The Book of Revelation p. 2a

Shabbat Shalom, welcome brothers and sisters to another pre-recorded lesson in the Shabbat lessons of Israelite Heritage. My name is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl and I will be hanging out with you for the next 2 hours or so bringing you this Yah filled, Yah ordained truth. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah. I know everybody is out there feeling blessed. I know everybody out there is well. So I don’t even have to ask how you are doing because I already know because you have the breath of life in your body. And you are here on another blessed Shabbat day that has been given to you by the Almighty Power, Yah. Y-A-H is His name.

Welcome everybody to Yah and Yahoshua are real. The online assembly to Israelite Heritage. Hey I want to give a Shabbat Shalom to everybody who is listening. Whether you are listening five years from now or whether you are listening live. Today is December 22, 2012. The day after ‘the world has come to an end’. My, my, my, I guess we must be in heaven right now. Oh-wee! We made it to ‘heaben’. Humphf, humphf. We’ve been good little chillins and Jebus loooved us. And now we in ‘heaben’.

But this heaven looks like this same hell on earth that you were living in for the majority of your life. I don’t like this heaven. If this is what you call heaven, I don’t want to be here because it looks the same to me. I didn’t see the volcanoes erupt. I didn’t see the earthquakes destroy the earth. I didn’t see the angels return. I didn’t see Yahoshua in the clouds. So guess what family? We are still here. The world has not ended. The Mayans were wrong. If that was the Mayan prophesy. The Mayan prophesy just stated a change would come.

Being that this date in their calendar, 12-21-12, a change coming. Now we know that the only change that will be made in this world has to be made by the children of Ysrayl. The only change that the world will witness is the waking up and the uniting of the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. That event in itself is going to be world-changing. Because right now the world is still the same. This is still the same sinful world that when Yah kicked Adam out of the garden. This is what he seen. The same sinful world. Nothing has changed. There’s nothing new about it. But when satan is locked away and when satan is thrown into the lake of fire, oh now we have some newness here now. Now we have something different. Now we have change.

So the only change that the world will witness is us coming back to Yah. And that’s going to change the foundation of the world. In fact, it’s going to flip it upside down. So Mayans if you seen that, that the world was changing or going to make a change right now because the awakening of the children of Ysrayl is happening. And we say hey, HalleluYah. Right? HalleluYah, HallelluYah.

It feels so good to be here with the children of Ysrayl and those who are seeking the truth today. HalleluYah. We are continuing with the Revelation series part 2. Today we are going to read chapters 3 and 4. And as we went over part 1 last week, we were looking at Yahoshua giving the message to the 7 assemblies that were in what’s called Turkey today. But back then it was called Asia minor. So we are looking at His message.

He pointed out all their good points. He started off with their good points but then He told them hey I have this against you. So you need to change this what I have against you. You need to repent of this. So we are going to pick up in chapter 3 and we are going to see Him continuing to talk to the churches, the 7 assemblies not churches. We will pick that up and then He’s going to have a message for the remainder of those assemblies and just the problems He sees. So when He speaks to those 7 assemblies, it rings down true to our camps today. The same things He found fault with them, today it exists in our congregations or our communities today, in our assemblies today.

The good things He found in those assemblies, you find those good things with the assemblies today, the Messianic assemblies of Yah. But you also find those faults. So it rings true to this day. If Yahoshua is requiring them to repent of those things, we too have to repent in our modern times. If He said He’s going to come and fight against them for their transgressions in that day (then) yes He’s going to do the same thing to us in ours.

So let’s get started. Let’s pick up at Revelation chapter 3. We are going to pick up from the message that we were reading last week about Yahoshua speaking to the 7 assemblies. And that’s what we are going to look at right now. His speaking to the 7 assemblies. But let us understand this. Right now what we are seeing is that our brother Yahcanan (John) is taking a message down from Yahoshua. And this message is given to the malakim. And this malakim is speaking (about this message) to Yahcanan. But there are 7 malakim that stand over those 7 assemblies. There’s a malakim that stands over all of our assemblies today. And so these malakim are to bring the message of Yah to us and they are taking the message that we are delivering back to Yah. You know, whether we are doing good. Whether we are doing bad, whatever it is they are taking it back to the Father Yah.

So what we are going to see as we get into chapter 4 is that we are going to see our brother being taken out in what’s called ‘the spirit’. And he’s going to be shown visions. So right now he’s getting the message and he’s writing the message down to give to these assemblies but in Revelation chapter 4 we will see him starting to get those visions. And so when we go through Revelation 4 and then as we begin to proceed to the back of the book to the 22nd chapter we will see that these are visions that this brother is given. He’s shown these things. He’s shown Yah’s throne room and things that go on in the throne room.

And we are going to even identify through the blessing and mercy of Yah, the 24 elders. Many of you may have heard about the 24 elders of Revelation but nobody really explained it. Just who are they? Where do they come from? So we ar going to try to get an understanding by the mercy and will of Yah on that very powerful topic. Just what Yah is going to show us because remember this information is delivered to his servants first, the children of Ysrayl. Because this is our Book. This is our Yah. And whatever we need to know and how we need to do things, Yah is going to deliver it to our hands.

So this is what we will be reading. This is why Revelation remains a mystery to those who say or profess a belief in the Bible. You know, like Christians, Muslims and all these other people. They don’t touch this Book (of Revelation) and rightfully so because they just throw out utter confusion. Because the Father Yah is not speaking to them. He’s speaking to you. You are His children. He speaks to you first and then let’s you take that message that He told you and let’s you go take it to them. As we saw the order right here (in Revelation 1:1). Yah, Yahoshua, the malakim, the Israylite, then the message goes down to mankind. So HalleluYah.

So let’s go to Revelation chapter 3. It says.

Revelation 3:1-5, v. 1 ‘He who has the 7 spirits of Yah and the 7 stars’. So they are letting you know who this message is coming from. It’s coming from Yahoshua. Because we already read in Revelation 1 and 2 that He is the one with the 7 stars in His hand. And the 7 lampstands, we know that the 7 spirits are the 7 malakim that stand in the presence of Yah. And as we go through here, we are going to define just what each one of them represents. So those 7 spirits represents something that proceeds from Yah’s throne. That is the basic of all of mankind’s attributes. All the attributes that we are supposed to have are encompassed in these malakim here that Yah sends out into the world to spread His love, spread His righteousness, justice, and all that stuff.

(reads) ‘I know your works that you have a name that you are alive but you are dead’. Look at this. He said I know your works. I know what you are doing. You are alive and breathing physically yet you are dead spiritually. See, I know what you are taking out to the world. I see everything that you are doing…man, family, Israylites. This right here is so powerful. We have to be mindful that the things that we are taking out into the world and the things that we are doing, they are being seen by Yah. They are being seen by Yahoshua. (*Proverbs 15:3). So if we are out there spreading the doctrine of the Nicholites and the doctrine of Balaam and the doctrine of Jezebel, Yah sees that. He sees it all. And we will be held accountable for these things. He said listen, I know your works that you have a name. Yeah, they know you, you have a name. Yet it said you are alive but you are dead.

v. 2 Look at this. He said wake up (be watchful), strengthen yourself. Ain’t that the message we try to give? (Saying) Hebrews, Wake up! He said wake up and strengthen yourselves. ‘And what remains and is about to die’. So if you don’t wake up, He’s saying to them, if y’all don’t wake up, the little that you have is about to die. It’s about to go. It’s about to be non-effective. Right? You see these Israylites doing this and that but it’s non-effective. It’s dead works. Because they are not bringing fruit that is good for repentance. They are laying heavier burdens on the people and many of them are turning the people away from Yah instead of turning them to Yah. Instead of them teaching the compassion and mercy of Yah. Right? They are making the Word of Yah a burden upon the people. This was going on in that day and it’s still going on now.

v. 3 Look at that. He said listen. ‘Then if you do not wake up (watch)’ even after you repent then I’m going to come upon you as a thief. You will not even see Me coming. Why aren’t they going to see Him coming? Because they don’t even know Him anymore. They don’t know Maschiyach anymore. Right? They can’t even see Him coming. After they made their repentance and they returned back, they are still dead. Because they are still going into the same folly. Man this is so powerful.

v. 4 Read. v. 5 Do you see? Dressed in white. What does that mean to be dressed in white? Because you have the wild Gentiles out there saying ‘see this proves that God is white’. ‘Because He’s going to make everybody white’. Naw, this is not what this is saying. White in here stands for purity after you have been cleansed of your sins. When you go down into the water and you get your immersing, it represents a cleansing.

Let’s go to the Book of Psalms chapter 51. Keep your finger on the Book of Revelation chapter 3. We are coming back of course. Let’s real quick, go to some supporting Scripture. See we have to become white, Ysrayl. We have to be cleansed. That’s what the immersing is all about. Being cleansed and stepping before the face of the Father clean. Like I have always used this example. You would not go before the face of Barack Hussein Obama with your same clothes you have had on a whole week without showering for a whole week. You would not go to meet the president like that. You will put on your best dress. You will make sure your fresh and your clean and your smelling good before you go before the face of this dignitary, the world’s dignitary. But Yah is the Creator of the universe so when you come before His face, you need to be clean also. You need to be even more cleaner than you would going to meet an earthly dignitary.

Psalm 51, look at Yahoshua talking about being clean and He also talked about being blotted out of the Book of Life. I’m going to talk about that too.

Psalm 51:7-9 clean me with hyssop and I am clean. Wash me and I am whiter than snow. Do you see that? v. 8 Make me hear joy and gladness that the bones You have broken may rejoice. v. 9 Hide Your face from my sins and blot out all my sins.

So when we hide our face from sin, when we repent from sin, then we get that white fresh garment. White just represents the purity of it. You see somebody dressed in all white, ‘oh-wee he’s clean’! Or ‘oh-wee she’s clean’! Back in the old days we called them ‘sharp’. Right? ‘Man he’s sharp’! …dressed in white. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 1. The Book of Yesiyah chapter 1. We have got to get that whiteness. Yahoshua is talking to them. He said man listen, y’all have to repent but then you repent and you still become dead. Because your repentance has got to be a true repentance family. And I know sometimes it’s hard because we have certain addictions. And we still have that old man hanging around and sometimes we  repent and we fall on the repentance. You know, because this walk for the flesh sometimes it can be hard. But Yah is always there to strengthen us. And we can never forget that. Satan will try to make us thing that Yah has forgotten us. Yah says I have not forgotten you. Yah says can a pregnant woman forget her nursing child? (see Isaiah 44:21 and Isaiah 49:15-16). Yah said I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands. Your walls are before My face continually. This is what Yah says.

So Yesiyah chapter 1, we are talking about making ourselves white. That whiteness, purity clean me with hyssop. Throw away my sins and I shall be whiter than snow. When you come out of that water and you have just been immersed, you are whiter than snow.

Yesiyah 1:16-18 The purity of wool. Right? Remember Yahoshua’s hair was compared to wool and snow. The same thing is being spoken of here. That purity family. This is what He’s talking about when we cleanse ourselves from those sins. So this is why Yahoshua has a controversy with them.

Let’s go to Luke chapter 9. The Book of Luqas. Those Israylites, it seems that His problem with them is real heavy. It seems that they just can’t get it right. And they will not even recognize Him when He comes to punish them. And they ar not even going to recognize Him when He comes to punish them for their disobedience. Luke 9, you know we says we know Yah by mouth. Do we know Yah by heart? We say we know Yahoshua by mouth. But do we know Yahoshua by heart? Have our hearts connected with them? Have our energy, our spirits connected with them? So that we can know them through the spirit.

Luke 9:28-30 Do you see that? These brothers, Kepha, Yahcanan and Yahqob are getting a vision of when Yahoshua is in the kingdom. And when He is in the kingdom and we see Him ruling it says that His garments are dazzling (glistening) white. See this is a vision of the kingdom because these brothers identified Moses and Eliyah but these brothers had never seen Moses and Eliyah. The prophet Eliyah, they had never seen these men before. There were no pictures hanging up of Moses. But they knew who they were because they were in the spirit. And they saw Yahoshua in His dazzling white garment because Yahoshua is in the kingdom. That’s what that represents. So if you want to get into the kingdom too, you have to wash yourself and you have to become clean.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 17. Mattithyah chapter 17. This is some serious business here family. And see all this time that we have here on this planet, that’s what we must be working towards. Making sure our garments are clean of all that filth. Sin has dirtied our garments.

You ever been out to a restaurant and you spill something on your clothing and now your ashamed. You try to wipe it off but there’s still a big spot, stain there. You try to cover it up because it’s embarrassing. You don’t want to walk around dirty. Right? Now if we don’t want to walk around dirty in the face men, we should have that same fear of walking around dirty in the face of Yah. I’m talking about all of us family. We all have to make ourselves white, if we are going to make that kingdom. And this is what we need to be working on day and night. And I know it’s a struggle family, we all are human and the flesh is  weak.

Mattithyah 17:1-2 So this is the same story being repeated. Before it said white as snow and now it says white as light. We know that His garments were bright. Because everybody in the kingdom will be walking around with those bright, light garments.

Now remember Yahoshua said back in Revelation 3 that He who overcomes shall be dressed in white robes and I shall by no means blot out his name from the Book of Life but I shall confess his name before My Father and before His malakim. Now that is Revelation 3:5.

Now He said He that overcomes shall be dressed in white robes, we know that’s everybody who is in the kingdom. We will have those dazzling white robes like light. And He said that He shall by no means blot out his name from the Book of Life. What is the Book of Life? We are going to get a full understanding of what the Book of Life is as we go through the Book of Revelation series. But to give you a briefing on it before we even get there, the Book of Life is a book that Yah has with everyone’s name in it who is going to  make the kingdom. That’s a book that has already been written. That book is already sealed. It’s closed up. Yah wrote that from the foundation of the world. Before Yah created any of this, He set back and watched it all happen. Like we watch a DVD. That’s how powerful He is. That’s how He can call a prophesy at the exact moment that it will happen. The exact hour, day, whatever. He seen all this before. This is a re-run to Him. Just like those of you all who have your favorite movie, you probably can recite verse by verse your favorite movie, line by line. You know what’s going to happen after the killer does this. You know what’s going to happen after that because you have seen that movie before.

So Yah has been all this before, so the Book of Life, He already knows who’s going to choose Him and who ain’t. So that book is already written and it’s closed. So Yahoshua says that you shall be blotted out of the Book of Life, that means that your name is not in there. It means that your name was not in there. Let’s look at it like this. Let’s say that Yah had it that the Book of Life, every human that has ever been born from the time of Adam up until this very minute when a little child has just come into the world right now, Yah has everybody named in that book. And as everybody chooses righteousness or as everybody chooses wickedness, Yah said okay…I’m taking him out. I’m taking her out. Yah did that well before the world was created. That’s power, there. So if your name is blotted out that means that you won’t be in the kingdom. But if your name is in there after Yah sealed it, your name can not ever be blotted out. Do you understand? Right now the book is closed and the book is sealed until the day of judgment when Yah opens the book and calls off all the names that are in there. And those will be the people who go into the kingdom.

Moses was so upset with the children of Ysrayl and he was so afraid of what Yah was going to do to His people, that Moses pleaded with Yah and said Yah take my name out of the book. Let’s go there. Let’s go to Exodus chapter 32. Moses asked for his name to be removed out of the book. And so Yah is letting him know that his name is already in there. And Yah will only remove those who sin. So at the beginning, from the foundation of the world, Yah had every human that would ever be born through the womb of a woman in this world, He has all of our names in that book. As we choose, as we walked in our life, as we chose this or that route, Yah seen it all and Yah removed names. So if every human name was in there because Yah wanted to grant us all eternal life because He told us in the garden that we can eat from every tree. We can even eat from the tree of life and we could live forever. Right? He told us that in the beginning. But then when we sin and we start  having children and our children sin and our children’s children sin then Yah had to remove names as He was watching this whole thing play out before the world was even created. Yah watched this like a DVD. ‘Mankind the story of all of us’. That bootleg show on the history channel. Well Yah has already seen that movie and He seen the more accurate version. He didn’t see satan’s made up version. He seen the accurate version and Yah judged accordingly already.

So you have already made…every decision that you are making now you have already made it on the spiritual. And so now you just have to manifest it on the physical. See I know we  have all heard of this word destiny. Even though destiny was a goddess. But let’s apply it for clarity. We are not worshipping goddesses here. Right? But let’s go it for clarity. Destiny, meaning there is a path that is chosen that you are destined to take. Because you already made this choice long ago before the world was created you already chose this path that you are walking on right now. So if you get to the kingdom, you chose to be in the kingdom. You did it before the foundation of the world. Yah seen it. I hope that’s not confusing you. I hope that’s giving you a greater insight. Yah watched us like a DVD. Now He’s just watching the re-run. He’s watching this movie again.

Exodus 32, Moses asked to be removed out of the book. That book is sealed now Moses. Yah wrote it and sealed it before He even created man on the earth. So after He seen everything, Yah just let it go on and do its thing. Because He wants those who are going to choose Him. You chose to love Him. You have so many gods before the face of man and if you are chosing the love of Yah…that’s special. And Yah appreciates that. He’s not forcing you to worship Him. But He’s telling you the great reward of you doing such. Satan is going to lie to you. I’ll give you all the kingdoms of the world but he ‘forgot’ to tell you that all the kingdoms of the world are temporary. He forgot to tell you that all the kingdoms of the world have been loaned to him. He forgot to tell you who the true owner of all the kingdoms is but he’s going to pretend and throw that in your face to trick you to worship  him.

But Yah said I will give you eternal life and I will give you rulership of everything I own for all the earth is mine. Does He not say that? (*see Exodus 19:5, Psalm 24:1, Psalm 50:12, 1 Corinthians 10:26) He said I’ll put the children of Ysrayl above all people, all the earth is mine. He can do that.

So Exodus 32, we are looking at Yahoshua saying ‘I will blot you out’.

Exodus 32:31-33 Do you see? That’s what Yahoshua is talking about over there in Revelation chapter 3. He’s going to give those who overcome sin, those who overcome the stumbling blocks of this world, those who overcome the trickery of satan, He said I’m going to give you white robes. But those that don’t overcome, your name is blotted out of the Book of life. So Moses’ name is in there. So Moses’ name can’t be taken out. Yah said I will get them who sin, Moses. Moses was trying to make an intercession. He said listen, forgive their sin but if not blot me out of the book. Take my name out. He’s asking Yah to throw him out and save them. That’s a true brother there. That’s what Yahoshua is talking about, the greatest thing that an ahk can do is to give his life for his brother or friend (*John 15:13). This is what Moses is pleading with Yah. He said naw Moses don’t you worry about that because I’m going to take them out who sinned against Me. You did not do this against Me. They have. Yah is talking about unrepentant sinners that just don’t want to ever repent.


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