The Book of Revelation p. 3a

Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters. Welcome to another Israelite Heritage pre-recorded Shabbat lesson HalleluYah. My name is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl and I will be bringing you this message today. Well, family how is everybody doing on this blessed Shabbat day? This is December 29, 2012. And if you are listening to this lesson today, I say Shabbat Shalom to you that means peace on the Sabbath day. And if you are listening to this 5 years from now, I say Shabbat Shalom to you!

Man, it is always a blessing to come before the people of Yah to bring the good news of Yah. And it is such a powerful, powerful thing family to be able to do this each and every week. I just recently had a birthday and I turned 40 years old. I’m now in the mode of reflecting on life and reflecting on my walk. It’s been such a beautiful walk. It’s been trying, yes. It’s been a struggle, many struggles. There’s been many moments of feeling hopeless. There’s been many moments of wanting to give up. But in all those moments and all those instances Yah has always been there. He’s always kept me. He’s always provided. He’s always watched over. He’s always protected. And so, as we continue to move forward with this movement of the last days, this is the final movement. The Israylites are returning back to the Almighty Yah and it’s happening right before our face and we are apart of this. And to be here family, birthdays to me are a day which you give thanks to the Father Yah because it is a blessing that you have lived this year. So now you can repent of the sins that you did last year. So when you reflect on your life as each and every birthday goes by and that you have the breath of life in your body. At 40 years old growing up on the west side of Chicago, I could be involved in a number of things right now.

Like when I was a teenager and I was 14 years old in 1987 and I graduated from the eighth grade going to high school and there were a lot of little boys that graduated with me in my area and at 14 years old in 1987 they said little boys my age would not make it to see 21. and that was so true. So many of my friends growing up and little boys I knew in my area the same age as me did not make it to 21. And then those who barely made it to over 21 didn’t make it to 25. And if they made it to 25 breathing…their mind was gone. They were caught up in the system. They were in and out of prison. Their minds…it’s like to be here and each and every one of us to be here at whatever age we are and to be servants of Yah with the right mind of Yah is such a blessing. It is such a blessing. So that’s why we look at this day of our birth. You can call it birthday or born-day, it does not matter but to acknowledge that Yah has brought you to this day with the breath of life in your body and with a right mind, He’s brought you here. It’s a blessing. You can not disregard that. We can not disregard that.

As I was putting this lesson together, Revelation series part 3 and I was going through the Pseudepigrapha writings…the Pseudepigrapha are a collection of books that were removed from the Bible by so-called Catholic authorities who said that this was too  much information and blah, blah, blah. But when you look at some of these writings, I was reading from the writings of Sedrach, I think his name is. And I read in that writing some of the most profound Scriptures (that) I have ever read. I forgot the chapter that it was but this brother Sedrach was having a conversation with Yah. He had a complaint against Yah and so he was brought…because see you must understand how our complaints can be brought to Yah and can be brought through prayer. You know what ever you speak of in prayer, the malakim get it and they take it to Yah.

So this brother was pleading with Yah not to put man into the lake of fire. He was making all these points that were coming from human,  physical points. He was like well Yah, You know how powerful the devil is. But You never destroyed the devil. You let the devil live so that the devil could tempt men. He said, the devil is more powerful  than us. So as men, when the devil tempts us and when he gets us to sin, then you punish us for that sin. And he was pleading, Yah please don’t let no man, no matter what his sins are go to the lake of fire. This is his complaint against Yah, that Yah has to punish man and Yah did not throw away the devil, the devil would not have had man to sin.

He even went on to say well Yah, You have angels. He said You could put an angel over each and every man, woman and child and every time that man, woman or child turned his foot away from You and go to sin that angel could stop his foot from going. You can do that (Yah). And I know many of us have had that same thought in our minds. Then Yah said listen, I give you your desires because I love you. I let you choose Me. So Yah had to get on him and he said okay Yah…after Yah was breaking all this down he was like well Yah this is still my plea, that you don’t put no man in the  lake of fire for his sins.

Then Yah said listen…Yah said can you tell Me how many raindrops have fallen on the earth? Or how many raindrops will fall on the earth? Can you tell Me how much grass is on the earth? And how much grass will be on the earth? Can you tell Me how many trees are going to grow? And how many more have grown since the beginning of the creation of the earth?

Yah said listen, you can’t tell Me that and then you are going to get all up in My business and tell Me what I should be doing. (laughs) And He was like hey that’s the end of the conversation. Because whatever Yah does, He does it because He knows what is what. And the brother said well Yah, that’s only information that You know. And that’s when Yah said, well are you going to get in My business? When I punished man for their sins, isn’t that information that i know and reasons why I know? So how are you going to deal with that? Right?

You can say this and that coming from the physical. So just putting that in as a reflection…man, Yah is great! That’s all I have to say, Yah is great.

Alright family here we are with Revelation part 3 and we are reading chapters 5 and 6. These are very powerful chapters. When we get to chapter 6, we will look at what’s called the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I know some Catholic or Christian made up that crazy name. but the 4 horsemen or 4 riders of the horses, as each one rides a seal is broken. We will see that a certain something happens on the earth. I’m telling you it’s so powerful how Yah has allowed us to do that man of sin lesson before we got here. It was so timely because in order to understand the 4 horsemen and what they are going to do, you must understand the man of sin because it relates to the reveal of his time.

Let’s start. Let’s go to Revelation chapter 5. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah. May Yah be praised and may Yah always be esteemed. Our prayer is always that information that is imparted to you that Yah’s blessing, that Yah’s Ruach comes upon you to give you understanding of that.

Revelation 5:1-14, v. 1 Now let’s look at this. First we have a scroll that has been written on the inside and on the outside. So there is a lot of writing going on here. And it’s sealed with 7 seals. If you have ever heard of the 7 seals, the 7 seals are tied around this scroll. It starts off saying that he saw in the right hand of Him who sat on the throne. Yah is the one that sits on the throne and the scroll is in his right hand. The right hand symbolizes power. Yahoshua sits on the right hand of Yah.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 15, Shemot chapter 15. We are going to look at the right hand and see it represents power. So there’s a reason that this scroll is being held in the right hand of Yah and not Yah’s left hand. Because the right hand is where Yahoshua sits.

Exodus 15:6 (Reads the verse). The right hand of Yah is Yahoshua so Yah is holding this scroll in his right hand. This scroll is sealed with 7 seals on it.

So you know even now, even governments have presidential seals and they have governmental seals. So when you see the seal on a certain document, you know that it’s from that government. And that seal is not to be broken by others than those whom is worthy to receive that document. So if the president of the United States is writing some document to the president of Russia and he seals it with the seal of the United States, that particular document is sealed and is only to be opened by the proper authority which is the president of Russia. He is the only one worthy enough to open that letter by breaking that seal off of that document. So right here we are about to see the same thing. This has Yah’s special seal. there are 7 seals on this document and that’s powerful. And the document has a lot of writings. We have to not these things. The document has a lot of things. Write this down in your notes. There’s a scroll with 7 seals on it. And the scroll has writings on the inside and on the outside. This is very important to understand that. Because there is a lot of writing.

As each seal is broken, a certain event is going to happen on the earth. And as those things start to happen on the earth, those writings and all that stuff will be revealed that is going on. So that is a lot of writing. You know how you run out of room on the front side of the page and have to flip the page over to the back.

Revelation 5:2 Who is able to open the scroll? Who’s able? Who’s worthy to do this? Because remember this scroll is in Yah’s hand. So you have to be found worthy by Yah to open up this document. You have to be the proper authority.

v. 3 Humphf, you can’t read that writing. No, you are not worthy for that. They couldn’t find nobody in heaven. All those righteous malakim up there and it said no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able to open it. v. 4 Read. v. 5 Now remember, this is continuing from last week, one of the twenty-four elders, right? (continues to read) So Yah has the scroll in his right hand because only Yahoshua is capable and worthy of opening that document. Because through Yahoshua’s walk and through His righteousness, He has conquered both heaven and earth. He has defeated the devil on both ends! He defeated satan in heaven and He has defeated satan on earth. Because He didn’t fall in to the temptation of the devil. So He is the only one that is found worthy enough to open this scroll. So Yah already has it in His right hand. Yahoshua is already sitting on the right hand of Yah so Yah just hands the scroll over to Yahoshua. And Yahoshua is the only one able to open it and will give us an understanding of what’s in those writings.

Let’s go to Hebrews chapter 7. Because this says what? That see, the lion of the tribe of Yahudah, the root of Dawid, Yahoshua was from the tribe of Yahudah. Right? Hebrews 7, this is talking about Yahoshua. He is the root of Dawid. See this is what a lot of the non-messianic groups refuse to accept. Because they say David was the chosen Messiyah. But Yahoshua is the root of David. So Yahoshua is before David. Even though He’s a descendant. He’s a descendant of David on the earthly realm but He’s before David on the spiritual realm. Do you know why? Because Yahoshua is already in the kingdom and David is waiting to be resurrected to go into the kingdom. But Yahoshua is already there. So He’s the root of David.

Hebrews 7:14 So Yahoshua is from the tribe of Yahudah and that’s what we just read. Right? He is the lion from the tribe of Yahudah, the root of Dawid overcame to open the scroll and to loosen the 7 seals. When it said that He overcame, He overcame death. He overcame wickedness. He overcame sin. He endured until the end. He endured in righteousness until the end of His life and we got the very testament that at His very last breath, He asked Yah to forgive those who had wrongly executed Him. Right? Unto death this brother was righteous. So this is Yahoshua and He is the only one that is worthy enough to open this document (scroll). Nobody else. He has overcome heaven and He has overcome earth. He has overcome satan on both realms. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah for Yahoshua.

Revelation 5:6 Now remember, we read about the 4 living creatures in chapter 4 last week. Remember the 24 elders. ‘A lamb’=Yahoshua. ‘Standing as having been slain’, Yahoshua was executed. Now what I want you to understand, the 7 spirits of Yah versus the 7 spirits that stand before Yah. Remember we identified those 7 spirits as 7 malakim that stand before Yah. But this says 7 spirits that was sent out into all of the earth. so these 7 spirits represents something special.

Let’s see what the 7 spirits represent. Let’s go to the Book of Yesiyah, the Book of Isaiah. Let’s go to chapter 11. We are going to see what those 7 spirits represent. Because we already identified the 7 spirits that stand before Yah, But these are 7 spirits that are sent out into all the earth. And if they are sent out from Yah to all the earth, these 7 spirits have a major job to accomplish in all of the earth. What are we going to see? These are 7 attributes of man.

These are 7 attributes of man because Yah sent these spirits out from Him to influence man. These are not the only attributes of man but these are some of the major attributes of man, these 7 spirits that Yah has sent out unto all the earth. Why has He sent them out into all the earth? Because man dwells on all the earth and Yah has sent these spirits to  men. So each and every servant of Yah has to be inspired by these 7 spirits we are about to read about right here. We need to see the understanding of these 7 spirits because these 7 spirits inhabited fully on Yahoshua. All 7 of these spirits was upon our brother Yahoshua. HalleluYah.

Yesiyah 11:1-2, v. 1 Yesse, this is David’s father. ‘A branch (sprout) shall grow out of his roots and bear fruit’. Now we just read that Yahoshua was the root of David, right? Look at these are the 7 spirits. v. 2 These are the 7 spirits that Yah has sent out into the world. The first one is His Ruach ha Qodesh, the spirit of Yah. then the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of understanding, the spirit of counsel, the spirit of Power or Might, the spirit of knowledge and the spirit of the fear of Yah.  Those are the 7 spirits that Yah sent out that we read (in Rev. 5:6) that before Him, that Yahoshua even held unto because these 7 spirits were upon Yahoshua. And now He sends them out for Yah into the world.

So the lamb having been slain in (Rev. 5:6) having 7 horns and 7 eyes which are the 7 spirits of Yah that Yah sent out unto all of the earth. (Names the 7 spirits again) (The spirit of Yah, the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of understanding, the spirit of counsel, the spirit of power, the spirit of knowledge and the spirit of the fear of Yah). You need ALL of these to be a complete servant of Yah. Because when Yah’s Ruach comes upon you, it’s going to lead you into all truth.

Let’s look at that, Yah’s set-apart spirit because that is the first spirit that Yah has sent out into the world. That was the first spirit that was upon Yahoshua from the womb, the spirit of Yah. Let’s go to John chapter 14. We are just going to look at this. We are going to break these 7 spirits down. The first one is the spirit of Yah. We need this to have comprehension. Every servant must have these spirits to inspire or to influence you. Like they did Yahoshua. These are sent out among men. And if a man is a servant of Yah, he must have the spirit of Yah upon him. He must have the spirit of wisdom because Yah created wisdom before He created anything. Wisdom was created first. And she’s spoken of as a woman and so is understanding. Wisdom and understanding go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other. You must have both. Then the spirit of counsel which is the spirit of judgment. Shaul speaks about that saying we shall  judge malakim. So we should be able to judge little matters between ourselves. So then you have the spirit of Power which is Yah. Yah is Power or Might. Our very name Ysrayl means to rule with Power. And then we have the spirit of knowledge. You must have the knowledge of Yah. And then the spirit of the fear of Yah. This is the first duty of man, is to fear Yah. Man’s duty is to fear Yah and keep His commandments. (Ecc 12:13)

A servant of Yah must have these spirits that completes you. Let’s look at the Ruach first.

Yahcanan (John) 14:16-17 So the spirit of Yah, Yah’s Ruach covers A LOT. Just having that spirit on you is going to lead you into all truth. It’s going to give you the truth of Yah. That’s what His Ruach ha Qodesh does, the Set-apart Spirit. Let’s skip down to verse 26.

Yahcanan 14:26 Now we go back over to Revelation 5 and it said that the lamb that was slain had these spirits. Right? He had the 7 spirits. He says (here) that the Father is going send this in My name. So it comes in Yahoshua’s name and it shall lead you into all truth. He shall teach you all and remind you of all that I said to you. Because that spirit has come down upon us we remember everything that Yahoshua is saying but (not just) remember it but read it and we understand it. We understand it.

So the spirit of Yah is the first spirit that you  must have and this is what Yah has sent out into the world. He sent His Ruach into the world. If Yah’s Ruach was not in this world, there would be  no world. There would be no servants of Yah without the Ruach upon them. So let’s look at the spirit of wisdom. Wisdom and understanding…because both of these go hand in hand. Wisdom was created first. And everything proceeded from her. So everything is created wise. Everything is created with wisdom.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 4. We are looking at these 7 spirits that proceed from Yah, that Yah sent out into the whole world. Debarim chapter 4, it says in the HalleluYah Scriptures. I want you to see this, how wisdom and understanding, they both go hand in hand. You can not have one without the other. So the spirit of wisdom and the spirit of understanding…

Deuteronomy 4:5-6 So when they see us break down the laws as we are now many say WOW those are some wise young ahks. Those are some wise young sisters. Because their pastor has been sitting before their faces 20 years and has not nearly brought as much wisdom as we have brought in the first fifteen minutes of this lesson. Or the first 30 minutes of this lesson.

So they see this and this is our wisdom, the laws and understanding the laws…it said that our King Shlomo or Solomon was the wisest king. It said that he had the full understanding of the laws of Yah. That’s what it’s saying. He had the full understanding of the laws of Yah. He was wise.

(Reads Deu. 4:5-6 again). He said ‘these’ people. In front of the people this is our wisdom and understanding and they shall say…they shall hear all of this wisdom. They shall hear all of this understanding and they shall say only a wise and understanding people is this great nation. So when we take these laws to the nations that is what they are going to look at to get that understanding. Right? We are going with you for we have heard that Yah is with you. (Zechariyah 8:23).


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