The Book of Revelation p. 7d

So you will be killed if you don’t give your allegiance to that. Do you see? The image of the beast. So they are going to put a SPIRIT inside of it. So it’s going to be something that is made up of flesh. The 6-million dollar man, Robocop, Darth Vadar, the Bionic Woman, it goes on and on. They have been prepping you for this, forever. Here we are in the age of technology where technology is changing by the month. It’s not going to be where they bring out an image and say this is him. They have all these wax museums with figures that look human and all that. They are getting your mind prepped for this.

But notice what it said here. A lot of people say man this is going to be some type of robot. This will not be artificial intelligence. This thing will be inhabited by Ruach. I use to thin that too, the whole artificial thing because they do have that already. Computers thinking on their own but this is not what this is going to be.(Reads v. 15 again). We know that when demons inhabit and take over bodies, they must have live, living organisms to take over that body. To take over the mind and things like that. So the artificial intelligence is only going to be a part of it. But this thing is going to have a spirit inside of it, this image. And if you want to read about Daniyah, it’s in Daniyah 3:1-6 about when Nebuchadnezzar built that image and all that.

v. 16-17 Now this is what we call the mark of the beast. We know that this is the financial system as we see that the wound was placed and wounded unto death. Now this is the rising of that wound which is the financial system. This will be the new financial system that whatever this mark is you must have it on your right hand or forehead. This is mocking Yah when, He gave us His laws, commandments and He told us to put it between our eyes and on our foreheads. and the right hand represents power to do it. So whenever they give you this mark, that’s what it will symbolize. They are putting the laws in your mind and then your hand represents doing it. Because you are not going to get this mark unless you accept the system, unless you bow down to the image of the beast. If you don’t bow down to this beast then you will not get this mark and you can not participate in this system and you will be killed.

So if you can not buy or sell, you can not participate in this civilization. You must have finances to participate in any civilization. So do you see this is why it will be so crucial or critical. So we see that after the false prophet gets everybody to start worshipping the beast and doing these magic signs and all this stuff, it will be nothing for them to bow down to this image of him. It will be nothing because they already worship him. This is going to fit in with Catholic doctrine, with the full Christianity doctrine and with Islam doctrine. It’s going to fit in with all religious doctrines even Judaism. So it’s not going to be hard for these people to do this. But before you get this physical mark you must accept the spiritual mark. The spiritual mark is that you have to accept this man of sin as quote-unquote ‘god’ as the higher authority as the most high. You will have to accept him otherwise, you are going to get the mark.

v. 18 Remember it says that it’s the number of a man. It didn’t say anything about it being the mark of the devil. They said that it’s the number of a man. Why? Well let’s once again break down the 6’s. The first six stands for the sixth day in which man was created. He’s letting you know that this is a flesh and blood man, this man of sin. He will be inhabited by satan because satan is going to give him all his power and authority. So six is man’s number. Every man’s number is six because we were created on the sixth day. Al the sons and daughters of Adam your number is six. Whenever the trees were created that’s their number. Whenever the grass was created that’s their number. The sun, moon…everything in creation on the earth Yah gave a number because that is the order in which you were created. So six represents the number of man. So this is a flesh and blood man.

The second six represents the Hebrew number of imperfection. So this is an imperfect man. He is the most imperfect man who has ever inhabited this planet. Because he will be the one that satan uses in this end time, being his anti-christ or man of sin whatever name you want to apply to him…his messiah, his god. So this man will be the most imperfect man ever.

The third six represents the third kingdom which is the Roman Empire. We are told in Revelation 17 that there are 7 kings, 5 have fallen and 1 is and 1 is yet to come. These 7 kings represent the 7 world ruling nations that held the children of Ysrayl in captivity. Those nations are Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medes and Persians and the Greeks. So that is five. It said five of the seven had fallen. It said one is and at that time the Roman Empire was the one that still remained. It said one is yet to come and that one who was yet to come is the United States.

So Rome was the sixth of the seven. The sixth represents…this is still that world-ruling empire because the United States is of that conglomerate of nations. So we look at it and it’s 600 years since a pope has stepped down. Right? Marking that number six. 6-0-0 not 6-0-1 because zero represents nothing. So you have that six there. so the pope after 600 years is stepping down. That’s no coincidence. Satan has been putting this thing in operation for a long time. So that six represents the sixth kingdom. So that is where we get 6-6-6 from.  The sixth kingdom represents Rome that dragon, that beast. And you thought that Rome was over. No, all roads lead to Rome. Rome gave birth to the United States. The United States is a daughter or Rome. She’s a daughter of Babylon. She’s a daughter of Egypt. She’s a daughter of Assyria. You can see all of that here. You can see all of those beasts. You can see the leopard. You can see the bear. You can see the lion. You can see the dragon. You can see al that here in the United States. So that’s what 666 stands for.

Now always remember this is a number of a  man. Because everybody wants to make this ‘Ah that’s the devil’. You know witches and all those who worship satan honor this number because it is the number of their king. If you knew Yahoshua’s number then you would have great admiration for that number. So when you see them throwing up 666, the athletes, musicians, the politicians, they are giving honor because they know that their king is coming. That’s what they are giving honor to. Witches and that, they all understand what the 666 stands for. It stands for their king, their ruler.

So as we look at this false prophet because we go to Revelation 14. He is going to be the leader of the world’s religions because the one world religion is coming family. They are gluing it together right now. Every religion on earth is participating. Every branch of Islam. Every branch of Christianity. Every branch of Judaism. Even witches and warlocks, devils and demons all of them participate in what’s called the parliament of world religions where they are getting together the heads of all religions even the pope. And they are getting together to discuss what they always talk about is that thy all serve the same god. Farrakhan is in 100% agreement with that. He has brought the nation of Islam into that. So all branches of Islam and Christianity…see they need the children of Ysrayl to spearhead these things because we…see Yah choose…y’all don’t understand why Yah choose us. Yah saw in us, that we have even in our cursed state we are still influencing the whole world. Everybody looks at us saying man they are so cool. Their so hip. We want to be like that. They use our slang. Look at what rap is doing. Look at what jazz did. Look at what blues did and rock-n-roll. All of that came from your people out of this land! All of those different art forms came…now Yah knew…when you start going around here talking about Yah, Yah, Yah…the world is going to follow after that.

Just like this homosexual agenda, it is being spearheaded by ‘brews. I hope y’all have seen Man be a Man. It’s being spearheaded by ‘brews because satan understood how this operates. So if this man who is going to the false prophet then…huh? Ghana? There is a strong chance that he is an Israelite. There were so many of our people who were taken from Ghana and so many of our people still there! There were even Israelite kings ruling in Ghana. And just like the prophesy said, Yah said I’m going to bring you and your kings that you have set  up over you, I’m going to bring all of y’all into captivity.

So he’s going to have the authority to lead the world astray. These Egyptologists will follow…(saying) ‘this man is god’. ‘The black man is god’. They are already talking that madness. Then when they see a man pullout ‘god-like’ abilities oh they are going to follow him! Only those who know the truth won’t follow behind this man.

HalleluYah, HalleluYah we made it through Revelation 13, now let’s go to Revelation 14. This is very powerful, very powerful thing going on. All the pieces are falling into place. Satan is getting his crew together. And Yah is getting His together. Why do you think that Yah is working with us in this way that He is working with us?

Before we go to Revelation 14, just speaking of the mark of the beast because Bill Gates just came out and said he does not use cash. This is the richest man on the planet and he’s heading up his Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. This group is working towards a cashless society meaning no more cash. See they are trying to prep your mind. Your mind is already prepped. We hardly ever use cash for our transactions today. You all know that. We use debit cards, credit cards and other forms. We hardly touch cash anymore. That’s not a coincidence. This is what they have been prepping our minds into. This article says Bill Gates hates cash, here’s why: It says: Billionaires are known for not keeping a lot of spending green in their wallet. But that’s not why Bill Gates hates cash. He hates it because of its effect on people at the opposite end of wealth. It says: The world’s poorest and unbanked the better-than-cash-alliance which was founded last September and is partially founded by the Bill and Melinda Gate foundation hosted a breakfast at the world economic forum at Switzerland. Speakers from Philippines, Columbia, the United States and other countries made the cash for why electronic transactions are better than cash payments. Then it goes on to say: Kenya is a role model…Kenya (means) yes Yah…is a role model for the developing world when it comes to cashless payments.

Do you see how Africa is now coming back on the world scene? It this pope come out of Ghana and he is who we think he is. Kenya’s impetsa (sp?) network launched in 2007 has agents on every block. They are already doing cashless transactions in Kenya. Barak Obama…Kenya. Right? This is powerful family because we are going back. If they put that pope out there and if the man of sin is who he says he is then when Yahoshua comes back and then when Yahoshua says these are My people as it says in Revelation 3:9. You called them niggers. I’m going to get you for that in just a moment but let me tell  you this first. And then He points us out…these are My people.

Then the world will be open to acceptance because the world is already accepting of god as being a black man. You know he points us out, these are My people. Then the world may be open to acceptance of god as a black man and his prophet. This is heavy man. We know that all this is being allowed by Yah. But wouldn’t it be like satan to have two black men as his prophet and as his messiah. Wasn’t Yahcanan the Immerser a black-skinned Hebrew? Wasn’t Yahoshua a black-skinned Hebrew? Wasnt’ Moses a black-skinned Hebrew? Wasn’t Aharon a black-skinned Hebrew? The two witnesses black-skinned Hebrews. So satan mocks. He is a copy-cat.

Revelation 14:1-20, v. 1 These brothers are sealed with Yah’s name! Can you imagine Yah across your head?! Oh-wee!! Written with the finger of Yah! v. 2 Oh-wee! This had to be the sweetest sound and the most powerful sound that you would ever here. v. 3 HalleluYah. v. 4 Let’s break this down! What does it mean that they were not defiled with women for they are maidens or virgins? Family, by this time we understand…remember Revelation is just summoning up all this stuff. When we get over to Revelation 17 we are going to read about the woman riding on the beast. This woman is called the mother of harlots. Harlot means whore. Whores are the name for women that are prostitutes. So this woman that’s riding the beast is the mother of harlots, the mother of female prostitutes. So when it said that these men are not defiled with women…they are not defiled with the woman whose riding the beast. They are not defiled by her system. They are not defiled by her little daughter harlots. Meaning they are not following the system. Because it tells us that they are going to follow Yahoshua wherever He goes. So they are not following the system. Even though these are the brothers left behind out of the wilderness, they will not be part of the system. They will not take the mark of the beast. So they have not been defiled with women.

Now this is very curious again. What if this false prophet is a woman? Let’ snot rule that out. Because Mystery Babylon is described as a woman and she’s ruling the world. Let’s not rule that out. The Catholics are already worshipping a goddess who they call the mother of god. If she is the mother of god then she has authority over god. And god is supposed to be your highest being but he’s not because he has a mother. So this goddess is even more powerful than their god. Let’s not close our eyes to this because if it does happen we have already been made aware of it. If it doesn’t happen we are already made aware of it.

But these brothers are not defiled with women. They are  not defiled with this whole system, this whole feminine system. They are not defiled with this woman riding the beast or any of her harlots. They are not of this system. They have not committed spiritual whoring with this system. They have not committed spiritual fornication or adultery. They are with Yah 100 percent. They follow Yahoshua wherever He leads them.

‘These were redeemed from among men being first fruits to Yah and to the Lamb’. Ysrayl is represented as first fruits. See when we were in our land and we harvested our crops, there was a harvest time where after you had planted your seed and after everything had grown then you go out there and get your first fruits. That’s the first fruit of your crop. So Ysrayl is the first fruit that Yah has brought in among men and these brothers are going to be the first fruit even among Ysrayl. They will be the first fruit of the great tribulation! The rest of Ysrayl is in the wilderness waiting. These brothers are already there because they are going to follow Yahoshua to the fullest!! And they are outside of the wilderness. So they are going to be the first fruit of the great tribulation.

v. 5 So they can’t have any lies in their mouth because when they go out and teach as we read in Daniel chapter 11, that they will go out and teach and they will have great power to do these things. They can’t be lying. So they will be no falsehood. They are going to come and give straight truth because they only have 3.5 years to operate and whenever they (144,00) make their appearance, satan is going to be right on them trying to get them. They have no time for lies. They are going to be straight up bringing the truth.

v. 6-7 Read. v. 8 Babylon is going down. v. 9-10 It said His wrath will be poured out UNDILUTED. 100 proof. Right? 120 proof. 150 proof. That’s straight up undiluted. You drink something like that, if you have chest hairs ahk, your chest hair will have permed. Your chest hair would be on fire! You ain’t mixing no orange juice with this. You taking this straight down. Undiluted. Whoever takes this mark without repenting because remember this whole world is going to fall under this system of the mark of the beast. These brothers that are going around teaching and not lying and straight up telling them ‘hey you are going to go to the lake of fire if you don’t repent of that’. So if you have to leave the system then that’s what has to happen. You have to renounce that mark of the beast. If you don’t repent of that, then you are going to the lake of fire. Yah is so merciful.

Let me go back up to v. 7 ‘worship Him who made heaven and earth, sea and springs of water’. What’s wrong with that? Man is the only one who doesn’t understand that. How in the world are we the least of all creatures? Animals know when a storm is coming. They feel it. We can’t even feel that! We are the only ones that question the authority of Yah. Demons don’t even question it. Fallen angels don’t question it. Satan doesn’t even question it. We are the only creature that does. ‘What do you mean I have a Shabbat don’t y’all think that, that’s like captivity’? ‘Man, I don’t want to be like I can’t do nothing Friday night because ‘God’ said it’. I mean crazy stuff like that. Man is the only one that talks that madness. Satan has to go and be obedient before the face of Yah. Yah asked him where he was going when all the angels went before Yah. Book of Job, satan said up and down to and fro on the earth seeking whom I may devour. He wasn’t lying. ‘Hey man where are you going’. ‘What do you mean where am I going’? ‘What are you asking me where I’m going for’? Satan don’t even do nothing like that. ‘You ain’t my daddy you can’t tell me what to do’. You try that with Yah. Just call you ashes. That’s what we are going to call  you if you talk like that to Yah. ‘Ashy’ that’s going to be your name. Because that’s what you are going to turn into. Man is the only one that does that madness. Why can’t he just say this is the One that made the heavens and the earth. This is the One that has all the power in His hand and it’s a benefit for me to be His servant. It’s a benefit for me to be His child. Let me serve Him.

v. 11-12 Read. v. 13 So at this time you are blessed if you died in Messiyah. You died believing in Yahoshua. You are going to be blessed! Because your work follows you. All this fruit that we are putting out there family. Bringing fruit to repentance, that’s going to follow…that’s the only thing that goes with you to the grave…what you believe and what you did. This is why Yahoshua said when He comes back He is going to give every man his reward according to his work. So it doesn’t benefit you to be a lazy servant. It doesn’t benefit you to be an idle servant. Because you are going to get an idle reward. Thos that are laboring in this garden growing the vineyard, watering it and doing all the things it takes as a shepherd, as a gardener to grow the fruit. Then your reward will be great. Those who are not doing it or too lazy to do it or scared to do it, you will not get a reward. ‘That they may rest and their labors and works follow them’. Go rest. Go to the grave and rest.

v. 14 Do you know what you do with a sickle? v. 15 That’s what you do with a sickle. You reap. You go into the field and cut the grain with a sickle. The sickle was also used as a weapon of war. We fought with sickles when we came out of Egypt. I remember in one of those gods movies, they used sickles. v. 16 The one sitting on the cloud=Yahoshua. Y’all know what that cloud is. Right? v. 17. Man he has a sharp one too. Right? v. 18 Do you understand what is going on right here? When they are talking about reaping the harvest and bringing your sickle. This is Yah going to war! They are coming down here, malakim and Yahoshua and they are going to war.

v. 19-20 Listen to that! You have never seen that much blood! That is a lake of blood! Because Yah has come down and He has harvested. Meaning He has come and separated the good harvest from the bad. This said that the wine is up to the horse’s bridle. That’s about 6 feet deep. It says that it goes for about 300 km that’s almost 200 miles! So you have a lake of blood that runs 6 feet deep for about 180-200 miles! How many men do you have to kill to spill that much blood? We have already read that a third of mankind being taken out by water, by malakim doing this and fire burning. This is that last 3.5 years, the time of Jacob’s trouble. This is the worst time of trouble ever! That man has ever seen!

How many men does it take to make a lake of blood? But this is what man has been after. this is what man has been wanting to do…fight Yah. So now he’s going to get his opportunity. (Reads v. 20 again) That’s a lot of blood. But this is what Yah is coming to do.

This will be a very terrible time this is why you see Yah blessing His people to make it into t e wilderness. THAT’S A BLESSING!  And like I said, some of you have already started to complain about that. ‘Why we have to be in the desert’? ‘I don’t like sand’. Well, stay here then! If you are that unpleasurable about Yah taking you to a desert or wherever for safety…you stay here and let your blood be counted in that lake of blood. How about that?

Stop all your complaining. There’s no time for that. We have got to get ourselves ready. This is going to be a terrible time. Who will be able to stand against it? If you are not with Yah how can you stand against it? This is the Day of Yah. We have a lesson coming up on that, the Day of Yah. The day to end all days.

Just seeing the arrogance of men and how they look down upon us because we say we want to serve Yah. We want to be His servants and we say Yah use us as you see fit. We don’t have multi-million this or that. We don’t need those things and we are content with not having those things. They can’t understand that. They say ‘if your God is the one putting these curses on you, how can you serve Him’? ‘Why don’t you rebel against Him’? ‘Why don’t you be free’? They don’t know what freedom is because what satan has given them is not free. What satan is offering them is not freedom. It’s captivity. It’s greater captivity.

I say HalleluYah for Yah and His mercy upon us. I say HalleluYah to Yah for His blessings that He has given us. I say HalleluYah to Yah for His understanding that He has given to us. I say HalleluYah to Yah for His protection that He has given us. I say HalleluYah for His compassion for Father we are sinners. We are wretched. We all have fallen short of Your great Set-apart honor but yet You have still found us fit to be called Your servants. You have still found us fit Father to aim us down the road to salvation. You still found us fit to look us in the eye and say I love you. You still found us fit to tell the nations that we are the people who you love. We appreciate that Yah. And we honor and cherish it oh Yah. Father, as Yahoshua tells you everyday, every minute and every hour as our intercessor about this weak flesh oh Yah.

We say today Yah for Yahoshua. We say todah Yah for making Him our intercessor. We say today for choosing our brother. We say today to Yahoshua for being worthy to be found, to be chosen for a job such as He has. We say Father give us the strength to carry on Father. Give us the strength, knowledge, wisdom and understanding that we need to survive. For we see these things, You have opened up our spiritual understanding and we see what is going on, on the spiritual and we see it manifested on the physical. We know that your malakim are here Yah. We know that satan has his malakim here. We know that battle is about to begin Yah. We know that we are apart of this battle Yah. We know that we have a decision to make. We have choices. We, Father pray that You always give us the strength that we always choose You. We pray that you give us the knowledge so we only choose you. All these things we ask Yah in Yahoshua’s name, our great Messiyah wh You have given to us as a Savior, Redeemer and MessiYah. He is of You. We accept everything that is of You. In His name Yah, we say HalleluYah. Todah Yah. Amein.

I leave you in peace because I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace shalom.


Text: The media is already calling this man the evil, evil black pope. Text: When I was a child we played the game who is afraid of the black man? A German child game. SMH.

Text: plus the Hebrew will love 2 have a blk pope and might join the Catholic church…as long as they are blk (pres, pope) SMH.

Text: even atheist say the world came from a blk woman…it’s being set up kayn.

Text: Hebrews=the trendsetters.

Text: Deep graves are 6 feet deep.


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