The Fire of Yah

I wanted to share these Scriptures with you. While reading the fourth book of Ezra I saw this. The angel Uriyah was about to show him visions from Yah. Yah gave Ezra’s mouth something like a cup of fire! Ezra’s mouth opened with great understanding and wisdom. 4 Ezra 14:39-48. After I read this I wanted to know more about this fire.

Hebrews 12:29 Shaul describes Yah as a consuming fire. He got it from Deuteronomy 4:24. Yahzeqyl described Yah like a fire in Yahzeqyl 1:27. Daniyah said Yah’s throne is fiery in Daniyah 7:9-10.

Yah said a fire was to be kept burning by the Levites in Leviticus 6:12-13.

In Genesis 15:17 a fire torch suddenly appeared to Abraham. An angel of Yah appeared to Moses in a burning bush in Exodus chapter 3. A flame appeared before Manoah and his wife (Shimshon’s parents) and on the altar and an angel of Yah ascended in the flame. Judges 13:20.

Fire came from Yah and consumed the burnt offering in front of the children of Ysrayl and they shouted and fell to their faces and worshipped Him, Leviticus 9:24. ‘Fire’ appeared to the children of Ysrayl in Exodus 13:21, I know this is said to be a UFO. Yah appeared as a fire on Mount Sinai in Exodus 19:18.

2 Chronicles 7:1 fire came down and consumed Solomon’s burnt offering after he prayed. Yah answered Eliyah by fire in 1 Kings 18:24,38. David said the fire of Yah was in his heart and then he spoke with his tongue Ps. 39:3.

Revelation 11:5 fire will come from the mouths of the 2 witnesses. The false prophet will make fire come down from heaven trying to be like Yah’s servants in Revelation 13:13.

Yah told Yeremiyah I’m going to make My words in your mouth fire!! And this people wood and it shall devour them! Yeremiyah 5:14. Needless to say Yeremiyah’s ministry was unpopular with the children of Ysrayl. Yeremiyah wanted to mention Yah no more but the Word of Yah burned in his heart like fire shut up in his bones! Yeremiyah 20:9, humphf and Yeremiyah thought he was too young to speak Yah’s words in Yeremiyah 1:6 but Yah said no I will put My words in your mouth 1:9.

Is not My word like a fire? says Yah. Yeremiyah 23:29.

May you keep the fire of Yah, I love you.


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