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Yesiyah (Isaiah), Micah, Ananiyah, Yoyl, Habaqquk and Yasab  and other prophets ran to the mountains to hide from which evil king of Judah who was possessed by satan? I’ll be back later with the answer 🙂

Answer: Yesiyah and the other prophets hid from Manasseh King of Judah for 2 years. Manasseh was the son of King HezekiYah. HezekiYah tore down high places of baal but Manasseh rebuilt the high places for the baals of Assyria and for the hosts of heaven or fallen angels that he worshipped. Later on Manasseh repents. He had been worshipping Assyrian gods and Yah sent Assyria to get him. He saw that those gods could not help him. Read 2 Chronicles 33:3, 10-17, 2 Kings 21:1-18, and the Ascension of Isaiah in the Pseudepigrapha volume 2 chapter 2.