The Book of Revelation p. 2c

Revelation 3 verse 12. (You) juggler.

Revelation 3:12-19, v. 12 Once again look at this. What is He going to do for those who overcome? I will make him a pillar in the temple of Yah and he shall go out no more. Now look at that. He said that His name is going to be renewed. He did not say a brand new name but a name that is going to be renewed. Because truly He is Yah’s salvation but you will see how He’s going to be the salvation of Yah, the saving power of Yah.

v. 13 This is what He’s talking about, to you assemblies Ysrayl. He’s speaking to us down through the ages. these things exist in our assemblies right now. The good and the bad. He told them long ago that they had to repent of these things. We have to do the same.

v. 14  Once again, He’s identifying Himself ‘the faithful, true Witness’ ‘the beginning of the Creation of Yah’. This is Yahoshua so once again Yahoshua is the beginning of creation. What creation? Was He Adam? Was He before Adam? No, He is the beginning of the new creation that Yah is creating on the earth. There won’t be anymore flesh and blood. Everything is going to be transformed into this new spirit and it will last forever in the kingdom or last forever in the lake of fire. This is the new creation and Yahoshua the first one out of all man. All the men who have ever came through the womb of a woman and lived as a flesh and blood man of this earth, He’s the first one. He’s the new creation of Yah. Everything is going to be new. The new Yahrushalom (Jerusalem), a new heaven, a new earth, everything because satan has defiled all of this.

v. 15 uh-oh! Once again HE knows your works that you are neither cold nor hot. You are somewhere in between. So in-between doesn’t even exist! So you are out in la-la land. ‘I wish you were cold or hot’. He is saying wait a minute. I wish that yo were either for Yah or against Him. That’s what it means to be cold. Hot means hey…HALLELUYAH. Right? We are fully there. But cold, oh man, you are over there, you are an Egyptologist. You are a Christian. You are a Muslim. You are all that over there.

v. 16 ‘Because you are lukewarm’ somewhere in the middle. ‘I’m going to vomit you out of My mouth’. WHEW! He said listen, I want you to be either or because you are existing in something that doesn’t even exist. There’s no middle ground. You are either for Yah or you are not. But you think there is a middle ground because you got a little Egyptology here and you got a little Hebrewisms there. And you are just making up stuff now.

v. 17 Hey, you say I have the money. I have knowledge. I have it all right? (finishes reading the verse). So you are saying that you have all this and that. You are rich. Yahoshua said no you are not. Because you are neither hot nor cold. You have nothing. You are naked. You are miserable, poor and blind.

v. 18 Put the blessed oil on your eyes so you can see. Put on the white garments so you can be dressed. Buy gold from Him which is everlasting gold which is refined by the fire. But you are saying I’m already there. I already got all this. I already got all that. He said you don’t have nothing. That’s so true especially when we look at our people stuck in Christianity. They think they have everlasting…they say they are saved already! And they are naked. They have nothing. They have no protection from Yah. Because they threw it all away. My, my, my. He said you have nothing, so…

v. 19 Do you see that? ‘As many as I love’. Look at that? As many as I love, I reprove and discipline. This is why He is talking to these assemblies here. Even us, when we go through certain things in our lives just like we read about Balaam last week. Balaam tried to go curse the children of Ysrayl and because the donkey saw the malakim with his sword drawn, the donkey went here and there. Yah is in the way telling you to go the other way. Yah’s in the way telling yo not to do that particular thing. And you are not listening. So you have to be disciplined. You have to get your butt whipped. You have to go on punishment.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 8. He said those who I love, I discipline. And many of us get mad at Yah when He disciplines us even though we have done great wrong. We go out and do all this wrong to the face of our family, to the face of our brothers and sisters and all that. We go out and become thieves and this stuff. So Yah has to discipline us. If He’s not pleased with what you are doing, He’s going to discipline you.

Deuteronomy 8:5 Just like we give our sons whippings and punishments for correction, Yah does that same thing to us. He wants us to understand that His relationship with us is like a father and a son. And He flips it over and lets us know that His covenant with us is like a husband and a wife. So this is why sometimes Yah calls us the children and He’s the Father. But sometimes He says I’m married to you. He’s giving you too variations of His relationship with you. It’s like a man and son and it’s like a husband and a wife. That’s the authority and discipline that He has over you.

So let’s go to Proverbs chapter 3. I know sometimes well, I know all the time, the discipline of Yah can be rough on us. Right? But if we want that love to stay with us family, we have to correct that which Yah finds wrong with us. And when He finds wrong. Know that it is wrong. See your ahk or your ahkotee can find wrong according to the world of according to the ways of man. But when Yah finds wrong, He finds wrong according to the spirit. He finds it according to the heart. So all this stuff that is going on here in Babylon, all this violence and these people don’t see what is happening. All these so-called natural disasters, Yah is going to come in and discipline these people. They need to be disciplined for all the wrong that they have done. If Yah is going to discipline his children, He’s going to discipline even those that influence His children and mistreat His children. They have it coming too. When we come to Yah, we have to be cleaned up. Because we come to Him filthy. And that filthiness is the sins and ways of the world.

Proverbs 3:11-12 Do you see that? This is the same thing we just read in Deuteronomy 8:5. This is the same thing we were reading in Revelation 3:19. This is why Yah disciplines His children. This is why He brought us under the curses because He loves us.

Let’s go to 1 Corinthians 11:32. This is why the discipline of Yah is upon His people. And upon those who are coming back to Him in truth and in righteousness. So this is what Yahoshua is explaining. I discipline those that I love.

1 Corinthians 11:32 When we are judged, we are disciplined by the Master. Do you see that?

Let’s go to Hebrews chapter 12. That discipline that Yah brings on us, don’t say ‘oh man, this is always happening to me, Yah must hate me’. NO, He does not hate you. You didn’t think that when pops use to give you those old school southern whippings. Right? Mom used to give you those old school Mississippi whippings. Right? She took a tree branch extension cord, phone cord whatever. (Her) hand, whatever was nearest to her right? We didn’t think mom hated us right? All of her actions showed that she loves us. She took care of us. The parents took care of us. Right? They provided for us. They gave us love and showed us love and discipline is only part of that love. I saw the kids who didn’t have discipline. And I saw the kids who have grown up into adults who didn’t have the discipline of a parent. We see the nations that don’t have the discipline of Yah. We see what they have grown into. Right? They have destroyed the entire planet. So Yah is trying to prevent us from joining in with them. He’s trying to keep us on the straight and narrow. He’s trying to raise up strong, righteous, powerful children.

Hebrews 12:5-15, v. 5-10 Read. v. 11 “No chastening seems to be joyful at the time’. Absolutely. Why ae you whipping me like this pops? Remember you couldn’t even talk. Right? After you got those old school whippings, you couldn’t even catch your breath. ‘Afterward, it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it’. Moms and pops whipped you and they told you not to do that thing anymore if you don’t want another one of those whippings and you didn’t do that thing anymore. Right? It trained us. HalleluYah.

v. 12-15 Do you see that? Don’t blame the instrument that Yah uses to punish you with. Don’t blame that. Because you have no blame(?)  Blame yourself for doing the bad and doing the sin that caused Yah to come upon you. Because you are going to find yourself cursing Yah. You are going to find yourself hating Yah and you are going to find yourself defiled. Because you hate the discipline of Yah. Yahoshua said those who I love, I discipline. This is what He’s talking about here. Discipline those who are coming because when we are coming to Yah, we are coming to Him defiled. We are coming to Him with our defiled Christian minds. We are coming to Him with our defiled Muslim minds. And do you think Yah is going to let us just sit down and just you know, instead of saying Jesus say Yahoshua? And that’s it? Instead of saying Jehovah say Yah? And that’s it? And everything is all well and good now. Do you think that’s how that goes? Naw, it does not go like that. You have to do a clean up. You have to be clean before His face. All the way. Ain’t no half-steppin’. He is going to be there to guide you.

Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 3. Let’s close out the chapter. Do you see how beautiful this is? Yahoshua had to break down everything with the assemblies before we start getting into the heavier stuff. The heavier stuff is always good but we ‘can’t-not’ look at the lighter things. Man listen, y’all have some issues here that is not pleasing to the Father. You need to correct those things. You need to repent of those things. That’s what He is saying. So before we go into some prophesy here. Before we start to understand how the end of the world is really going to happen, we need to understand those faults that we have in ourselves. We need to understand the discipline of Yah. So when certain matters befall us and discipline befalls us, we know that it’s Yah just correcting us. He’s giving us a spanking because He loves us. You look through Scripture and every time David had a fall (out?), he got a spanking for it. Yah is merciful. He’s compassionate. Just like you are. I mean you don’t punish your child for every little thing they do. But you correct them. It may be as simple as talking to them. ‘Hey, you shouldn’t do that because this is why you shouldn’t do that’. ‘Hey make sure next time when you do that, you do it like this’. You don’t have to whip them for every little thing that they do. You don’t have to scream at them for every little thing that they do. You just have to talk to them sometimes and that’s it. Explain to them and that’s what Yah does to us. He talks to us to explain to us. This is what I need from you and this is how you are to do this thing. Like this or that.

Revelation 3:20-22, v. 20 So He said listen, I’m standing at the door knocking. Yah has been knocking on many of us for a long time. It took me 23 years to answer the door. It took many of you longer than that to answer that door but the knock was always there. And we heard His voice. But we chose not to hear His voice or listen to His voice. We heard His voice but we chose not to listen to His voice. Because satan’s voice to us sounds more pleasant. Satan’s voice sounded so familiar to us and that’s the voice that we trusted. But Yah and Yahoshua were always there, knocking. Knock, knock, knock, it’s Me. Knock, knock, knock, hey ahki open the door. Knock, knock, knock, ahkotee open the door. Knock, knock, knock, He came in and now He’s dining with us. He’s having dinner with us now. We found out that He’s not a bad guy at all. We found out that every thing good is He. And every thing else is of the devil.

v. 21 Look at that. He is going to give you rulership. That’s why He kept talking about the crowns on your head. He’s a ruler so you sit on His throne, you will be a ruler too. You are going to be kings and priests.

v. 22 If you have an ear, you just heard everything that He spoke to the assemblies. Everything. But if you don’t have an ear, you won’t hear what He just said to the assemblies. Nope, you are going to find some other route, some other way, some other thing. That’s why He had to make this thing known. I’m coming quickly. I’m going to fight against you. I have to correct y’all. I  have to discipline y’all. I have to straighten y’all up. Y’all are the golden lampstands out there. I don’t care about these big Christian Churches that are bigger than 3 city blocks, that means nothing to Him. You are the lampstand, Ysrayl. You are the one who stands in the presence of Yah. Yah is the one who sends malakim to come give you the truth. Not to them.

So He has got to correct us of our faults so we can stay with Him. You don’t want to lose a brother or sister. Every time we lose a brother or sister here, it’s not a pleasant thing. Every time a brother or sister goes to another doctrine or another fellowship, it’s not pleasant. So if it’s not pleasant to us as men, it’s not pleasant to the Father. He does not want to lose us so He has to discipline us. Just like you don’t want your child to go astray, so you have to discipline them. Make sure that you are always disciplining them. Make sure that you are always there to explain. Give them understanding of the things that they have done wrong. Give them understanding of those things. That’s what Yah does with us.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 4. HalleluYah. We are going to read verses 1-4.

Revelation 4:1-4, v. 1 So he saw or looked, he saw a door in the heaven and he said the sound was like a shofar! The voice was so powerful. ‘Come up here and I will show you things which must take place after this’. So after we got the message from the 7 assemblies, after we just got the message to the assemblies… straighten yourselves up because now this thing is about to go down. I need y’all strong now! Assemblies of Yah be strong! Because check this out.

v. 2 Do you see that? ‘I ame to be in the spirit’. Now he’s in the spirit. Meaning now he’s going to see these things in the visions. Visions are now about to be shown to him. (Finishes reading the verse). So he’s seeing a vision of Yah’s throne room. WHEW!

v. 3 Now look at this. Those jackals have taken a set-apart image as the rainbow and they are using it as an image of evil! They are using it for a practice that Yah says is an abomination to Him! Speaking of the homosexuals as using the rainbow as their national symbol. Yah said that this rainbow is a covenant between Me and you man, that I will never destroy the world with a flood again. So now we see that a rainbow is hanging over His throne. Humphf, they are going to pay for that. (*See Yahzeqyl 1:28).

v. 4 Let’s stop here! He seen 24 thrones and on the thrones he saw 24 elders sitting dressed in white robes. Now remember white robes are purity. If we cleanse ourselves of sin, we shall get these white robes. This is the vision of the kingdom! Yah’s throne room because remember Yah’s kingdom is coming to earth. Right? Yes indeed, we are going to go through the Revelation series and we will read that. Yah’s kingdom is coming to earth. So right here we are getting how His throne room is set up.

So He had 24 thrones and there are 24 elders dressed in white. So now they have their white robes. Now remember, this is a vision of what is to come. So when the kingdom comes and the kingdom is beautifully sitting on earth, we see Yah’s throne room and we see this is what is going to be there. So these 24 elders, they have their white…their sitting in white that means that they have overcome. They are righteous now. And they had crowns of gold so they are rulers. Remember Yahoshua said we are going to have white garments. We are going to have crowns too. That’s what Yahoshua said so these men have made the kingdom. That’s what we are seeing here. Now why did I call them men? Because it described them as elders. Or zahkim (elder)  in Hebrew. Not one time is an angel called an elder. Elder is a title that is applied to men. And it means old or the aged. And even after the brothers set up ‘the way’ and the structure of that organization, the elders played a key role in the midst of the assemblies. Now just because you are the age of an elder doesn’t make you necessarily a ruling elder. You have to be an elder, an old one in the Word of Yah. You have got to understand the Word of Yah. Now we respect the elders for being elders, for being the age of an elder but that elder that Scripture talks about that gets double respect is the one that is a teaching or ruling elder. The one that has the understanding of Yah as an elder. So elder is a title that is applied to men.

Let’s go to 1 Peter chapter 5. We  have to see who these 24 elders are and these 24 elders have white robes and they have crowns. So they are in the kingdom. They made the kingdom. Who are these 24 elders? Remember these are men. No flesh and blood can enter the kingdom. So this is after, this is when the kingdom is set up. So he’s getting a vision. Remember he’s in the spirit and he’s seeing all these things. So we are going to see who those 24 elders are. 1 Peter 5, so we have 24 elders sitting on thrones with crowns on their heads. GO ‘HEAD elders. Right? HalleluYah. Yahoshua said those who overcome that’s who He will give those white robes to. So we see that these elders have overcome and Yah holds them special to Him because they are sitting around His throne and they have 24 thrones. These are special men in Yah’s sight. See, you have to understand Yah family and how Yah will hold people special just for righteous acts that they do. Yah may hold many of our mothers…it all depends where we go in our lives. If we are those that make the kingdom or if we are on of those blessed to endure to the end. Yah may hold it a righteous act that our parents gave birth to us. Because once as individuals were placed into our mother’s womb, you know the process that gets us there. Right? Our mother could have made that decision to abort us or something. Satan could have tricked her to abort us. Satan could have tricked our fathers to abort us. Yet they bore us into the world. So Yah may hold it as a righteous act for that reason. Because you have brought My servant into the world. And many of our parents didn’t understand the Scriptures, the way that we do yet they gave us Scriptural understanding. They gave us fruits of the spirit and taught us all these things. So that’s another blessing because it opened you up to the Scriptures and then when you got to the truth of Yah, you were like wait a minute, I was raised not to eat pork. Many of us were raised to treat people kind and to treat people gentle and to treat them how you want to be treated. We were raised by parents like that. And so  when we came into the truth of Yah, we were already made for this. Because this is already who we are. Todah (thank you) to our parents.

1 Peter 5, We are looking at these elders. Elder is a title of a man. This is Kepha speaking. He says:

1 Kepha 5:1 Look at that. So he’s not talking to angels here. Kepha was not an angel. Kepha was a man. And he said I’m an elder too. He said I’m talking to the fellow elders that are among you.

Let’s go to 1 Timothy 5, so we have 24 elders that are in Yah’s room with 24 thrones. So these are some special men. People want to say ‘well you know those are angels because you know this and that’. Remember we are looking at this and this is in the spirit. Every thing we see here, these things have not happened yet. You know when he talks about all the things that are going on in the Book of Revelation…you will see. 1 Timothy 5, see when we look at our elders we look at our elders as fathers. They are father figures to us. And that’s how we approach them and that’s how we treat them. And that’s how we respect them. So elders are father figures. So you will get a greater understanding of the 24 elders and we are going to see who they are in just a moment.

1 Timothy 5:1 Older  man=elder. So we are to treat our elders as fathers. So the same respect that you give to your earthly father is the same respect that you give to your elder as a father.


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