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The Book of Revelation p. 9a

Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters this is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl coming to you again with another pre-recorded Israelite Heritage Shabbat lesson, HalleluYah. As you all know we are continuing in the Revelation series. This week we are in part 9. Part 9 will consist of us reading from chapter 17 and chapter 18. Chapters 17 and 18 are the chapters about Mystery Babylon and her destruction, so we are going to go through that again. We went through this during the man of sin lesson. We have an entire lesson based on Mystery Babylon and her destruction and identifying who she is. So we are going to go over that information again because this is information that you must have and that you must have an understanding of as we are going through this book of very profound and powerful prophesies that Yah is giving us the Ruach to understand, the spirit of truth.

And as we are looking at these prophesies and we start to see these things unfold on the planet, we as the children of Ysrayl more so than anybody else must have the understanding of these things and why they are happening and how they are going to happen and when they are going to happen. So we can’t be in the dark about any of this. So yes, we are going to hit this Mystery Babylon again. So you must understand. It’s very profound. Those of you that have been tuning in with us over the years, you understand how profound this prophesy is and just how Yah really made it exact. He didn’t leave one thing out when He was identifying who this Mystery Babylon is and what she would do and how He will destroy her. So we will go over this information and that will be Revelation part 9 today chapters 17 and 18 so HalleluYah once again to Almighty Father Yah.

Today is March 9, 2013 and I want to give a grand Shabbat Shalom to everybody that is listening to this recording whether you are listening to it 3 years from now, 5 years from now, whenever you are listening to it. I give you a shalom and I say todah Yah. I pray always that His blessing of the spirit of truth has come down upon you and that you do understand the information that He has allowed you to hear.

Alright brothers and sisters as we get ready to get into this of course we have to keep our eyes open. We have to keep our eyes on. And as we look at here, as I’m going to call it…the pope watch. As we look at all these things that are going on around the world right now that is adding up to what we were just reading up in the Revelation series and in the man of sin series. This stuff is real and every time, I told you, every time we go over this then after the preceding week after we have done this lesson of reading from the Book of Revelation and getting understanding then we go through the week and we see a news story that just confirmed something that we read in the Book of Revelation.

A couple of things that I want to put on the table as we get ready to read is that they have set a date for the choosing of the next pope. It is…what is today…today is the 9th. It is the 12th. It’s going to be on the 12th. March 12th is a Tuesday. Tuesday, March 12, 21013 is the day they will start the election of the next pope. So they should be finished by week’s end. By this time next week, by next Shabbat we should know who the next pope is going to be.

And this pope as we see, will more than likely be that false prophet that we read about, that will rule alongside the man of sin. Because we look at the time frame that we are in and we look at how the prophesies are unfolding and everything is starting to really add up. We talked about Barak Obama being in his place if he is the ‘Obamanation of desolation’. If he is him then he’s already in office, then he’s already doing his thing. We are already seeing how the world is shaping up for that lawless society. That lawless world is here and it is going to get even much more lawless than what we see it today.

So some things that stuck out to me as they get ready to choose the next pope. Right now the Catholic church as they have been saying on the news is leaderless because the pope has stepped down. So the pope is chillin’ somewhere with his harem of little boys. Old man pope is doing this thang. He’s in the back room with whatever he’s back there doing…his devil worshipping stuff and sacrifices and blood drinking and all that. So while that’s going on, he’s having his fun and now they don’t have a leader as the head of the Catholic world.

Now, when you get these resignations and they come all of a sudden liken when Michael Jordan resigned from basketball. He said okay I want to spend time with my family blah, blah, blah. But then he goes and tries to play another sport which is more time-consuming than the sport that he was already playing. When you see that, they are being forced out of office. Here in Chicago, Mayer Richard Daily was ruling Chicago for twenty-two years and then all of a sudden he said he was going to retire. And right at when he said he was going to retire, a few months before that, Rom Emanuel said that he would run for mayor of Chicago if Mayor Daily retires. He was not going to run against Mayor Daily but if Mayor Daily retires. Then Mayor Daily comes a few months later out of the blue saying I’m going to retire. See, they have been forced out. So this pope is being forced out of office. And as he leaves office, they gave him a choice. You can either die in office or we let you go and you be the first pope to resign in 600 years. We have to keep an eye on those numbers, the number six.

So right now the Catholic Church does not have a leader and they are about to choose a leader as we keep our eyes open and watchful we are seeing that this could be the false prophet. That pope could be the false prophet because Barak Obama could possibly be the man of sin. But this is what stood out to me and this is very profound as we look at this and as we try to get greater understanding. This is an article from Yahoo News and it says ‘Obama meets American Jewish leaders ahead of Israel trip’. So he’s about to go over to Israel. What’s so very profound about this is that remember the man of sin is going to set up shop IN Israel. The man of sin is going to make this peace, this covenant between the Palestinians and the Jews.

But listen to what this article says. It says: Thursday, March 7, 2013: President Barak Obama hosted leaders of  major American Jewish organizations at the white house on Thursday as he sought to smooth the way for his first presidential visit to Israel later this month. The meeting was a chance for Obama to preview his agenda for the trip. Including the Iran nuclear standoff, Syria’s civil war and Israel-Palestinian issues and to re-iterate his unshakable support for Israel, an administration official said. It goes to say: Obama reached out to prominent figures in the Jewish community that could help ease any residue tensions following the 2012 election campaign.

So right now Obama is about to go to Israel. He’s about to go around the time the Jews are getting ready to celebrate their passover. Because you do know that Barak Obama celebrates his passover in the white house. He also celebrates christmas in the white house. He has to be a man for all people. He has to be a man to bring all things together. Right? So he’s going over there…now you know…and see this is so profound. Once again look how quick everything is starting to add up. He just got back into office. He stepped into the office in January for his second term and now here it is March and he’s about to go to Israel. Here it is that the pope has stepped down. Something that has not been done in 600 years. Now a new pope is about to arise. The president and the pope, the 2 offices that are leaders of the world. Right now the world’s eyes are on Rome. Everybody is watching to see as they elect the next pope. Now, not all the world is Catholic. Right? So why is everybody concerned about the next pope? Because the next pope, the popes are the religious leaders of the world.

They even have on the sporting channels, ESPN has brackets on who has the odds of who will be the next pope. This is on a sports channel. And they have it set-up like a sporting tournament. People are even taking bets in Vegas on who will be the next pope. This thing has got the attention of the world. Because he is the religious leader of the world and so everybody is going to pay attention to that.

So as we see the presidents and we see the pope…now Barak Obama is going over to Israel and he’s getting things set up in Israel because the man of sin has to move over there. So he’s going to Israel right now to get things set up. Because remember that man of sin is going to make peace between the Israeli and Palestinians and part of the peace agreement is to let the Jews build their temple right next to the mosque. You can worship in your mosque, they can worship in their temple, the man of sin will say. One of the most abominable things to ever be placed on this earth is that temple over there. I said one of the most, I did not say the most but one of the most.

So Barak Obama is on his way to Israel already. It didn’t take him long. Right? This is his second term in office and two months after he took his oath, he’s on his way to Israel. He did not do that his first term. And so when he didn’t do it his first term the republicans said Obama, you are standing against Israel. You are not protecting Israel, blah, blah, blah. Now is the time for him to do it. Because do you see how everything is starting to move? It’s moving really fast. You must pay attention. So Obama is on his way to Israel to get things together over there. The Vatican, Rome, they are getting thins together over there.

Now another thing that was major news. I’m just going to go briefly right now because we are going to use it in the lesson. But North Korea has vowed a nuclear attack on the United States. This is so profound. Saying Washington will be engulfed in a sea of fire! I’m going to explain that as we get to Mystery Babylon. It’s so profound what’s going on here. I want you all to understand. Now Yahoshua told us in Matthew 24 that there will be wars and rumors of wars. Absolutely. We have been seeing that for years now. THIS is even more powerful than that! We have tons of wars going on. We have tons of rumors of wars. But what is this right here?

Now remember North Korea is in cahoots with China and Russia, these Asia countries also. North Korea is a loose cannon. They say this tough talk that this young leader, the son of Kim Jong-il, the young leader over there, Kim Jong-un. They say that this is just tough talk. But they have nuclear bombs. They just tested one, I think just last week. So they do have nuclear bombs and weapons. This man is just not talking. But let me tell you what’s really going on here. I want you to turn with me to the Book of Yoyl or Joel. This is heavy. This is part of the prophesy. Yahoshua said wars and rumors of wars. Absolutely. But this man is not talking about war. He’s talking about destruction. He’s talking about laying a nuclear bomb to lay waste. He’s talking about nuclear holocaust. He’s not talking about we are going to invade you. No. He’s saying we are going to blow your country up. This is so profound. This ain’t just some crazy leader or some crazy dictator speaking. Naw, this is heavier than that brothers and sisters.

Joel chapter 3, we are going to see what North Korea is actually talking about. And it is cause for concern, absolutely. But see nothing is going to happen until Yah brings His people into the place of safety. So His people don’t have to worry about this. This is for the wild Gentiles and all them. They should be shaking in their boots. Not us. We have nothing to fear because Yah is with us. You have everything to fear if Yah is against you. If Yah doesn’t show you any favor then you have everything in the world to fear.

Yoyl 3:9-12, v. 9-11 Read. We are getting ready for the Battle of Armageddon family. v. 12 Valley of Yahoshaphat=Valley of Decision=Valley of Harmegiddo, Armageddon. So He’s saying listen. He said let the WEAK say I am strong. Right now if you get your hand on certain weapons like Iran is about to get their hands on a nuclear bomb which Russia is giving the technology to Iran and Russia is giving the technology to North Korea because the United States gave the technology to Russia after the second world war. They went into Germany and they split up the German scientists among themselves, the Russians and the Americans. And they took all of that fallen angel technology and they split it between the two. That’s why you see after the second world war, you see an explosion of technology. An explosion of technology, all the way up until where we are today.

So North Korea is saying I’m strong. She’s talking to the mightiest nation on the earth. The biggest boy on the planet and she’s a small nation and she’s saying listen I will-knock-you-out. Because of the weapons that she has, she’s like I have the bombs, you have the bombs. I’m not scared of you. This is heavy family! But then she’s talking about I’m going to engulf you in a sea of fire! OH-WEE, why such language? Why a sea of fire? Why not send your troops over here and have them to go to war? No-no, she’s talking about destroying the United States. The same thing Yah said is going to happen. So now the weak nations are saying I am strong. The weak nations are standing up against the bigger nations and saying hey let’s go. Let’s do this. You come against me, you talk this mess about me…this is what I’m going to do.

Now the question that I have about this is this. A few week’s ago, Mr. Dennis Rodman went over to North Korea. What was Dennis Rodman doing in North Korea? Dennis Rodman is an athlete. He’s not a politician. He’s not an ambassador. He’s an athlete. A Hebrew athlete. What was he doing in North Korea visiting the North Koreans? And there wasn’t a big hoopla in the white house about this. I remember when Farrakhan wanted to go to Cuba. There was a big hoopla by the president, by the white house, by the government. Farrakhan wanted to go to Libya and there was a big hoopla about him trying to go to Libya because these are your so-called dictators. These are the enemies of the United States. What are you going to visit them for? Now you have on that is saying I’m going to send a bomb over to your country and yet you have one of your slaves going over to them. What’s that all about? What was that all about? Are they going to tell us years from now how Dennis Rodman helped to cool down a nuclear war? A nuclear holocaust? I want you to think about that.

Because Yah made you, as the children of Ysrayl, ambassadors to the world. Whenever there’s trouble, then you should be there on the double to solve it. A nation of priests you are. I’m not saying that Dennis Rodman that homosexual is going over there to teach Yah. But I’m saying it’s very curious when we look at that they sent this Hebrew over there. And you know that he was sent from the white house because they didn’t say nothing about it. They didn’t say ‘oh Dennis Rodman is consulting with the enemy, we are going to charge him with treason’. They didn’t say nothing like that. It was all over the news. Late night comedians were making jokes about it. It was Dennis Rodman who went to North Korea to talk with the North Koreans…cool. Dennis Rodman came back and said Barak Obama you should call Kim Jong-un. Give him a call. Humphf. Sit down and talk with him. Hash out your differences. Bring him to the elder’s counsel. Right? Barak and Kim bring them to the elder’s counsel and let them handle it. Because eventually that’s what it will come down to when we are back on top. Bring them to us.

So I just wanted to throw that out there because every week that we do these lessons, it’s like there is something in the news that adds up to what we are talking about. Do y’all see how fast they are moving? Do you think that we have time to play around? All these souls we have to reach before that man stands up and reveals himself. But even before then we know that there is going to be a great falling away. So now we are going to be battling with other messianics about whether Yahoshua is Messiyah or not. Many of us right now that are fellowshipping with one another under the banner that Yah and Yahoshua are real, we are going to be in disputes about whether he is real. Because that great falling away has to happen first then we see that the office of the man of sin and the office of the false prophet is moving! Full steam ahead!

So as we calculate prophesy, Yah gives us signs to look at, to know where we are and what’s about to happen. I have already seen this and I’m hearing the reports coming from Facebook and other social media, how messianic are now turning non-messianic. they say ‘Yahoshua is a Greek myth’ and ‘the Greeks made Him up’. They say ‘there were 15 crucified saviors’. ‘Horus, you know turned water into wine’. ‘Horus was crucified’. Where’s the documentation that this happened other than satan whispering this garbage into your ear?!!

Because the prophesies are written in the stars. Don’t you know that satan knew. Scripture says when he is finally kicked out of heaven, it says HE KNOWS. It doesn’t say he thinks. It doesn’t say he is guessing. But HE KNOWS that he has a short time remaining. He knows the prophesy. Don’t you know he’s going to fabricate Yah? And that’s how he does his deception, to fabricate Yah. So he’s going to give you these fabricated messiahs. During the time of Yahoshua, do you know that there were other men that stood up and said that they are the messiah?! Tons. Yahoshua is the only one that fit the prophesies. This is why He had to explain to His brothers. In the Book of Psalms, it says the Book of Luke 22;44 that He explained from the Book of Psalms, the law of Moses and the prophets everything concerning Himself. Because He’s the only one to fulfill all the prophesies concerning the Messiyah. Jesus has not fulfilled one. Jesus ran around saying he was messiah and they killed him and he’s still dead. Yahoshua rose.

But you are about to see that as we see the speed of how they are starting to get this thing together and now we are starting to see how prophesy is being revealed to us right before our face. Revelation 17, let’s go there.

As we go through this, I’m not going to dwell on it too heavily because we have talked about Mystery Babylon. We have an entire lesson on Mystery Babylon. And we have the man of sin lesson. We are just going to look and bring out some very important points of what Yah is showing us and what he is telling us. So we can have a greater understanding. Hazon is how you say Revelation in Hebrew.

Revelation 17:1-6, v. 1 Now remember this is one of the malakim that had the seven bowls. Remember we read last week where they poured out the bowls. Every time they poured one out some type of calamity happened on the earth. These are the last seven plagues of Yah before the Day of Yah. Man family, I’m telling you that Day of Yah lesson that Yah will allow us to do in the future, it’s going to add up with this. So we can see because what we are getting to is that day. Everything we are reading about this is the last 3.5 years of satan’s rule over man on the earth. This is what the Book of Revelation is revealing to us. It’s revealing the end times. It’s revealing the last 3.5 years and all these calamities that will take place on the earth. So when we get to that last plague of judgment, then we see Yahoshua start to come and when He comes that’s the Day of Yah. That will be a terrible day. No man can stand against it.

v. 2 She’s feeding them this wine. She’s giving them this wine to drink. She’s a whore and now they are going mad with their whoring. So she left Yah and now she’s teaching others to leave Yah. She’s leading the world in a rebellion against Yah for she is the leader of the free world. That freedom represents liberation from Yah, freedom from Yah. Freedom from Yah’s rule, freedom from Yah’s laws.

v. 3 This is the same beast we read about in Revelation 13  having those names of blasphemy and seeking ill against Yah because satan is going to make  himself the greatest of all. He’s going to make himself the master creator. So this is the same beast that has the 7 heads and 10 horns and the names of blasphemy.

v. 4 Let’s quickly break some things down here. First we have this woman dressed in purple and scarlet and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls. Let’s look at the color of her garments first. She is adorned. She is dressed in purple and scarlet. Now purple signifies royalty. Purple is ‘divine’. It also represents power and healing. So when it says she is dressed in purple…she’s royalty. She’s a queen. She sits like no other. when we look at scarlet, it represents fire and it represents blood. Scarlet is red. So she’s a queen and she sits and she is adorned. She is bling-blinging. She has the fine gold and pearls and precious stones signifying that she’s rich.

So she’s a queen and she’s rich but also these are the same stones once again that were in the Israelite breast-plate. These are the same stones that when satan was in heaven as the messiah or as the high priest, these are the same stones that he wore. So now we are looking at her as being a messianic high priest. So she’s a queen. She’s a ruler. She has leadership. She has authority. She has luxury. She’s rich. And she’s on the spiritual, she’s a messianic high priest. Now what do I mean by messianic? I’m not talking about Messianic as in Yahoshua being Messiyah. But she is leading the world into the arms of satan. She is leading them away from Yah and leading them into the arms of satan because this is where satan’s messiah is going to spring from. Humphf. Just like Yahoshua came from the tribe of Judah. Judah was the head tribe. Judah is the kingly tribe. That’s where David came from. That’s where Shlomo (Solomon) came from. That was a ruling tribe and that’s where Yahoshua came from. That was the Messianic tribe, the tribe of Yahudah.

So we are looking at this right here and this messianic, this is what she is portraying herself as satan was as he was in heaven. She’s wearing the precious stones of the high priest. Pay attention Ysrayl.