The Book of Revelation p. 2d

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 19. So the elders look at us younger men as sons. So this is how we compose the family of Yah. We have the Imas which means mothers. We have the elders, the fathers. The ahks and the ahkotees, the daughters and the sons that comprises who do the will of the Father Yah, that’s your family.

So I want you to understand this real quick. Before we go to Matthew chapter 19. We will come back to this Scripture. But we need to understand this, we are looking at the 24 elders here, twenty-four men. Elders are looked at as fathers. Now, these 24 elders, brothers and sisters are the 24 men that consist of Ysrayl. That’s who these elders are. And Yah has a special place of rulership in the kingdom for them. If Yah is going to give Kind Dawid who is a descendant of these men a place as a king in the kingdom, shouldn’t they have a greater place? Because the father is greater in authority then the son. So these 24 elders are the 24 fathers that make up the children of Ysrayl that comprise our nation.

Yahoshua said that the emissaries would judge. That’s what we are going to read…let’s go there right now. I said we were going to come back well now we are back already. Matthew 19, because Yahoshua said the brothers are going to rule over the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. So if the 12 apostles or emissaries who are descended from these 24 men that make up the nation of Ysrayl…the 24 ‘forefathers’ if you will (or so to speak). I they are going to have a spot to rule in the kingdom, shouldn’t our fathers who came before us have a spot there?

Matthew chapter 19, we are going to read this and give you all 24 names of these elders.

Matthew 19:28 So these brothers are going to have 12 thrones but we see the elders have 24 because there are 24 of them. Twelve times two is twenty-four. Right? We are staying on that number of 24. So these 24 elders that comprise the 24 fathers that made up our nation that brought us to this earth on a physical plane, the first one being Adam. Elder Adam. Then the next one being Abel, his son. And then his other son, Seth. Then his other son Enosh. Then Qenan or Cainan, not Cain we are not talking about Cain. Then Mahalalel. Then Jared. Then Enoch. Then Methuselah. Then Lamech, Noah, Shem, Arphaxed, Kennan, Shelah, Eber, Peleg, Reu, Serug, Nahor, Terah, Abraham, Issac, Yahqob (*see 1 Chronicles 1:1-28).

*Adam, Abel (no children), Seth, Enosh, Qenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, Shem, Arphaxad, *Qenan (*see Genesis 10:24 NKJV footnote, Luke 3:35-36), Shelah, Eber, Peleg, Reu, Serug, Nahor, Terah, Abraham, Isaac, Yahqob. ~the 24 elders.

Those 24 men made up or consisted of our lineage as the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. so if we look at this why shouldn’t Jacob be a ruler in the kingdom? Because he is going to be in the kingdom. Yahoshua states that. Why shouldn’t Abraham and Isaac be a ruler in the kingdom? They are going to be in the kingdom. Yahoshua states that. The prophets are going to be in the kingdom and the prophets descend from these men. So however Yah chooses to judge them and righteousness that He has given them and called them by. These men, these are elders. Each and every one of them is an elder. They are older than all of us. These are the men that compose our nation, the chosen seed. When Adam sinned and then man brought back into the earth…I’m sorry, the redemption of man was brought back to the earth through the seed of Abraham. Abraham came from Terah. Nahor, Serug…you can go all the back up…Eber, Shem all the way back up.

‘But, but Adam sinned’ (you say). When you go through the genealogy of Yahoshua, when it tells you in Luke 3:23-38, it goes all the way back and calls Adam the son of Yah. Yahoshua said He is a Son of Adam. That’s what He calles Himself, a Son of Adam (Son of man). Adam gave birth to the Messiyah. Through the seed of Adam, satan has been defeated. Ain’t that powerful? Through the seed of Adam, it was satan that deceived HawahYah (Eve). Who in turn got here husband to eat of the fruit that Yah said not to. So satan murdered them. But it’s through their seed, through their descendants that satan will be killed. Right? Vengeance belongs to Yah. Perfect vengeance belongs to Yah. Because satan said it was Adam that caused his fall because he refused to bow down to Adam in the Book of the lif of Adam and Eve.

But it’s going to be Adam’s descendant that get revenge for what satan did in the garden because Yahoshua has ousted satan from his seat and Yahoshua will judge him at the end of time. So the 24 elders that will be there sitting on 24 thrones with white robes, these are our fathers. If there was no them, their would be no us. All 24 of them. Abel was in that righteous lineage too. Adam sinned, Hawah sinned and Cain sinned. We don’t hear about a sin of Abel, do we? Out of all the people who were on the earth at that time, everybody was sinning. All three were sinning except we don’t hear nothing about Abel sinning. And he was the one that got murdered. So do you think he’s not going to get a throne of righteousness?

The father is in higher authority than the son. Right? These are our fathers. So if their sons are going to be in the kingdom ruling including you, including us, everybody who makes the kingdom. And we are descendants of these men. Shouldn’t they be there too? So you have to see how Yah will place a righteous judge or judgment upon them. That’s what you have to look at. Like I said, Adam sinned. Yet you have to look at how Yah judged it. Because through the seed of Adam came the Messiyah. So when you break down that lineage, that’s why it’s good to understand the lineage. That’s where you will see where the children of Ysrayl come from.

Twelve tribes of Ysrayl, twelve emissaries and then you have twenty-four thrones. Because remember Yahcanan (John) was one of the twelve. But when Yahcanan saw these 24 elders, he didn’t recognize them. He just called them 24 elders. He recognized them as old men, who had authority because they had crowns on their heads. He saw the whiteness that they had on and that they were sitting on thrones. So that’s what he recognized. He had never seen father Abraham. He had never seen Adam. He had never seen Seth. He had never seen any of these men. There were no pictures hanging on his wall of Adam. But he did know Kepha. He did know Mattithyah. He did describe the 24 as being part of them because some people say that the 24 elders are the apostles and some other people (with them)… (they say) apostles + angels=24 elders. But he did not recognize them.

Just like the brothers when they were in the spirit, they recognized Moses and Eliyah because they were in the spirit and they were being shown the vision of the kingdom. But Yahcanan didn’t recognize them. He just knew them as the elders. That’s all he needed to know was that these were the 24 elders.

Let’s go back. Like I said, the 12 emissaries are going to be ruling over the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. King David will be ruling as a king, he will have his white garment and  his crown. Let’s go to Yahzeqyl 37 and let’s read that real quick. I want you to understand that solid, with confirmation. Because these ae all the sons. We are all the sons, those are the fathers there. And how is the son going to get into the kingdom and the father doesn’t? Right? So is the son going to get that authority? And it’s the fathers that brought forth the sons meaning that from Adam on down, there was a lineage of righteousness that came down, that reached all the way down to Abraham. And Abraham passed it on down to Isaac and Isaac passed it to Jacob and Jacob passed it to his 12 sons.

Even though we can see that some of those men had sinned in their lives. But that lineage of Yah’s truth and law reached all the way from Adam all the way down to Jacob. So that line was right there and these men were still teaching the ways of Yah. Unlike the sons of Ham and the sons of Japheth that went wild. They were the ones at the Tower of Babel. You do not read about the sons of Shem being there. You read about Japheth and Ham (at the tower).

Yahzeqyl 37:22-25 This is called the valley of dry bones, chapter 37. Because this is what it’s all about this whole prophesy about the dry bones in the valley. this is the resurrection of the children of Ysrayl coming back to the people whom we are supposed to be. And so what we are looking at right now is how Yah resurrects the nation and Yah brings us back into the land and all that. Look what’s going to happen.

v. 22-24 So David is going to be king and Yahoshua is going to be King over all. That’s why it says we will have one King. David is going to be one of the kings there. That one shepherd is Yahoshua. v. 25 So David is going to be a prince. You know he’s going to be a king. But Yahoshua is the greatest king. Everybody under Yahoshua is like a prince. Yet you will still have that crown, that rulership. David is going to be there in the kingdom with rulership. So shouldn’t the fathers who David came through likewise? You see Yah will count it as righteousness that they gave birth to prophets. Through this lineage right here, we get prophets. Through this lineage right here, we get the Messiyah. Through this lineage right here, we get the truth of Yah back into the earth. So don’t those men deserve a great reward? Oh yeah, you better believe it. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah.

Let’s go to the Book of John chapter 14. Don’t worry, you will have that on the screen, the names of the 24 in the lineage of the children of Ysrayl. You will have that on the screen so I hope by now that you are not bugging me to put it up on the screen a thousand times. I  hope you haven’t done that because sometimes that really irritates me. It’s like man we have put this information on the screen and you are still asking for it. You must have been sleep or getting a snack when we put it up on the screen (laughs). We have so many other things going on when these lessons are going on that we have to focus on. Okay, I put it up here one time, then two times, then three times in a row and then the next text says: ‘Obadiyah can you tell me what the name of those 24 guys were again’? And you just got it up there 3 times in a row. (laughs) I tell you Hebrews, boy there’s nothing like us, you know. NOTHING like us. Can’t live with us. And try to think of a way to live without us (laughs). We are something special. HalleluYah. This is why we are chosen. Because we are special.

So I hope by now you have written that down and put it in your notes and all that good stuff…you know how to do it.

Yahcanan 14:28 So when we look at the order, Yahoshua said My Father is greater than I and Yahoshua is called the Son of Yah. So Yahoshua being the Son, the Father is greater than Him. That’s the authority, the fathers are greater than the sons.

So that’s how we even look at this, the fathers are greater than sons so the sons get a righteous reward and we came through this lineage here that because of them staying on the track of Yah the righteousness reached down to us even to this day. So something in this lineage was done right to keep that truth alive. As Jesse likes to say ‘keep hope alive’.

Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 4. We will read to the end of the chapter.

Revelation 4:5-11, v. 5 This had to be something to behold man! Lightening and thunder, remember when Yah showed up on Mount Sinai, the same thing happened. Thunder, lightening, shofars and voices and all this was there and it TERRIFIED the children of Ysrayl. We said ‘Moses, we can not stand that sight. We will speak to you and you go speak to Yah’. WHEW! I’m telling you.

v. 6 I want to show you something here. These things were covered with eyes in front and in back. We have never laid our eyes on anything like that other than a HORROR movie. Why do you think they put those creatures in horror movies? If you ever saw one and if Yah sent you one and you seen it looking like this, you would think it was a demon.

v. 7 Now he said that these are ‘like’. He didn’t say that they were. He didn’t say it was a lion. He said it was  like a lion. The lion was the only creature, when he saw this that he could compare it to. He said it wat like a man. Things that are built like a man, we call that humanoid. So it’s fashioned like a human not necessarily saying it was a human. But it’s humanoid. Right?

v. 8-9 So these living creatures are praising Yah. So how could they be evil? Right? But if you were to see their eyes all over their faces, like a lion, like a man, like an eagle, like a calf you know you would probably get up and you know…running or faint or something. Right? I understand. Hey, we never seen anything like this.

v. 10-11 Look at that. HalleluYah. The elders are bowing down to Yah. They put their crowns down at His throne. And they said that You are the reason that everything lives.

So that’s the end of the Revelation series part 2. This is very powerful and now we are just starting to see the visions start to happen. We saw what Yah’s throne room is going to look like and how it’s set up and everything. That’s powerful family. Powerful. and how these 4 living creatures praise Yah. These 4 malakim praise Yah. The brother seen it but he had nothing to compare it to so these are things that he said…like a man, like a lion, like an eagle, like a calf. They had 6 wings and eyes all around them. That’s powerful. That’s a powerful scene. Something powerful to behold. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah.

So here we are in part 2 and we are coming to the 2 hour mark and like I said, I want to keep all of these Revelation series under 2 hours. You see how we go verse by verse and we go to supporting Scripture. That’s how it’s going to be for the entire series. We are going to have some secular information to show to back up just what these Scriptures are speaking of. And then we will have more Scriptural information to show to give you a better understanding.

But family, what we need to be doing now, the message that is given to the assemblies has to be enduring so we can make our robes white. We don’t want filthy garments before the face of Yah. That means by starting with treating one another right. Doing right. And staying away from wrong. That’s what we have to focus on. That’s where our mind-sets need to be. We don’t want the malakim to come and state before our face…’this is what I have against you’. Because you are doing this and that and you are not doing this right here. I know you have some good going on but I don’t like this bad right here. Do you see?

So that’s what we ought to be doing. Yahoshua is speaking to us down to this time, family. He came to unite the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. Not just Judah or this, that. He came to unite all of us. Yah said you are going to be one (stick) in My hand. HalleluYah.

So I pray that this lesson has been a blessing to you. I pray that you have gotten understanding. It’s important that you take notes and go back to read them because now we are about to get really heavy.

So I’m going to leave you in peace Ysrayl as I came to you in peace Ysrayl with the ancient Hebrew word of peace, shalom.


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