The Book of Revelation p. 6b

Now look at this these are the 2 olive trees and the 2 lampstands that stand before Yah of earth. Remember over in Revelation chapter 1, those 7 Israelite assemblies were called the candlesticks or the lampstands. What does a lampstand do? It gives off light. What do we get from the olive tree? We get the anointing oil. They are anointed to bring the light of Yah to the face of this man of sin and bring it to the earth at a time when the earth is in total darkness. They are anointed to bring the light of Yah to earth at a time when the earth is in total darkness. Ysrayl is the only nation that stands before the face of Yah. As Yah made the covenant with the children of Ysrayl, He hovered around Mount Sinai and burnt that mountain to where it’s STILL burnt to this day! They found the real Mount Sinai over in Saudi Arabia and at the top of the mountain it still is burnt from when Yah came there nearly 4,000 years ago. No other nation has stood before Him and heard his voice and said to Yah’s great servant, you go talk to Him because we have heard the shofars. We have heard the thundering and the lightening and we can’t handle this. You go talk to Him. No other nation has stood before Yah and took an oath or covenant with Yah and said all that you said, we shall do. It says that these are the 2 lampstands that are standing before Yah of the earth. And who are the children of Ysrayl? Ysrayl and Yahudah. He has not given His Word to no other people. He has not.

Let’s go to the Book of Psalms (Tellihim) chapter 147. Let me just make sure this is where I want to go. I’m just rolling with the Ruach here. None of this is in my notes. I didn’t even get a chance to complete the notes so I’m not even looking at the notes. I’m just going to where the Ruach is leading. So I said in the beginning that this might be one of the shortest lessons, I don’ know. But I’m just going where the Ruach takes me so HalleluYah.

Psalm 147:19-20 ‘Declaring His Word to Yahqob’. Yahqob is our father. ‘His statues and judgments to Ysrayl’. Yahqob’s name was changed to Ysrayl. And we were called the children of Ysrayl or Israylites. v. 20 Do you see? No other nation have none of His right-rulings. No other nation has dwelt with the father in the way that Ysrayl has.

Let’s go to the Book of Amos. So the two lampstands that are standing before Yah of the earth, no other nation has stood before Yah other than Ysrayl. And even when we were separated into nations, Ysrayl and Yahudah, that’s why every prophet was an Israelite. Because Yah sent them to their own people. Amos chapter 3. These are the 2 lampstands: Ysrayl and Yahudah. No other people has stood before Yah as we have.

Amos 3:1-2, v. 1 Once again who is Yah talking too? He’s speaking this Word against you O Ysrayl, against the entire family or nation, Yah is speaking to. He didn’t bring no other nation up from the land of Egypt other than His people, the children of Ysrayl. v. 2 He said you alone I have known of all the families of the earth. Ysryl is the only one that stands before Yah. The only nation. So these 2 brothers right here are Israylites. The 2 Israylites represent Ysrayl and Judah. They are Yah’s 2 witnesses on the earth right now. When we were one nation, Ysrayl was the only nation that was the witness of men. Nobody else knows the curses. Nobody else knows the blessings but the children of Ysrayl and this is what we are to take out to the nations. Our family is composed of natural-born Israylites, Gentiles, all of us. Nobody knows the sorrow that we see. Nobody knows the trouble that we see. Nobody knows our sorrow. Because we know the blessings and we know the curses. Because Yah has only dealt with us in that way.

Revelation 11:5 How many times have you seen fire come out of a man’s mouth? Okay. So this is going to be something new that’s going to be seen. And even looking at the 2 witnesses and just understanding what they say. I can’t tell you who they are but I know that they are servants of Yah. I can’t give you their names. But they are not Moses and they are not Eliyah. They are dead. There’s no need for those men to be resurrected before their time. Before the first resurrection, there’s no need for that. Yah has plenty of servants here. We read already that He is going to choose 144,000 so He has a least that many on the earth that He can use to fulfill this role. Why does He need to go resurrect Moses? Moses needs to get His rest from dealing with over a million of us (stiff-necks) at one time in the desert. Not only did he have to worry about the desert heat but he had to worry about the heat coming from the Israylites. Right? Moses needed to rest. And he’s resting. So there’s no need to recycle him. Moses is already in the Book. He has done his job. He has done what Yah said so now he’s in the Book. We have to try to strive to get there. Because remember the Book is already written. So we are just manifesting whatever choices that we already made ages ago before we were even created. So we are just manifesting it now on the physical. So we are trying to get to the kingdom Moses’ name is already written. He already has a throne in the kingdom. We are trying to get there. So there is no need for Yah to resurrect Moses. These will not be dead men, these will be living men that are living in our time. Two of them. Why? Once again, the 2 witnesses, Ysrayl and Yahudah. But this is also going to be a carbon copy of what happened back in the ancient times.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 4. Shemot chapter 4. Let’s see what Yah told Moses and Moses’ brother Aharon. So you can see what these 2 witnesses in the end time, what their mission or job is going to be like.

Exodus 4:10-16, v. 10-12 See you don’t have no excuse when Yah chooses you for whatever. ‘Well Yah you know I have bad arthritis’. So what! ‘Well say I have a bum foot and my back hurts’. So what! You don’t make excuses when Yah needs you to go somewhere. Yah may need you to climb the highest mountain. ‘Well Yah, I have no fingernails’. So what! Whatever you don’t have, Yah will provide. Understand that. You don’t never deny a commandment that Yah gives to you to do something.

v. 13-14 Do you see that? Moses said please send somebody else. This is what Moses said. ‘I’m a man slow of speech, I stutter go send somebody else’. And Yah got angry with him. See you don’t want the displeasure of Yah to be burning against you. So watch what you say to Yah. v. 15 So don’t even worry. Don’t come telling me that you are slow of speech. That ain’t even a concern of mine. That’s what Yah says. Because I’m going to give you what to speak. I’m the one controlling your mouth.

v. 16 ‘You shall be an elohim for him’. You shall be a god for him. Do you see? So if Yah is making Moses an elohim how in the world is Yah an elohim (god)? And Yah is above Moses.  Let’s go to Exodus chapter 7.

Exodus 7:1 Ain’t this 2 witnesses right here? Moses is made an angel with power to the face of pharaoh. He’s making him a god! And Aharon his brother is his prophet. So do you see where satan set up the pattern of the man of sin being the god and then he’s going to have a false prophet that’s going to be his mouth piece.

So Yah is going to repeat (this)…see satan is going to set up this false order. And Yah is going to send His real order because remember when Moses and Aharon went before the face of pharaoh and they put the rod on the ground and the rod turned into a serpent and pharaoh’s magicians did the same thing. So they are going to try to go tic for tac. Yah, You have 2 witnesses okay we have the man of sin who is a god then we have his prophet. So when Yah sends His 2 witnesses to his face it’s going to be the same thing He did with Moses and Aharon when they went before the face of pharaoh and said let My people go. Thus saith Yah.

Let’s continue. It said that fire will come out of their mouths to consume their enemies and if any wishes to harm them, he shall be killed in that way. So there’s no harm coming to these brothers for the whole duration that they will be given to prophesy and speaking against what’s going on, on the earth. They are going to be speaking against that darkness. They are going to be the lampstands. They are going to be giving off the light of Yah to the world.

Revelation 11:6 ‘Power to turn water to blood’. Moses and them did the same thing. Right? ‘And smite the earth with all plagues’. Didn’t Moses and Aharon do the same thing? This is going to replay itself. So they have this power, this is why they will be looking like gods because they will have the power to turn the water into blood. Moses was called a god by Yah and he had the power to turn the water into blood. So Moses and them brought down the plagues upon Egypt. Yah sent them to pharaoh and so in the face of pharaoh these were like gods. Who else can do this? So these 2 men, one will be like a god and one will be like a prophet. Just like Moses and Aharon.

v. 7-8 Where was our Master Yahoshua impaled? Was He not killed in Yahrushalom? He was killed in Yahrushalom but get this, we know if you have been studying with us and you have been listening to the fallen angels lessons, we understand that Sodom was destroyed because the people were still having sex with fallen angels. Remember the story of Sodom? Go back to Genesis chapter 18 if you read verses 20-21 because it said that this place is spiritually called Sodom and it is called Egypt where our Master was impaled. So there is going to be a lot going on in Jerusalem, Yahrushalom at this time. So what is one of the things that we can see just by that information ‘spiritually called Sodom’? We know that some very heavy stuff is going down there.

Genesis 18:20-21 Yah said that He’s on His way down to Sodom. Now look at v. 21 Yah said they have a very heavy sin down there in Sodom. I said I have to go and I have to witness this for Myself. And He said I will know what hey are doing. In Genesis chapter 19, He sent two malakim over there. And they meet with Abraham’s nephew Lot who lived in Sodom. Lot took them into his house. The entire town of Sodom came to the door. Genesis 19, when Lot invited these 2 angels remember they looked like men but these were angels.

Genesis 19:4 ‘ALL’ the people, they wanted to come in and get those 2 angels and they said bring them out so we can know them, so that we can have sex with them.

What was going on in Sodom? The people were continuing to have sex with the fallen angels. And this is what produced giants after the flood. Yah brought the flood on the first world before Abraham, before Lot. The world that existed in the days of Enoch and Noah, Yah brought a flood over the earth because the fallen angels had produced an off-spring called the nephelium or giants and they were destroying the world according to the Book of Enoch and Jubilees and other extra Biblical sources.

So the people of Sodom…Yah was so angry in Genesis 18, we read that their sin is very heavy. HE said I have to go down and confirm what they are doing. And so when these angels saw that these people wanted to come in and have sex with them, the angels told Lot hey get out of this place because we have been sent to destroy it. The angels were about to go to sleep in Lot’s house, they said nothing about the destruction until the people came and tried to get in there and get them. So it was confirmed yes the people are still having sex with angels because they were trying to have sex with these righteous angels.

Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 11. What’s going to be going on? Yahoshua said as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be when He makes His second appearance. He said for they were marrying and given into marriage up until the time that Noah entered the ark. This is what Yahoshua said. He was prophesying. So He said they were marrying. Who was marrying? And who was given into marriage during the days of Noah? It was the fallen angels taking the daughters of men according to Genesis 6. Do you see? So that’s what is going to be going on. These fallen angels are going to return. And when the man of sin sets up hom base in Jerusalem and according to 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 that he’s going to make himself the greatest of all gods. So he is going to say I’m the greatest of all gods but remember the fallen angels are little gods. So that practice of…the fallen angels are going to come back and they are going to come back and say we are your gods. And then the women are going to be given over to them. They are going to marry women. They are going to produce giants. All these things are going to happen again.

And then when the man of sin makes his appearance ‘I’m the great god’. Those are your little gods, I created them. They created you, so I created everything. And this si going to take place in Jerusalem. Can you imagine? That is why Yah says I have to bring a NEW Jerusalem down from heaven. We will read it in that lesson. This new Jerusalem is coming down because this old Jerusalem is going to be defiled! Because Yah has to spill a lot of blood over there. We just read that in Joel chapter 3, the Battle of Armageddon. Yah said I’m bringing you down to the valley of decision, the valley of Yahoshaphat. Because you have scattered My people and parted My land…that is the Battle of Armageddon.

Remember we talked about according to Numbers 35, what has to be done in order for that land of Ysrayl to be cleansed of all the blood shed that has ever happened in that land? What has to be done? So we will see this is why Yah is going to bring them all according to the Book of Yoyl, Yah’s going to bring them all down to the valley of Yahoshaphat.

Let’s read this. This why Yah is going to bring them down because of what’s going to be going on in Jerusalem and that time is just unthinkable. The fallen angels will be there. The city is spiritually called Sodom it said. Sodom was destroyed not because of homosexuality. Greece were bigger homosexuals than Sodom was. There were homosexuals in Sodom and Gomorrah of course. They were doing all types of wickedness but the greatest sin that they were doing was having sex with the fallen angels. An act that caused Yah to have to destroy the first world and now here it is after the flood and Yah said their sin is very heavy. I got to go down there and confirm it myself. And when those angels saw that those people wanted to break down the door to have sex with them, they said Lot we have to destroy this place. Get out of here.

Numbers 35:33 Wait a minute. He said that blood shed profaned the land. And the land is not pardoned or cleansed of the blood that has been shed on it except by those who have shed the blood. So if an Israylite man has spilled the blood of another Israylite man in that land, then the blood of an Israylite man is required for that land to be cleansed. Every nation on earth has shed blood in Jerusalem. This is why Yah has to bring every nation down to the battle of Armageddon which is located in northern Ysrayl. Yah has to bring every nation down because now it’s cleansing time. So He is going to spill the blood of all nations that will be represented at that battle. And then when the land is cleansed, He’s going to bring a new one down. He can’t even put the new one on top of the old one until the old one is cleansed. So He has to clean it first. I have to clean out this old bottle before I put new wine in it. Make sure it’s sparkling. I have to go clean the old food off my plate before I put new food on it. So Jerusalem has to be cleansed before the next one can come down. Because they are just going to defile that boy badly. Because it is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt.

And we know the confusion that was going on in Egypt. The mystery schools, the pyramid building and Barack Hussein Obama coming from a pharaoh. So if Barack Hussein Obama is descended from Akhenaton or cloned from Akhenaton and if Barack Obama turns out to be the man of sin and the man of sin is going to set up shop in Jerusalem…oh this is why it’s spiritually called Egypt. Hmmmm. Let’s put it together because we know what they were doing in Egypt. Egypt was a place of 360 gods and so much confusion and all that. We know that, that’s going to be going on in Jerusalem at this time. But it may be just a little bit deeper.

I’m glad I’m doing this lesson pre-recorded because when Barack gets hold of this and he listens to this tomorrow in the basement of the white house, he has to go down there because Michelle doesn’t like him listening to the lessons in the oval office. He told me he had to go deep in the basement. So tomorrow when he has heard that we have been talking about him, you know he just might send the secret service in. So good I can get this lesson out now and he won’t come get me until after this lesson has been heard already. Darn it Obadiyah.

Revelation 11:9 You know Yah deals with that 3.5, 1/3, 33%, Yahoshua in the grave 3 days and nights. And the brothers are going to be dead here for 3 1/2 days and they will be out there in the streets, not in tombs.

Let’s go back up and read v. 7 to 9 because there’s a point I want to touch on in verse 7.

Revelation 11:7-9 So we see that after their witness has ended after the 3.5 years it says the beast coming up out of the pit of the deep shall fight against them, overcome and kill them. We know that the pit is the prison of the fallen angels. We know that they were released in Revelation 9. Remember all those creatures came up out of the pit of the deep and were set loose.

v. 9 Read. v. 10 Look at that. They are going to be celebrating that Yah’s prophets are killed. They are going to be giving gifts like Christmas. Man, this is wicked! v. 11 Look at that. They did all this great stuff before the face of people and now they are dead for 3.5 days and Yah’s Spirit comes down or Ruach or Breath of Life. The Breath of Life entered back into these brothers. And now they are alive whenever you read about the Spirit of Yah or Spirit of Life…it is the Breath of Life because that is what keeps our bodies going. It keeps us living.

v. 12 ‘Obadiyah, I thought y’all said man doesn’t go to heaven’! They are going up to heaven not high heaven where Yah is. They are going into heaven where airplanes fly everyday. They are going into a cloud and in Scripture its symbolism for what we call UFOs or flying vehicles. They are just going to be up in heaven, the sky waiting to come back down with Yahoshua. Because remember this is the end of their prophesy. And at the end of their prophesy is the 3.5 year period and that’s when Yahoshua is coming back. So they are just up there waiting on Him. He’s going to be back very soon. They are not up there dwelling with Yah in Yah’s throne room. No, they are just in a vehicle standing up in heaven right where the airplanes fly. They are not in outer space. They are still on earth in heaven where airplanes go. They are in a vehicle themselves.

v. 13-14 See that was just the second woe. v. 15 See the 7th trumpet has sounded! This is the final one. Shaul said that when that 7th trumpet is sounded in 1 Corinthians 15, he said the dead in Messiyah rise first. The last trumpet is blown now. The last woe is about to pass. So HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah. It says that the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Master and His Messiyah and He shall reign forever and ever. HalleluYah.


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