The Book of Revelation p. 1e

You have so many teachers now that teach so many different doctrines based on other religions. Not the truth of Yah but other religions. There are Israylites that teach the trinity! You have Israylites that teach tithing! In the same manner that the Christians teach it. All this stuff. So this is what they said, y’all are letting this come in. You have to adhere to this. We have to watch that. We have to keep our eyes wide open not eyes wid shut but eyes wide open. You can’t see nothing when your eyes are shut.

Revelation 2:15 So you have the ones who will listen to the teachings of Balaam and you have the ones that listen to the false teachings of  the Nicholites. Right? They teach against Messiyah. Then you have the others doing witchcraft bringing in a stumbling block. That’s what He held against them and that’s what He holds against us to this day. He gave us all this time to change these things. We must know who is in our midst, family.

v. 16 So when we are going in battle mode a we are starting to battle against false doctrine and we are battling against those who are bringing false teachings in our midst. That’s Yahoshua fighting! ‘But y’all did them wrong’. Check that ahki!! Where is that thought coming from that we are doing wrong when we are going by the Book?! You have to man-handle those that are bringing in these teachings otherwise Yah is going to come in and man-handle our ENTIRE assembly. Yah cleans house! Yahoshua said I’m going to fight speedily against them with the sword of My mouth. His Word is going to cut them to pieces. So you better repent or He’s coming for you. Check your thoughts, family. Next time you may see a brother or sister who use to fellowship with us that doesnt’ fellowship anymore. Right? Check that. ‘Well why are y’all doing that’? That’s of the devil. You don’t even have to finish your sentence. You can start off just like that…’why y’all gotta’?…that’s of the devil. Yah rebuke you.

Because we have to get those out that are here (with their ?) false doctrine because Yahoshua holds it against us if we let them hang around. We do this Scriptural warfare. We do this spiritual battle as Yah sees fit. Sometimes Yah let’s them stay around so they can take the others who are hanging around that believe in that same doctrine. So we do not have to draw our sword and go house to house and ask who believes this or that. Because we see that when that one person left, the ones that believe the same as he believes, leave too.

Israylites hold great, great, great grudges against us because we don’t move. Because we haven’t given in to keeping feast days. Because we haven’t given in to a whole slew of doctrine. We’ve stayed solid of it. And we are still hated. All you have to do is go to Facebook and put in Hebrew Israylites and you will come across a page that says Obadiyah is a false prophet and they are teaching falsehood. You know, it’s just that easy, if you don’t believe me. They say ‘this brother is teaching against the feast days’. They say Moshe is saying that we can turn into gods if we just think hard enough. They say Moshe said that we can advance our chakras and kundalini. They say all type of madness. But I want to bring this to your day so you can understand this. Like I said, we have to get the early foundation on this as we proceed through this so we can understand because you go through this. Christians can’t understand this Book that’s why its such a mystery to them. Shaul’s teachings is such a mystery to them. Yahoshua’s teachings are such a mystery to them. The teachings of the prophets are such a mystery. The teachings of Moses are such a mystery because they don’t understand. Because they are not living it.

v. 17 HalleluYah. v. 18 Read. v. 19 Look at that. v. 20 We just read this about the teachings of Balak and the Nicholites. Right? All of them bringing in that false teaching. But Yah says I hold this against you that you are letting a woman teach! Not just any woman…Jezebel (Isabel)! That demonic spirit, so she too is leading the people astray. Putting her sacred feminine in the midst. ‘Ladies first’ and all this madness. All these things are of this feminine society. He called this Jezebel demon a woman. Now we know about the Jezebel that existed during the days of King Ahab. She was his wife. But that woman was killed. But Jezebel, this demon wants to take over the authority of man. She wants to rule in the authority of a man. See a lot of people right now…there’s a controversy because you have women out there that do have this Jezebel spirit and they want to have full authority over a man, so they want to teach. Yah did not give(women) the authority over the Word. This is why the brothers say I suffer a woman not to teach. Let’s get understanding of that. Let’s go to 1 Corinthians 11. But before we go there, let’s finish reading to v. 23. Let’s read v. 20 again.

Revelation 2: 20-23, v. 20 They were letting women stand up in the midst of the assembly and teach. v. 21 Once again we are looking at the spiritual whoring. Mixing in all of these false religions with the Word of Yah. Mixing in Egyptology. Mixing in Islam, Christianity, all of it. That’s spiritual whoring. Like a physical whore going out and whoring yourself, a spiritual whore does the same. And that’s where Jezebel leads the servants of Yah astray. She leads them into spiritual whoring. v. 22 Do you see? Yah is giving you time to repent. Stop that, stop letting that woman stand up in the midst of the assembly and teach over men. Stop letting her lead the men astray to commit whoring.

v. 23 Read. Let’s go to 1 Corinthians 11. See there’s a controversy right now going on in Ysrayl about women, whether they are able to teach or not. And see, they don’t understand this. Yah does not permit that because it gives that demon Jezebel an open door to come in and she comes in through that woman and starts to take authority over the assembly. When Yah has placed that as the duty of man. Woman is a help-mate. Help that man in his duty but that authority is given to him. Yahoshua chose 12 brothers. This woman is a false teacher. She calls herself a prophetess.

1 Corinthians 11:1-3 Do you see that? I wish you to know that the head of every man is the Messiyah. So the Messiyah is the authority over a man. And the head of the woman is the man. And the head of Messiyah is Yah. So Yah is over us all. So that man is that woman’s head. He’s her covering. That’s what the authority is.

Let’s go to 1 Timothy chapter 2. Now this is what I want you to understand about the ahki here. Because see they understood that spirit Jezebel. And Yah said you allow her to teach! To lead My servants astray. 1 Timothy 2, what did the brothers say here? Do you believe that these were emissaries of Yah? Do you believe Timothy and all these brothers were emissaries of Yah? Do you believe that they would lead you astray? If Yah wanted a woman to teach do you think these brothers would say I suffer not a woman to teach? They understood that, that spirit, it was up in Corinth. That’s why Shaul had to tell them listen, this is how it is. Y’all are out of order up here. It doesn’t lessen the woman’s role. Not all This is just the job of the man. The woman has a duty. She has a job to complete with Yah. There’s no idle servants. The authority over the Word…a woman can go out and evangelize, absolutely. A woman can help the man in preparation of the Word, absolutely. But when it comes time, his authority and teaching of that Word, that’s in the hand of a man if it’s in an organized setting over an assembly. And this is who Yah is talking to, the assemblies in Revelation chapter 2. He said I hold that against you. Y’all are doing all th is good and all that good but I’m holding this against you. You got that woman, you have Jezebel up there teaching.

1 Timothy 2:11-14 See Adam was given the authority first. Yah dealt with Adam first before Eve was even created. Yah gave the commandment for Adam not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. That was to Adam. So when Adam was doing his duty and naming all the animals and doing his job in the garden planting good food. Right? Tilling the garden. Then Yah looked down and said it’s not good for man to be alone. All the animals and everything else are two, they have a mate. I’m going to create him one too, a help-mate. v. 14 Do you see that? The man was created first. The man was not deceived because Yah punished Adam…when you go back to Genesis chapter 3, Yah said because you listened to the voice of your wife. You have disobeyed Me. So this is why the man was punished. But the woman was the one that was deceived. So do you see? That’s why we can not allow that Jezebel to stand up in the midst. And we had several women leave because they couldn’t deal with this right here. So we are saying this is what the Book says. And so we don’t want Yah holding this against us.

Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 2. See they don’t understand. They try to break down what we just read in 1 Timothy, saying naw it doesn’t really say that. It says something totally different. Naw but you have to understand that Jezebel spirit and how it operates through the woman against the man. How it weakens the man’s authority and weakens his role. The brothers said I do not allow a woman to teach nor to  have authority over a man because that’s against the order of Yah. So when a woman is teaching in the assembly over a man, she is overtaking that man’s authority. We ar talking about teaching the Word of Yah in an organized setting.

I’m not saying women can’t be a leader over here. Or a certain thing over there. I’m talking about the Word of Yah. That authority Yah has given to the man. The first commandment that we read about that He gave to Adam, you know He gave it tot he man. And we read about Eve in Genesis chapter 3, she knew the same commandment that Yah had given to Adam. Do you know why? Because Adam taught her the commandment. She recited it back to the serpent when it came to her. She told it, Yah said we can have every tree in here except the certain tree in the midst. She recited it back tot he serpent. So she knew the commandment because her husband had given it to her. Yah has given us that authority over the Word. This is why Yahoshua picked 12 brothers. Women are hee in a supportive role. You have just as much duty to fight against the devil in this, just as much work to do as we do. But we have our job and you have yours.

So before I go on women, let me just tell you this. Don’t overstep your authority that Yah has given you. Yah given authority, sisters don’t do it. Imas (mothers) don’t do it. Don’t do it because now you are going to be in a controversy with Yah. Sisters don’t be out here giving bad advice to these other sisters causing them to run astray from their covering (husband). Over the years, over the duration of my Israylite walk, yes I have seen it. Sisters telling other sisters, you don’t have to listen to him, you listen to me. That’s against Yah. Yah will come at you for that. Do you see how Yahoshua talks about coming to fight against those that have these beliefs in the midst of the assembly? He said speedily, I’m coming upon you fast. You have to watch it. So this is why the brothers even say that the Jezebel spirit overtakes the authority of a man. It really does. So this is why it says suffer a woman to learn in silence. Because you know how sisters can be.

When I was on Facebook, I was on there under Obadiyah, when I had my own account. I JUST SAW UTTER CONFUSION ON THERE COMING OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF WOMEN! There would be certain things posted on there and I would read the thread and it would be nothing but women. Woman after woman after woman after woman and they brought nothing but utter confusion, one after the other. You had women that believed in Jesus as Messiyah. Women that believed in Ben Ami and it was just CONFUSION! And I was thinking to  myself, where is the husbands of these women at!!!

And then it occurred to me because I knew a lot of them that were participating in that thread and I thought they don’t have a husband. And guess what? Many of them aren’t even under the authority of a teacher. So they are out there doing whatever they want to do and how they want to do it. And the moment you say that Jezebel is on them, they get mad at you. Women running around saying, ‘I’m tired of hearing about Jezebel’. The only reason you are tired of hearing about Jezebel is because Jezebel on you is tired of hearing about herself. If you have that demon on you, you need to hear about it. Because you need it rebuked and you need it rebuked sharply! That’s a dangerous spirit that Yah calls ‘her’ outright ‘you are that woman Jezebel’. ‘That demonic entity, Jezebel’. A powerful demon too! Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 2. We are going to close out part 1 of the Revelation series.

Revelation 2: 24:29, v. 24-25 Read. v. 26 Do you see that? I shall give you authority over the nations. You are going to be a king and a priest. You are going to be ruling. I give you authority. Hold on to the teachings. His teachings, the Messianic belief. Hold on to the true Messianic teachings. v. 27 It says you are going to shepherd them with a rod of iron. A shepherd sometimes has to take a wooden stick to hit the animals so they get them back in line. Right? But He is going to beat you with a rod of iron, man that means He is going to rule with authority. You will not have all that ‘well you know, I think the Word of Yah says’…there ain’t going to be none of that. You will know what the Word of Yah says and you will adhere to it or else be punished instantly.

v. 28-29 Read. It was for those assemblies in that day and it’s for the assemblies here today. Let the spirit hear (he who has an ear) what He says to the assembly. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah. Let Yah be honored and let Yah be praised. Let Yah be truth, let every deceiver and every man be a liar.

So we have come to the close of the first part, part 1 of the Revelation series and we are just getting revved up. Yahoshua just had to break it down…you know this is what is going on in the assembly. I hold this against you. We have to get that stuff out of the assemblies. People spoke against us when we first said that we were an organization. We tried to explain to them, we are just organized. That’s what organization means, to be organized. And from the moment that we organized back in 2008 to this very moment, the work that we have been doing has increased tremendously.

Yah brings a smile on His face when we are doing that. But He has other issues with the assemblies…y’all letting this person in with that doctrine. Y’all are letting that one in. You have to fight against all of these things. You must hold on to the teachings Yahoshua told us that many false prophets and many false Messiyahs have gone out into the world, Matthew chapter 24. And if it were possible they would deceive the very elect, the very chosen.

So do you see? This is why it’s important that we follow the true understanding of Scripture. That’s what we must do and not be deceived. Let no man lead you astray. Let no man deceive you. Do you see? And do you see how we could bring what He was saying to those 7 assemblies? Do you see how we can bring that to our day or time? Do you see it’s still the same thing 2,000 years later? We are still dealing with the same Ysrayl. The same spirits and all that. Ain’t that something? You better believe it is.

Remember there are 7 malakim over the 7 churches. There are 7 malakim that stand before Yah that will be blowing the 7 trumpets. We will pray that Yah gives us understanding. I pray that a great understanding has been given to you and that you see these things. It’s so important that we start this series off like this. Stop giving ear to false doctrine. Stop listening to the Nicholites. Stop listening to the teachings of Balaam. Stop listening to Jezebel. Because they are leading you astray and they are getting you to commit spiritual whoring. Before you know it  you will be back in the church on Sunday morning praising Jesus and then you will try to figure out how you got there. You have forgotten the route that you took. Because some Nicholite or some Balaam or some Jezebel came and told you another teaching. They gave you another doctrine and caused you to commit whoring and now you are celebrating Christmas again. It can happen.

So family, that’s it. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah. So I’m going to leave you in peace because I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word for peace, Shalom.


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