The Book of Revelation p. 4b

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 3. We are looking at Dan’s crime. What did he do to get himself rejected and not have 12,000 come from his tribe? We are looking at what is Bashan and why is Dan leaping from there.

Deuteronomy 3:11 Reads. So let’s go down to verse 13. I want to show you something here. Now this word Rephaites or Rephaim means giants. If you read this in the King James Version it calls them giants.

Deuteronomy 3:13 Bashan is called the land of the giants so Dan shall leap from the land of the giants. This is deep. Because now what does that mean? If Dan is leaping from the land of the giants then Dan has been among the land of the giants. Dan has been mixing in among the land of the giants. Now notice here it says this. ‘The rest of Gilead and all Bashan the kingdom of Og I gave to the half tribe of Manasseh’. So Dan leaping from Bashan and Manasseh took that land over. So what is Dan down there doing in the land of the giants brothers and sisters? So this is what he’s been doing. He’s been mingling down there with the giants. This is one of the things. Now if you read in the Pseudepigrapha book and I will give you the chapter and verse to go to. If you read in the Pseudepigrapha volume 2, the book of Joseph and his wife Aseneth. If you read chapter 24 verses 13-19. Guess what it tells you there? It tells you that Dan and Gad but Dan was misleading Gad to join in a conspiracy with the son of pharaoh to kill Joseph, his wife and pharaoh. So pharaoh’s son wanted to kill Joseph because he wanted to take over the reign. So he wanted to kill Joseph and pharaoh and Dan was in on that conspiracy to kill his brother Joseph. Dan came against his brother Joseph. So now this is showing a character of Dan. And that he’s betraying his brethren just as Judas did. So the treachery of the king always trickles down to the nation.

Right now, there’s a group of Israelites on this planet called Beta-Israel. Beta-Israel means the house of Israel. And these also go by the titles of Falasha, Ethiopian Jew or Ethiopian Hebrew. Now, the Ethiopian Hebrews right now many of them are living in the land of Israel because the Jews have found them fit to bring them over to the land of Israel. Many of them have converted to the Jewish religion of Judaism. Judaism is not of Yah. It is part of the religion of the synagogue of satan. So these brothers and these sisters who call themselves the tribe of Dan, they say they are Beta-Israel, the Ethiopian Hebrews say they are descended from Dan. They say they are the tribe of Dan today. And the Jews have backed up their claim saying absolutely they are from the tribe of Dan. So Dan, right now by joining Judaism have turned their backs on the Messiyah. They have turned their backs on the rest of their Messianic brethren. They have shown treachery once again.

Let’s go to Revelation 2. We have already read this right but let’s read it again. So Dan is joining in with the Jews today, who have shown themselves to be an enemy to the true children of Ysrayl. They go around the earth pretending to be the true Israelites and they are not but do lie and the tribe of Dan has joined in with this great lie. Let’s read this.

Revelation 2:9 Now I want you to understand this. Yahoshua said that it is blasphemy for them to say that they are the children of Ysrayl. So if it’s blasphemy for them to say it then it’s blasphemy for Israelites to join in with it. It’s blasphemy for Israelites to say that they are Gentiles. Do you see what I’m saying here? So the tribe of Dan has joined in with the enemy in his blasphemy against Yah, against Yah’s Messiyah and against Yah’s people. In the hour that Yahoshua went through His trial, Judas was unable to stand with his brother in the time of his brother’s need. The tribe of Dan, Beta-Israel, the Ethiopian Hebrews are unable to stand with their brothers in the time of their brother’s need. As we are taking this truth to the 4 corners of the world to proclaim to every nation that exists on this planet that yes we are indeed those people who have made a covenant with the Most High Yah. Yes indeed, we are those people to whom the Messiyah was sent to. Yes indeed, we are those people unto the law and the Word of Yah was given to and Dan is standing in our way. He’s standing in our way. Because he has joined on with the enemy. He has converted to Judaism and he is helping to promote the lie by the Jews against Yah, His Messiyah and His people. So Yah said, ‘Dan you are still finding yourself unfit’. In the time of your brother’s need you are unfit. Dan you are removed. You are gone. There’s no need to  have a traitor in our midst who looks like us, who speaks like us but ain’t us.

Revelation 3:9 Yahoshua said that they are lying. So Dan has joined in with this lie against his brother. Just like the one who was to rule over his tribe. Judas did. Do you see Yah rejected Dan and Yah rejected Judas and you think that there is no connection between the two? ‘Well Obadiyah you are just making that up’. No, I’m not making that up. You think that there’s no connection between the two? Matthew replaced Judas. Manasseh replaced Dan. I’m not saying that Danites can’t get salvation. Absolutely (they can). But as a tribe, Yah has not found them fit because if the Ethiopian Hebrews are that tribe of Dan that they say they are and they have joined in with the enemy as they have done and they have turned their backs on the Messiyah who was sent to them and they have turned their backs on Yah and their over their bowing down to the enemy in their own land, their not fit to serve Yah in the capacity that He’s going to need the 144,000 to serve Him.

Dan was in a conspiracy to kill his own brother. Judas was in a conspiracy to kill his own brother. Do you see? Dan in the latter days is in a conspiracy to kill his own brothers. So why is he being found fit? He’s not fit. Yah will replace you. Ain’t that something? That’s powerful family. And so now with Mattithyah, he replaced one of the original 12. Yahoshua said I chose you 12, I have hand-picked you and one of you is a devil.

Yah hand-picked the 12 tribes of Ysrayl and one of them was a devil. One of them was a deceiver. Let’s check this out. Let’s go to the Book of Daniyah chapter 11. Because the man of sin is going to join in with the Jews because Yahoshua just told us that they are the congregation of satan. So satan is going to use them to propagate that lie of a chosen people that he has. If they are the synagogue of satan then they are satan’s people and that’s who they worship. So he’s going to use that to its fullest. So when the man of sin comes, the man of sin is going to attach unto these Jews who Beta-Israel, the tribe of Dan has attached themselves unto. So now they are going to be working for the anti-Christ. So this man who is going to speak great blasphemies against Yah, they will be in cahoots with him. They will give him thumbs up because they are Jews too. Because they practice Judaism.

Daniyah 11:23 Israel is a small nation (small number of people). It is called the state of Israel. And the man of sin is going to work his headquarters from out of Jerusalem. The Jews are going to build the next temple for him to dwell in. And Beta-Israel, the tribe of Dan is in on this. So they will be in cahoots even with the man of sin…with the enemy. So why should they be chosen to fight against the enemy when they have joined unto the enemy? Do you see that? Judas could not fight against the enemy in that day because he joined unto the enemy. He could not stand up and say his brother was innocent, let his brother go or leave my brother alone, he could not say any of those things because he was in with the enemy. He betrayed with a kiss.

Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 7. Let’s get a greater understanding. Now we seen that the 12,000 of the 12 tribes of Ysrayl were chosen. Let’s read about what happened after they were chosen. Let’s read about what happened to the 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes, the 144,000…what happens after they were chosen? Revelation 7, the thing about the book of Revelation is that Yah has to give you understanding of anything dealing with His Word. That’s why a lot of Christians stay away from it. This is why a lot of people say ‘I can’t deal with that book because it’s too heavy, too deep and I just don’t know what it’s saying’. That’s because you must have the spirit of Yah with you. Now you see how we were able to break this down. We were able to show some things here.

Now when we go back and I don’t want you to be confused because we went back and we looked at Judah goes up and we see that Dan leaps up. And Yahoshua being the lion of the tribe of Yahudah. And the whole thing with Judas sticking his hand…it’s just an identifying mark. Out of all of the 11 tribes that existed, why was it Dan that jumped up there with Judah? Why was it Dan? Why was Dan rejected? Why was Judas rejected when he dipped his hand in with the King of Judah, Yahoshua? Do you see? You must have that understanding to see that parallel, to see that symbolism and how it adds up…Dan gone, Judas gone.

You are going to be 12 judges, judging over the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. So if Dan is gone and Judas is gone what does that tell you? Judas was going to be over the tribe of Dan. But Dan is unfit to serve, Judas is unfit to serve because they are both guilty of the same crime. They are coming against Yah and Yahoshua and against the children of Ysrayl.

Revelation 7:9-14, v. 9 So we see right here after the 144,000 are chosen we see that a great crowd which no one was able to count (finishes reading). So these are people who are brought into the kingdom. v. 10-13 Read. v. 14 So after the 144,000 are chosen then we see people coming out of the great tribulation to come into the kingdom! So what is this special duty of the 144,000? To go out and teach.

While the children of Ysrayl are in the wilderness, they go out and teach the nations. Telling them that, that mark of the beast…repent of that. Come to Yah. Yes that’s what it seems to be telling you because as soon as they are chosen, you see all these people coming out of the great tribulation, coming into  he kingdom and standing before the throne of Yah. Because Yah’s throne will be in the kingdom. It will be in paradise.

Let’s go to Daniel chapter 11. The 144,000, so  how can Dan fit into that when Dan is being treacherous until this very hour? Do you know what Yah is saying about that? I can’t find 12,000 that are fit for this job of the tribe of Dan. That’s what He’s saying. You remember when Abraham pleaded with Yah saying Yah if there are 10 righteous in Sodom will You not destroy the city for the sake of 10 righteous? Yah said I will not destroy it but he only found four. So here we are right here and He can’t even find 12,000 in the tribe of Dan so He isn’t just going to take 5,000. No, He can’t get a full 12,000 of them so they are not even fit as a tribe to serve in this capacity, job and duty. So He gave it over to Manasseh. He was able to find 12,000 righteous in Manasseh. So Manasseh is fit to serve yah in this capacity.

What is a servant if He can’t serve his Master the way the Master needs to be served? Listen, I’ve had a philosophy for a long time in my life and I’ve always used it. If I buy something and that thing is no longer good for what I bought it for, it’s no longer good to me. If I buy a printer and my printer can’t print anymore, I don’t need that junk and it’s garbage. It’s gone so I’m going to get a new printer. If I have a computer and my computer can’t compute anymore, I don’t need that computer anymore because it can’t do what it was bought to do. Like Yahoshua told that fig tree you know when He went and when He was hungry and there was no figs on that fig tree, He cursed the tree saying there would never be a fig that would come from this tree again and it withered away. Because here a fig tree is and here Yahoshua is here hungry and there should be figs there. But there is not. So what purpose is that tree being there if it can’t feed it when I’m hungry. So what good is that servant being there if it can’t serve Yah in the capacity that Yah needs him to serve Him. So that’s why Dan isn’t there.

Daniyah 11:32-35 So we know that there are going to be brothers outside of the wilderness area that are going to be out there teaching. It said ‘they shall give understanding to many’. And so when we get over to Revelation 7, it said that there were so many people here that no man could count after the 144,000 were chosen. No man could count…I hav never seen 144,000 righteous Israelites in one place. I’m not saying that it’s not out there but I’ve never seen it. We may get 400-500 but I’ve never seen 144,000. That’s a lot. ‘Well Obadiyah there’s like 7 billion people on the earth that sounds like a small number’. Naw, that’s a lot for the servants of Yah. We look at this work that we  have been allowed to do by the hand of Yah here at Israelite Heritage and we have no clue how many people we have touched world-wide. Just from us few. Right? So you have no clue, man it’s going to be awesome, these 144,000.

So we know from what we just read in Daniyah that there’s going to be those that don’t make the wilderness. Let’s go to Revelation 12. We are back in Revelation 12 again.

Revelation 12:17 So we know, we just read in Daniyah that there will be those outside of the wilderness. They will be out there to instruct the people and they shall be tested. They will be refined. They will go through troubles and we see right here that those who were outside of the wilderness, the remnant of the woman’s seed. The woman represents Ysrayl. And the man of sin is going to fight against them. So we are looking at the same group of people here. And the 144,000 are going to do such a magnificent job that they are going to bring all these people back to Father Yah. And these people are going to come into the kingdom and stand before His throne. Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 7.

Revelation 7:15-17, v. 15-16 Read. They will be in the spiritual form. They will  not be hungry. That will not trouble them anymore, for those who make the kingdom. v. 17 These are the people who made the kingdom.

We are seeing all of these people coming out of the great tribulation , these will make the kingdom. We see 144,000 brothers were chosen and then BAM we see all the people coming out. We know that there will be people outside that satan is going to make war with. I’m saying family that this thing makes so much sense with the eyes of Yah and the understanding of Yah. It makes so much sense.


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