names? I know that’s  three questions total lolz. I’ll be back later with the answers. 🙂

Answer: There are twelve judges in the Book of Judges. Othniyah is the first. The second was Ehud. He was from the tribe of Benyamin. The thing that Yah emphasized about him is that he was left-handed in Judges 3:15. In Judges 3:20-21 Ehud killed the king of Moab with his left-handed dagger that he carried on his right thigh.

I read this online: Sports and combat are a different matter. Most athletes and soldiers through history have been accustomed to going up against right-handed opponents and a left-hander may bring his sword in or hit a ball from an unexpected angle. Today’s top athletes do indeed have a larger distribution of left-handedness especially in sports like baseball. But the statistics are clear that this is not due to any special talent above that of right-handers but merely due to right-handers greater physical difficulty in dealing with left-handed opponents.

So the King of Moab didn’t have time to yell to his guards. He didn’t see Ehud’s left hand coming, the element of surprise. You can read more about lefties in sports and close combat at Wikipedia. 

The third judge was Shamgar. He killed 600 Philistines with an ox goad! An ox goad is a sharp-pointed stick used to urge cattle. It looks something like a spear. The fourth judge was Deborah. Now Deborah was not out of order. She sat under a palm tree. She was under the authority of her husband Lapidoth it says in Judges 4:4. Yah told Barak that He would deliver Sisera into his hands but for some reason Barak did not have faith or I don’t know what it was. Barak wanted Ima Deborah to go with him into combat!! (I assume she is an Ima). The Word of Yah comes to Deborah and she tells Barak she will go but because Barak asked this thing Yah said he would not have glory in battle and that Sisera would be delivered into the hand of a woman. And sure enough Yah delivered Sisera into the hand of ahkotee Yahyah (Jael). Her husband’s name was Heber. Sidenote: Have you ever noticed how many sisters are named Yahyah even these days? I have. Anyway, Yahyah killed him with a tent-peg through the temple with a hammer. The children of Ysrayl under Barak go on to destroy Jabin king of Canaan.

The fifth judge was Gideon. We all know the story of the three hundred.  Gideon judged Ysrayl for 40 years. The sixth judge was Tola a man from the tribe of Issachar. The seventh judge was Yahir (Jair). He had thirty sons who rode on thirty donkeys and they had thirty towns called Havoth Yahir. The eighth judge was Yahpthah (Jephthah). Be careful of what you vow to Yah and if you do be ready to carry it out or you will surely die. Read about Yahpthah’s vow in Judges 11:29-40. Judges nine, ten and eleven were Ibzan, Elon and Abdon. The twelfth judge was Samson (Shimshon).