The Book of Revelation p. 2b

And I know this struggle, this walk that we walk…and sometimes satan comes upon you and your just like man, can I get a break. Can I get a rest, I can’t breathe. But you have got to overcome him as Yahoshua overcame him. We got to stay there and fight.

Let’s go to Romans chapter 9. Shaul said the same thing as he saw the condition of his people. Y’all know how that is. It just tears at your heart-strings when you see the condition of our people and how we refuse to come to Yah. How we just refuse to hear the voice of Yah. So Shaul saw the same thing and he’s going to pretty much say the same thing that Moses said. And we will once again see that, that’s not possible because that book is already written. And it’s sealed already because Yah saw all this before the world was even created. This is what Yah says. This is what the book says. This is Shaul here.

Romans 9:1-4, v. 1-2 Y’all know when you see the children of Ysrayl, when you see the condition of the world…but when you see the condition of your people it brings great sadness to you and continual grief in your heart. v. 3-4 For I myself wish that I were accursed from Messiyah for my brothers, my countrymen according tot he flesh who are Israylites…Right? So he’s saying man I wish for myself that I could be banished from Messiyah for the sake of my relatives, my family, my brothers. He said according to the flesh. He’s talking about the nation of Ysrayl, the fleshly nation of Ysrayl. He said if I could give my life for theirs as Yahoshua gave his life for our. Right? Yahoshua gave up His earthly life for ours. And so this is what Shaul is saying. Man if I could do that. But you can’t do it ahk because Yah sealed that book and Yah said that those who sin against Him, He’s going blot their name out.

Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 3. Let’s read verses 6-11. This is so powerful family. It really is man. It’s like you want to be there when the saints go marching in. You want to be in that number. And every choice and every decision that you are making now, you have already made it on the spiritual. Yah already knows what you will do. He called your steps from the beginning. He already knows what you are going to do because you already did it on the spiritual. But now you have to manifest it on the physical because you live on the physical.

So some people ask me, whenever I explain this to them from the foundation of the world, they ask me, they say well Obadiyah ‘well if we have already made this choice then I do something else’…you already made this choice, you are going to do what you made. The movie ‘The Matrix’ is my favorite movie. At the end of the movie Neo gets shot several times and then Neo resurrects. Every time I watch that movie and the ending of it, the same thing happened over and over again. Every time I watch it, you can not change it. It  happens every time. So you can not change that because you have already made the decision. And Yah has already sealed your decision in the book. Yah’s already sealed it up and he’s made copies of this DVD. You can’t change it. The order of the DVD of ‘The Curses’ that we produced 3 years ago, you can’t change that. Everything we said in there is written in stone. You can’t change that now. It’s on the DVD. It’s in there. Right?

So that’s how it is with our choices that we made on the spiritual. It’s in there, now we just have to manifest it on here. Everything about the curses is there. And so if I want to see it, I have to put it into the DVD player and now it’s manifested right before my face. We talked about the 400 year prophesy in the DVD, the curses. I have to put the DVD in the player in order to see that part about the curses. I mean, the 400 years in a foreign land. Right? Do you understand what I’m saying family? Give me a ‘7’ on the screen if you understand. Give me a kayn…as if I can hear them saying kayn. (laughs)So this is what I’m saying is that these things are already done. If Yahoshua is talking about blotting your name out of the book (then) it’s not in the book right now because you made the choice not to be there.

Revelation 3:6-11, v. 6-7 See it always starts off…the malakim is writing this to their assemblies and Yahoshua always identifies Himself by an attribute. Right here He identifies Himself as He who is set-apart. He who is true. He who has the key of Dawid. He who opens and no one shuts says this. He’s identifying that this is Yahoshua speaking. Who else has all these attributes? Does Ben Ami? Does Yahweh Ben Yahweh? I think not. Does Jesus? I think not. v. 8 See He’s set in front of you an open door. Yu walk through that door to Yah and you walk into the door of the kingdom. There is going to be 12 gates, 12 doors in the kingdom with the 12 tribes of Ysrayl over them. And everybody is going to walk into the kingdom according to the tribe that they descend from. Even the Gentiles who have joined themselves to Ysrayl is going to have a tribe that Yah is going to give to them too. So those who have joined themselves unto the tribe of Judah, go in with the tribe of Judah. HalleluYah.

So He said I have set before you an open door and no one is able to shut it. The truth of Yah is an open door right here and no man can shut it. That man can deceive you to pretend that the door is closed but the door is always open because Yah’s hand is always reaching back to grab His people, to take hold of His people, to save His people. That’s why He sent you a Savior named Yah’s salvation. So no man is able to shut that door. It’s always open. Whether you want to walk through or not, that door is always opened. You may miss your opportunity but somebody standing behind you won’t miss theirs. And if you refuse to go through the door, they might not.

v. 8 ‘Yeah His name is Yah-how-i-shy’. ‘His name is blah, blah, blah’. His name is Jesus and you know Jesus Jr. and all this…crazy stuff! See, you have to stick with what you have been given. Yahoshua is saying this is their goo attribute, you have NOT denied My name. You have guarded My Word. I told y’all about the feast days. You are keeping that Word. Yah told you about this. You are guarding that Word. See this is why this is important. This is why you can’t go and listen to every Facebook prophet! Or every Facebook false prophet. You can’t go out listening to the Christian prophets. Because your just going to utterly confuse yourself and you’re not going to be able to guard the Word of Yah.

v. 9 The synagogue of satan, those false believers. Right? We read about them in Revelation 2:9 now we are reading about them in Revelation 3:9. So they have to come and admit that we are the people and they are not. We know that there are grand lies taking place, grand deception taking place on the earth right now with those who are pretending to be the children of Ysrayl. But the identifying mark, the ONLY identifying mark, they never speak about that. The curses. They never, ever talk about the curses in identifying the children of Ysrayl. Because if you talk about the curses and you try to apply it to the history of these people who are going around saying that they are Israelites. It-won’t-match-up. That only matches to one particular people who exists on this planet right now, the children of Ysrayl.

So He said I’m giving up those of the congregation of satan who say they are Israelites…you have Yahudeem or Jews right there (in text). Right? But Yahoshua came to gather the whole nation. This word Yahudeem comes from Yahudah. The tribe of Yahudah or the domain of Yahudah. But He’s not only dealing with Yahudah. He’s dealing with the children of Ysrayl, all 12 tribes. He came to unite us all. So those who are saying that they are Israelites and ARE NOT. They are imposters. They tried to fake who we are on the spiritual and the physical. And this is not new. It existed way back then. Even the children of Edom, when they came to the land after we were exiled by the Romans, they pretended to be us. This has always been a problem, everybody wants the esteem of being the chosen people of Yah but nobody wants to suffer the consequences for the disobedience and the stiff-necked(ness) that the chosen people are of Yah are. And the consequences that we bring down upon  our own selves. NOBODY wants to deal with that. But as I go out of my door and I look to my left and I look to the right, I see nothing but Deuteronomy 28. I see nothing but Leviticus 26. Yet I go to your  community and I see the blessings. I don’t see the curse. I see the blessings…in abundance. I see your people saying there is no Yah yet they have mighty, mighty, mighty riches in their possession. Because satan said if you turn your back on Yah and bow down to me, I’ll give you all the kingdoms of the world and all this esteem. Right? That’s why you are called the congregation of satan because Yah sees what you have done. And you are the children of the devil.

v. 10 What is our Messiyah speaking about here? What is the hour of trial? Let’s go to v. 11.

v. 11 ‘See I am coming quickly’. We will talk about this. ‘Don’t let no one take your crown’. Don’t let these deceivers and these servants of satan come and take your crown! Crowns are for kings remember we are going to rule as kings and priests. We are going to wear crowns in the kingdom. But He said ‘listen I also shall guard you from the hour of trial which shall come upon all the world to test those who dwell on the earth’.

Now we have to understand here. Walking this walk is always a trial for the children of Ysrayl. Right? Let’s go to 1 Peter 1. The book of Shimon Kepha. The ahk, emissary, the apostle. We are going to see what Yahoshua is talking about by this hour of trial because the children of Ysrayl are always going through a trial. So what is that hour of trial?

1 Kepha 1:3-7, v. 3 This ‘born-again’ (resurrection) means literally being born again through the spirit. but we will go into that in another lesson, another day. v. 4-6 Many trials. Right? He said that for a little while if need be you have been grieved by various trials. v. 7 So we are going through many trials right now. ‘Trials by fire to see the genuineness of your faith’.

Let’s go to James chapter 1. The book of Yahqob. Various trials, brother and sisters. Y’all know what that’s like man, you’re going through trials with your former church. Your going through trials with your friends, former friends. With spouses, mom, pop and relatives. Listen we know what that’s like. But Yahoshua speaks about an hour of trial. So let’s just get this foundation that we are going through trials right now.

Yahqob 1:12 Blessed is the man who does endure trial for when he has been approved he will receive the crown of life which the Master has promised to those who love Him.

He promised us a crown! Crowns are for kings. Kings rule with authority. He just said in Revelation 3:11, let them not knock your crown off. Hold on to your crown. Let’s go to 2 Timothy chapter 4. Let’s look at this. There are trials and if you endure those trials family, you are going to make it. He who endures until the end, the same shall be saved. It’s all about endurance. What does that mean Obadiyah? What do you mean endure? It means overcome every trial that the adversary is allowed to throw at you. Overcome it. If he’s trying to get you to steal again, don’t be a thief. He’s trying to get you to murder, don’t murder. Whatever he’s throwing, you must overcome it. If he’s trying to get you to bear false witness against your brother don’t do it. If he’s trying to get you to slander your sister, don’t do it. If he’s trying to get you to gossip against your Israylite family, don’t do it. Whatever it is, you must overcome that. Because Yah is watching to see if you are going to pass this of if you are going to fail it. To see where your heart really is. Because you say that you love Him. Right?

2 Timothy 4:8 That crown He talks about, man He’s going to give you a crown. Here you ae looked at as a nigger. Here you are looked at as a wild Gentile. Crazy black boy, crazy white girl. Right? Crazy Mexican. Right? Insane African because you believe this truth. Yet if you endure until the end. If you make it to the end of your life or if you make it to the end of this age, you shall be given a crown of righteousness to rule from the kingdom of Yah.

Let’s go to 1 Kepha chapter 2. This walk is well worth everything that we go through and we  haven’t seen nothing yet. Not to scare you or anything. No, not at all. You haven’t seen just the amount that they are going to try to throw at you but at the same time this is when you will start to see the power of Yah activated right in your presence. All that stuff that we read about that HE did with our ancestors in what’s called the old testament oh you will see the power of Yah activated family. So that you can be given a  little hope that hey my struggle is well worth this struggle. Because in the end, I get to see Yah. In the end, I get to live with Yah and that’s well worth it. Because right now satan is telling you that hey this is too much for you man. Why is He treating you like this? Yeah, I use to be His head servant and look what He did to me? I just had one little simple misunderstanding and you know He kicked me out. Satan is always coming with madness like that. But you know from us, we  have to not pay attention to it because this is part of your trials too.

1 Kepha 2:20 For what credit is there in enduring a beating when you sin? But if you suffer for doing good and you endure this finds favor with Yah.

So don’t go out and say that you are being persecuted because you have gone out and stole a man’s money and he has beat you up. Right? Mom’s kicking you out of the house because you have stolen from her. No, no. But if they are beating you up because you say that Yahoshua is Messiyah and Jesus aint…that’s pleasing to Yah. You will find favor because  you endure those things. But if you are getting beat up because you deserve it, because you are a liar and a thief. You go around lying and slandering people and all that stuff. Yeah they will beat you up for that don’t say that they are doing it because you are a servant of Yah. Naw that doesn’t have anything to do with it. You sinned against Him. Now you are finding out what the wages of sin are. That’s all that is.

But if you are suffering for the kingdom’s sake…so we see that we will go through pressures. We see that we will go through trials and tribulations so what is Yahoshua talking about in an hour of trials that shall come upon the whole world?  I say blessed be Yah that He allowed us to do the man of sin lesson before we got here. Because you all are familiar with this Scripture. Let’s go to 2 Thessalonians chapter 2. This is where Yahoshua talks about the hour of trial. Check this out.

2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 Every man, woman and child on this planet when this man reveals himself is going to have to chose him or chose Yah. Chose this abomination, this abominable creature or chose Yah. Everybody will have to do it. That’s why we read in Revelation 13 that he’s going to cause all small and great to receive a mark upon their hand or upon their forehead. We talked about that in the  man of sin lessons about what that is. Right?

So you will have to choose whether you will be part of Yah’s world or satan’s society. Every man, woman and child will go through that. So when this man stands up and he starts his persecution, where do you stand, Israylite? Do you stand for Yah? Do you have enough love for Yah? Have you been taught how to prepare for this hour? Where do you stand? The Christian will not stand. The Muslim will not stand. The Jew, the Buddhist, the Krishna will not stand. But you the children of Ysrayl, Yahoshua said that this trial is coming upon the entire world!

Let’s read Revelation 3:10 again. So He said when this event happens, you run, you leave. He said I’m guarding you because you guard the Word. So people want to know how we go, when, where we go. Don’t worry about that, Yahoshua is guarding you, if you guard His Word.

So the whole world will have to make a decision. Is this the mighty one or as they say is this god? Or if you want to get fancier with it, is this elohim? Is this Allah? Is this Buddha? Is this Jesus? Is this him? The whole world is going to be tested at that hour when he stands up and proclaims himself to be the greatest of all gods. The greatest of anything that is worshipped.

Yahoshua said hold on, I’m coming quickly. Hold fast to what you have, let no one take your crown. Do you see that? Hold on to what you have so when he stands up and offers you the mark of the beast, are you strong enough to say no? When he stands up will you recognize that this is the man of sin? Or will you believe a strong delusion because you don’t love the truth? Yah said that they want to give themselves over to unrighteousness. They want to belive that Yah, ‘god’ is now on earth with man. This is what they want to believe.

And some Israylites are going to believe that this is Yah on earth with man because these are the things that they want to believe. They don’t want to believe the truth. They hate it! Even those who are calling upon Yah and Yahoshua or saying that they are Israylites and calling upon whatever thousands of names that they call Him by. Do you understand? This is that hour of trial. Yahoshua said I’m going to guard you from that.

So if you see it happening and you start running toward the wilderness, do you think that Yahoshua is not going to help you out in that? Yeah you have to flee in those…satan’s troops is going to come chase you but Scripture says the earth is going to open up and swallow them up. That’s what it means by He’s guarding you. He’s going to watch over you. That hour of trial. Because we know that we are seeing persecutions and trials right now, we just read that in Scripture. Right? We are seeing that right now. but this is the hour. This is going to be your decision maker right here. And you can only make the proper decision if you have the proper information, if you know Yah. If you know that Yah and Yahoshua are real. If you know that, then you will be able to survive t this. If you don’t know that, if your doubting that then you are going to believe that this man is who he says  he is.

We are still in Revelation chapter 3, let’s go back to Revelation 3 and pick up at verses 12-19.

If you are who you say you are, a super star then have no fear. The cameras are here. If y’all are up on that song there? Because that’s what he is, he’s going to say I am who I say I am. And do you believe who I am? So when he comes to you, just like Antiochus Epiphany did the 7 brothers in 2 Maccabees chapter 7 where he put it before their face. All  you have to do is eat this pork chop. Just take a bite of this pork. But the brothers refused. So that is going to be your hour of trial during the persecution. Yahoshua said you shall be delivered to be killed to be executed. Brother is going to be given over to brother. ‘Oh there they go over there’. ‘He is hiding over there’. ‘He is hiding under the couch over there’. ‘I just seen him go through that alley over there’. Listen up brother, if you don’t tell us where he is, we are going to kill you’. ‘Oh I know where all of them are at’. ‘I have their contact list here you can call them all’. Do you see? Because you have to be willing to put your life on the line for your brother. Yah is watching all of this. It’s comfortable now. ‘Oh Yah and Yahoshua, HalleluYah, shalom ahk’. You can do all that now.

But in that hour of trial, what will be your stance then? Are you going to shave your locs and your beards? Are you going to lose your strength? Shaving your locs and beards or are you going to stand? Are you going to be Yahcanan the Immerser? So what if Herod,  you want to cut my head off. Your still wicked. Like they sawed Yesiyah in half with a wooden saw. Don’t you want that white robe? You have to endure. ENDURE. Then you will be considered worthy. But if you are coping out right now, your saying Yah this and Yah that. You do this and that and you are looking all good but when that hour of trial comes, where do you stand then? Are you capable of standing against the devil in that hour?

Yahoshua said if you guard my words, I’m going to guard you. So are you guarding His words? Are you guarding His truth? Or are you playing around with it? Are you just juggling it like it’s some type of circus act? You have the truth of Yah. You have Egyptology. You have Christianity. You are just juggling all 3 in your hands. And you are showing everyone ‘hey look mom, look at what I can do’. You are taking that nonsense to mom that’s why she rejects it. You take that nonsense to pop that’s why he rejects it. You have to come with the purity. They have to see Yah in you.


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