The Book of Revelation p. 8a

Hey Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters this is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl coming to you again with another Israelite Heritage Shabbat lesson. As you know we are continuing in the Revelation series. We are reading from the Book of Revelation and breaking that down and trying to get some understanding of the revealing of the end times. So HallelluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah.

Today is March 2, 2013. Man time is really running. Time is really flying. We are already into the 3rd month. As time flies, prophesy is being fulfilled right before our very eyes. It’s so profound just what’s going on in the world. As it relates to what we are reading here in the Book of Revelation. See this is the beautiful thing about the Bible is that the Bible is a living breathing Book. It’s not an old Word. This Word is forever. This Word is continual. This Word is for the past, present, future and even whatever comes after the future. This Word relates to everything. Everything in our surroundings. Everything in our society. Everything in our lives. You can not escape the Book.

So today we are in part 8. It will consist of us reading from chapters 15 and 16. I’m not sure how long this lesson will be because chapter 15 is quite short and sixteen in not that long either. I think there are 21 verses there. So we are going to go through it as the Father sees fit for us and just how long He needs for us to bring forth this information. We never really complain about how long a lesson is but as I stated, I like to keep them under two hours. I know it’s a lot to take in when we are going through the Book of Revelation, there is so much stuff. Because growing up and the way that we were taught the Book of Revelation, if we were taught it at all. The pastor never went in here and he never brought out the truth of what’s going on and what’s going to happen because he didn’t have the truth. He didn’t have the basic understanding of what the Shabbat is. So how will he understand what the Book of Revelation is talking about? How will he understand the breaking of the 7 seals? How will he understand the blowing of the 7 trumpets? How will he understand the 3 woes? How will he understand the 7 bowl judgments? He’s not going to understand the basics of thou shall not and thou shall.

So we never got the full understanding of the Book of Revelation. So as we start to get it now and as we start to tear off those layers of the falsehood that has been taught to us, now it is like so much to take in. So I don’t to information overload you or either on myself. Because as we go through this series and as Yah is showing me this information you know some of this stuff is even shocking to me. I’m like wow that’s what that means now because this adds up to that Scripture and that adds up to that Scripture. Now, wow I’m getting understanding of this. Yah’s Word and Truth are a powerful blessing. This is the time that Yah has found fit for us to deal with these particular prophesies.

As you all have noticed and I told you all this before that as we go through the Book of Revelation and we see the weekly news, there is always something in the weekly news confirming what Yah had given us to understand about the Book of Revelation. For instance, when we went through Revelation chapter 13 and then we talked about the false prophet. We talked about the false prophet more than likely coming out of the office of the pope and then we see that an event is happening in the Vatican that has not happened in 600 years and that’s the stepping down or resignation of the sitting pope. Normally, the pope leaves that office through death.

So that event took place a few days ago. The last day of February, the 28th. Pope Benedict xvi stepped down. And now he has signed into law…because normally they have to wait a certain amount of time before they go into the conclave to choose the next pope. But he has speeded up that process, that the process has now begun where their now meeting the cardinals. They are now meeting to decide who the next pope will be because pope Benedict signed into Vatican law that they speed up the process.

So what we are looking at is something that is expedited meaning as we see Barack Obama step into office in January and then in February the pope steps down and then by March there may be a new pope in office. So we are in March now so they are looking to put a new pope in office this month. You see how fast that this thing is moving. As we went through the man of sin lesson, we talked about the false prophet, then in the Revelation series we talked about the false prophet and now they have to get this pope in there NOW. He’s got to get in there now. Benedict had a choice. You either die or you get out of here. That was the choice they gave him. He chose to live as a retired pope. So now they are saying that this next pope has got to get into the office and he’s got to get there fast.

As I was looking through the new this past week, I was trying to read up on everything I could about this. There were a lot of news stories about Benedict stepping down. there were a lot of news stories about the possible next pope and about what he would be faced with and things like that. One of the more interesting articles that I came across, I think this is from the associated press. It’s by Elizabeth Hartfield. The heading of the article says Pope-President Elections Six Unexpected Similarities. Do you see that? Six. Right? Six-six-six, remember 600 years since the pope stepped down and now they are saying there are six unexpected similarities between the pope and the presidential elections. I want you to understand this. This is so profound. Because not only is that number six rising again but Yah allowed us to get understanding of the pope and the president and there’s a lot of talk in the news about the pope and the president. We understand from Scripture that the office of the president coming out of the United States, this office is prime for the rising of the man of sin, the son of perdition, the son of lawlessness.

Barack Obama just now this week came out and stated to the supreme court that they need to approve gay marriage. That they need to strike down the ban of gay marriage. See Barack is moving and pushing for this lawless society and that is what the man of sin’s job is when he comes on the scene. He’s going to be the king of the lawless society. and now we are looking at Barack starting to fulfill the purpose of why he was put into the office for the second time. Now whether Barack is the man of sin or the president coming up after him but that man of sin is going to come up out of the office of the president because the president already wears the title, the leader of the free world.

Now the pope who is the religious leader of the world. He has the most authority of all religious leaders. More authority than the Dalia Lama, than the Jewish Rabbis and more than the Muslim teachers or prophets or whatever you want to call them. And so he is the head religious figure and that’s what the false prophet will be. He’s going to be the head religious figure of the world. The office of the Vatican is prime and prepped for the false prophet to come out of there.

So here they are talking about the president and the pope and there are six similarities between the two. I’m just going to point out one of the similarities before we get ready to go into the lesson. One of the similarities that stood out of the six that they have is number four. It says: The pre-requisite for the jobs are limited in theory but specific in practice. Now get this, they say: There aren’t that many qualifications for papacy or the office of the president. To be chosen as pope, an individual most be Catholic, Baptised and male. To be elected president the constitution dictates no person except a natural-born citizen or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this constitution shall be eligible to the office of president. Neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not obtained the age of 35 years and have been 14 years a resident in the United States. Then it goes on to say: But in practice the net is never cast that wide. The cardinals almost always chose one of their own and Americans almost always chose a president that has previously served in public office.

So she’s going through this and she’s showing the similarities of what it takes to be a pope and what it takes to be a president. Now what’s so profound about this is remember is that the pope or false prophet is going to be the head of the religious system and he’s going to be the leader of that so the president is going to be the leader of the free world to lead the world in rebellion against Yah. So they are saying in order to be i that office…we know that to be in either of those offices that you have to be a vile, defiled man to be in either one of those offices because both of them are the office of the false prophet and both of them are the office of the man of sin.

Every president that sat on the throne and ruled the United States from that throne has been endowed with the spirit of the anti-messiah or the spirit of the  man of sin. Every president starting with George Washington has inched it’s way up to the time of the man of sin. George Bush, Bill Clinton, that’s why there is no difference in the presidency. See this is why we don’t vote because we know the game that’s being played. There is no democrat nor republican. There is no right-wing nor left-wing. These are all wings on the same eagle. So we understand that.

So every pope that has ever stood in that office from the time of its founding has been leading up to the false prophet. In order to be in those offices, these men have to be some of the most vile, defiled men on the planet. To lead in total, straight rebellion against Yah and that’s what they have been doing. There is a lot that is going on brothers and sisters. They are saying that the next pope has to focus more on religious freedoms meaning that this next pope they are saying has to be more accepting of homosexuality, of the role of women in ministry and all this.

So this is what they are looking for in the next pope these so-called religious freedoms. Now remember, the president is the leader of the free world. He leads the world in rebellion against Yah. So when you have religious freedom, it’s going to be the same thing. To lead the world in a rebellion against Yah. So now you don’t have to religiously do Yah’s laws. Right? Because the man of sin is going to tell you to do as thou will. That’s the whole of the law. Whatever you want to do, whatever you like. I remember there was a rap song back in the day. Some of you old heads remember that right? If you are over 35 years old. Do remember Digital Underground’s song ‘Do what you like’? So that’s the mind-set that we facing today in this society.

Everybody do what you like and everything you want to do in your eye is right and there is no wrong about it. If you want to have sex with a three-year old child, go ahead. Do whatcha’ like. Because they have already come out with a study that says that children are just as sexual as adults meaning that children get sexual feelings like adults get. That they get quote-unquote ‘horny’. They came out with this study years ago…Kinsey or something like that. It’s some wild Gentile that wrote this study and that it’s okay for adults to have sex with children because children are just as sexual. He did this study and he was having sex with children! He was doing all type of sexual stuff to children to see what their reactions would be. So all this has been building up to where we are right now. Here we are in 2013 and all of that stuff we can look back on 50 years ago, 70 years ago or 100 years ago everything was building up to this point right now. So now Catholics are saying we have to get him in office. If this is the  man of sin, then the man of sin is already in his office. He’s already doing his thing. Now the false prophet has to stand up and he has to start dong his thing. So this is what we are looking at right here family.

This is why this series being done at this time is so important. It’s not anything that Obadiyah is going, no it’s all with the Father’s hand. These are the things we must know right now. Before too much rolls up on us and then our heads start swelling and then we will be like the Christians not understanding anything. We would be like the Muslims not understanding anything. And as these malakim start to descend down and make their appearance and make their presence known. You know when we seen the so-called meteorite over Russia, we already talked about that, that wasn’t  a meteor. That was a malak. Do you understand why it appeared over Russia? Did you see how many angels that people caught this on their dashboard cameras? You can go on YouTube and there are hundreds of different angles because there were hundreds of different people who caught this on film. Because in Russia just about everybody has dashboard cams so that they….this is the reason that they say so they can capture misbehaving police officers and car-jackers and thing like that. So this is why the malakim appeared over Russia. Because it knew that it would be seen. It know it would be picked up on camera. I have a still image of one of the dashboard cameras. It’s unbelievable! That thing lit up. It looks like a sun in the sky the way that it lit up the sky. And they are going to tell us that, that was some type of meteor yeah you can believe that if you want to. These are liars. The father of lies is their father. And you are going to sit here and believe what they say?

Okay Revelation part 8, chapters 15 and 16. I love chapter 16 boy (laughs). I love it because Yah is really about to do some damage. Remember we have been reading this and so much stuff has been going on. We have the 7 seals being broken and then something takes place. Some type of calamity takes place on the earth. And then after the 7 seals are the 7 trumpets. After the 7 trumpets are blown a calamity takes place on earth. Then we have the 3 woes, that were with the last 3 blowing of the trumpets and a calamity takes places on earth. Yah is destroying the strong-hold of satan on the earth. He is destroying the strong-hold of man.

Right now man believes that he is greater than the Most High Yah. He believes there is no Yah. That’s why he questions everything about Yah. Everything about Him, man has a question. Demons don’t even question. Demons just hear His voice and they tremble. They hear His name and tremble. Fallen angels hear His name and tremble. But man hears His name and then blaspheme His name. So Yah has got to show His Power. One, to the children of Ysrayl and then two, to mankind as a whole. Because they have to see what He is really about. Then they shall know that He is Yah.

Let’s go to chapter 15. We are going to read some very powerful stuff. It’s very powerful what Yah is about to do. This is important. This is why we make sure that we are in favor with Yah, listen you are going to have sin in your life. We all have sinned and come short of Yah’s Set-apart honor but the thing is the REPENTANCE of that sin. Sometimes you will sin and you have to repent. Sometimes you will sin again and repent again but as long as you continue your walk in your service because a servant of Yah is rare i the earth today because man is just so disbelieving and man is just so disobedient. Man does not want to hear nothing that has to do with Yah. He thinks Yah is a myth and a fairy tale. This is what satan has taught them and he is the voice that they listen to.

Revelation 15:1-8, v. 1 Listen to this. This is what is called in Scripture, the Day of Yah which we are going to do an entire lesson on real soon. That will be most terrifying day in the history of man. there will only be one and one day only and there will never be another like it. Never was before it and never will be none like it. We are reading in Revelation, we are seeing what the 3.5 year period of the reign of the man of sin will look like. But the Day of Yah is going to dwarf all of that. It’s going to make all that seem small. We are seeing some horrific things happening in that 3.5 years. But it’s going to seem small compared to that one day. Yah is angry. He’s angry at Ysrayl and He’s angry at the world.

v. 2 Now remember, there’s going to be some that will take the mark of the beast but they are going to repent of that. Remember Yah is merciful. Now there’s going to be many more that take it and don’t repent. Those are going to be the ones that Yah is going to bring all this calamity on. Remember, the brothers are going to be left behind to teach and to bring the truth to those that are caught up in the system. So they will be trying to free those from the matrix. So there will be some that take the mark but hey will overcome it. They will repent. This is what we are reading about here. They overcome the beast, his image and his mark and the number of his name standing on the sea of glass holding harps of Yah.

v. 3 ‘Yl Shaddei, the Power Almighty’ this is what they called Him in the end of the Book. Remember in the beginning we read about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob calling Him Yl Shaddei, the Power Almighty. So even in the end of the Book, He’s still called the Power Almighty because He’s the only Mighty Power. Satan has power but that’s one power. The fallen angels have power and that’s one power. Righteous malakim have power but that’s one power. Yah has The Power. He has The Power to create. He has The Power to create galaxies. He has The Power to create planetary systems. He has The Power to create planets much bigger than Jupiter which is the biggest planet in our planetary system. He has that power. Nobody else has that but Him. He has The Power to self-exist. So He is Yl Shaddei, The Power Almighty.

‘O King of the saints’. He’s our King. All of us that are professing to be set-apart ones, all of us that are striving and struggling to live a set-apart life…Yah is our King.

v. 4 Remember this is a song. They are singing the Song of Moses and of the Lamb…reads v. 3 again. This is the song that they are singing. HalleluYah. v. 5 Read. v. 6 So now we have 7 angels. We had 7 that blew the trumpets. Now we have 7 with the last plagues, the bowl judgments are about to happen now. The 7 bowl judgments are about to be poured upon mankind. And each time a bowl is poured out, we are going to see a great calamity happen on the earth to the sons of men. v. 7 Read.

v. 8 ‘And from His Power’. From His Yl. So it said the heavens were opened and now we are seeing Yah’s dwelling place in heaven or Yah’s temple in heaven. These 7 malakim are about to descend down to the earth with these 7 bowls in their hands and they are going to pour it out upon the sons of men and great calamity will happen. Now you see how the Father is going to have mercy upon His people the children of Ysrayl because by this time, you are in the wilderness as all this stuff is going on in the world. Yah has placed you in the wilderness to be protected from ALL of this. This is His mercy. And even when He does bring us out into the wilderness, He said I’m still going to have purge out rebels. There’s going to be those in the wilderness still rebelling against Yah. Trying to do their own thing instead of listening to Yah and doing what Yah says. They aren’t going to see all these things because they will be in the wilderness yet they will bring foolishness out in the wilderness. Unbelievable right?

Revelation 16:1-21, v. 1 Read. v. 2 So no they are marked. So now when the bowls are poured out, just like when Yah marked our people in Egypt. They had the blood of the lamb on their doorposts and then the death angel would pass over you. Yah told the angels to hold the 4 winds back until His servants are sealed on their heads.

So now those who have taken the mark of the beast and not repenting of doing that, now they are marked. Now the bowl of judgments are coming upon them. Write this in your notes. The first one poured out…see family as we go over this, I want you to be putting this in your notes. See it’s easy to have your notes and then you can go back and look at this stuff because it is starting to unfold in the news. So when you are watching the news or you are reading the morning news or morning paper or you’re doing your research. You know, you read the next pope may be African blah, blah, blah and then you go back to your notes and you look over some of the things we did and now you can start to connect this. Family, don’t let this be something that you just listen to because you want to hear something different or because you want to hear something deep. This ain’t what this is about. This is about getting you ready for these things that are about to come.

So you should know what the 7 seals are. You should know that when each seal is broken, you should understand which calamity is coming upon the earth. You should understand when the 7 trumpets are blown what calamity is coming on the earth. You should understand when the 3 woes happen and what calamities come upon the earth. And now you should understand the 7 bowl judgments. When each bowl is poured out what happens on the earth? The fist one said sore came upon men, those having the mark of the beast and those worshipping his image.

v. 3 Remember we already read about this happening. It’s going to happen again family. Yah is going to kill the sea creatures because if you kill that, now you can’t go out and get any fish (to eat).  The water is polluted. It said that the water is turned into blood. The 2nd malak poured out his bowl and now the water is turned into blood.

v. 4 Do you see how these malakim keep praising Yah? It is because He is worthy to receive this. Mankind thinks that, some of them say that Yah is egotistical because He wants everybody to worship Him. But if He is The Power of all Powers, if He created, heals and put our breath on this earth…why shouldn’t we worship Him? Why shouldn’t we give Him praise? We love to give the greatest athlete praises. Right? We love to give Michael Jordan…’oh man you were just the greatest’! We love to do that for men. But we have a problem doing it for Yah. See this is why Yah is so angry with the sons of men. And this is why He’s so angry with the children of Ysrayl because the children of Ysrayl were supposed to go out and correct the misbehavior of the sons of men.

So we would not have to get to this point where Yah has to bring down all these terrible calamities. But since Ysrayl wanted to be like the sons of men, we fell. So now bold judgments have to come. Trumpets have to be blown. Seals have to be broken. It’s because we didn’t want to hear what Yah says, we wanted to hear what the nations have to say and we wanted to copy them. When Yah said you are My people, I’m setting you apart. ‘No Yah we want to integrate’. Do you se how that follows you? From the time that He brought you out of Egypt and set you up in a land and you go and tell Him that you want a king as the nations have a king. That is the same thing that we went through i the 1950s and 1960s. We wanted to integrate with these people. When Yah had made it for us to stay separate from them. I said this in last weeks lesson but I don’t think that we as a people understand how profound that integration was. When Yah had set us apart and now we are longing to go back to Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama. We ran from down there to come up north. And now we are leaving north and coming back down south. Do you understand?

Because now we are seeing and having a greater understanding that integration doesn’t work. And just the other day one of the supreme court judges is talking about taking away your voting rights act under the guise of hey you have a black president you don’t really need this anymore. and the moment they do that, they can stop you from voting because your NOT a true citizen of this land! Your something that’s tacked on later. When those wild jackals were sitting there and taking down dictation from the fallen angels and writing their quote-unquote ‘constitution’, you were not included in that, children of Ysrayl. The children of Ysrayl have always been separate!!

They said all men are created equal but Yah said I’m going to place you above all people on the earth. Who are you going to believe?


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